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well we are who we are in accept us for what we are we're a family that unbelievable. to me a son me a phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d. w. me yet. this is the news live from berlin it's known as the alternative nobel prize giving local heroes global recognition the winners of this year's right livelihood award have been announced speaks with recipients including this investigative journalist from azerbaijan she was jailed for her reporting on high level government
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corruption. also coming out germany's far right fractures the co-leader of the anti immigrant anti islam alternative for germany puts the party this just two days after the a.f.p. makes history and current parliament for the first time. meanwhile on america takes on the tricky task of forming a new governing coalition a three way alliance may be her only option can she deliver a stable government she has promised the german people. also coming up iraqi kurds turnout in the millions for a referendum on independence from baghdad was followed by a night of celebration the problem practically all of the region's big players bitterly oppose the vote and they are pushing back. i'm sorry so much guns are good to have you with us well it is known as the
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alternative nobel prize each year the right livelihood award honors those who defend human rights and the environment the names of the two thousand and seventeen laureates were announced a few hours ago and this year the prize money total. three hundred thousand euros will be shared by three people let's take a look at who they are first there's ethiopia as yet number should you goofy she's a being honored for her work of fighting discrimination against the disabled then there was colin gonzalez he's an indian human rights lawyer who champions the poor and he also filed a petition defending a group of refugees against deportation by the indian government and then there was . she is a leading investigative journalist from azerbaijan is my all over is best known for exposing high level corruption in azerbaijan in a series of controversial article she explicitly accused president of and his family of corrupt practices she was sentenced to seven years in prison but was released after eighteen months. and we're very happy to talk to my
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lawyer she joins us from baku thank you very much for being on the program first of all congratulations what does this honor mean to you. thank you so much and i i accept it as an acknowledgment of not only my work but also work of the jordan to lose who are risking their lives in azerbaijan and elsewhere in the old and i as much as i was happy when you were a newspaper was the recipient last year and i i accepted it and i was sharing the joy with june last year. because it's an acknowledgment of these sacrifices that are being by jordan at least all of the old and this year that i accept it. as an acknowledgment of all of my colleagues and this is
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a great chance to show younger generation of jordan of this that our war is not just the buyout harassment blackmail. be beaten it's also about their war and thank you for helping me to in court each younger generation of journalists to step on the path could it or let's talk about some of the issues that you have face or you were put behind bars yourself in two thousand and fourteen for your reporting you have been consistently under pressure why do you continue to do the work that you do. well because it's important because it's the right thing to do and there it's not you know it's him and that it's it's normal human being should do normal human being this cute he wants to know like human being wants to know the truth and have to be able to speak out the issues so that's what i've been doing which is normal in most of the countries but i'm
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fortunately not and there's the i joe tell us more about your country the arrest actually had to do with an investigation that you were leading into the first family and its assets what did you find there what kind of levels of corruption are we talking about well whenever wherever we were we've been digging. we found traces leading to the first family they are one novelized most sectors economists sectors in the country it's communication it's all mining it's oil national rate. it's airline nurser road and the other businesses it's backing it's construction it's everything it's food processing everywhere trace this leads to the first family and when i found in two thousand and eleven the planet money and cold when he says that
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presidents door to door all a result then i then need to reveal huge facts of corruption because those company had been used to hide their interest and then it led to gold mining story it led to the construction business is a had had communication company which by the way swedish company apparently sonos involved right cody to is my over one of the recipients of of this year's write a livelihood award so i thank you very much for joining us on your program and congratulations again. now to some other stories making news around the world police in israel say a palestinian gunman has killed three israeli security officers at a jewish settlement straddling israel in the occupied west bank one other israeli was critically injured by the gunman who was shot dead at the scene. north korean foreign minister re young hoes says that u.s. president donald trump has declared war on his country that's after trump tweeted
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that north korea won't be around much longer but the white house says claims it is at war with north korea are absurd. turning now to the fallout from the german election the newly elected parliamentary groups are meeting for the first time today but the far right alternative for germany is facing fresh turmoil hoke apparently the co-chair of the a.f.d. has announced she is quitting the party yesterday surprised her party colleagues by saying she no longer wanted to be part of the if these parliamentary group and she felt the party was moving too far to the right alienating more mainstream conservative voters the a.f.d. surged into the bundestag for the first time on sunday becoming its third strongest group. and did have these political correspondent thomas sparrow is out the bundestag he's tracking the very latest developments for us hi thomas with petrie gone and possibly her supporters as well this is the co-leader of the party it's also a she's also it's internationally known face how badly does this hurt. well this
