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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2017 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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this is e w news live from berlin german chancellor angela merkel tells t w she is ready to join talks to resolve the north korea crisis and she says donald trump is doing it all wrong in my opinion sanctions and enforcing the sanctions are the right answer but anything else with regard to north korea i think is wrong and that
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is why we clearly disagree with the u.s. president in an exclusive interview chancellor merkel tells the w. that diplomacy is the only way forward with pyongyang. also coming up hope and heroism in mexico was efforts continue to find survivors in the rubble of tuesday's powerful earthquake and hurricane maria paralyzes puerto rico leaving much of the u.s. territory without power or communications it is the worst storm to hit the island in eighty years. i'm simply someone's got to thank you for joining us germany's chancellor spoken out on the north korea crisis. she disagrees with u.s. president donald trump's military all to made him to north korea on tuesday trump told the u.n. that america would destroy north korea if it continued to threaten the united
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states or its allies michael told the w in an exclusive interview that germany would be willing to assist in a group and negotiating a diplomatic solution to the soaring tensions. promise is the only way to solve the north korea conflict according to the german chancellor in an exclusive interview with g w hunger merkel spoke out in favor of multilateral negotiations involving international partners such as china russia and the united states even if this conflict is far away from germany it's one that also affects us that's fine i'm prepared as is the foreign minister to assume responsibility here. we took part in negotiating the iran agreement which i think is good and better than having no agreement at all. it took many years but in the end it did limit iran's possibilities for nuclear armament.
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addressing the u.s. president's threats to destroy north korea angela merkel had a special message for donald trump. we consider any type of military solution to be absolutely inappropriate and we're counting on diplomatic efforts this must be vigorously implemented in my opinion sanctions and enforcing these sanctions are the right answer but anything else with regard to north korea i think is wrong and that's why we clearly disagree with the u.s. president. with holes in her favor until america can feel confident that she'll be reelected as chancellor of the a if he is likely to win seats in parliament for the first time medical ruled out ever cooperating with the far right party and she promised to take the concerns of those who feel disadvantaged seriously. my you know and my answer is clear to solve people's problems the worries they have having
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their own jobs as well as decent schools and doctors to really take care of these issues but on the other hand to signal a clear stop to hatred and violence. the interview with chancellor merkel was the last in a series of seven that included all top candidates of germany's major parties and recent surveys are correct on sunday younger americans conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. will become the strongest political power and she could become one of the longest serving chancellors in german history. poll there she is d w editor in chief and she lead that interview with the german chancellor angela merkel she is with us in studio now to talk more about the interview high and as i said we have just a few days to go to the election and the polls are pretty clear chancellor merkel does look set to have another term as chancellor how confident is she seen when she's confident she's like a soul who draws but you know she has high respect for the office so she would
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never take it as granted that she will be the next i mean i think she assumes that in all the polls speak for that but you never know you know the last days are always kind of tricky but she's very confident and you know well let's talk about some of the topics that she touched on she was stressing the need for diplomacy in a number of foreign policy issues in our interview she said first that she was willing to take a role in negotiations with north korea that was one question and in the same breath you called for the deal with iran to stand that that was very important let's just listen exactly to what she said. even though this conflict is far away from germany is also a fact. or not is why i am prepared to asses the foreign minister to assume responsibility. we took part in negotiating the iran agreement which i think is good and better than having no agreement to toll. it took many years but in the end it did limits arounds possibilities for nuclear armament. and i think we must take
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the same path or a similar one with russia with china together with the us also in the case of north korea. in as listening to that message and seeing on the other hand the fiery rhetoric that's coming out of washington right now do you think this means that germany is going to take a leading role on the global stage mostly released first two very very dangerous conflicts in the world and she i mean talking about north korea and iran this of really like tough tough conflicts to handle. i mean what we see i think is a more confident chancellor of germany germany the place of you trolls in the european union and we see europe in union which kind of gathered strength. regarding the united states this has a lot to do with donald trump and his flip flopping no one really knows where or what he stands for. and i think that brings the european leaders together it wasn't
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only on the american who criticize donald trump really harshly it was also. the president of france. yesterday and the days before so i think europe is really getting stronger against donald trump looks like uncle merkel will be at the helm of that charge from europe all right our editor in chief as paul with us here in studio in us thank you very much. and remember it's only three days to go until germany decides and we want you to join the discussion on the election followed it up is coverage online at d.w. dot com get your updates on our facebook page or follow us on twitter and use the germany decides hashtag our social media team is waiting to hear from you. now to mexico where more than two hundred thirty people have been confirmed dead after tuesday's earthquake rescue workers are frantically searching for survivors trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings one of the most desperate rescue efforts is underway at
