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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2017 8:00am-9:01am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin a new freedom for women in saudi arabia the islamic kingdom is finally allowing women to drive activists have been fighting for decades to get the law overturned also coming up. france's president calls for deeper european integration
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a manual my call wants a joint budget for the eurozone and a european military that some of the reactions. and how the drive to defeat the hottest is taking a heavy toll on the people of somalia we have an exclusive report. plus germany's changed political landscape after the general election we'll look at what prompted voters in one traditionally the leftist constituency to crossover in droves to the far right alternative for germany. and by munich prepared to take on big spending p.s.g. the highly anticipated champions league clash of honestly good chaps are confident team spirit will give them yes.
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i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show saudi arabia says it will begin allowing women to drive it is a major step in the country the only one to bar women from getting behind the wheel a royal decree announced on state t.v. says that the battle will be lifted next june one of king solomon sons called the move a huge step forward the streets of saudi arabia have long been a battleground on one hand women wanting to drive on the other the religious conservatives who have called them too stupid their mobility threat to society now it is the women who have won. king solomon has issued a decree giving them the right to apply for driving licenses and the freedom of the roads that will be implemented by june next year it's a huge step for saudi arabia enough to warrant a special announcement at the united nations you may be interested to know that
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a few minutes ago our oil decree has been issued in saudi arabia giving women the right to drive thanks this is a historic day for saudi society for men and women for years some saudi women have gone behind the wheel as part of a campaign with global support on social media even. this activist lost her job when she was caught others have gone to jail now they are celebrating their victory . saudi law and forces a strict form of islam known as well how business women have to obey strict dress codes they can't associate with unrelated men if they want to work travel access health care they need the consent or accompaniment of a male guardian. but slowly things changing on saturday women were allowed for the
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first time in to a national stadium for celebrations marking the kingdom's anniversary the movie's part of a program headed by the crown prince to modernize society and saudi women are already wealthy well educated and ambitious and. women are at all levels there in the government advisory council that doctors ny women are in big positions so why shouldn't we join the men that matter most to our nation. and i want to know. that boldness would suggest that saudi women will carry on the fight for greater rights. while the egyptian the u.s. journalist and commentator mona eltahawy has written an campaigned tirelessly for women's rights in the arab world she posted this on twitter i celebrate saudi women who have for decades fought for this and shame the regime for its massage and those
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women will liberate sisters from guardianship at the same time she questioned whether the right to drive would be subject to a male guardians permission saudi based twitter user. is conflicted being a saudi i have mixed feelings about this happy and ashamed all it wants but also many on social media remain skeptical one washington d.c. based tweeter thinks the measure doesn't go far enough a step in the right direction but as long as the male guardian's ship system exists saudi women will still act true freedom of movement meanwhile the arab and middle eastern policy analyst use of many air urged caution and turpin the announcement reminding us that it does not take effect straight away he tweeted the saudi order was about issuing driver's licenses to women by june twenty eighth pending committee recommendations this is far from letting women drive. it's
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to the us now where a conservative judge has defeated the candidate favored by president donald trump in the republican primary for a vacant senate seat in alabama roy moore is expected to easily when the senate seat in the november special election judge moore was backed by president trump's former invites her steve bannon and major christian figures was a more successful anti-establishment campaign could point to trouble for moderate republicans in next year's midterm elections. somalia's internationally backed government has been struggling with a hottest insurgency for years now in april u.s. president trump announced he was sending ground forces into the country to help fight the militants well d.w. reporters and repeaters man and philip schultz have this exclusive report on how that deployment is taking a heavy toll on a civilian population already devastated by about three decades of civil war.
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but to a means to survive in somali it's a fitting name for this refugee camp on the outskirts of mogadishu where life is a struggle for the next meal the next bucket of water. fatty mind her daughter found refuge here two weeks ago they are still waiting for official assistance. but that's preferable to starving in the village where the islamist militant group is in control and. they would rather let us die than accept any aid from infidels. who are. not all somalis are fleeing hunger and up a few kilometers away in another refugee camp we meet not a young man who is from barrier about sixty kilometers south of the capital at least ten civilians were killed there in an attack by somali and u.s.
