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seventeen he told incest gone from september to october first. this is the news live from berlin it is known as the alternative nobel prize giving local heroes global recognition and the winners of this year's right livelihood award announced today he speaks with several honorees the first calling it's all of us he's an indian human rights lawyer working to protect ranger refugees from
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deportation from india also coming up. on the macro begins her quest to form a new german government she's ready to talk to her former partners the social democrats they say they're going on to the opposition banks that would mean machall working with two parties that have a little in common also coming up. kurdish celebrations after a referendum on independence from iraq the problem fact that all the region the big players bitterly opposed the kurdish vote and have been pushing back. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show we start this program with the winners of what's known as the alternative nobel prize each year the right livelihood of ward honors
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those who defend human rights and the environment prize money totalling some three hundred thousand euros will be shared by three people the journalist khadija ishmael of john has courageously written about elite corruption in her own country undeterred by a prison sentence and ongoing harassment if yo b. as yet no bash legacy has been honored for her work fighting discrimination especially against the disabled and cullen gonzales an indian human rights lawyer who champions the poor is also filed a petition defending a group of her hinge of refugees against deportation by the indian government will join us in a moment first we have this report from our india correspondent sagna the car ripping for an important case called in confront this is about to hit india's supreme court he's pushing for an independent investigation into the lynchings of about thirty people by him that we did on to groups they were murdered in greece
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and for allegedly transporting cows or eating beef their rage against. against other communities and other religions is so extreme today. india is really on the brink of a precipice so that's a very important case that the supreme court is taking up today apart from handling politically sensitive cases gonzales is known as a defender of india's most vulnerable citizens he spent more than three decades campaigning and litigating to secure their basic rights health is far from alone gonzales books with a team of young dedicated lawyers some have even given up lucrative corporate jobs his human rights law network provides free legal services to bonded laborers religious minorities refugees women and others go to the supreme court his petitions have led to some landmark rulings notably one the directed india states
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to implement several food security schemes that means millions of poor children now get free school lunches the supreme court of india and the high courts of the states already future for people like us and our clients it's a place we can go to it's a place where. they can get relief from persecution. and it's a very quick remedy the indian remedy of public interest litigation is unique his organization operates from this office in delhi in all two hundred seventy lawyers social activists and academics work for gonzales across the country their job is to defend people in a system that is often stacked against them. people like these farmers who have crumbled more than one thousand kilometers to seek legal help. mission they've mundell says the government illegally took over his farm land in the state of
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charge for an infrastructure project he's still waiting for compensation. camilla after meeting the lawyers here i am very confident that i will get justice for what has happened the truth will come out and came back with a policy that says condit has had a long day and it's not over yet he kicks up a workshop on the legal framework of hiv and aids in india we didn't know anything was hardly an issue the act of the slow hasn't tackled in his drive to hold the government to account. its mission and his passion you fight injustice big get a lot of joy out of giving the government that duff time discrimination inequality violence we get a lot of satisfaction is a david and goliath kind of situation but there's no stopping this crusading lawyer in this tireless fight to improve the lives of millions of fellow into. and
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we're joined now live by laura calling absolve us column congratulations first off and thanks so much for being with us this morning you know we just heard you say your passion is giving the government hard time why did you start doing that when did you begin your career of giving the government a hard time well we started a very long time ago almost thirty years ago but now we have become pretty effective in dealing with situations very very powerful or says exploit poor and vulnerable people and so we've learnt how to use the legal system which is unique in the world it's a it's a legal system which allows that. to battle against sometimes pain and we know how to use that system effectively on a bout of very poor sections of the population not only the indian population but
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you're also representing six thousand refugees can you tell us more about that place. that's right we have something like forty thousand rohingya refugees in india they've come across from my mar and bank and they are really in a very difficult situation. and the indian government suddenly announced that they were here for say seven or eight years peacefully peacefully absolutely peacefully it's suddenly announced that they intended to push back and growing it refugees and so we went to the supreme court along without that. viewed asking in the supreme court that the history of the government be this train from sending them across the border because were they to be sent across the border surely the might be murder they've been might be really don't care about the consequence of the fall and then be very optimistic that the supreme court will intervene and not allow the government to do such an excessive act or depredation ok now you've
