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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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the next step protection for our planet's biological diversity. trailblazing project. w dot com slash global i.d.'s. due to the news coming to live from berlin a surprise decision in saudi arabia state media says the ultra conservative kingdom is finally going to let women strong why the saudi arabia is the only country in the world where women were banned from driving activists have been fighting for decades to get this morning to try. also coming up germany's chancellor is under
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pressure on all sides as angela merkel seeks to build a stable government the leader up for variances her party says things have got to change following the conservatives huge election losses. plus france's president calls for more european unity among all my own once a joint budget for the euro zone and a shared military intervention force that how it's like and you go down in europe. and sarah holland welcome to the show it's good to have you with us so many women are about to join the entire rest of the world and being able to legally drive a car saudi state media says king solomon has issued a new decree officially ending the much criticized ban on women drivers media reports say the ultra conservative kingdom is due to introduce the change in june of next year. it comes just days after saudi women were allowed to take part in
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a national day of celebrations together with men at the main stadium in rio. for some analysis on this i'm joined now by d.w. anchor and reporter jafar abdul karim heiser if our thanks for coming in yeah wow what a surprise for you expecting this to be honest no i wasn't expecting this but i know very well a lot of women can write activists have been working day by day and a few more can since months and years in order to have the right to drive and now it's finally happening when you look around they of already talked to some of the human rights activists who are some are in saudi and others are abroad their own very happy are celebrating just enjoying the moment now that it's finally so far that they see dems have they can drive which is a small step also full of them although today everyone is celebrating but nevertheless it's a step for them and there's still a lot of frights they want to have but for now everyone is celebrating even when
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you check social media they are just very happy because today it was announced and it might take you to be taken into action by june state t.v. announced today. that you don't drive your car today in saudi arabia if you're going to what we know today what the news are since since may be almost one hour is in june to swell to it will be taken into action and for now it's the first step and now they have to issue a driving license because. we have also to have it to mention that if a woman once even to issue a driving license she has to take the ok from the guardian which is her father or her husband or her son in this case you know your hands so i think it's the first to four getting more rights but nevertheless people and everyone should enjoy this moment but it's still only one and the first step for not the first step that you've got a lot of reporting on this women have been working since yes ninety s to get this right. yeah and some of them have paid
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a really high price for it yes some of them one of them. is very well known she was the first one who crossed the borders and entered saudi arabia and she was she was driving and then she was jailed and others who already did this to this same step they were are now in a living in saudi arabia because their necks are and they're afraid of getting back maybe this will change but it's only a maybe that's why a lot of human who have been being doing a lot of things in order to be able to drive are today outside. saudi arabia i just talked to some who are in usa somewhere and kind of but they are for the moment they are happy it's a big moment let's talk about my saudi woman herself now joined on the line by tom adore ellen yummie she's a journalist and a writer and one of the women who's been working so actively to win this right tom adore thanks for being with us on day w. news how does it feel this moment for you it's
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a very exciting moment but i cannot even begin to describe how likely you know if this is starting to fall there is a look at all saudi females have been waiting for i mean i'm sure not all said that we have a jury. who sacrificed a lot of their family time their peace of mind and their effort to to out for this right to actively go behind the wheel and take out to the trees and risk being caught and cannot be doing i suppose i mean i i thank you and i appreciate every single one of those who falls for that life and i'm sure our state for all of all of those who have and it is for me has to our day will congratulation that's a big moment for you what's next we're going to focus your attention on now. well now that the dry think has have been that this side or at least out of the
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way. there are other issues for saudi women and other rights that's are yet to be gained and taking baths like. those that are connected to the target just puts them and her right to have an easy case to have asked this to health care and due to travel perhaps without the permission of a male guardian and even those laws have been. there was a royal decree asking that all the laws that ask women for their guardians that their mission would be summarized ag and records and taken up to the local courts for research and there we are optimistic that next week we will see sue and i will decree. you know revising and and cancelling all those laws that have to do with the guardianship and so there's
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still a lot to fight for but this is an important victory for you we don't want to take up any more of your time i'm sure you have some celebrating to do tell me more thanks for speaking with us today on the tank via thank you so much german chancellor angela merkel is coming under increasing pressure she works to cobble together a new government her varian sister party the c.s.u. insist that policy changes have to happen now after the conservatives big election losses but the chancellor already has or handsful if she thinks to build a coalition with both the pro-business free democrats and the environmentalist greens two parties that don't have much in common. the chancellor and the head of her sister party the c.s.u. have an urgent task winning back their voters who supported the far right in sunday's election the question is how and that's a source of friction between the two party leaders the former transportation minister a member of the c.s.u. says the conservatives work is cut out for them. then after this year
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we have to remember the whole political spectrum for and from the center to the democratic right wing. that could mean the chancellor and her conservatives drifting further right to steal the populist fire the two parties are mulling over their options for the next coalition governments make up for merkel there's only one possibility governing with the business friendly free democrats and the environmentally oriented green party the greens say such a coalition would come at a price pushing through the greens agenda. we face enormous challenges the greens are prepared to make them head on but it's clear they can't be any sleepwalking here if the coalition works out fine but if it doesn't forget and. the free democrats say it's imperative that the two conservative sister parties find common ground. it's always the same with the c.s.u.