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forces almost a month ago marianne's husband was among the dead. we are used to the fighting but this was by far the worst we've ever seen. in march the u.s. president on a trump ordered the u.s. military to intensify the war against al shabab bringing in special forces the militant group killed more than four thousand two hundred people last year its leaders and regions with al qaeda want to establish a theocracy. and you government has been in place in mogadishu since february and it's getting a lot of international support but the drones and raids employed to combat terrorism are endangering the local population. and this is being exploited by al shabab one former member of the militant group tells us that the people in disputed
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and. the government backed soldiers just as much as the militants. the people here don't trust the government in the areas controlled by al-shabaab people fear the military will loot and rape them and al-shabaab has become skilled at tapping into those fears. peacekeeping troops from the african union also serving in somalia under the un the un special representative is convinced the conflict cannot be solved only through military means. while he welcomes u.s. involvement he wants the main objective should be strengthening the new government and state institutions. too many civilians are being killed protected by insurgents particularly here in mogadishu because there are soft targets. yes if you are fighting an insurgency being very
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careful not to kill civilians is incredibly important because if you do you you lose the support of the population internally displaced somalis arrive in the capital every day almost seven million are dependent on emergency eight that's about half the country's population these women and children will likely have to wait years before they can live in a state that can keep them safe. i'm joined now here in the studio by sandra peters she's a reporter you just heard in that piece and returned just a couple days ago from somalia welcome to the show sandra you've visited a number of refugee camps what's the biggest challenges people you are talking to are facing right now it's really you know finding basic means of survival getting enough food to getting enough clean drinking water to the conditions and the camps that we visited which are really very overcrowded where rather filthy so what you do see in
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a lot of people in the camps is they suffer from infections like upper respiratory infections. you know a lot of them have acute watery diarrhea and of course that can spread easily so it's really basic means of survival that people are fighting for ok these people of flood there from fighting this is raging in a number of locations in somalia how do they view the fighting what's their take on that is a become a part of life for them it has become a part of life like this one woman said we have very used to fighting but this one was particularly bad and yes people are fleeing the fighting people who are fleeing hunger people are fleeing clashes rivaling clans because the drought is intensifying conflict which can be easily exploited by the militants so the conflict is intensifying in terms of drought and it's displacing more and more people if you look at mogadishu alone you're looking at the capital was about five hundred refugee camps in the greater vicinity about six hundred to seven hundred
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thousand refugees in mogadishu alone now with the environmental factors compounding an already difficult situation the clan warfare the stowing all the various rival groups the u.s. is now increased its military involvement to try to sort things out what were you hearing in somalia what's behind the u.s. deployment there what's its hope what's its goals well obviously one of the goats is to feel it is to defeat the islamic insurgency there and. you know the fear of course is that by two thousand and twenty this might not be done two thousand and twenty is a year when the twenty two thousand african union troops are supposed you know to withdraw it so who is going to fill the vacuum and i think the somali state is not nearly there yet we hardly have something like a somali army and the state itself hasn't really represented itself as an alternative that's why you see also still getting support from within the population what about the u.s.
