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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2017 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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in the election year. where do the german people see their place in europe and the world. democracy day september twenty third g.w. . this is daily news life from hope and heroism in mexico as efforts to find survivors amongst the problem of tuesday's powerful earthquake continue rescuers have been working through the night to disaster sites including a primary school will bring you the latest from an aid worker in mexico city also on the program diplomatic efforts to save the iran nuclear agreement are being
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stepped up as the negotiating partner parties meet of the united nations deals future has been called into question after president trump told the u.n. it was embarrassed months so is there a nuclear deal now effectively dead. thousands of supporters of caught flat independence rally in fossil only to protest against a crackdown on beach know all started by spanish police as tensions run high over the national government's efforts to prevent catalonia from holding an unauthorized independence fact. i'm still going to welcome to the program in mexico more than two hundred thirty people have now been confirmed dead following tuesday's earthquake rescue workers are still searching for survivors amongst the rubble of collapsed buildings one of the most desperate half a season underway at a primary school in many. where rescue crews have been working through the night.
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a sign of life under the rubble rescue work has signal for quiet as they search for survivors they've spotted a little hand it's a go they ask her to move it she can now begins to painstakingly slow process of freeing her. rescuers say they go has told them her name is frieda. just her name she told us there were two other children and that there were more bodies but we don't know if the others are alive. it's a race against time to find people trapped under the rubble and to clear the way to where they lie. there are still people in there. there's still people groaning have to clear the rubble from the floors and you still hear people inside. the capital city has seen a number of traumatic rescues this man was rescued after spending more than twenty
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four hours under the debris of his partly collapsed apartment building others however were not so lucky and with every hour that goes by hope that more survivors will be found when those in a crew twist of irony the seven point one magnitude quake struck just after many in the city had carried out an earthquake drill like every year search area was on the anniversary of a nine hundred eighty five earthquake that killed more than ten thousand people this latest adversity has united a city in both grief and determination people from all walks of life have formed human chains to help. because you want to help out but you can't do anything. want to do everything quickly it's like the human survival instinct but you can't do anything. but the sheer number of people involved it's also complicating efforts
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. to rescue us regularly co-wrote for silence any sound midst is a possible life lost. as the search for survivors continues many in the city have taken refuge on the streets the second quake to hit the country in just two weeks has left them with nowhere else to go. mexico's president and penny a nieto says mike sicko is facing a new national emergency his declared three days of national mourning to the victims. straight to mexico city where we joined christiane cusco of unicef welcome to day perhaps we can start with the current situation without little girl frieda the other children who may still be alive and that collapse school. to be with you. yet.
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the search and rescue teams are continuing at that school and several other places around the city to get people out. there are still a few hundred people missing and so that is obviously the first. priority to get people out and get them to hospitals and then whole range of other. responses are under way are being. used by you don't especially. in and it's quite an area we know. bases cities in the world but epicenter was some hundred dollars away in another state models and way of life and there are many other areas also affected and this is what the priority of course it tends to be in the capital city but now we
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are together with other organizations out seeing what the situation is on the ground in the other states as well as what many are affected i was is unicef's role within the rescue operation. well our attention obviously is on children and that's our mandate that's what we're trying to do. for us their kids emotional and physical integrity is the most important thing we have seen in our response today to the previous earthquake was twelve days prior to that to the one that took place on tuesday that. obviously kids are facing a lot of trauma a lot of attention and i didn't so our role is to try to get them back to some sort of normality over the normal situation trying to get them back to school if possible those schools are closed in in all of the affected areas still from their creek to weed two weeks ago as well. but also to provide them what we call
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a child friendly with child friendly spaces so that so that gillet children through music through art through play can try to release some of the tension that had inside and that would help the parents as well to make sure that their their children are a little bit better and dealing with the trauma that they have faced because it's not just the event itself that big shake if you want but they're all over all of their bradley cust all of the aftershocks and i just came back yesterday from the from the south where there wasn't aftershocks. so that's three hundred a day and every time there is an aftershock people get scared and relive the experience so it's so with that the psychological the emotional part is extreme. christian school for unicef in mexico city we wish you well thank you for joining
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the w. thank you very much. germany's chancellor has spoken out on the north korea crisis saying that she disagrees with donald trump's military ultimatum that the north on tuesday the u.s. president told the united nations that america would destroy a north korea if forced to defend itself or its allies against their nuclear weapons program in an exclusive interview with the w i'm going to machall said that germany would be willing to lead the search for a diplomatic solution. even if this conflict is far away from germany it's one that also affects us that's fine i'm prepared as is the foreign minister to assume responsibility here. we took part in negotiating the iran agreement which i think is good and better than having no agreement at all. it took many years but in the end it did limit iran's possibilities for nuclear disarmament.
