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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2017 8:00am-9:01am CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin a powerful earthquake strikes mexico the second one in as many waves seven point one magnitude tremor kills dozens including at least twenty children when
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a primary school collapses in mexico city crews are now frantically searching for survivors will cross live to the city for the latest also when the show donald trump threatens to totally destroy north korea and tear up the iran nuclear deal the u.s. president pulls no punches in a confrontational speech the u.n. general assembly. and churning its way through the caribbean hurricane maria is now barreling towards printer rico which is yet to recover from hurricane irma just two weeks ago. plus as germany prepares for this weekend's general election we'll take you to what could be the most remote constituency in the country voters living on these north sea islands tell d.w. about the most urgent issues facing them climate change. and in buddhist league a soccer high flying shark a face there sternness test yet the season when they took on mighty buy and get all
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of tuesday's action. i'm terry martin good to have you with us we begin in mexico where a seven point one magnitude earthquake has killed at least two hundred twenty people in mexico city's mayor says at least forty four buildings have collapsed in the capital including a primary school where more than twenty children have been confirmed dead the epicenter was one hundred twenty kilometers from mexico city the quake sent thousands of people running into the streets and fires broke out across the city emergency crews and civilians are now searching for survivors trapped under the rubble now it follows another major quake earlier this month which killed almost one hundred people. mexico city immediately after the quake first responders and
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volunteers swarm to collapsed buildings throughout the vast city many areas lost electrical power the city's airport shut down preventing president enrique pena nieto from returning to the capital. to make his way out of it turning but we have to land at another airport because mexico city airport has stopped operating. for the time being we cannot land there we're going to mexico city to see exactly what has happened. on the ground rescuers frantically searched for the five is trapped under the rubble search efforts have been slowed because of the fragility of many structures authorities say many more buildings in the densely populated city a still at risk of collapse many locals are in shock trying to process what they've seen. and work through the ground started moving it was very strong the windows started to break people started to leave their homes this building in front
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collapsed eyesore emergency workers rescue one person they were in the middle of the building. the earthquake struck on the anniversary of a previous earthquake in nine hundred eighty five that trembler killed thousands of people tuesday as quake struck just as many people took part in drills designed to prepare citizens for exactly a disaster like this. the federal government has declared a state of disaster in mexico city and as an act of emergency plan which deploys the armed forces in coordination with local authorities and as night falls tragedy confirmed at this collapsed elementary school authorities say at least twenty children died here. but the search is still on for dozens more children and adults still missing emergency crews ask onlookers to remain silent for a chance to hear those who may have survived. and let's cross to live to mexico city where journalist veronica calderón is standing by for
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a server running to tell us what it was like when the quake struck. it was. pm i was walking on the straight. a night on the neighborhood which was one of the neighborhoods which were with which were more struck by the earthquake and the well i almost fell in the straits as many people started running from other buildings were restaurants and there was a lot of panic in this traits and. it was pretty. recent picture especially if you if you know that today well yesterday i was thirty two on the grocery shelves in one thousand nine hundred five earthquake that struck also in mexico city in fact same date ok now mexico city wasn't that close to the epicenter but obviously as you say it was felt i understand there
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is damage there also to buildings and fires have reported what are you seeing in the streets there. well you can still hear a lot of sirens and heard copters there's a lot of volunteers going to refugee centers and to get food. for or for those who need it at this moment. and will the scene it's like it's going to be a very long night or those who leave here in mexico city and also. who are also brought these by these who are quick. tell us veronica what sort of challenges are rescue services or the authorities facing in trying to provide relief to those people who have been affected and above all to get the victims out from underneath the rubble. well one of the main things and the bring forth and things to say it's
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like that most of the help it's it seems to help its regular see the sense that our self organized and without any government help we go said that was what happened in one thousand nine hundred five that is where it's happening right now you can look around our social media and there's a lot of. citizens helping so i think that the primary challenge for mexico's government it's to assume that. these efforts are their main responsibility especially in this country and you mentioned that the earth yesterday's earthquake came on the anniversary of a of a large one and also it's just really about two weeks since the last one it must be very difficult for people living in mexico to know that they're faced with recurring earthquakes what's the mood there. well we're very scared that
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moment and. it's very often when we face this kind of well not not not that these mac needs it but it's very often that we feel. and they're quite so but at this moment and for this to happen on this date the moodies it's somber which is quite rare. for many in mexico because we're not very used to that front again thank you very much for talking to us stay safe running to calderon there a journalist in mexico city talking to us alone. now moving on to bangladesh monsoon rains have flooded refugee camps there housing tens of thousands of revenge of from neighboring myanmar bangladeshi authorities say they've started moving refugees to a new larger camp at least four hundred twenty thousand revenges have fled from myanmar to escape by lence that u.n.