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also been working on some major social and economic concerns can you fill us in a bit on that i think in your report earlier it was mentioned that the right to food gives was one of our land markets and that was an incredible case because a single organisation. people's union for civil liberties with the human rights not to work as it's lawyers for the case on behalf of four hundred fifty million people . and be brought subsidized green to court orders to such a large section of the indian population living below the poverty line that medieval need in all the schools was started after the supreme god intervened it made a series of borders the right to food statute and the right to work start cheap keyed in india because of the work in the supreme court and the orders of the supreme court so it's quite a remarkable thing that you could have
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a court making an order in a single case on behalf of such a large section of people we've also fight cases on that victims that is to see big big men who wanted. by men who had been rejected as who goes on to speak and then a large number of the country reject god and he going on and you also find against those saying. treat hundred thousand farmers have committed suicide in the country you do lack of resources i like to wish you the most success with all of your efforts and once again congratulations it certainly is. much deserved award calling gonzales if you don't if you don't mind to see one more thing ok people of germany maybe have thought that he had contributed to our success because the people of
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germany support read for that word immediately or who have been our steadfast partners for a long long time thank you for the people of germany ok well thank you for that message as well calling us office for us joining us from go i thank you very much for joining us this morning now to some of the other stories making news today police in israel say a palestinian gunman has killed three israelis and wounded a fourth at a jewish settlement straddling israel proper and the occupied west bank gunman was shot dead at the scene. north korean foreign minister a young hoe says that u.s. president donald trump has declared war on his country after the president tweeted that north korea quote be around much longer the white house has claims it is a war with north korea are observed. a week after mexico's deadliest earthquake in decades hopes of finding any more survivors are fading more than three hundred people died in the disaster which centered on the capital mexico city
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well turning now to the fallout from the german elections on a makeover faces a tough task as she sets out to form a new governing coalition she's most likely to link up with the pro-business f.t.p. the free democrats and the environmentalists greens two parties very far apart on central issues here in germany it's called jamaica coalition why ask our political correspondent what that means for germany's future first let's take a look at this report to find out how jamaica really the colors and its flag fits into german politics. they now want to stay cool in jamaica black yellow and green are the colors of the flag in germany these colors represent the most likely incoming coalition conservative c.d.u. the greens in the pro market f.t.p. people here aren't quite as cool as in the caribbean. but germany can be colorful to a floral bouquet for the chancellor despite the hammering the virtues gave her c.d.u.
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i'm going to merkel is still in charge and it's down to her to form a new coalition. her first cool is on the greens and the free democrats. but what about the f.t.p. in jamaica judging by the colors of the thais the party chiefs may be open to the idea. but they won't join forces with merkel without a revamp of education and business policies and the digital drive. we want to redirect politics reaching a new turning point and if that's not possible then place is in the opposition. opposites you want. to make a won't happen without the greens they scored better in the election than they did for years and going into coalition talks they know what they want. not about power for power sake we want
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a clear signal concerning climate protection we need to see a turnaround in this direction germany has set a clear goal to reduce c o two emissions. jamaica in germany the cd years be variances to party the c s you will need to be on board they might be hard to persuade says research analyst nico siegel but it's not impossible of course it depends on how the c.s. using included in the package could become a problem there's also the question of how many concessions the f.d.p. is willing to make as far as the voters are concerned there are no hurdles that can't be overcome it's kind of in. jamaica after all it's very likely but first they need to be some serious talks held with german thoroughness and that will probably take at least a few weeks. or will those tough negotiations in fact bear fruit i'm joined now to talk about the political correspondent hans branch good morning hans will be able to cobble together this coalition between the
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free democrats and the greens two diametrically opposed parties and it's a tough task obviously there are very large differences between environmentalists on the one hand and market free market liberal free democrats on the other hand not only in their core areas of for instance tax reform or environmental issues but obviously as someone who's very used to. leading the guys the asians with tough part of a difficult partners and she has a truck record of being successful in that and here they obviously interests on all sides not only from the side but also especially from the greens who base their whole campaign on wanting to get back into some form of government concessions will be made on all sides there's a good possibility that this can work out but it will take a long time if we're done by christmas everyone will be happy ok there might be some possibility of this coalition but in the background we have the varian allies a core part of coalition the bavarian c.s.u.