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deployment has it inflamed the conflict has attempted down how's it influenced this three decade old civil war well we have seen ever since the trying to create came out which was in march we have seen thirteen you know operations with american involvement that we know off ten of them aerial attacks and three of them ground offensives and if that goes wrong of course you're in danger of the civilian population and you find both you find people who say look that's the enemy those are invaders we don't want these people here and you find those that say we need them because otherwise we would never be able to get back our state and that state is a faded state it's still a long time to somalia will be able to protect its people and their protect their people from al shabaab briefly if you can what kind of support does al shabaab do the radical islamic stuff right now well i mean they were driven out of all the major cities but they controlled areas in the countryside and they do have support
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there oh ok thanks very much for for that report sandra and for coming in for us today sandra peters when just back from somalia thanks very much. now for a look at some of the other stories making the news today president trump says he will fly next week to the u.s. territories of puerto rico and the virgin islands which have been devastated by two hurricanes the president has approved the release of more federal funding to help the relief effort this comes after widespread criticism that trump was not offering puerto rico enough support. scuffles broke out in uganda's parliament over efforts to allow the president to extend his tenure lawmakers from the governing party want to remove legislation that bars anyone over the age of seventy five from running for office that would enable president yoweri most of a need to seek reelection in twenty twenty one he's been in power for more than thirty years. ireland's prime minister leo varadkar has announced
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plans to hold a referendum next year on whether to ease abortion laws a largely catholic country has some of the world's strictest of bush and rules a total ban was lifted in two thousand and thirteen to allow exceptions only when the mother's life is in danger this is deja vu news live from berlin still to come on the show a mega merger between europe's two biggest train makers they're bulking up to fight a huge challenge from china where european council president dollar donald tusk rather says sufficient progress has not been made on bracks and talks to move ahead to the next stage of negotiations but he did welcome what he called a more constructive and realistic tone coming from the british government his comments coming during his visit with prime minister theresa may in london may says
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she's confident a deal can be reached that's beneficial to both sides. and the french president emmanuel mccrone has offered an ambitious vision for european renewal he called for the e.u. to work more closely on defense and immigration and for the eurozone to have its own budget but recent gains by right wing anti e.u. politicians including germany's far right if the and recent elections could make implementing those ideas a difficult task. at a time when the european project is under attack as never before in manual mccall spent nearly two hours laying out his vision for a united europe. the europe we know is too weak to slow and too inefficient but only europe and europe alone can give us the capacity to act against the big challenges we face now. flanked by french and european flags he said europe needed to relaunch itself with greater cooperation on issues
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including asylum seekers border protection and intelligence so. what's missing in europe today with regard to defense is a common strategic culture in our incapacity to act together in a convincing manner puts our credibility in question. as well as strategic issues he also called for the creation of a transnational agency to foster european innovation financial stability and corporate tax were also in areas where he said much deeper cooperation was needed. for you to. instead of concentrating all our energy on our internal divisions as we've been doing now for far too long instead of losing our way in arguments in a european civil war arguing about budgets finances politics or whatever we need to consider how to build a europe that strong. but
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at a time when tensions between eastern and western europe are stressing the union and member states are still battling to overcome nearly a decade of economic crisis. delisting discourse was not going to please everyone outside the venue several hundred students protested against his planned reform agenda in the countryside to his speech will have received a less than favorable response rural france is where far right leader. has his support base and the future of europe as an entity will depend on whether the union's two strongest members france and germany can work together to defeat the common enemy within. well talk about working together helen as you know tell us about a new deal being hailed as a franco german industrial breakthrough change brian in the while here pay and transport it makes when we're talking about trains because siemens and us don't have confirmed to make a huge european train builder now the french government has encouraged the deal
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which analysts say is a change of strategy the focus is now no longer on protecting french business but about creating a european powerhouse at a time when international competition is. the fusion between siemens and now stone is on track to create a new european giant in the train building business. in the near future the german i.c.e. and the french t.g.v. will come from a single manufacturer siemens wants to bring its entire train division in return for a fifty percent cut of the new firm which will be based in paris but they're not doing it entirely of their own free will. the real construction and signposting market is in a state of advanced consolidation the chinese group c. r. c. is today bigger than alstom siemens and canada's bomb body a combined the next step of this chinese group is in all likelihood continental
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europe where c r r c could rely on a purchase of a european manufacturer. even after the new firm is founded the pressure on the europeans will increase siemens has considered canadian company body a but the deal was reportedly derailed by bomb body is shaky finances however if the competition authorities aren't all aboard the big european deal will hit the buffers. well let's talk through this now with cost of. business good to see you now tell us why does such two big name companies even need to do this is that the sense that trying to tackle fierce competition from china i think so because joining forces seems to be a good idea if you look at a competitor chinese c r r c. corporation is the biggest drawling stock manufacturer in the world and even though this new combined company by
