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tv   DW News - Live Coverage Theresa Mays Brexit Speech in Florence  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm CEST

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your questions about germany. and america is good they were a lot of fun for them to. write to us on facebook will answer your questions. live from the end this is deja news britain's prime minister tries to break the dregs of debt log tourism is a bottle ianto government position in a major speech in florence italy a key issue what's the u.k. bill to pay to get out its obligations to the e.u. we bring you the speech live on d w also coming up a find
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a bridge to win over undecided voters in germany before sunday's elections we just two days left again martin short on anglo-american prevented a little village for the far right or to a different germany. kind of a will welcome to you i'm on the chiba british prime mysteries of may set to deliver a major speech in italy you don't attempt to revive stuart briggs the talks in central florence a number of demonstrators from the remain camp gathered outside the building where near will make her address she's expected to propose a two year truong vision plan off to britain leaves the e.u. including a promise to continue payments during the time may speech comes ahead of a new round of big that they go in the next week. and. we'll be going live
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to raise that base speech live when it happens until then i have with me john will have it with me in the studio he even if as a blogger and a u.k. citizen based here in berlin welcome john now first a forward what are you expecting from terrorism a speech today i'm expecting a relatively moderate speech this is not going to be something particularly out of the ordinary she's going to try to get the breaks it talks back on track to try to hopefully make some effort to try to go some way towards what the european union wants to hear from the u.k. to try to get things moving we're already one quarter of the way through the brics negotiations but without much to show for that so far so she has today show that the u.k. serious about the process that she's trying to move the negotiations forward i'm personally affected by briggs that now you are a u.k. citizen living in europe how do you feel the u.k. is handing these negotiations on bags that i think the u.k. is not taking those negotiations adequately seriously at the moment is not actually
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dealing with the issues that affect people in my situation or indeed the situation of german citizens living and living in the u.k. either it's going to have a practical impact on our lives in terms of right to work a right to study whatever time and benefits we would get in as a british citizen living in germany and so i'd like to see something want to reason made today that reassures people in situations like mine but equally likewise for you citizens living in the u.k. and this is of course a very controversial issue between britain and the european union finance is that another big issue and are you hoping that we've got a lot of those this today if what we know so far about to resume potential off it's probably not going to go far enough in order to manage reassure the european union side to resume is only talking about the period between breaks which would happen in march two thousand and nineteen and the end of twenty twentieth's of just under a two year period that's too short in my view to manage to sort everything out there are long term obligations that the that the u.k. has for paying into european union programs long beyond twenty. twenty one of the
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big arguments is how long into the future should the u.k. have to pay and watch should it have to pay what happens to the pension contributions for example british officials who work for the european union institutions how does he deal with that that's another big headache the difficulty is going to come is whatever number she tries to put on that is going to sound like a lot of money for the u.k. and her members of parliament in the british newspapers are not going to like it whatever number she tries to come up with today that's so far this is being very little which is come out from downing street on this address why we know a few little bits and pieces we know that she's going to talk about citizens' rights we know that she's going to talk about the budget the big the big head headline issue which which we know nothing about is what is she going to say about northern ireland. bear in mind that this speech is has been prepared so is the british government can see unity can show unity that indeed to unify the warring factions in the conservative party so this speech is in florence is very much
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a an inward looking speech is to reassure the british population to reassure british members of parliament so therefore if you're looking at this speech from berlin from brussels from paris it is probably not going to be a speech that would reassure politicians in those places so if you look at the kind of my new shy of that scene from london it makes some sense if you look at it from a view from the rest of the e.u. it's probably more incomprehensible so far but see what she says let's see how this exactly we have to wait and see what she says john thank you very much for non of course we'll go live to florence and listen to tourism a speech as soon as it starts meanwhile voters here in germany are gearing up for federal elections on sunday and both candidates for the post of chancellor are making a final push ahead of the vote and the latest polls have not been encouraging for martin schultz and his center left social democrats his father he is feeling the american christian democrats by a large margin surveys suggest a conservative bloc would take up to. thirty six percent of the vote on funding