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a primary school in mexico city. a sign of life under the rubble rescue work is sickening for quiet as they search for survivors they've spotted a little hand it's a good they ask her to move it she can now begins to painstakingly slow process of freeing her. rescuers say they go has told them her name is frieda. apart from just her name she told us there were two other children and that there were more bodies but we don't know if the others are alive. it's a race against time to find people trapped under the rubble and to clear the way to where they lie. there are still people in there. there are still people groaning i have to clear the rubble from three more floors and you still hear people inside. the capital city has seen a number of traumatic rescues this man was rescued after spending more than twenty
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four hours under the debris of his partly collapsed apartment building others however were not so lucky and with every hour that goes by hope that more survivors will be found to windows in a cruel twist of irony the seven point one magnitude quake struck just after many in the city peteri doubt and earthquake drill like every year search area was on the anniversary of a nine hundred eighty five earthquake that killed more than ten thousand people this latest adversity has united a city in both grief and determination people from all walks of life have formed human chains to help. because you want to help out but you can't do anything. you want to do everything quickly it's like a human survival instinct but you can't do anything. but the sheer number of people involved it's also complicating efforts. rescue us regularly
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cowrote for silence any sound midst is supposed to belie florist. as the search for survivors continues many a decision have taken refuge on the streets the second quake to hit the country in just two weeks has left them with nowhere else to go. mighty coast president and. to assess mike sicko is facing a new national emergency he's declared three days of national mourning to the victims. now to some other stories making news around the world in spain supporters of catalan independence are continuing their protests in barcelona the autonomy's region's capital they are outraged after police arrested several cut along officials and searched their offices on wednesday tensions in spain are running high over the national governments efforts to prevent catalonia from holding an unauthorized independence vote on the first of october iraq has launched
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a major all sense of to retake how we are one of the last strongholds of the so-called islamic state the country's prime minister has predicted another victory in the town located about two hundred forty kilometers north of the capital baghdad the extremists territory has been shrinking fast over the past few months demonstrators clashed in kenya capital nairobi as the country's supreme court explained its decision to nullify last month's presidential election police used tear gas to break up scuffles between supporters and opponents of the decision the court criticized kenya's election board for failing to verify results or allowing judges to audit them. and growing peace activists have boarded a ship carrying new v.w. diesel cars to the u.k. the activists say they won't leave the ship until it turns around to take the cars back to germany greenpeace is protesting the sale of vehicles that emit toxic exhaust the hurricane maria is back out over open sea and regaining
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strength the day after devastating puerto rico the u.s. national hurricane center now waits at a category three hurricane and it has issued a hurricane warning out for the turks and caicos islands and also for the eastern us meanwhile puerto rico is starting to assess the damage after a direct hit by maria. picking up the pieces after puerto rico's storm of the century here in san juan and across the island people are just beginning to come to grips with the aftermath of maria downed power lines uprooted trees and shredded roofs litter the streets it's just some of the damage from a storm that officials say battered everything in its path. meanwhile tens of thousands remain in shelters they're still uncertain when they'll be able to return home and what awaits them when they do. the storm roared ashore on wednesday
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morning on puerto rico's southeastern coast torrential rains and winds of two hundred fifty kilometers per hour destroyed homes flooded streets and knocked out power to nearly the entire island residents described the scene as the strongest storm in over eighty years neared its peak. but if you're like i'm in the middle of a horror story. where. you can hear the growling of the wind the doors are sherry and it feels great pellets are being thrown at my windows. northwest mousy being the worst of the worm and i'm told that my. puerto rico literally can't afford this disaster the united states territory declared bankruptcy earlier this year and maria will likely plunge the island deeper into financial crisis u.s. officials have promised aid. first of all i'd like to see the same thing which is
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to our fellow citizens in puerto rico they are right now front and center in our thoughts in our prayers we want them to know that the federal response will be there we want them to know that we are thinking of them first and foremost right now as they combat this very very dangerous hurricane. meanwhile others in the storm's path are bracing themselves maria is forecast to pass and just north of the dominican republic people here are taking no chances preparing for it but hoping to escape the worst of the storm. minor now of our top stories that we're following at this hour german chancellor angela merkel offers to help resolve the north korea crisis. in an exclusive interview that diplomacy is the only way forward with pyongyang just days after the u.s. president donald trump threatened to destroy north korea. and emergency workers in mexico are working through the night to try and rescue
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a school girl trapped in the rubble of her collapsed school more than two hundred people are now confirmed dead as a result of tuesday's earthquake. canada's big free trade deal goes into effect today benzo and is here with a look at the implications that's coming right up. see. you soon i mean in your mind. you know what i'm like what is organize you don't know what is it there. are you.
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