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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2017 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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for our planet's biological diversity trailblazing projects. d w dot com slash global ideals. this is d w news live from berlin it's known as the alternative nobel prize giving local heroes global recognition the winners of this year's right livelihood award have been announced you speaks with the recipient and recipients including calling in to solve us he's an indian human rights lawyer working to protect the hinge of
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refugees from deportation also coming up. black green yellow the colors of the jamaican flag will they also be the colors of germany's next governing coalition a three way alliance may be on the ackles only option. i'm brian thomas welcome to the show we start this program with the winners of what's known as the alternative nobel prize each year the right livelihood award honors those who defend human rights and the environment prize money totalling about three hundred thousand euros will be shared by three people the journalist is male over of azerbaijan who's written courageously about corruption in her country undeterred by a prison sentence and ongoing harassment ethiopia's yet the bash has been on her.
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for her work fighting discrimination especially against the disabled and colum gonzales an indian human rights lawyer who champions the poor as another recipient he's also filed a petition defending a group of refugees against deportation by the indian government will join us joining us rather in just a moment first our india correspondent sonia fall in the car as this report. prepping for an important case lawyer calling gonzales is about to head to india's supreme court he's pushing for an independent investigation into the lynchings of about thirty people by hindu which is down to groups they were murdered in recent years for allegedly transporting cows or eating beef the rage against. against other communities and other religions is so extreme today. india is really on the brink of a precipice so that's a very important case that the supreme court is taking up today apart from handling
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politically sensitive cases gonzales is known as a defender of some for india's most vulnerable citizens he spent more than three decades campaigning and litigating to secure their basic rights. he's far from alone gonzales books with a team of young dedicated lawyers some have even given up lucrative corporate jobs his human rights law network provides free legal services to bonded laborers religious minorities refugees women and others go to the supreme court his petitions have led to some landmark rulings notably one of the directed india states to implement several food security schemes that means millions of poor children now get free school lunches the supreme court of india and the high courts of the states. all refuge for people like us and our clients it's
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a place we can go to it's a place where. they can get relief from persecution. and it's a very quick remedy the indian remedy of public interest litigation is unique. his organization operates from this office entirely in all two hundred seventy lawyers social activists and academics work for gonzales across the country. their job is to defend people in a system that is often stacked against them. people like these farmers who have crumbled more than one thousand kilometers to seek legal help. mission they've mundell says the government illegally took over his farm land in the state of charge for an infrastructure project. he's still waiting for compensation. after meeting the lawyers here i am very confident that i will get justice for what has happened the truth will come out. with a policy with condit has had
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a long day and it's not over yet he kicks up a workshop on the legal framework of hiv and aids in india we didn't know any there's hardly an issue the activists lawyer hasn't tackled in his drive to hold the government to account. its mission and his passion you fight injustice big order of joy order giving the government a tough time discrimination inequality violence. we get a lot of satisfaction is a david and goliath kind of situation but there's no stopping this crusading lawyer in this time of the spite to improve the lives of millions of families. and we're joined now live by laura calling and solve a scholar and a congratulations first off and thanks so much for being with us this morning you know we just heard you say your passion is is giving the government hard time when did you start doing that when did you begin your career of giving the government
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a hard time well we started a very long time ago almost thirty years ago but now we have become pretty effective in dealing with situations very very powerful forces exploiting poor and vulnerable people and so we've learned how to use the legal system which is unique in the world it's a it's a legal system which allows that david to battle against the goal at that sometimes of pain and we know how to use that system effectively ought to be both very poor sections of the indian population not only the indian population but you're also representing a six thousand or hinge or refugees can you tell us more about that place. that's right we have something like forty thousand rohingya refugees in india come across from my own mar and they are really in a very difficult situation and the indian government suddenly announced that they
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were here for six seven or eight years. peacefully absolutely peacefully it suddenly announced that the intended to push back. east. and so he went to the supreme court along without that. and beard asking in the supreme court that the history of the government be this train from sending them across the border because were they to be sent across the border as surely the might be murder they've been might be relieved and terrible consequence of the fall and then we're very optimistic that the supreme court will intervene and not allow the government to do such an excessive act or depredation ok now you've also been working on some major social and economic cases can you fill us in a bit on that i think if your reporter earlier it was mentioned that the right to food case was one of our landmark case and that was an incredible case because
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a single organization that people's union for civil liberties with the human rights law as its lawyers for tickets on behalf of four hundred fifty million people and be brought such as.


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