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officials have described as ethnic cleansing. australia says the first group of refugees to be resettled to the united states from detention centers in the pacific will leave in the coming weeks resettlement is part of a deal struck by former us president barack obama that's being altered by the trumpet ministration and a sunken world war one submarine has been found out the west coast of belgium local authorities say the well preserved german boat still contains the bodies of its twenty three crewman it's the eleventh such vessel to be found in belgian waters and boats were a key part of german military strategy in the first world war. there was the promise of fire and fury and now the threat of total destruction us president donald trump used his first speech before the united nations general assembly to deliver his harshest warning yet to the north korean leader kim jong un trump also had stern words for iran and underneath it all a message that the u.s.
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will always put its own interests first. donald trump he's ninety he's not. a threat to obliterate north korea many of his off. the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea trump denson and iran saying it's a rogue state whose chief exports were violence bloodshed and chaos he called the deal with iran which so many international sanctions dropped in exchange for cuts in the country's nuclear program one of the worst the u.s. in the main trump also stressed that national governments needed to realign themselves rather than turn to the international community for help in other words america first. in america the people govern the people rule
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and the people are sovereign i was elected not to take power but to give power to the american people where it belongs in foreign affairs we are renewing this founding principle of sovereignty. in the past trump and denounce united nations as a bloated money wasting bureaucracy and theme he continued in cheese day speech. we also thank the secretary general for recognizing that the united nations must reform if it is to be an effective partner in confronting threats to sovereignty security and prosperity too often the focus of this organization has not been on results but on bureaucracy and process. the us president also called for the world's nations to tank and a bigger role in promoting security and prosperity in their going regions.
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of course in reaction to trump speech at the u.n. let's go to journalist jason strother who's standing by for us in seoul jason north korea figured prominently in present trouble speech he threaten to quote destroy it if it threaten the u.s. or its allies how is that statement being received in seoul. well i think the south korean government has been quite a just that yet hearing this kind of rhetoric coming from the president of the united states there's been no official reaction let's say from the offices of the south korean president and although defense officials here had a video conference today with other security officials from the u.s. and japan especially this coming week or so after north korea's latest bill this passed but of course this puts president. in a difficult position he's wanted to open up dialogue with north korea he's said
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that negotiations are really the only way forward only to be called to be criticized by president trump for saying that dialogue would be a way to resolve the nuclear crisis on the peninsula so i think seoul is still kind of left trying to figure out exactly what washington plans to do so seoul is still unclear how to deal with this so what about north korea has there been any reaction to president trump statements by north korea while a sign from the north korean ambassador walking out at the u.n. assembly there hasn't been any official reaction yet from pyongyang it's anyone's guess when the regime comments on remarks made by president trump or any other world leader in regards to its nuclear program but i'm sure sooner than later we will hear something from north korea ok jason you talked about government street
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wondering how to deal with president trump's rhetoric there in south korea but what about the people average people living there have his statements rattled them. well again i think many south koreans are also unaccustomed to this type of bluster coming from the u.s. of course south koreans are very used to hearing rhetoric harsh rhetoric threats to this turns soul into a sea of fire coming from young they basically shrug off though that type of rhetoric but when the leader of the united states starts talking about total destruction or fire and fury i think some south koreans maybe start to feel a little on edge but that by no means has translated to any sort of panic run on americans the supplies life does continue as normal here chasing thank you so much
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journalist jason strother there talking to us from seoul south korea. now president trying to speech was closely followed here in europe as well let's get some analysis now tyson barker's a program director and fellow at the aspen institute here in berlin good morning tyson this was trump's first major speech at the u.n. an institution he has derided in the past what was your overall impression well let's start with the good if you say that ninety percent is just showing up clearly he and his team showed up in full force they are looking to use the u.n. as a mechanism for resolving some conflicts but particularly in a kind of trump way and of course that began with this speech where you heard a lot of very hot rhetoric kind of almost biblical rhetoric dividing the world into the wicked and the righteous use both of those words and he changed american doctor and in one way that has been the same for seventy years you know the pillars of
