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tv   Quadriga - Election 2017 Germany Has Voted  Deutsche Welle  September 25, 2017 10:30am-11:01am CEST

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day is quite strong thanks for your reporting sammy you're watching special coverage on of the german election here on news my name is sarah kelly just to remind you of what has happened in the past day angela merkel has won a fourth term as chancellor but the election result was painful for the country's two largest parties they have lost a lot of votes compared to the last election four years ago and that is true not only for merkel's conservatives but also for the social democrats her center left coalition partners in the outgoing government now both parties say that they will work to win voters back. joy and despair for germany's conservatives they lost significant ground this time around but chancellor angle americal will still serve a fourth term she says she'd wished for a better result which is now set to form a new government. isn't starts the cuff we the
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c.d.u. in the c.s.u. have emerged as the strongest party we have the mandate to form a government and no one will form one against us. the social democrats are in shock after their worst ever result the so-called schultz effect a bump in the polls when party leader martin schulz declared his candidacy went nowhere he's now ruling out joining the new government but says he won't step down as party chair. i've advised the s.p.d. leadership that we go into the opposition soon we're all united in our decision. to take this step. i mean he's i'm sure that. with the s.p.d. out one of michael's possible coalition partners is the pro-business free democratic party and they came back strong after a humiliating defeat four years ago the reform than the reform the dear friends.
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the last election period was the first in the history of our republic without the voice of the f.t.p. . and it should be the last. was three and the environmentalist greens are another possible key part of the governing coalition but only on their own terms. this is n.p.r. not it was if we will accept the invitation to talk but we will stick to our opinion. we want to change this country we are not in politics in order to have power we're doing politics because we want to change something. one party that won't be in any coalition is the far right alternative for germany they had a historic night that saw them enter parliament for the first time but their relishing their role as the underdog and they are promising a seismic change in german politics.
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and the story of the night as we have heard has been heavy losses for germany's conservatives and social democrats meanwhile the far right as we also heard the big winners let's take a detailed look at the numbers because we know that for example. that the numbers came in as we just heard that the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. that they lost a little bit of ground the c.d.u. c.s.u. thirty three percent that they brought in of course they had hoped for a better result than that german chancellor angela merkel if knowledge that that was not the result that she had hoped for also on the part of the s.p.d. twenty five point five percent they had also hoped for for a bit more so we saw you know compared to the last election a bit of losses in the center those two parties where the current go governing coalition where we did see gains meanwhile though was on the fringes and you just saw on that graphic for example you saw the left party you saw the a.f.p.
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you saw the f.t.p. the a.f.d. and the f.t.p. will be back in parliament. and yeah so a lot of a lot of results there let's go now to the table where our correspondents are standing by we actually have correspondents standing by at the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. headquarters our correspondent charlotte potts is at the c.d.u. and thomas sparrow is at the s p d charlotte begin with you what's been the reaction there. well sarah it's a bit of soul searching here i mean it's been a very big loss for conservatives they are playing the narrative for are spinning the narrative that this loss is not as big that at least chancellor machall becomes gets a fourth term as chancellor and that her conservatives still came out as the strongest party but of course behind the scenes there is
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a soul searching is already starting party leaders have been arriving here about an hour ago including the german interior minister that is part of the conservative party and they are in a back room somewhere behind me meeting analyzing these election results and trying to find a way for would also in terms of what coalition they might be able to go for and it's quite interesting thomas i'll turn to you next because one party that will not be part of that coalition the s.p.d. said that it is going into the opposition so the grand coalition seemingly not an option tell us a little bit more about why they might have made that move. well if if this soul searching at the cd you are shallow to says imagine what the feeling is like at the s.p.d. and what the feeling was like yesterday when those results came in it was absolute shock by the s.p.d. the worst result at a national election and obviously that worst result as
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a national election meant that for party members here a repeat of the grand coalition was simply an impossible option that's obviously why they decided that the next move for the social democrats had to be in opposition that move obviously in the main interest of the party trying to rebuild their profile after four years in which they may have achieved certain things for example minimum wage in germany that was one of their key projects in the last few years but where they didn't even take the credit the credit was always taken by a chance at a cause and if you spoke to your party members yes i mean that we did last night they all said under no circumstance a repeat of the grand coalition it's time for the party to move to the opposition and it's time not only to rebuild that profile something that martin shows himself said here but also to try and prevent the a d. from becoming the largest party in opposition and that's one of the focus that
