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what killed so many of them and are those that are alive endangered. psychos in distress find out more in our interactive internet documentary and t w dot com psych us. this is d. w. news live from garland france's president calls for more european unity in a highly anticipated speech emmanuelle my crawl said the a.t.o. is too sweet too slow and too inefficient he wants a joint budget for the eurozone and the shed military intervention force but how
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a lot go down at home in from sending data across the rest of the hey you also on the program. just two days after germany's right wing a.f.d. celebrated huge election gains the party's leader says she will reside. and he has criticized india's treatment of minorities and fights for the poorest of the poor human rights lawyer called income solomon's house upon the by two likelihood it will go to the alternative nobel dropped. i'm phil gale welcome to the program french president emmanuel mccraw has delivered a long awaited speech outlining his vision for the european union speaking at paris this so bone university he described current e.u. systems as weak slow and ineffective he called for a shed budget for the eurozone while cooperation on terrorism and a rapid day your average european rapid reaction force to work in tandem with nato
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. europe correspondent catherine martin says that a welcome catherine president visit to europe with greater cooperation and all sorts of levels how does he propose together well as far as we heard in the speech the french president seems to be willing to use the same toolbox he's used to become french president he really focuses on a very local approach to get back to the european citizens to trigger a real european debate with the europeans as citizens about the do's and downs in the european union so this would mean a change in the european decision making not any more a top down approach with heads of states making decisions without the citizens but a bottom up. approach integrating european citizens and so he wants to reach
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out to your aseptic. people here across the european union to be appealed regarding the european union ok let's hear some of what the french president had to say regarding terrorism. we have to strengthen our projects in order to fight against terrorism and to combat terrorist propaganda on the internet and we have to strengthen our cyber security and to create security and a common security and just displaying. other matters in paris tell us more about president proposals for combating terror. well we already saw in the way he structured hits his speech he really put terrorism and in a broader approach to security and the very heart of his european proposal saying that the condition for peace and everything else the foundation of the european
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union is security and there he came up with a quite strong proposal joint military intervention force in order to join and to cooperate more on the european level across the european countries so this is a strong proposal i think there is coming ground in the european union in the post practice that you and i think the french president and his entourage they were aware of it that this could be a good timing to propose such a strong proposition and what do they have to say about the controversial topic of migration well indeed as you say it's a very controversial very sensitive sense of point in the european union and he proposed come and european asylum office in order to to proceed to. make more efficient and more faster procedures for its you asylum seeker spots
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i think there will be as well skepticism in the european union because the european union has a lot of agencies and offices across the e.u. and just creating a new institution is not always the best practice when it comes to the daily work of the european union. after martin's in paris thank you. meanwhile european council president donald tosca said that sufficient progress has not been made on bright signet go see a chanst to move on to the next stage but he did welcome what he called a more constructive and realistic tone now coming from the british government his comments came during his visit with prime minister theresa may in london which is may set a solution beneficial to both sides can be found. the right alternative for germany is facing fresh turmoil following its resulting success in the country's election
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co-leader franco paid three has announced that she will leave the party where she hasn't said when the f.t. caused a political upset by taking the only thirteen percent of the vote making at the first largest party in the new german parliament state the newly elected parliamentary group met for the first time. it should have been a day of triumph for the f.d.a. after the surgeon to germany's parliament the batista. but party co-chair spoke of p.t. was glaringly absent a day earlier she'd said she wouldn't be part of the f.t.'s parliamentary group because the party had moved too far to the right the question now is whether other deputies will follow her and go. as of intimate code don't expect any further deputies to leave but no have to wait and see the move surprised us all here but we've not yet seen any tendencies within the future problem entry group second. haiti was one of the f.t.'s most prominent faces but she had been sidelined by
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hardliners in recent months. on monday she dropped her bombshell she was leaving. and she i have decided that i don't want to be a member of the a.f.p. parliamentary group and the german bund is talk taking up my seat in this one does talk as an independent but rest assured i'll remain actively engaged in politics is vital and active political not the other. but she won't be with a populist here fifteen it's drift towards the far right and left her isolated and her husband marcus puts it was if tea party leader in the state of north rhine-westphalia is also quitting the party. just two days after its stunning election success the f.t. has been engulfed by internal turmoil. well if they actually works out its internal differences a week and i'm going to macro has headaches of her own she has to couple together a new government former partners the social democrats have ruled out joining her
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c.d.u. party in another coalition preferring instead to head up the opposition so only option may be to link up with a pro-business free democrats environmentalist greens and i have very little in common. two days after the election news paper headlines showed just how difficult it will be to form a government. has to fight chancellor looking for her course for the conservative bloc c.d.u. and c.s.u. finding the right course will be a major issue but anglo-american doesn't see flaws in her party's priorities it can see what we now need to change. from actually building a coalition will be a tricky task she has to bring together how conservative to very insistent party c.s.u. with the greens and the liberals also three want their own demands to be met.