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american approach to the world have been democracy prosperity security both for the united states and their partners globally he's dropped the democracy peace and added a sovereignty and that's really important because that kind of starts to align the united states with countries like china and russia which want to have more control domestically aligning the united states with countries like china and russia that sounds like quite a development do you see the outlines of a trunk doctrine here in terms of his approach to world affairs i think you do i mean basically what he said is we have an america first approach and every other country be canada or germany or china or south korea needs to have a canada first or trying to first or germany first approach as well that is maybe ideologically consistent but it makes for a much less predictable world because everybody is approaching the international community on their own terms ok let's talk about specifics the president had harsh words for north korea and for the iran nuclear deal let's start with north korea
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did he offer any viable strategy for dealing with the crisis over nor. korea's weapons program i mean in both the iran and north korea case we saw a rhetoric that is so hot it's going to be very difficult to climb down from. north korea specifically you know we heard this personal insult rocket man referring to kim which people have stated was a last minute addition added by the president himself what is unclear is what comes next what are the next steps and of course that's going to be in close consultation with allies in the region we can hope that the next step isn't total destruction a given the implications of that ok the iran nuclear deal trump reiterated his skepticism about that many countries including russia and countries here in europe are concerned that the u.s. might unilaterally tara that deal did give any clues as to where the u.s. is going with this i think here the rhetoric indicates
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a path forward much more clearly than in the case with north korea he called the deal an embarrassment for the united states basically lining up the steps for a either withdrawal or an attempt to renegotiate the deal now this was painstakingly negotiated over years almost a decade really with many partners in the u.n. security council and germany and it's going to be very hard to renegotiate this is not what the partners are looking to do so i think we can expect to see some major shifts in that deal in the coming weeks and thank you so much for talking with us this morning on d.w. news tyson barker of the aspen institute here in berlin. now hurricane maria is continuing its devastating path through the caribbean overnight it barreled through the u.s. virgin islands and is now bearing down on puerto rico on monday hurricane maria tore into the caribbean island of ripping the roof off the prime minister's house and also battered the french territory of guadalupe and here's more. maria ravaging
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the french island of quad a loop heavy rain and fierce winds have left many areas without power official reports of at least one death a person hit by a falling tree two others were missing. we have limited contact at the moment it's really very patchy we're in touch with our forces and the police who are giving us some information but we have very little details at this stage. another french territory martinique has a scape the storm without major damage but neighboring dominica came off much worse it's prime minister roosevelt skerritt wrote on facebook that they've lost all that money can buy and replace earlier he posted that his roof had been blown off many of the islands on high alert for maria the still reeling from hurricane earlier this month and he's one of them here people are bracing for
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another potential disaster a similar scene in puerto rico shelves in supermarkets empted as residents stockpile supplies the u.s. territory could receive a direct hit from maria. right now we're not prepared for the let's hurry can because we're still recovering from the last one two weeks ago. rico is not prepared for this. we're going to have a bad time of it. we ask almighty god to get us through this without serious damage . after briefly weakening maria has again intensified into a category five hurricane and it could cause further damage as it moves towards puerto rico. you're watching t.w. news still to come in midweek but his legal action by and reserve goalkeeper was
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looking nervous and they're doing it shaka stay tuned to see if it cost the champions. for the big merger is shaping up in the steel industry monika's more terry it is the biggest or certainly one of the biggest mergers in the steel industry the german steel company to send cope and its indian rival tata have to sided to consolidate their european production both companies will own fifty percent of the new company the headquarters will be located in the netherlands and start of both projects that four thousand of a total of forty eight thousand jobs in administration and production will be lost the new senate g.'s should save the company six hundred million euros per year the steelworkers union called for a protest demonstration european steel makers have been under pressure for years from china and the cheap steel it produces for the world market. and we hope to be able to speak to to some clips e f o in an hour from now so do stay tuned for that