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certainly the badly there's no doubt about that because obviously as you mentioned is one of the most visible and most important figures of that party nevertheless it's also important to stress that this is not the first time that. the other members of the have had different opinions in fact one of the biggest problems of the so far in its history has come from within their internal squabbles their internal problems are something that was clear when foulke apparently took power of the party a few years ago that was clear a few months ago in the party conference in cologne which we covered that was also clear during the campaign that was also clear obviously today here at the start we were there when the two main candidates that xander gallant had to simply talk about the case when obviously i think they would have preferred to talk more about their proposals in the german bundesliga so this situation with three certainly
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threatening to overshadow the a.f.d. and their proposals as they enter the german parliament for the first time and thomas if this becomes a trend if the more moderate wing jumps ship here is this party going to head even further to the right. well there are certainly be more visible debate between the figures that think that the party should move more to the right and those who think that parties have a more moderate stance if you will again this is something that's not new or something that we saw in that party conference in in cologne in april but it's also something clear today and i think it will also be something that we will see in the next few months as they enter the german parliament thomas sparrow stay right there of the bundestag we're going to be coming back to you in just a moment as we have talked a little bit more now about the task of forming the next german government and i'm going arkell is facing an uphill battle she's most likely to link up with the pro-business after the environmentalist greens two parties far apart on central
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issues here in germany it's called jamaica coalition welcome back to thomas to find out more what it means for the future of the government first a look at this report to find out how to make up for really the colors in its flag fits into german politics. they know how to stay cool in jamaica black yellow and green are the colors of the flag in germany these colors represent the most likely incoming coalition conservative c.d.u. the greens and the pro market f.t.p. people here aren't quite as cool as in the caribbean. but germany can be colorful to a floral bouquet for the chancellor despite the hammering the voters gave her c.d.u. i'm going to merkel is still in charge and it's down to her to form a new coalition. her first call is on the greens and the free democrats. but what about the f.t.p. in jamaica judging by the colors of the thais the party chiefs may be open to the idea. but they won't join forces with merkel without
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a revamp of education and business policies and the digital drive. we want to redirect politics reaching a new turning point and if that's not possible then place is in the opposition. opposites you want. to make a won't happen without the greens they scored better in the election than they did for years and going into coalition talks they know what they want. not about. we want a clear signal concerning climate protection we need to see a turnaround in this direction germany has set a clear goal to reduce c o two emissions. jamaica in germany the cd years be variances to party the c s you will need to be on board they might be hard to persuade says research analyst nicko siegel but it's not impossible of course it
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depends on how the c.s.u. is included in the package could become a problem there's also the question of how many concessions the f.d.p. is willing to make a lot as far as the voters are concerned there are no hurdles that can't be overcome. jamaica after all it's very likely but first the need to be some serious talks held with german thoroughness and that will probably take at least a few weeks. ok going back to our political correspondent thomas sparrow thomas we saw that there's going to be some difficult negotiations how is chancellor merkel likely to approach these talks. well she will try and at least understand the interest that the different parties may to bring to the table but let's also say and this is something very important this will be very difficult negotiations if you look for example at the f.t. and the greens they have differences on a wide range of issues from climate policy to europe policy if you look for
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example varian sister party of angela merkel's c.d.u. the c.s.u. they have also very different policies when compared to the to the greens for example i'll just mention one that we've discussed on many occasions here that upper limit for refugees that the c s u once and that any many other parties including are going to do you have have rejected so certainly there will be very very difficult negotiations but the way that anglo merkel will try and approach them is by at least trying to listen to them first she will very probably have to agree on some of the proposals by the other parties if these negotiations are to be successful thomas there is speculation that with the far right f.t. now in the bundestag and also pressure from angela merkel's c.s.u. sister party in bavaria that she's going to have to push for a more conservative agenda on questions like immigration and asylum what would that look like well that could also also be the case but if we look at the german opposition and you mention it there that's it's not only about the the a.f.d. also the social democrats the yes we will play
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a very important role in opposition and in fact we just heard a few seconds ago thomas opperman the outgoing parliamentary leader of the s.p.d. talking about his his party's role in opposition so obviously this will mean that in the next four years the debates in the german parliament will become even more interesting not only with the a.f.d. as the newcomers but also with the social democrats as the main opposition party did abuse reporting for us from want to thank you thomas. you're watching d.w. news still to come football dortmund are in good form in the bundesliga but they face a tricky challenge tonight against real madrid in the champions league will have a preview. but first a look at the financial impact of the german election result let's go to helena now thank you seem you would of course you know how it usually goes when there is political uncertainty when you can see anxiety in the business community following