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siemens and alstom will have a projected revenue of fifteen billion euros per year sixty two thousand employees c.r.c. is still much bigger and the company is not only growing in china it's also trying to gain a foothold outside china it has just recently secured projects in britain and in the czech republic and i and other high speed project in the u.k. so in order to meet that competition i think teaming up is a sensible move here but it's also a change of strategy from the french government in the past have been quite reluctant to companies to sell up so what been their reactions you know european side to the needs at this time up well the idea of this tie up ties in nicely with french president a model marc rawls idea of a pro-business agenda on the one side and a new franco dermont partnership the heart of a more integrated european union so this is this this deal basically symbolizes
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this whole vision on the. business scale backers of the deal usually side european airplane maker airbus as a as a good example where companies from four european countries have joined forces in order to form a competitor to u.s. rival boeing so what we're looking at here many say is an airbus for the rail right but you cannot tell me that there hasn't been any backlash to this there has been backlash of course i mean that has been backlash from french opposition politicians maybe citing that this deal french france is now going to lose the influence over its iconic t.g.v. high speed train something that has symbolized the the french engineering skill for decades and also there's the concern about job losses because the new company targets synergies of almost half a billion euros per year and that usually comes along with job cuts all right
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christopher from the business thank you very much indeed. prosecutors in the united states have charged ten people including an executive with bribery and fraud sworn in a widespread investigation into corruption in college basketball prosecutors accuse the manager of bribing athletes families to get players to attend universities sponsored by added us german sportswear maker confirmed the arrest of an executive on tuesday saying it was unaware of any wrongdoing on its part now you might not know james dyson in person but his products are over the globe and now he says he's investing almost two and a half billion euros in developing an electric car now it's quite a leap for the british investor who you can see behind me he's no more for his vacuum cleaners and the new vehicle they sit by twenty twenty. well gold is
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a smuggler's dream and that's because it's extremely valuable even in small amounts in the democratic republic of congo the illegal export of gold has been used to fund all md groups for decades now u.n. report has singled out an army general saying he personally operated an illegal mine but the military profiteering doesn't stop there. and mining for gold is labor intensive in twenty thirteen alone congolese workers dredged up some ten thousand kilos of the precious metal the united nations estimates that ninety eight percent of annual gold exports are illegal the country's military is behind the unlawful trade even though military personnel are forbidden from engaging in mining but the country turns a blind eye to that. the last twenty years has seen the establishment of illicit trading centers mainly in the eastern provinces. a majority of the gold goes to lebanon the united arab emirates and india. the gold sold
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by the military in twenty thirteen was worth an estimated four hundred nine million u.s. dollars according to the u.n. this is hurt the country's economy to the tune of some eight point two million u.s. dollars annually. meanwhile millions of congolese are fleeing violence that is seen thousands killed in recent months. ok well we have the story now of the so-called jungle camp in the northern france part of kalai served as many remember as a bleak testimony to the confusion and the european union's policy towards refugees but not many people know that there's a similar cap and brussels where the european commission is there to debate refugee policy while in just a few hours now in maximillian park hundreds of migrants from africa have made the area home but that number growing daily a rare high point of the day kicking the ball around helps these migrants unwind as
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they hope for better times. another grueling rainy night in maximillian park is over finally a chance to make up for some lost sleep. when it rains most of them curl up in their sleeping bags it gets very cold here you can see how people are trying to take shelter from the wind over there. neville who lives nearby tries to help the migrants whenever he can he brings them food or steps in as an interpreter for the migrants who mostly speak arabic. the park has become a makeshift camp for several hundred migrants most are from sudan ethiopia and eritrea for many belgium is just a stopover their aim is to get to britain. and that's why they're trying to avoid
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belgian authorities if they get caught they'd have to apply for asylum here which would probably hurt their chances of getting to britain the police are on their tail they recently raided the camp and dawn. they came this morning arrested everyone they could find even those waiting in line for food will they arrest us if we apply for asylum will they still persecute us. because they're here illegally belgian authorities won't help them but that doesn't mean the refugees are on their own. aid groups like doctors of the world and character helping them others provide legal assistance. at the beginning local volunteers handed out food and clothing and now we even have doctors and nurses who stop by two or three times a week. still not be a wonders how brussels at the heart of the e.u.
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can turn its back on those fleeing war poverty and persecution he wants them to be seen as more than pawns in a political game. the state of it is live from berlin still to come on the show in brazil people with severe burns have been benefiting from an experimental treatment or go to a hospital where doctors are using fish skin to ease their patients pain and speed up the recovery. will be right back. always at full speed. always shining. but always on the move.