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meanwhile the u.k. is preparing to offer twenty billion euros to wards its brakes its divorce bill that's according to a report in the financial times london has not yet confirmed that report prime minister to resign may is expected to make the announcement on friday in florence the e.u. says the u.k. owes up to one hundred billion euros as part of the brics a process the issue is a major source of friction between the two sides. and as soon as the european stock markets open we'll go live to our financial markets correspondent for him to fill us in on some reactions now only days after canceling more than two thousand flights over staffing issues ryan air has offered pilots a bonus of up to twelve thousand euros if they agree to work an additional ten days the irish airline has been widely criticized since announcing plans to cancel between forty and fifty flights per day c.e.o. michael o'leary said to the cancellations of course by a transition to
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a new system of allocating leave to pilots and that the airline was preparing for up to twenty million euros in compensation claims and over five million euros in lost fares. now in four days from now german voters will go to the polling stations to elect a new government there are many issues on their minds no doubt on one of them is digitalisation because when it comes to digital infrastructure germany is still lagging behind despite being high up on the political agenda but there is some progress and our reporters have been out exploring the many ways digitalisation and innovation are changing life in germany for example when we go shopping. i'm out on a futuristic shopping trip. this virtual bird is my digital shopping assistant it doesn't know much yet but it learns quickly and it may be in the future you'll
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walk into a store and we already know what you've come for if the customer wants us to. we could offer targeted products maybe ones you don't know yet but would like one of can i would begin to appear in person who would listen to you that the. wonders customer service become product marketing. lots of questions but at least it's very entertaining. and i still can't quite believe it. digitalization changes the way we live now and in berlin there's plenty of room for fresh ideas and new startups. like n twenty six the first german digital bank. valentijn style one of the founders explains how i can open an account on my smartphone in just eight minutes. what we have one thing up ok i just logged in with my fingerprint. as you see i'm definitely making use of
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the overdraft service so i can see the transactions here i can tell how much i spent on shopping for example then i can decide if it was too much i have an exact overview of what i've spent it was it. sounds good but the digital bank collects lots of valuable customer data algorithms take away in the background analyzing and learning who we are. going to try and open the virtual door. it's like i'm inside the car and i can decide how i wanted to look from some documents in order. to give stick should be around here somewhere. you can certainly sell off for the customer a lot more extras with this system. it's the car companies pilot projects. reality could soon be standard practice when buying a car. i just have one problem the headset makes me dizzy. but you
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know that's enough for now. i also get dizzy when i see how digitalisation has changed our lives and shopping is just the tip of the iceberg. perhaps because at the beginning the crypto currency bitcoin used to trade for pennies and for a few dollars and then hundreds of dollars and then it took off so far this year bitcoin has rocketed to almost five thousand dollars to some it was the hottest game in town for obvious an enormous risk and they could be right over the last few days the price of bitcoin has been extremely volatile and experts are warning of a bubble. it could be the beginning of the end banking regulators in beijing in shanghai have ordered local crypto currency exchanges to shut down virtually overnight china where bitcoin was more heavily used than in any other country has become a no go area for crypto investors the closing of the exchanges didn't come as
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a surprise official announcements had already sent the value of bitcoin into a tailspin something investors weren't used to it has partially recovered since the crypto currency which is not backed by any country or central bank had traded flat for years after its inception in twenty eleven. it wasn't until this year that bitcoins rally started with the currency breaking through the one thousand two thousand three thousand dollar levels topping out at almost five thousand dollars then it started coming apart after j.p. morgan c.e.o. jamie dimon in an interview on u.s. financial networks. called bitcoin a fraud and a bubble that quote won't end well diamond also took issue with bitcoin being the currency of choice for illegal transactions on the dark net where criminal activity is including drug and weapons deals as well as human trafficking often backed by the crypto money. the actions taken by china however are an even bigger blow to
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bitcoin after bitcoin backed i.p.o.'s were banned it is now virtually impossible to trade the currency in its biggest market. and again with business news in an hour when we speak to see if about the merger with tax and with just four days to go to the german elections we join the campaign trail in one of the country's most remote locations a tiny mini island tiny mini island that's like a double statement and the vibe and say yeah stay tuned for that and we have much more. also some analysis for the campaign season from an expert on political p.r. stay with us from. experience the future of mobility at the international motor show in frankfurt.