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you never know if they'll have the same position tomorrow i think they could use a session in couples counseling with medicals party at. the social democrats have reiterated their position after their punishing election result they will not join a new government with the chancellor. via gear and indeed we're going into opposition that's in service of the country and the service to our democracy the wrangling for a new governing coalition continues. for some analysis i'm joined now by correspondent simon young simon welcome to the studio america needs to win. win back the voters that she lost on the right flank of the party happened to do that you know that really is the challenge frankel americal one of many at the moment but conservatives lost a million voters most of the f.t. so if they really go to look at that clearly it means that they've got to find clearer and more persuasive responses to the concerns that people who voted
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a hefty have chief among them of course concerns about the immigration policy she's got to show that she's taking that seriously i think inevitably it means whatever coalition she's able to put together and that is far from clear at the moment as we've seen there. she will have to express how she's going to control immigration numbers in the coming years while as she says continuing with a humanitarian cause yeah and it's not going to be easy to seduce those voters back into the conservative party while flirting with the coalition partners the f.d.p. a pro-business party and the environmentalists group it seems like an impossible task is that realistic well it's very tricky as everybody is acknowledging i mean with the free democrats perhaps it won't be so difficult i mean they have in this election campaign said that they think immigration needs to be tightened up now in favor of a an immigration law
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a sort of canadian style point system as they call it of course focusing on people who are really useful immediately to the german economy rather than just sort of mass immigration that's happened over the last couple of years with the greens it's going to be more difficult to have that tightening because they have focused very much on the human humanitarian message they've said how much they supported policy of welcome so you know squaring that circle in particular with the bavarian conservatives who are calling for much tougher line in fact for an absolute cap on numbers you know two to square that circle is going to be very very tricky in these coalition talks and a lot of people saying it's unlikely that coalition could happen before christmas if it's all young thanks for taking us through some of the points. european council president donald tusk says sufficient progress has not been made on brics that talks and works move ahead to the next stage but he did welcome what he called
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a more constructive and realistic tone now coming from the british government made those comments during his visit with prime minister to resign may in london they said she's confident a deal can be reached is beneficial to both sides. well as breck's it looms french president manuel mccrone is calling for greater cooperation within europe speaking as a sore bone mccrone delivered an ambitious vision for europe calling on the e.u. to unite in the face of domestic and foreign challenges. at a time when the european project is under attack as never before in manual mccall spent nearly two hours laying out his vision for a united europe. the europe we know is too weak to slow and too inefficient but only europe and europe alone can give us the capacity to act against the big challenges we face now. flanked by french and european flags he said europe needed to relaunch itself with greater cooperation on issues
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including asylum seekers border protection and intelligence. what's missing in europe today particularly with regard to defense it is a common strategic culture in our incapacity to act together in a convincing manner puts our credibility in question. as well as strategic issues he also called for the creation of a transnational agency to foster european innovation financial stability and corporate tax were also in areas where he said much deeper cooperation was needed. for you to. instead of concentrating all our energy on our internal divisions as we've been doing now for far too long instead of losing our way in arguments in a european civil war arguing about budgets finances politics or whatever we need to consider how to build a europe that strong. but
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at a time when tensions between eastern and western europe are stressing the union and member states are still battling to overcome nearly a decade of economic crisis calls idealistic discourse was not going to please everyone outside the venue several hundred students protested against his planned reform agenda in the countryside to his speech will have received a less than favorable response rural france is where far right leader. has her support base and the future of your. the prison entity will depend on whether the union's two strongest members fronts and germany can work together to defeat the common enemy with theme. well to some sports news now tuesday's action and the champions league biggest match of the night took place right here in germany when dortmund host and defending champs real madrid the current one is like a table toppers were late getting into gear and they went down to nil to goals from superstars gareth bale and kris jenner and although here emerick obama young got
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one back but were not although scored again to deal dortmund their second straight loss in the competition quick reminder of our headline this hour saudi arabia says it's going to let women drive for the first time ever the ultra conservative kingdom is the only country in the world the fans went for driving state media says that saudi king salamon has issued a new decree officially changing the law. as state of the news you're up to date i'm sara harmon in berlin thanks for watching and don't forget you can always get the latest news on our web site dot com that's all for now take care. which of it. normally is from africa the war your link to exceptionally stories and discussions from was as easy and what website deputed .


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