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mobility today and in the future. dr in sixty minutes. can only process bio diversity. he said the current grosso one and two to live in and it tests in the last five months so we are quite happy in global i.d.s. presents offices from all over the world. traditional knowledge this is a dream if you will if you use it to make it say it will help ease pain. projects i live on the coast i feel it's my duty to protect the area and that's why i've been. myskina has been a man to love nature singing. this is. our strategy is based on the traditional lifestyle of the people as a way of preserving the environment for future generations out of uniform. the
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ideas on facebook trying to determine. g.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on a lot of programming go and there is a. show there with that our innovations magazine for. us from every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. welcome to get your news live from berlin and our top stories at this hour saudi arabia says it will allow women to drive for the first time ever king solomon has issued a decree efficiently changing the law is expected to go into effect next year.
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french president the money moment mccall has called for more european unity he outlined his vision for the e.u. calling for a joint budget and for a shared military force. well as the alternative for germany prepares to enter parliament we're looking at what caused the massive shift of voters from the established parties to the far right we'll talk to an analyst on that in just a bit it was a seismic shift more than one million of chasseur all americans conservatives went over to the a.f.d. and the bigger shock a half of half a million left of center social democrats voted a.f.d. is well it's a serious blow to the social democrats especially in their heartland north ryde was found here's a report from essen formally one of the very safest s.p.d. strongholds. the city of essen is this politician's home town but since the german election karl-heinz and
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a social democrat says he doesn't recognize it anymore in the past his party usually won an easy majority but this time just twenty eight percent many of the neighbors told him in advance that they were voting for the far right a.f.d. party instead of his. people tell me they come from a family that's always voted s.p.d. but they went with the far right because they felt we needed to wake up we have to win back our voters if we just sit around and wait for four years that's not going to happen. and is it pains to find out how to get his constituents back in his camp at least the blue collar contingent in his neighborhood pub he runs into supporters of the far right. only i would have voted for the f.t. but you know what i threw away. the place i don't even have the nerve to drive to the main station and i know. when you mary
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. rising crime rates eleven percent unemployment and a migrant population of forty percent and all that in a city that's run out of money and has few resources to solve its problems that's how analysts are explaining the social democrats stronghold turning to the. but this area in the road valley has long been known for its successful integration of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers once known as guest workers decades ago at an anti-racism gathering in essen a diverse crowd watches performers sing out against the far right many in the migrant community have expressed growing concerns since the election. people from the day will try and stop such events from happening. they'll be a lot of tension. and that tension will have a negative effect on our day to day interactions.
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this was the moment of the triumph as sunday's election results were announced. this is. how a newly minted a.f.d. politician likes to replay the scene on his computer. he used to be a teacher and s.p.d. but he says he felt the party wasn't addressing his concerns anymore he couldn't speak his mind about chancellor merkel's open door refugee policy. he insists he's no racist he was an instructor for children with migrant backgrounds for years but he agrees with the position that germany should stop at turning for its nazi past. sometimes i have the feeling there's a culture of pride. every time a german tries to show even the smallest measure of patriotism someone takes. over
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the head with it. then came the t.v. news report that members of the parliamentary group have already started bickering . cell is speechless and he begins to wonder if the party will even last four years . it's definitely been rumbling around in people's minds it's incredible. the a.f.d. is internal disputes are of no interest to karl-heinz and at the social democrat he's just focused on winning back voters in his district. he's been clearing trash from the streets to show his neighbors that he cares about their well being. what do you think about the election. we'll see what happens. the oath is there anything you're hoping for. hope springs eternal.