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both candidates will hold their final election rallies this evening. if not join a political correspondent. standing at the brandenburg gate in the heart of butter and high hopes for the countdown to the german elections has begun to get a sense of data among the people there are getting ready to vote on sunday yes indeed there was some splinter party that had. some speeches here a little bit earlier and a couple of oddball protesters referring to anglo-american as a pig amongst other things and i spoke to about a dozen people here most of them german tourists from other areas of germany all of them said that this was an important election that they were very very interested in what the results would be and most of them in fact had voted already by mail by postal vote because they are here on a trip to learn not in their home area but all of them say it that what is crucial
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about this election is how well badly the smaller parties to the both clearly indicated merkel is the head of a reiver shift but for many people in germany the big question is how the far right if you will fair and this election isn't it. yes indeed it will be the first time and this is very likely the a.f.p. the alternative for germany is polling at about ten percent of the vote at the moment it's very very likely that this party will enter parliament for the first time the first time that a party of this nature has been in the german parliament for decades there are other smaller parties involved as well they are the left party the rafah a far left party simply called the left there is the free democrats liberal market liberal party and there are of course the environmental greens all of these small parties have roughly ten percent of the vote at the moment i was able to speak to.
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the local member of parliament for the green party this isn't what he had to say so we're talking about the member of parliament for the greens the environmental party more claw some water the greens have not been doing as well in polls as they had hoped for how do you feel two days before the elections we are still fighting we have two more days to go and i'm quite optimistic that we will be the third. day and and more than thirty percent of the waters didn't decide to whom they were going towards for so there's a lot of music in the box still and you're fighting for the next forty eight hours and if you will run and then. what's most prominent about this election is that the right wing populist. alternative for germany are very likely to enter parliament how is that going to change parliament and to bait and parliament do you
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think i'm running in berlin midday on my own pony and is bad to explain schorsch she is one of the front runners of to i have day and she never came to one discussion and schools and the marketplace is never so they are not confronting the people they're just visible in the social media but they are poisoning the debate they are scapegoating people living here for decades already the immigrants they are scapegoating there is refugees and they are looking to our back to our history in a totally different way they are. somehow thinking that it was not wrong what happened between thirty three and forty five and these are purely racist and this will definitely change the work of the german one people like gold and the arctics one stores and pity etc they will influence our debate and devil poison our
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debate even in the business side that's why we democrats have to stick together and fight racism fight night and nasi ideology and tell everybody was going to vote on sunday go and vote this is very important but because these are anti democrats these are of people were fighting against our democrats see that's why we have to come together and go towards and support the democratic party is of course support green and support. thank you very much. so that was john moore local member of parliament of the green party speaking to us earlier. hands from the at the brandenburg gate of course as everyone is saying that the avoider turned out to be critical thank you very much for talking to us and let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world police in london have charged
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a man in connection with the bomb attack at athens green station eighteen year old and let her son has been charged with attempted murder and causing an explosion that's after a device exploded on a packed underground train last week iran's president hassan rouhani has pledged to strengthen his country's defense capabilities at a parade in the head on the country unveiled a new missile with a range of two thousand kilometers the move comes despite criticism from the u.s. and from france. in puerto rico people are facing the damage to their island now that hurrican maria has moved offshore the u.s. caribbean territory remains the doubt to power after being hit by the storm on wednesday authorities say restoring electricity could take months it was the strongest hurricane to hit puerto rico in eighty years. turning out to mexico where hopes are receding of finding more survivors after