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martin szell's will have in the next few months in the next few years the s.p.d. trying on the one hand to be in opposition to the conservatives to angela merkel on the other one also trying to have a clear position against the i.f.t. ok so into all intention there on the part of the ask for choosing to go into the opposition charlotte i'll turn to you next because you know thomas was basically highlighting one of the chief complaints of government partners with german chancellor angela merkel the fact that you know she tends to steal the credit for their party successes and their platforms what does that mean now for her efforts to form a coalition going forward what are her options. well there is actually mathematically only one viable option left if the social democrats decide to stick on not being part of the grand coalition as thomas just told us which is very likely and that leaves the option of the jamaica coalition that means a coalition of conservative bloc at the variances the party and her conservatives
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in the rest of germany the greens and the liberals and it's going to be very very tough because as i said this party is in a process of soul searching what went wrong in the last four years they are asking themselves has moved their party too much to the center and we're already hearing voices from the very insistent of this conservative blog that tends to be a lot more conservative saying we have to move the debate more to the right we have to address the issues that made voters vote for the far right so address issues such as migration and integration more thoroughly be stricter on that than. has been in the past years and that will prove very very hard in these coalition talks with the green party especially who are tending to be more on on migration than for example the liberals and the c.d.u.
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is so it promises this is only one topic of debate at least the greens and the liberals have said that they are willing to engage in negotiations but they most certainly be going to be very tough and they are going to last most likely for a pretty long time those negotiations absolutely and we'll see if they can get a government that can actually govern and be viable given that these are likely bedfellows charlotte you were talking a little bit more about the soul searching on the part of the c.d.u. c.s.u. the fact that a lot of their voters or had gone to the a.f.p. had voted for the day meanwhile where you are though thomas i mean martin martin scholtz i mean he basically came out of the gate last night in a fighting spirit really very much on the attack is there also soul searching going on at the s.p.d. or are they really gearing up now for the opposition. well this certainly a lot of questions here at the s.p.d.
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but let me just tell you i mean obviously the c.d.u. lost many votes to the fifty but the s.p.d. also lost many votes to the around five hundred thousand according to some of the stats that we've been able to get and that's something obviously that worries many people here at the s.p.d. headquarters the s.p.d. was for decades the workers' party the party that represented the interest of the workers and that's something that to a certain extent they seem to have lost two parties for example like the a.f.d. there are many questions in the next few hours in the next few days that will have to be resolved here for example who will lead the party in opposition who will be the parliamentary leader what role exactly martin schultz plans to play i asked party leader what the main interests of the party will be and how exactly for example they will fight. because obviously they've all said that racism cannot be part of the german parliament but there are still plenty of questions as to exactly
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how the s.p.d. plans to bring forward to put forward that strategy in parliament thomas sparrow and charlotte parts with the story behind all of the numbers thomas you're at s.p.d. headquarters in charlotte parts at the c.d.u. c.s.u. headquarters we thank you very much to both of you for your reporting so we've been talking about some of the challenges that angle america will face in forming a new government and the shift this election represents could also have a representation is beyond germany's borders the european union is central to germany's identity and germany is central to the success but these are difficult times for the union cares for. the turbulence in the eurozone seems to have passed but there's a new storm approaching italy the country with the zone's third largest economy is struggling with billions in debt italian banks are stuck with non-performing loans a countrywide bankruptcy would threaten the existence of the entire currency union
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. brecht's it marks a turning point for the e.u. the wrangling over the future relationship between europe and britain will cost both sides political energy for years to come what will happen to the e.u. citizens on the island will britain pay its debts or will brics it leave a big hole in the union's budget while a strong and confident e.u. that's something not only brussels is pushing for french president emmanuel marcal wants a separate budget for the eurozone and the e.u. parliament as well as a currency minister european commission president john claude younker on the other hand is pushing for euro zone expansion he wants to bring all the e.u. member states into the currency union the e.u. is facing radical changes where does germany stand. and for more on what the german election could mean a broad specifically within the e.u. let's bring in correspondent they are mattis who is standing by with the latest