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saying they want a cap on migration a very controversial issue for the chance or will they get it well they are in fact troubling aspect to this whole thing because in this past election that has just finished they did very badly they did historically badly and they're really desperate to reestablish consistent base for themselves in bavaria they're facing elections regional elections in a year's time so this question of a cap on gratian has become a core issue for them something with which they want to push back and if the voters right wing voters that have abandoned that party in recent times that could be the become the one crucial issue on which this whole coalition could be made or break a broken ok now the a d. for its part maybe facing a split one of their top politicians from a petri broke with the party's leadership are we seeing a division inside the president parliament absolutely that is in fact as split
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as one of the is one of still one of the presidents of the party and has decided that she's not going to join that party's group in parliament she's going to enter parliament on her own presumably hoping to bring along some of her allies who according to her are more on the moderate wing of the party is not totally unusual for a new party to split or to have a realignment as it starts but it is basically split as it gets into parliament thank you so much for your analysis as more you know it's. all americans christian democrats may have won the election but as we've been mentioning the f.t. has but the conservatives on the defensive especially in the eastern state of saxony where they took first place ahead of all of acol c.d.u. saxony also has seen the anti islam anti immigration begin a movement holding weekly demonstrations every monday night in the state capital president yesterday evening was no exception. traced and is
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a major tourist destination and the capital of saxony it's also a stronghold of a.f.d. support around here the right wing party did not need to put up many election posters to attract voters alternative for germany has been in the regional parliament for three years. and now they're heading for the bonus talk not just photos and saxony have sent a clear signal that they are unhappy with mrs american policies and with the green coalition they want change it will be a big challenge for the f.t. to implement what these voters want and change politics in germany. the anti islam to get a movement is a natural ally of the f.t. on monday they were demonstrating as they do every week outside trees since famous church of our lady people here are overjoyed with the f.t. result your fling is all to us we're happy that for the first time there will be
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a real opposition in the pool in the stark what we had before was not opposition. you're going on controlled mass immigration should be stopped rejected asylum seekers should be sent home and the chancellor who has broken many laws should be punished. someone has to take action. nothing changes and nobody is satisfied with mrs america america is in the eye lids of the. last an opposition in parliament that will oppose the government. piccy to cause trace in the capital of resistance to america has one of the speakers at monday's demonstration told the crowd you know have a voice in parliament. so what impact is this election result having on the financial world has a look in the cities in mourning for you know how it goes brian political uncertainty usually leads to uncertainty in the business community on the frayed and the longer those talks over
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a new coalition government here in bunyan ron well the more jenin business confidence sounds to be shaken so no surprise then the companies here are hoping for a quick resolution that's not the only thing worrying business leaders in germany. shocking that's what volkswagen c.e.o. mathias miller called the far right parties entry into the bonus time. germany's political stability to the test he and other business leaders are calling for the rapid formation of a new government. and what's important for us irrespective of party politics is that it doesn't take too long to conclude coalition talks the very difficult negotiations but they have to agree on a forward looking program so that business is aware which conditions will apply in the future will be crucial. to the federation of german industry is the b.t.i. wants to avoid damage to germany as a business location it's calling on the government to provide
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a three hundred million euro investment package saying companies need clear signals germany's chambers of commerce and industry are making similar demands. the business community is sending its own kind of coalition agreement or investments with three focal points investment in education in a modern infrastructure and in spaces for entrepreneurial activity. our country lives off ideas and the work of businesses and their employees. those are resources. another important focus is continuity and that's just what chancellor angela merkel is providing with a fourth term in office according to dortch a bank bank executive say her experience and rational approach to governing could help germany and the european union move forward in the coming years. well that's
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in the long run but what about the short term let's find out how the financial markets are getting to grips with the result of the german election candidate who is in it in frankfurt forrest kahn had the euro is down presumably there is a result of this election result well yes the perspective of having the liberal democrats in the future government of germany is not a very bright perspective for the friend for the friends of more integration of the european union of the euro currency union you know the liberal democrats have been outspoken critics of the way the greek crisis was handled the money that was spent by you or countries to greece the liberal democrats are not friends of a common budget for the european union or of common finance minister for the currency union all these is increasing the uncertainty and the mid-term outlook for the common currency and yet the greens in the pro business f.t.p.