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open cockpit design. concept car studies and digital trends the vehicles of tomorrow are full of possibilities and even classic cars are going with the times the highlights of the i am. driving in sixty minutes t.w. . mash tag germany decides what is your take on the whole position regarding not only climate change. what do you want to know about germany's general election. ask w. your questions about germany but if i had the medicare plan. write to us on facebook we'll answer your questions. as to germany decides the day of decision is near the coast you want germany to follow emissions is
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a virtue to me i'm ready to take responsibility and to help shape what this country . we have more than enough parties participating in incompetent government but not the left party germany can do better. polls in germany open on september twenty fourth what do germans want for their country. what do the different parties stand for. and which party will come out on top. d.w. you're an expert on germany's bundestag go. action two thousand and seventeen. tag germany decides german bundestag election two thousand and seventeen on d w. welcome back you're watching t.v. news i'm terry martin our top story a powerful seven point one magnitude earthquake in central mexico has killed at
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least two hundred twenty six people the toll is expected to rise at least forty four buildings have collapsed in the capital including a primary school where more than twenty children have been confirmed dead as the second big quake in his many weeks. and hurricane maria is barreling towards the caribbean islands heading towards cuba for the ricoh right now after devastating the tiny island nation of dominica the u.s. national hurricane center is warning of a potentially catastrophic impact from the storm that has already killed at least two people. well germany goes to the polls this sunday to elect a new parliament so candidates from all parties are now spending the last days focusing their message on undecided voters it's easy enough to reach people living in big cities but what about those living in small remote locations we traveled to one of germany's northern most constituencies a tiny island in the vod in seed to ask voters where what issues but is that what
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issues they're not just concerned about. langan assays one of the how again ten small islands off the north sea coast it's home to more counties than people everything locals need is more hit by ship including the ballot cons for the upcoming election the polling station is the local school which is attended by nineteen children. the man is setting up the ballot box not many politicians bother campaigning here. dummer always here she's a candidate yes she paid us a visit. big turnout no not really. it was a nice day. i showed her around and spoke of our concerns and what we'd like to change . their concerns have nothing to do with
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refugees or social injustice the main issue for the eighty nine people eligible to vote on holiday is climate change. it's obvious why. all the houses here are built on small hills and during storm surges locals fear the hills won't be high enough to protect their homes and their animals from rising sea levels. in the years we've lived here we've certainly noticed a rise in sea level rise. we've also seen flooding and winds have also gotten much worse. they can come on unexpectedly and are increasingly violent . on the other side of the island where a solitary e.u. flag waves in the wind your home pages and doesn't share those concerns he's
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a member of the green party but it didn't support his run for the german parliament maybe because he doesn't believe that sea levels are rising. the level ever measured on the north freezing coast was an eight hundred twenty five. well that must be kept in mind and another thing the houses here like this one built in one thousand nine hundred seven have never been flooded that in itself proves that the water levels aren't rising the theory is rubbish plain and simple it's an issue the locals can argue about tell the cows come home if and when they should meet it's isolated up here. the neighboring island of all land can only be reached by light railway. or by walking across the mud flats that's why most people here opt to vote by mail as little action as there is online ness there's even less so no land even when an election is looming. like election campaign
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like yeah right. we don't see much campaigning here on the island i haven't seen a single poster not on oil and not on lioness. where they hang them like they wouldn't last in the wind or the rain so no i've never seen a poster. it's true there is no evidence that an election campaign is underway in germany aside from a random sticker that reads stop right wing populism campaigning may be minimal but it's effective voter turnout here is generally one hundred percent. well let's bring in we can salazar here he is the c.e.o. of m.s.l. germany that's a public relations firm and he also advises german political campaigns thanks so much for being with us this morning so as we saw in our report there's not much campaigning going on on those little north sea islands but what about the rest of
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the country we're just four days away from a general election campaigning must be at the pitch it is the country is full of posters have you seen perhaps there are some islands where it was not the case and all party chairpersons and general political operatives all around the country complaining now talk a little bit about the far right a d. in this campaign because they're about to enter parliament it looks like at least for the first time and i want to talk about the relationship their significance in relation to chancellor merkel's center right c.d.u. party do you think the f.t. would have become so strong if chancellor merkel's party hadn't shifted towards the center and created a bit of a vacuum on the far right first of all if he does not necessarily take its voters from the from the central city you so it takes it from many parties and especially from people who haven't voted before so it's a job for all democratic parties to. up their game and and and and be very very clear but i think if you see other european countries most