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in my view it's absolutely essential that we set out a clear commitment to stemming the influx of refugees in other words a cap on numbers. that's what we've promised people. to do just cause we end the present humanitarian refugee policy the business friendly f.t.p. has already described its main goal to avoid the traditional language the direction of politics this needs to be a turning point and if that's impossible they'll go into a position. up that's the opposite shaun for the german bundestag difficult times might be ahead. now for some of the other stories making news around the world iraqi kurds are waiting for the official results of an independence referendum a voter turnout of more than seventy percent of the outcome of the non-binding ballot is expected to be a resounding yes that has said that it will never accept the breakup of the country . police in israel palestinian gunman has killed three israelis and the wounded are
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four atter jewish settlements straddling israel and the occupied west bank government was shot dead at the same. place in kenya have used tear gas and batons to disperse opposition protesters in the capital nairobi protesters calling for election officials to be sacked before the rerun of a contested presidential vote in october the country's supreme court said the election commission had mismanaged the process. there's no as the alternative nobel prize each year the right livelihood award honors people who defend human rights and the environment the names are two hundred seventeen laureates have been announced and this year the prize money three hundred thousand euros will be shared by three people could deja is my lover his honor leading investigative journalist from by john if you know piers yet. he has been honored for her work of fighting discrimination against the disabled and cutting common gonzalvo this is
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a human rights lawyer in india who champions the poor has also filed a petition defending a group of a hinge of refugees against deportation by the indian government if you don't use india correspondent sonia follicle has been to meet him. prepping for an important case lawyer collin gonzales is about to head to india's supreme court he's pushing for an independent investigation into the lynchings of about thirty people by him to which an antique ropes they were murdered in recent years for allegedly transporting cows or eating beef the rage against. against other communities and other religions is so extreme today. india is really on the brink of a precipice so that's a very important case that the supreme court is taking up today apart from handling politically sensitive cases gonzales is known as
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a defender of india's most vulnerable citizens he spent more than three decades campaigning and litigating to secure their basic rights. he's far from alone gonzales books with a team of young dedicated lawyers some have even given up lucrative corporate jobs his human rights law network provides free legal services to bonded laborers religious minorities refugees women and others go to the supreme court his petitions have led to some landmark rulings notably one of the directed india states to implement several food security schemes that means millions of poor children now get free school lunches the supreme court of india and the high courts of the states already future for people like us and our clients it's a place we can go to it's a place where. they can get relief from persecution. and it's
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a very quick remedy the indian remedy of public interest litigation is unique his organization operates from this office in delhi in all two hundred seventy lawyers social activists and academics work for gonzales across the country their job is to defend people in a system that is often stacked against them. people like these farmers who have more than one thousand kilometers to seek legal help. mission they've mundell says the government illegally took over his farm land in the state of charge for an infrastructure project. he still waiting for compensation. after meeting the lawyers here i am very confident that i will get justice for what has happened the truth will come out. with a policy with condit has had a long day and it's not over yet he kicks up a workshop on the legal framework of hiv and aids in india we didn't know any of
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this hardly an issue the activists lawyer hasn't tackled in his drive to hold the government to account. it's his mission and his passion you fight injustice big order of joy order giving the government a tough time discrimination inequality violence we get a lot of satisfaction is a david and goliath kind of situation but there's no stopping this crusading lawyer in this tireless fight to improve the lives of millions of fellow indians. now here's a reminder of our top stories at this hour france's president has called for more european unity and a long awaited speech emmanuel mccraw ob gyn his vision for the e.u. calling for a joint budget for the eurozone a shared military intervention force for the whole of the a new and more unity on immigration policing on the border security. on the far right alternative for germany is facing fresh turmoil just two days after becoming
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the first largest party in the german parliament. compadre house and its she will resign from the party accusing years of moving too far to the right and they have been they see themselves. more world news for you at the top of the hour facility and is on the way with your business update in just a bit of a good day. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine. for freedom.


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