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meanwhile germany's foreign minister sigma gabriele has been speaking out about the iran nuclear deal another donald trump's targets was to gabrielle is due to address the u.n. general assembly later t.w. will carry that speech live speaking on the sidelines of the event she said the current deal with iran was necessary to prevent nuclear proliferation and suggested that it might offer a model for resolving the crisis with north korea since first target is to see that it's almost tragic when the only functioning agreement to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons is in jeopardy at a time when we're seeing other countries like north korea acquiring nuclear weapons and we've got a lead in the us under the lend of the north korea. we now need these kinds of negotiations more than ever and was annoyed. so where does this leave iran nuclear deal to batter by as an author and consultant on iranian affairs he joins us from t.w. studios in brussels welcome donald trump says the daily's bad and one sided what
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does he believe is missing trump's not of ations against this deal go much deeper than his anti iran sentiments it has also to do with his appetite to undo everything the obama administration has accomplished so i think apart from auntie iran sentiments that drives the president it's also a very very explicit and the obama sentiment that drives him and his entourage i think given him regardless of what is behind it has he given examples of what he says is wrong with it besides it being one sided as he says what else does he say is wrong with it well he has never been really explicit about what he doesn't like about the deal he others who basically follow follow suit to his argument would say that the sunset clause of the deal that at some point iran's limitations on its
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nuclear program would no longer be in place is something that they do not like donald trump says that it's one sided deal where iran is only taking benefit but that that's relatively weak argument that other parties of the agreement would not really agree to which is why his position is rather isolated in this context despite that germany's foreign minister signaled gabriele has agreed with the united states that iran's behavior in the middle east has not improved since the deal what is he referring to. i think that the important issue is that the nuclear agreement is such and the text of it is not dealing with iran's regional policies i think this is what the foreign minister has been referring to iran's role in iraq syria yemen and elsewhere can obviously be criticized and discussed and is a point of debate but this nuclear agreement was was very much focused as the name suggests on iran's nuclear program so mixing these two things will make it
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complicated to come to a solution i say so completely separate issues the iran nuclear deal on one side and iran's regional policy on the other the true should be and the two should be kept as such this is this is what you believe i guess so i think the iranian side has from the very beginning suggested that if this nuclear agreement works well and is fully implemented there would be willingness into iran to speak about other issues as well and let's keep in mind that each time the european union represented by further you come again is in teheran or meets the iranian foreign minister they speak about other issues as well and that is because the e.u. is in full compliance and is and is supporting the nuclear agreement so this could be something that a fully compliant us to the agreement could also claim to have iran speak about others issues as well and then you would connect these two policy issues i don't a battered by brussels thank you so much my pleasure. despite now i
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suppose of independence for catalonia are continuing their protests in barcelona the capital of the autonomous region as follows wednesday's police arrests of cattle and officials and raids on their offices there is anger in the region of the national government's efforts to prevent catalonia from holding an unauthorized independence vote on the first of october. this time it's the courts those are the focus of protests in barcelona the capital of catalonia people he has seen the justice system and the police as agents of the spanish central government six hundred kilometers away in madrid. thank you and if they send tanks of course we won't be able to vote but the images will be all of europe and then everyone will know what's happening here. look at the. us and what they've occupied our institutions and arrested our elected representatives we can't allow that to happen. or having as if this is
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a dictatorship and violating our fundamental rights i mean ballots most of us in. the situation escalated on wednesday evening with the national police shooting rubber bullets and clashing with protesters earlier investigators confiscated nearly ten million ballot papers and arrested more than a dozen cattle and politicians and officials the spanish government says it had a right to do this because the constitutional court had declared the referendum illegal. well maybe we have the necessary instruments to stop the referendum you don't want to play by democratic rules. we don't know whether or. not this time he's willing to back down the next protests are expected on sunday. news live from his a reminder of our top stories this hour emergency workers in mexico work through the night to rescue a school girl trapped in the rubble of
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a collapsed school more than two hundred thirty people on an confirms dad as a result of tuesday's earthquake. and german chancellor and i'm going to makeover house offer to help resolve the north korea crisis in an exclusive interview with dado here she says diplomacy is the only way forward with going young just days after u.s. president donald trump threatened to destroy north korea. i set you up to date i'll have more for you at the top of the hour in the meantime of course there's always the website that's the w dot com of the day. the whole d w one out. for in focus global insight.


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