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a powerful earthquake in central mexico at least three hundred people were killed as buildings collapsed after tuesday's tremor emergency c. teams are working around the clock to find people who may be buried under the rubble one of the most frantic efforts is taking place at a primary school in mexico city our correspondent carlina chinmoy has been talking to rescue workers there. this has become the most important symbol of hope for mexico city after the earthquake it sounds hard silence please someone might be calling for help under the rubble here volunteers are equipped at least with a spade or a hammer so you know those german needle every one helps with a hammer or with bare hands lifting stones have you found people. yet as i suppose that yes of course a lot of the little while i was there at least eight people were measured to prisoners. but meanwhile there are hundreds of people willing to help around the
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colored buildings in the city some are even turned away by the authorities they ask for more control that's what they're doing but what is it about this. isn't it's about controlling the number and i think there. once we are inside the end to see as i'm and will of the people seems unlimited. people are working here for hours many of them for the last two days i didn't start as one has been here for over twelve hours even fell unconscious but she still wants to help. that is why she was transferred from moving rubble to helping distribute food and beverage as. she strongly believes that there are still victims who are alive under the rubble. to see yes i really think so. this is why i'm still here even though i fainted at least i can help
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a bit here. as they are. till when. i think it's a bit until i can no longer do so because these are my people this is my country i'm going to stay here as you well yes. according to the major of mexico city at least forty buildings in the capital have collapsed like this one experts say that people could survive up to three days under the worries this is why the atmosphere witnessing here is very tense people and the prayers are and they still hope they can find victims alive under the rules it is a race against time. u.s. president donald trump is hits back at north korea's kim jong un after he was dubbed a divine tart by the north korean leader trump as treated that kim jong un is a madman who is starving and killing his own people trump is responding to a rare statement by kim in which he said he was considering highest level of
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countermeasures in history because trump threatened his country with destruction new york the north korean foreign minister raised the stakes even further. i think that the strongest ever hydrogen bomb test might be conducted in the pacific ocean. that may now draw in correspondence show that in a film there jason what are we to make of north korea's threat to test a hydrogen bomb over the pacific. well listening to what foreign minister rewash is saying it sounds like he was just improvising when speaking with journalist there is no sign right now that kim jong un regime is preparing to test a hydrogen bomb out in the pacific it would be logistically challenging of course north korea's previous six tests have all been underground in north korea but doing
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it out of the pacific would make it much more vulnerable to some sort of preemptive strike an opportunity to shoot it down by the u.s. or maybe even japan so no signs of that is a minute at all and north korean state media have hit out at their chinese counterparts accusing them of fighting with the trump administration if the fiction developing between the two allies for china is north korea's largest trading. and north korea and china have always been described as close as lips and teeth ever since china defended north korea during the korean war in the early one nine hundred fifty s. but i think beijing has lost its patients with the kim jong un regime china does not want to see instability on the korean peninsula it is not pleased with kim's repeated missile and nuclear tests however you know this news that china is pressing its banks not to do business with north korea would be
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a sign that beijing is trying to squeeze the kim jong regime but there is no reason to believe that he would that beijing would squeeze john young so much that it would collapse because at the end of the day china does not want american soldiers and in a south korean administered north korea to be on its border if the element which has crept up on the border was between trump and kim jong un. right well i mean certainly took it very personally being called rocket man by donald trump it is getting very personal right now and we have a leader in pyongyang as well as in washington that is not afraid to call names and talk very bellicose rhetoric dr jamison show the infill south korea thank you very much for that. you what you need of news coming to you live from london now for some business news with helen and is
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a bump in the road for the car healing service juba in the u.k. there most certainly is. lost its operating license in london the transport regulator has decided to not fit some profile in a public safety and security now the agency signed it is approach to handling serious criminal offenses in its use of software to block regulates rebought these from gaining full access to its will to move affects over forty thousand drivers and says it plans to appeal the ruling and it can continue to operate until the appeals process is exhausted as expected france's president emmanuel macor has signed a series of contested labor reforms into new or tens of thousands of people took to the streets on thursday to protest those changes and the measures make it easier to hire and fire workers and allow small companies to negotiate directly with staff rather than through trade unions now michael hopes the reforms will help reduce