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european countries have populist riots and we've been spared that so far so this might be the moment for these changes come. wondering about what role the f.t. is going to play in german politics if it enters parliament again their polling you know around ten percent it looks pretty likely that they're going to enter. some are wondering if the c.d.u. might actually cooperate with the a.f.p. at some level one of your consultants suggested that that be done at a state level about a year ago what do you think about that this won't happen and they have radicalized significantly over the past year and this. statement by a consultant was not is not something i agree with anyway but it's. really a party which does not in any way kind of have and the and again proximity in terms of ideology to the center right so that's that's not going to happen ok now
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germany's political parties are still campaigning these days using very similar methods to thirty years ago i mean posters are common everywhere of course but what about the exploiting the tools of the digital age are german political parties up to date in terms of using the digital technology the way political parties in the us do for example they are quite up to date and if you've seen their especially if you look at the ground game you're using kind of tools which kind of use big data and kind of to find out where your voters may be but we do have some constrictions because i think first of all there's not as much money in the game is there is in the u.s. right do so and we have data protection laws which are quite different from those in the u.s. very much personal privacy protected in germany and quite a hurdle what do you see is the most interesting or innovative developments in terms of campaigning this year in germany i think is really sounds a bit and interested but we have the door to door campaigning which is kind of
8:39 am
based on maps and data and has a game if acacia element especially the christian democrats have used the very extensively this year i think that's one of the main innovations we can thank you so much for talking with us we can solve a star c.e.o. of m.s.l. germany that's a public relations firm and he also consults german political parties thanks so much for talking with us thank you it was a better fit. let's get more on the german election now from our political correspondent hans bonn tons is joining us now from our parliamentary studios hon so the numbers have been pointing to a comfortable americal victory for a while now can we expect any movement in the polling numbers before sunday. no it doesn't look like it in the most recent polls those published yesterday and there are slight movements in one or the other direction but there's no real change in the trends it is still the case that the conservatives are well ahead of the social
8:40 am
democrats and second place. the real interesting movement or the interesting decision in this election will be who comes third who of the smaller parties is going to come out on top in third place and here there is some movement the greens for instance seem not to be making much headway at all the right wing populous the alternative for germany f.t. seem to be on a bit of a roll they seem to be improving in polls at the moment and so is the far left of the left party which is opposed communist party so it seems that on the fringes as it were there is some movement but in the center things are pretty much set is there any idea right now hands about what sort of government your money is going to get in the new legislative period who if the cd wins who they could possibly form a coalition with what can we expect. well in the end at the moment it seems that
8:41 am
they are only two possibilities for that and the one possibility is a continuation of what's called the grand coalition here a coalition between the two large parties the conservatives and the social democrats the other possibility is that the conservatives combine forces with the market liberal f.t.p. the so-called free democrats and the greens if they put together their numbers then that would also make a majority that would be very new development we've never had such a coalition in germany before and it would obviously require a part a lot of balancing of different positions between these three parties those are the only possibilities at the moment it seems thank you so much for now and of course we'll be hearing more for you from us in the run up to sunday's election thanks so much. to africa and malawi which has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world approximately half of
8:42 am
all girls there are married by the age of eighteen and girls from rural areas are particularly affected but earlier this year parliament raised the age of marriage from fifteen to eighteen years with parental consent to race a car is a senior district chief who is helping to enforce this new law she's terminated more than eight hundred marriages and sent the young couple's back to school. bertha is seventeen years old she had to get married when she was fifteen she didn't love the man and didn't want to marry him but it was her who made the decision bertha had been living with her ever since her parents died you know there's you know i was married off because we had whole. my own belief that if i had a husband we might all be better off and then came this man and my aunt forced me to marry him and. is a small village in malawi nobody here is really well off bertha's husband at the