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from brussels so georg what does the e.u. make of this. so as we've heard in the report the e.u. expects a strong and vibrant europe and to that americal is an absolutely essential part she's been in the past twelve years the leader in your of bringing in the crucial initiatives together with france so not too much surprise here on the part of the other e.u. leaders and the e.u. institutions everybody expected that anglo american will be the stronger stronger partner will remain a german german chancellor will she remain the same strong german chancellor is another question and so a number of countries have fears that she could turn out weaker that she could be less of a strong supporter partner at the side particularly france for instance and one signal of that is for instance the foreign minister of austria coming forward
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saying look hurst her policies on migration her. or her to soft approach to migration has clearly backfired so the first critics are approaching and that clearly is a concern on the on the european agenda. so garrett when we drill down though into some of these potential changes because on the face of it not much just changing because it looks like angela merkel will remain at the helm but presumably if she goes into this so-called jamaica coalition some of these federal minister as well change what is that likely to mean for the. there is of course at a time when the e.u. is about to reform itself something that the head of the european commission announced in his state of the union speech and something that. i call the french president will announce tomorrow in a much expected speech on europe where he's expected to announce for instance the request for
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a euro budget that all the euro countries pay in when where money can be transferred from for instance the german taxpayers' money going directly into france and that is something that for the liberals the potential coalition partner or a crucial coalition partner together with the greens for the liberals this is a red line they have made this clearer just after the elections yesterday once again they are very critical of a lot of elements of illinois in michael's policies and that could pose an element of this distraction and element of of difficulty in the negotiations to come at the same time one has to be clear the greens as well as the liberals are pro european parties and at the end of the day it shouldn't be on the on the perspective towards european policies it shouldn't be too difficult to undo americal to bring them together to form a government and you were talking
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a little bit there about distracted and and difficulties georg i want to turn now to the f.d.a. because we know now that they look set to be in the german bundestag they are of course not known as a friendly this far right party here what does that likely mean for the e.u. the fact that they are in the bundestag on a domestic level. the shift towards the right in europe is a massive concern and having said that i think it has come as a bit of a shock to some member states let's think back of march this year when in the netherlands similar far right party with wilderness moved into a place with thirteen percent of the vote and that was a huge debate and stirred up a lot of confusion confusion and fears and that is exactly the same now there is a massive concern of the foreign minister of luxembourg has said has. addressed germany directly all the democratic parties and called for them to come together
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and to form a strong coalition against the far right and that at a time when a lot of issues are still unresolved such as the refugee crisis the. push to work towards the right the populist move in europe is a massive concern for european potus georg matus with the latest from brussels thank you a quick recap now of the top stories that we have been following for you this hour germany's far right party has held its first press conference since becoming the third largest political force in sunday's elections but things got off to a rocky start when one of its leading candidates unexpectedly walked out of the party's news conference party co-leader frock a petraeus says that she won't be joining the new parliamentary group. well meantime last night's results are better suite for chancellor angela merkel
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she will keep her job but her party the christian democrats suffered a big loss it is the latest twist in a political career that has planted her firmly in the arena of global politics. and that america. has become a symbol of a brand of power driven by the assumption that. the mother of the nation knows best after twelve years as german chancellor the eve hughes longest serving leader is respected by allies and adversaries alike. unafraid to stand up to u.s. president donald trump when he questions the value base of the west side. and the times when we can't rely on others are somewhat. macko at the height of her unlikely rise to power. when the east german physicist switched to politics after the fall of the berlin wall nobody
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expected her to ever come this far how much cause girl as the chancellor of reunification called her was initially surprised at her own success. in the final days of the last government of communist east germany did you ever imagine yourself becoming a minister here no absolutely not. yet this was only the beginning the political newcomer from the formally communist east learned fast. it was she who sealed the fate of her political patron home after a party funding scandal. defying the male dominated dynamics of her own c.d.u. party she became its new leader and won her first term as chancellor in two thousand and five. angela merkel has a reputation.


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