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front his unemployment rate which is currently at around nine and a half percent. and of course the french economy is a heavyweight in the european union so does brussels support president michael's labor market reforms. and gives us the view from brussels. well common knowledge is that france needs to do this because the economy has been slacking almost for decades unemployment is almost double as what it is for example in germany and many experts blame that on the lack of labor flexibility it's too expensive for companies to fire people to get rid of them and if they try to do so that it's very expensive but if you look at other numbers the pictures of it is a little different for example productivity is higher than it is in the united states that means that when the french do work they work well so it's a mixed bag and it's hard to tell but like i said common knowledge is this is this
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area. hoffman and brussels that german carrion if tons is poised to snatch up the moment just chunk of bankrupt and that's according to local media reports citing inside sources if tonnesen is reported to be considering a takeover of the bankrupt allen subsidiary nicky is part of a bit to well call up the company that reports say easyjet and condo ought to split eben's remaining assets and i now says negotiations will continue until the twelfth of october. apple's latest i phone has hit the show today in the i phone eight boasts a new display and wireless charging among plenty of other features and excitement is high but some apple fans do have some qualms about the new release. it's become a familiar scene the new i phone and long lines outside of apple stores worldwide to greet it today its i phone eight buyers in australia and asia awoke early on friday to get the latest model in their hands new features include
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a faster processor a retina h.d. screen and wireless charging a plus version offers more features not everyone is sold other smartphones already offer similar features and some say the improvements do not merit the price tag it's not much of an upgrade it's more of a it shouldn't in my pretty sure to be important they issue to being called a seven s i phone some i phone fans may be distracted by the coming i phone ten that model which apple announced on the same day as they both an even larger display and facial recognition the ten is due to be released in november for a cool one thousand dollars. i think it'll be more lively here with more people with the i phone ten listening going on about the. many customers are willing to skip the i phone eight altogether preorders for today's release were lower compared to past releases. wall street has picked up on the lower enthusiasm with apple shares falling yesterday and it's not just the phone apple's watch series three has received lukewarm reviews it also has a software glitch operable yesterday apple is fixing that problem joining up
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enthusiasm for the i phone eight won't be as easy. well we've got oil prices edging high at the moment as the market waits to see where the major oil producers will extend supply cuts be on march the meeting in vienna which is currently underway in the organization of petroleum exporting countries opec and some known opec produces including russia first agreed in november last year to cut the output by around one point eight million barrels a day to clear global oversupply and support price is despite the rest is that prices have remained low and made increasing oil production in the united states. standard and poor's have slashed hong kong's top notch credit rating just a day after knowing china's the ratings agency said the semi autonomous city has very strong institutional political links with china s. and p. warned hong kong could face spillover risks because of the mainland nooning debt load and that's why many analysts consider lowering hong kong's rating by
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a notch as a natural step the ratings agency added that hong kong itself is very strong financially but it has to tackle various problems such as the sky high property prices. and amrita has your sports news now thank you had in the mood to see you guys back tonight were defending champions vine hosting the wolves have had a false start of the season and fact their coach earlier this week but by and haven't exactly been on a roll of. it might be fast but all is not well it by and rumblings of discontent from some of the club's big names have left coach carlo ancelotti having to put a brave face on things. live and is one who has spoken out criticising byron summer signings. he should be happier on friday played the same opponents against whom exactly two years ago to the day the poll rewrote the bin does lead to record
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books coming off the bench to score five. fold spurs new coach martin schmidt was the last month to beat by on in their own stadium when his month's team won their in march twenty sixth but he's under no illusions of the tough task ahead especially during october fest. we know what's in store for us that it's a great experience for them to play at home at festival time and be able to prolong the evening. if he can reproduce the red hot form of two years ago for schmidt and his team could be a long night indeed. and now the tennis calendar is all the busiest in fourth and now there's another tournament that's been added to the circuit they live a couple is similar to the gods ryder cup although in this case it pits a european team against a one fide the inaugural event starts today in prague and features