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karlheinz and shot is holding out hope for better times for his social democratic party. since the election yes and it's not like it used to be. well germany's political establishment fail to see this shift coming in many ways because of a lack of understanding of exactly who if the voters aren't what they want that even though there are exhaustive studies. out there let's bring in david. was a political scientist researching the f.t. thanks for joining us this morning david it was good talking to you before we came in to the show about talking about how if these supporters often portrayed as low income educated but we have this new university of leipzig study out there is the one percent of them middle or upper income what are we getting wrong and how we're looking at the if day or year i mean it's a very important question that you're raising there i think that to me it seems as if the media in general i would say is almost looking for quick fixes you know just
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very. brief and accumulated data to to to really show and portray some aspects of the a fifty and other aspects are you know stepping back behind that and it's you know it's a very common misconception actually a misperception that. he is only you know or consisting of losers in globalization in all these. in all these aspects and from the disenfranchised if you say so and so i think we have to really really be more careful and portray the a fifty modern verse and to really look at the background of the voters and of their. party personnel as well you could see that the if he was always also or mainly actually. a project of upper middle
8:38 am
class. people in germany you know this is basically. the base that they that they had in the beginning ok this report from the study from leipzig universe leipzig also shows the if the support is based on a rejection of multiculturalism globalisation and concerns about german culture can you tell something about that yeah of course i mean the all of these words a big words and you know there's certain different angles that you can i don't know relate to to these to these concepts and one of the things that that we could you know that we saw in the last couple of years was that there was always you know a certain a certain tendency to to bring topics such as you know the asylum crisis something because crisis basically to the fore and
8:39 am
you know terrorism and the like and this fosters the believe that there is something going on just like a cultural war actually you could see that in talk shows and wherever so i think here really the media just has some responsibility and yeah it's just it's a very important to. refigure and basically maybe find a new set up and how to address topics concerning the eighty ok and how to look at them how to analyze and what points need to be focused and put out there now this. day you talked about the personalities involved in the process of perhaps splitting up with a patriot one of the biggest cases and and best well names having left the party or announcing she's leaving the party let's take a look at that before we talk further. it should have been a moment of triumph for the a.f.p. the first meeting of their new parliamentary group the freshly elected f.t.
8:40 am
lawmakers chose only speidel and alexander golland as coal parliamentary leaders the duo faced a barrage of questions about party chairwoman fog of pastries shock announcement that she will resign for galland pay trees move was the logical consequence of her recent actions. i have to admit i'm thankful that she has gone down this route because i'm not a big fan of party expulsion processes so it's good that she solve the problem this way you just will be in a few bicyclers. frock up a tree once the face of the f.t. held her own press conference she explained why she and her husband also went after a member have decided to leave the party. he said of on our goals have not changed one bit since the election of course i still want to work towards political change in two thousand and twenty one initially as an
8:41 am
individual member of parliament and perhaps later in a different constellation and. that statement already has many inside and outside the f.t. wondering if pay tree has plans to set up a rival far right party. so david what happens to the f.d.a. now briefly if you don't where does it go from here for the f.d.a. well it's. it's something that we can all of you know just it's just up to see what will happen and i would say and this is one of the things i really want to state even if the party would split up it would not be just a right wing and a more moderate version but it would be to right wing versions and one would focus more on the parliamentary approach to politics this would be the petri wing and the other wing would be more or less like a movement party seeking fundamental opposition in german in the german parliament and outside of it and both of those seeking the same and pursuing the same goals well they wouldn't i think it's a matter of more a matter of style it's smart
8:42 am
a populist agenda that one would push and petri the patriot wing would focus on on a more you know like other country parliamentary david thanks very much david banal city but it will scientists researching and writing on the day thanks very much thank you. it's to brazil now where people with severe burns have been benefiting from an experimental treatment showing so very promising results burn patients at one research hospital have been receiving fishkin transplants to alleviate their pain and speed up the recovery so far just one species of fish has been found to be effective but both doctors and patients are convinced of the therapies potential. a deep briefing at forty lisa hospital edmar mafia specializes in treating burn victims and is the pioneer of a new form of treatment in this sterile packaging is fish skin the skin of a tilapia fish scales used for burn therapy it sounds bizarre but now many are
8:43 am
convinced of the healing potential. there will be a skin has a far higher proportion of college and then other animal skin. and that's key to the healing process. it's also very tough and has more moisture than other skins which makes it similar to human skin. francisco has just arrived at the hospital the boy's upper body is badly burned after a pan of boiling beans water fell onto him it's a case for dr marc siegel and his fish skin therapy. the physician places the skin onto the burned areas of the three year old there's no need for any antibacterial cream as would normally be used afterwards the doctor covers the unusual treatment with a bandage. people don't want to achieve the bandage is essential for stability