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the longer those talks over a new coalition government he remembered lynn run while the german business confidence stands to be shaken it's no surprise then that companies here are hoping for a quick resolution that's not the only thing worrying business leaders in germany. voices in german industry have expressed support for a potential coalition between conservatives the free liberal democrats and the greens saying they're confident common ground could be found among them the federation of german industries the b.t.r. i also says it's important that the parties and shirt germany's competitiveness as a business location is sustained it's calling on the government to provide a three hundred million euro investment package saying companies need clear signals germany's chambers of commerce and industry are making similar demands. and the business community is sending its own kind of coalition agreement or investment
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with three focal points investment in education in a modern infrastructure and in spaces for entrepreneurial activity. our country lives off ideas and the work of businesses and their employees. those are our resources. and while german business leaders like knowledge coalition talks are set to be difficult they're calling for a rapid for mation of a new government political stability is key to ensuring investment. guns in china and what's important for us irrespective of party politics is that it doesn't take too long to conclude a coalition talks very difficult negotiations but they have to agree on a forward looking program so that business is aware which conditions will apply in the future be crucial. and another important focus is continue and
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that is just what chancellor angela merkel is providing with the fourth term in office according to a bank bank executive say her experience and rational approach to governing could help germany and the european union move forward in the coming years. well in the long run but what about the short term let's find out how the financial markets are getting to grips with the result of the german election call that was and is in frankfurt forrest khan had the euro is down presumably the right result of this election results. well yes the perspective of having the liberal democrats in the future government of germany is not a very bright perspective for the friend for the friends of more integration of the european union of the euro currency union you know the liberal democrats have been outspoken critics of the way the greek crisis was handled the money that was spent by you or countries to greece the liberal democrats are not friends of
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a common budget for the european union or of common finance minister for the currency union all these is increasing the uncertainty and the mid-term outlook for the common currency and yet the greens in the pro business f.t.p. may enter into a coalition with merkel's conservatives will they be able to find any common ground when it comes to economic policy. you know helen of both parties really like to talk a lot about innovation so it's quite unlikely that they disagree on the promotion of electric mobility broadband internet or for example renewable energies it's unlikely that the liberal democrats get very ideological when it comes to showing that they're ready for business that they're ready for creating jobs and as germany is such a frontrunner when it comes to renewable energies it's very likely that both parties
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will find common ground here and that they will find it a good idea to enhance renewable energies and to put this in their coalition contract can have risen in frankfurt for us thank you. ali baba has announced plans to invest more than fifteen billion dollars over the next five years to expand globally the chinese internet giant already dominates domestic commerce and alibaba founder and executive chairman and jack ma now wants to build a global logistics network the chinese competitor of amazon wants to be able to ship orders within twenty four hours in china with seventy two hours anywhere in the world also on tuesday the company announced plans to invest more than eight hundred million dollars in a chinese logistics phone. now the scot said no catalans will have their say next month independence referendum are having a moment and kurds in iraq have also cost their vote on the issue of autonomy sunni
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has now that's right how another country's critics minority has voted in an independence referendum and the outcome will likely be yes when the official results are revealed that is despite heavy international pressure both the u.n. and the u.s. oppose the poll. with iraq's kurds celebrate the holding of their independence referendum. but their government today we voted for the independence of kurdistan and it's a session from iraq. we want to change our iraqi identity to kurdish. so. i say goodbye to you rock. and yes to independence. the non-binding vote was held despite pressure from all sides iraq's central government said that it would never accept the splitting up of the country internationally the us feared the kurds push for independence would distract from
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the fight against islamic state while the un warned it could ignite more regional conflicts. iraq's neighbors also have significant populations of ethnic kurds many of whom have been boid by the referendum spirits were high on the streets of diyarbakir the kurdish stronghold in southeastern turkey. as the. living in the other part of kurdistan that referendum made me so happy it's. now wherever we go in the world that we know that we have a state. if. we want the kurdish government in iraq to declare their independence very soon it is not. but ankara sought to dampen the expectations of turkey's ethnic kurds. our attitude on this issue is very clear. regardless of the results with the
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clear this referendum and voyage. it is not in conformity with the current law in iraq. we declare it illegitimate. going to michoud the. turkish tanks on its border with iraqi kurdistan a potent illustration of how do one stands. now a week after mexico's deadliest earthquake in decades hope of finding more survivors is fading for mexicans returning to normal life seems impossible as many fear more buildings could still collapse. these employees feel uneasy about entering their work space the government building in the capital city center.