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a staff started lining up. rafael nadal and roger federer are used to facing off for the game's biggest prizes in prague world number one and two will be on the same side as part of team europe. captain be on board believes the competition is going to take off i believe it's going to be one of the great. to be the captain of. the competition sees border new and old rivalry with john mcenroe the fiery american is the captain of a team world featuring four of his countrymen as well as a canadian and an australian mick curiosus itching to do well in a tournament named after his compatriot the legendary rod laver. they want to be part of it because you know you look at all the great europeans that are here. obviously red rover which you know we live in is pretty special for him as for the
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doll and federer it will be a short lived union between two of the best players in the world good will after sunday's final matches. you're watching the devotees coming to you live from berlin the british prime minister is amazing is due to make an address on brags that she's in florence we're waiting to hear from her and we'll go live to florence as soon as he starts talking meanwhile with me in the studio is john what is an e.u. affairs blogger and a u.k. citizen who is living here in but and welcome john first of four what is at stake in this. address that terrorism is making today is essentially trying to unblock the breaks it talks starting to try to get things to move if you like and so she has to deliver on three main points if she is to achieve that they are citizens rights for citizens in the u.k. and u.k. citizens in the rest of the e.u. a budgetary settlement for the kind of price of britain's exit if you like and the
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third is the northern ireland border issue those are the three criteria according to which this speech is going to be assessed if he doesn't deal with the detail of those then she's not going to succeed in kind of looking this process to speed up the negotiations to start talking about britain's future relationship with the european union so that's what we can be looking out for today but these are three very very major issues on the two sides have been deadlocked over them for a long long time right so and she's also having trouble at home within her own party over some of these issues so how do you see it's got a fan exactly what it's a very very difficult speech for her to give ultimately i would not personally want to be in her shoes because if she pleases london she's not going to pretty please brussels if you please brussels she's not going to please london so the more concrete she is the more apparent she's going to get so there's going to be an instant. you have to to a certain extent you slightly looser vocabulary not be so concrete but in the end breaks it is apparent every day people's lives it's about people crossing borders
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it's about students going studying in another country it's about programs to help our poorest regions and so ultimately if she's more concrete we're not going to move forward either so it's a very very difficult balancing act that she has today is also an interesting choice of location that's why usually speaking in front of the cynic in me thinks that she's trying to avoid scrutiny because if she were to have held that the speech in the house of commons then there's an opposition party people ask a tricky question she was invited to brussels by the president of the european parliament and she declined that invite so that would be a place she could have made the speech as well or she could have gone to a british regional town somewhere but then there would have been protests either for or against breaks it outside the venue let me interrupt you john in fact reason is about to start speaking g.'s in florence and let's go live to florence and listen to terry's armies address.
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here more than anywhere else that the renascence began a period of history that inspired centuries of creativity and critical thought across our continent and which in many ways defined what it meant to be european. a period of history whose example shaped the modern world a period of history that teaches us that when we come together in a spirit of ambition and innovation we have it within ourselves to do great things that shows us if we open our minds to new thinking and new possibilities we can forge a better brighter future for all our peoples and that is what i want to focus on today. for we are moving through a new and critical period in the history of the united kingdom's relationship with the european union. the british people have decided to leave the e.u.
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and to be a global free trading nation able to chart our own way in the world for many this is an exciting time full of promise for others it is a worrying one i look ahead with optimism believing that if we use this moment to change not just our relationship with europe but also the way we do things at home this will be a defining moment in the history of our nation and it is an exciting time for many in europe too the european union is beginning a new chapter in the story of its development just last week president younkers set out his ambitions for the future of the european union there is a vibrant debate going on about the shape of the e.u.'s institutions and the direction of the union in the years ahead.


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