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time owned a bike which he used as a taxi that's what made him such a catch but bertha is now back at the same lady who forced her into the marriage and who still stands by the decision. well. i had eight other children to look after and my husband had died nowadays you need money to raise a child especially if it's also going to go to school. and i basically have nothing . poverty is the main reason why young girls get married and malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world in fact getting children married off is the usual thing here but now in shutouts a girls have someone who can protect them from that she's the senior chief here and a woman to reason. she fights against child bride weddings and that's had more
8:44 am
than eight hundred such marriages and old including birth as that has made a lot of enemies especially but now unmarried men do you want to date. there through all you want to kill me please wait until. then when i finish this mission you can do whatever you want to do but if you kill me i would be happy because i'm doing my own but you when you die you go straight to jail. kuching d'amato is fighting to have the minimum age for marriage increased to twenty one she finances her work through donations and also her own funds any male employees who didn't support her work were dismissed from the. but where poverty and despair reign forced marriages off make things even worse in this hot in the cups a little longer lives andreea she's now fifteen but was thirteen when she got
8:45 am
married she has a baby but it's probably not for my husband. she says her family is poor and that's why she thought it would be good to get married but when she couldn't get pregnant right away her husband said he would bring another man to inseminate. she says her husband told her to submit to the man or he would marry another woman and send her home to her family. had relations with the other man five times because her husband's family wanted it that way they even paid the man locals here call such men hyenas men like. these are file images because he's currently in prison he spoke publicly about getting paid for sleeping with underage girls and that he also had aids but that custom dictated he not use
8:46 am
a condom when having sex. he said several months ago in an interview but parents approached him and paid him he added that in the meantime it was better for him to complete what he called the ritual in private. we weren't able to convince another so-called hyena to grant as an interview one reason is that more and more women are fighting the tradition natasha tom thought is one of them she convinced more than a to leave her husband and when tasha speaks people listen she may not be a senior chief but she's a t.v. star in malawi. she fights for the rights of girls and helps them get out of arranged marriages she goes on tour from village to village teaching awareness accompanied by a group of musicians and dancers giving a performance that unmistakably goes straight to the issue.
8:47 am
as a young girl herself was forced to sleep with a stranger. because this is like car trying to dish on this leg tell me why i'm doing that globe you must be dancing those does is it kind of feel like you're being forced by the tradition but then when you grow up and then you start to know their rights and then you feels like. i think i was being six homeowners treated there or i was being secure exploited. bertha's life has now totally changed. since she left her husband she's been able to go back to school he didn't want her to stand would have rather seen her slave away in the kitchen bertha's family actually can't finance her education but she's still able to attend because senior chief theresa catching up to is paying for the books and she wish and for us the experience of going to school and learning was what worth a miss most when she was married she's happy now that she can catch up on the two
8:48 am
years she lost and supports her efforts not just for birth her sake. there are by that point if a birthday gets a good education and a job then should also improve our family situation and be happy if we could build a better house because at night we often can't sleep the rain keeps getting in. and i want to be that kind of model. for her part but as of making plans which will take her away from her native village after finishing school she'd like to become a nurse and above all the life of an independent woman. and we've got lots of bonus legal action for you now a shark off to a roaring start under new coach to medical desk winning three out of four games but tuesday brought their sternness test yet by and munich except the but there ian's were missing injured goalkeeper manuel neuer so did that give an edge to the royal
8:49 am
blues take a look. polis wrong savana on tuesday off the manono is yet ending injury he was one of six new players a scholar he made wholesale changes after the weekend when of a minds the new look by made the strongest stock with sebastian of testing high famine early on. the visitors kept up the pressure and it paid off in the twenty fifth minute thomas rodriguez bust into the box and hit now though from close range. the video referee correctly deemed it to be a handful and gave a penalty. the boy robert eleven dusky stepped up to open the story was the big four minutes later their own undoing they lost possession in the own hot setting behind their second goal on a platter the bahamas with his
8:50 am
first goal in his first win this latest os. the but shocker didn't let their heads drop and marched up the pitch had a bit of a wobble team is saved his goalkeepers blushes above. both sides had decent chances in the second half but it was by who found the back of the nets again hamas was involved this time setting up to review for the third and final go above. so i kept a clean sheet as by when that second game in a row while shot show united front as they suffer that home defeat of the season. for more on all the bonus league of midweek action we're joined now by desk wire
8:51 am