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we are worries because they say the building looks good but she's leaning and that cracks all the way to the colon and there is a large crack that. we're only asking to have external experts come from institutes our universities we want them to take a closer look with us to really see if it is ok if we can really be safe in the. they have seen what a few suspicious cracks in the walls can do to a building just a few blocks away the dome of the church came down five days after the tremors the city's mayor says hundreds of buildings still face the risk of a delayed collapse in other parts of the city some of its twenty million residents try to resume their routines even though most of the city's nine thousand schools remain closed for now the first students have already returned to classes leaving their worried parents at the school gate. it's been difficult to come back here because we're still scared of an up
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a strong aftershock with everything you hear people say it's been hard. everybody here remembers another school in the city where one thousand children and seven adults died when the building collapsed during the quake. it took rescue teams until sunday to recover what is believed to be the last of the bodies trapped inside the buildings remains. from the earth of mexico city might not be shaking but life here is still far from back on track. now in africa compromise last night in the war of words between the national football league the n.f.l. and the president of the us united states now you may recall donald trump called on team owners to fire players who need during the national anthem to process the country's treatment of people of color on monday the entire dallas cowboys team kneel to a chorus of boos from the arizona crowd where they were playing they stood up and linked arms however for a presentation of the u.s.
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flag and the singing of the national anthem. president trump slammed the players for taking a need but he tweeted that standing for the anthem was quote big progress and meanwhile le bron james arguably the best basketball player in the world chided the president and defended his fellow athletes for challenging the government and mr trump landed a free but we still have problems just like everybody else and when we have those problems we have to figure out a way how we come together and be as great as we can be as a people because the people run this country not one individual or a going to a champions league football and dortmund take on real madrid in the group stages of the champions league this evening dortmund are riding high at the top of the bundesliga table but lost their group stage opener in the european competition real madrid at the champions league title holders in the toughest of tests even if their talisman cristiana rinaldo isn't in finest for when you are used to scoring
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as often as right now with two games without a goal is worrying. unfortunately for him. it's having any trouble finding it in the last three games in the bundesliga to have scored no fewer than fourteen goals be going forward and top the pack and they're feeling correspondingly confident. we know that madrid have played well the past two years and won the champions league so we do respect them but it's a new season it's the group stages we're in very good shape and we'll go into it very confident. i'm there at dortmund have never lost a real madrid at the restaurant and. it's difficult to play on any pitch it's true we have never won here and that's a challenge it is
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a challenge for us. right now will face a fierce crowd and intimidating atmosphere they've got their work cut out if they want to improve on their pool record and dormant they'll need all their players to be playing at their best. right or minor in our top story at this hour the winners of this year's right livelihood award have been announced one of them an investigative journalist who exposed corrupt government officials in azerbaijan known as the alternative nobel prize the award recognizes defenders of the environment and human rights. you can always get it on the news on the go just download our app from google play from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and that you can also use the day that you have to send us your photos and your videos. thanks for watching back to the top of the hour.
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