8:44 am
especially with children who move around so much that ensures the fish skin remains firmly attached to the burned areas. be came up. once the procedure is complete francisco just has to rest if all goes well his wounds will heal far more quickly below the layer of fish skin than they would have with other treatments. next door the team attends to another patient more than one hundred people have received this treatment all were patients with second and third degree burns the research project started three years ago doctors here swear by it tilapia skin is not only highly effective in accelerating healing and reducing potential scarring it also locks in moisture and prevents germs from entering moon's scientists at fort lee's a university had the idea first and so far they've had very positive results while
8:45 am
leaving the lobbyist's in offers patients real relief if our research here can convince the medical regulating authorities of its benefits will be able to commercialize the treatment and offer it in other hospitals. thing. a few weeks ago shows way i had an accident at work during a short circuit the electrician burned his right arm he too was treated with fish skin and is amazed at the results from the old design the moon the moon the i was distraught after the accident because i thought i'd have to stay in the hospital for months. then a doctor treated my arm with fish skin and it worked really well right after the accident i was told i need a skin transplant but that was unnecessary looking for snow pussies and. this is where the miracle skin comes from a reservoir two hundred fifty kilometers south of fort elisa with the region's
8:46 am
largest agriculture facilities for tilapia of course first and foremost the fish are bred for food they are a popular dish in brazil often served in restaurants but now the fisherman also supply the hospital. and the fishermen have become experts in preparing the skin exactly the way the physicians need it. at the hospital the fish skin is then further treated to prepare it for medical use . doctors need a lot of fish skins hardly a day goes by without a burn victim the tilapia have greatly improved the effectiveness of burns treatments this woman has a bad acid burn and is being treated with fish skin unlike in the u.s. brazilian doctors have not experimented with other animal skins to treat burns and
8:47 am
skin transplants are rare here to. the tilapia skin treatment isn't just a success it's a revolution. for the past fifty years brazil has had no effective care for burn victims but now it does say user. just two days after his accident francisco is already feeling much better. he says proudly now i have fish skin in a couple more days he'll be home again all thanks to the new treatment. we have our sports now and tuesday's action in the champions league the biggest match of the night was here in germany where dortmund host the defending champions real madrid dortmund's hopes for an upset were dented in the eighteenth minute that's when derek bell put the spanish side on top we all added another just after half
8:48 am
time when were naldo fired home the hosts did pull one back in the fifty fourth minute but with ten minutes to go and all those second sealed the points for all dortmund i'm now played two and lost two in the champions league this season. ok here's a look at all of tuesday's champions league group phase action which featured a number of big victories as we saw their dortmund loss to real madrid fellow bonus league club leipzig also defeated losing to protect us sylvia beat them are a bore whereas liverpool were held to a draw in moscow elsewhere there were big wins for manchester city napoli porto and tottenham. ok for more on this champions league action we have now tom you know with us from the sports us morning tom you know dortmund there was hoping that spirit would help it pull it over and give it the goals it needed it started out well what went wrong well the thing is don't want to have been in fantastic form in
8:49 am
the bundesliga right they they're undefeated up to six games of positive goal difference i think of eighteen. but last night they just met a different class of opponent you can you know you can do well against cologne in the boonies league but that's not really a dress rehearsal for playing team with and bio and moderate their passing is precise the finishing is very clinical they were unlucky not to have been given a penalty early on bad luck you know belongs to this kind of games and you have to be able to deal with it the women weren't able to deal with it they were outdone and now it's going to be very difficult for them because as you said they've played two in the champions league they've lost they were unfortunately drawn in a very difficult group but that's the challenge that they're presented with and it looks like they might be about to fall short oh boy ok another german side having a bad night leipzig at last the way the turkish side. what does this mean for the been asleep well they haven't really been able to find their domestic form so it's perhaps not so surprising that you know this tie with the champions was always
8:50 am
going to be a tricky challenge they came out very well in the second then the game was interrupted the ten minutes while the floodlights were being repaired and unfortunately they weren't really able to recover their tempo now in terms of what this means for the bundesliga it's slightly worrying because these are the best sides in germany don't win the flying so high the top of the league at the moment finished second last year and they're presented with these challenges when they meet european top clubs from other european leagues and they keep falling short fortunately though the german league they do have one big hope and that's it would seem from munich that is of course by in munich now by an art team with a rich european to. addition but history won't do them any favors as they lined up against paris and your man p.s.g. spent wildly over the summer putting together a star studded squad in the hope of joining europeans elite and proving themselves on the world's biggest stage p.s.g.