from v.w. sports hey dez morning morning on even. without the go keeper their main goal keeper byron turned out to be too much shock as well as we saw in that report i don't think it was buying munich winning three mil i think was how many rodrigo is basically ensuring that scoreline the guy was dynamite and should finally showed in this still young but is a good season wise well class player wide by munich have loaned him out for a on the trade wide thomas bullock on get in the lineup because what he did on that page was magic although he's very strongly criticised recently in the german media coach carlo ancelotti you must be out to win because of the fact that manual noir wasn't playing he changed the tactical concept pushing up his defense so shall one to close to the penalty box to put the understudy goalie spent all right under pressure hats off to him and it was a fully deserved win a bond with a top of the standings but there were other games you know that were pretty good on
8:52 am
tuesday and one of those interesting match ups was the clash between and leipzig will currently are enjoying their best ever start in the bundesliga and that gave them a bit of momentum going into this match against their rather fancied opponents. four goals in four games alford finn bogus and has be headed out to book strong stocks of the season. and the icelandic structure was front and center for the open on setting up mikhail good call rich in just the full minutes. seventh goal of the season giving them a one nil laid. pozen who two saw and controlled much of the ball in the first time but they couldn't find a way past mobbing hits. team then or in cote frustrated as book took advantage heading into the bright. lights big post in the second half but hits against old
8:53 am
firm this time from muscle house and begs fizzing shots. should have wrapped up the game lights on but one nil was enough to put them temporarily in third place. and as from v.w. sports a still with us dez how about. coming out ahead of last season's runners up rb lives well you know i don't want to say i told you so but yesterday sitting at this table with you i said spoke school early they will win that game if they cannot control the game by getting goals on the school board they're going to be in trouble and lo and behold that's what's happened as i said yesterday why are they playing good football ten men behind the ball. but play effective and that's what's happened life they can't no game plan again stance and i'll spoke quite rightly i thought in the table good on a ok well stay with us because we've still got one more game to show you here
8:54 am
because in tuesday's early match meshing got their first win since the opening day topping out to nil the foal's got things going just before the hour mark when nick all of that betty t.j. rafael for his first goal of the season and when dennis i'll go and help houser and in the area the brazilian added another from the penalty spot to round out the result and lift up into the top half of the table i am. so. dez gladbach are hard to figure out are they for real or can they really not be depended on you know you never know with a team a bunch and i think the best way to describe what you get from that same east is to quote forest gump and that is life is a ball to pralines you never know what you're going to get because one day they halt the next day notes and inconsistency seems to be got banks only consistency at the moment it has been unfortunate for a couple of years on that day they could beat anybody and on that day they could
8:55 am
also be upset by anybody as it was this match that they played that two goals from rafael he's the man with the plan if he can have a good game have a good guy unfortunately that's not every match day yet but i'm sure much it would be very very happy and very eager to see a bit of consistency coming back they would desperately like to be back in european competition. thank you so much for that round up sports couric cold. and so let's look at all tuesday's results and folders that gladbach win against it comes of course. by on too much for shock of the handle and bog under a new coach that drew with braman five matches still to come on wednesday bottom side cologne face frank hurt how to berlin take on labor coups and freiburg host hand over goldman head to hamburg hoping to go to the top and mines meet often time . emporio just reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on d w
8:56 am
news say seven point one magnitude earthquake in central mexico has killed at least two hundred forty eight people the toll is expected to rise at least forty four buildings have collapsed in the capital including a primary school where more than twenty children have been confirmed dead as the second big quake and as many weeks. i saw a news for now you'll find more news and information on our web site at www dot com i'll have another full bulletin for you coming up in just a couple minutes thanks for being with each of you news.
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stand for change or the false facade of her husband's rule of terror. she believes in by projection that that they are saving syria must masada the beautiful face of the dictatorship starting october first on d w. a hash tag germany decides. the day before the general election on g w a day dedicated to democracy. from its dramatic beginnings in germany until the present day how is the nation of culture fearing an election year. where do the german people see their place in europe and the world. democracy day september twenty third on g.w. . hash tag gemini decides meet the candidates.
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d.w. xena's pool and just of the karim have interviewed almost all the front runners in germany's upcoming parliamentary elections. and now look at four thirty the chancellor and the amount. cast at germany decides. the candidates september twenty first on the double. this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin a powerful earthquake has struck mexico the second one in as many weeks the seven point one by the two.


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