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may enter into a coalition with merkel's conservatives will they be able to find any common ground when it comes to economic policy. you know helen of both parties really like to talk a lot about innovation so it's quite unlikely that they disagree on the promotion of electric mobility broadband internet or for example renewable energies it's unlikely that the liberal democrats get very ideological when it comes to showing that they're ready for business that they're ready for creating jobs and as germany is such a frontrunner when it comes to renewable energies it's very likely that both parties will find common ground here and that they will find it a good idea to enhance renewable energies and to put this in their coalition contract can have risen in frankfurt for us thank you.
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asleep at the wheel that's what many accuse german car makers of when it comes to ema billeted the chinese on the other hand are said to be streets ahead but all motorists they're electrified about beijing's plans. china is the world's largest car market and the government wants domestic manufacturers to become market leaders in emo bill it's introduced a number of incentives in line with that goal in beijing for example e-car registrations are easy to get not so with diesels even with government subsidies though there's still a long way to go just two percent of chinese drivers own an e-card so far no major international car maker has marketed a battery powered vehicle in the country b. y. d. sells mid-range s.u.v.s some of them with special features like remote controlled parking but most models are also available as plug in hybrids they're able to run on battery power but are also fitted with a diesel engine
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a few customers choose pure. i believe that there will come a moment that people will realize. there is no advantage there is no disadvantage here you are not giving up one comfort. for another the push towards emo billets he has created new nice shoes for startups one of them is neo in shanghai it was set up three years ago and has made a name for itself in motor racing so far it's brought out a few custom made sports cars but the company is planning to release a mid to high range battery powered car by the end of this year. we will be able to bring in the brand. and really that's going to cover most of the chinese sector which is they cough. always in the bottom line. the one id is also working on developing purely electric vehicles it's already
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produced one so far which any delivers it to taxi companies while regular consumers may still have misgivings about going electric well thirty's in several chinese cities are focusing their attention on cabs taxis ensure engine can charge up on the company premises. now the scots said no catalans will have their say in october independence referenda are having a moment with kurds in iraq the latest to have their say on autonomy and brian has the latest now strike hello it's not just europe iraq's kurdish minority has voted in independence referendum that outcome will likely be yes one official results revealed that's coming up later this week now this came in spite of the heavy international pressure both the u.n. and the u.s. oppose that vote. celebrate the holding of the independence referendum. today we voted for the independence of
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kurdistan and it's a session from iraq. we want to change our iraqi identity to kurdish. i say goodbye to iraq and yes to independence. the non-binding vote was how despite pressure from all sides iraq central government said it would never accept the speeding up of the country internationally the united nations warns the kurds push for independence could ignite more regional conflicts by the us feared it would distract from the fight against so-called islamic states. because the fight is partly about acknowledging the contribution of that. in confronting i.a.'s. god gives us this land and we have to protect it with our blood. we made sacrifices
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for the land and god willing the state will be announced soon and we're ready to sacrifice ourselves for it. iraq's neighbors also have significant populations of ethnic heads need is they're worried if i could fuel kurdish nationalism in the countries. let's get you a reminder now of our top story this hour the winners of this year's right livelihood award have been announced one of them a lawyer who's fighting the deportation of rohingya muslims from india known as the alternative the belle prize the award recognizes defenders of the environment and human rights. for all america was beginning talks that i had to cobble together a new government that after sunday's general election left her conservatives the biggest party in parliament but politically weakened after record lost. i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us and
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don't forget there's always more on these and other stories at a website e.w. dot com by. quadriga special after the german the election journalists discuss the election twenty seven germany has voted. how should we interpret the election
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