8:51 am
turned heads in the off season they signed world football's hottest young talents killing them but pay on loan from monaco with a buyout option of one hundred eighty million euro they also shelled out a world record two hundred twenty two million euros for brazilian star neymar p.s.g. fans are excited the club's qatari owners are hoping the unprecedented spending spree will transform the french champions into a new european super power. but only success in europe's most prestigious club competition the champions league will deliver that status and p.s.g. won't be receiving any favors from their opponents. today we have many more enemies. in the me. because other teams can see that we are serious and know the players that we have bought this year and in past years. she said. one of those enemies is by in munich who have criticised pearce cheese transfer strategy
8:52 am
the two clubs clash in the champions league on wednesday night and boy and coach carlo edgel latino's it will be a tough match. very important. to their quality. and neymar. appears to a win on wednesday would send a message to their more lustrous rivals the club that is splash the cash is ready to make waves that could rock european football. ok so what's going to happen with this tom you know byron have the spirit but look at paris the you know they have the big names they have you saw the name mark avani but those two are currently in a squabble could that give byron the itch it very well could there's a lot of disharmony in the p.s.g. camp at the moment it started quite recently when jernigan against leone which p.s.g. actually won two new but unfortunately for the fans and the team and the manager was blighted by bickering basically between vonnie and neymar who was going to take
8:53 am
a free kick and he was going to take a penalty now apparently then carried on in the changing room and there were some attempts made a reconciliation of power in a restaurant or on which still proved to have brought no effect and these two still at each other's throats now. obviously kind of can happen because naima is on three million euros a month he was brought in for two hundred twenty million euros million a month three million a month just imagine it you know that your colleagues and in that much you want that much so you know there's a lot of ego in football and when you bring a hierarchy like that into a squad it can obviously and in rifts. bion i think do have a bit team spirit so fingers crossed for then be able to put off the statement you know from the sports. looking forward to seeing how this all works out thanks very much tom or how about a glass or two of latvian wine for your next party latvian wine the baltic nation is little history of wine growing so harsh climate is a makes
8:54 am
a great growing arrest one man is taking a gamble. when the sun comes out in the northern sky latvians immediately flocked to outdoor terraces and traditionally cool off with a big few people are aware that not van now also has its own wine. latvian wine i've never even tried it is. of course latvia historically has a very developed beer culture but things are changing you know we're trying to develop a wind culture here and. the most the wine making in the mountains back cannes is a true pioneer he used to work in finance now his focus is on great. when we were sitting in a letter us and tuscany in our honeymoon and i promised we should you know if she agrees so will with me to live in
8:55 am
a country so that we will grow grapes and we'll make wine out of it a crazy idea air in the cold baltic region mountains has chosen to work with the german great variety called solaris he believes it's the most robust and suitable for that via where the sky is often overcast even in summer if you are in the norse the man. you are fighting is the words are all the time because it's not really the . natural weather conditions for the traditional wine wine grapes making a living just from wine isn't possible so martins bargains also make some leader and sparkling free wines the wine market is growing in latvia but it's nowhere like something you read. i think that generally people in norse tend to like a little bit more sweetness probably because of the colder weather body trying to get more energy. so yes. it will take him at least another ten to twenty
8:56 am
years to reach the level of a french wine maker but it's safe to say that martins birkin's is very attached to his great maybe even more so than other wine make his every time there's this frost i get calls of from our friends asking of how your grapes i do so via really feel this support and susie essman so people are expecting that we we i'm hoping that we will succeed. as a result is now among the world's northernmost wine growing regions. that's. more news at the top of the hour up.
8:57 am
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