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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm CEST

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin gearing up for a change saudi arabia lifts a ban on women driving i'll ask our correspondent what this means for the tories sleek conservative kingdom also coming up the european commission offers new
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proposals to fix the e.u.'s migration crisis the block is as divided as ever on the hot button issue we'll get the latest from brussels. and thailand's former prime minister yingluck shinawatra has been sentenced to five years in jail but she's fled into exile. also on the program the crisis facing durham's left germany corbin addresses britain's labor conference with a clarion call for social democracy in the messy succeed at the ballot box after another historic defeat for the left in germany selection. and why and munich prepared to take on big spending p.s.g. and a highly anticipated champions league clash bonus league champions are confident team spirit will give them the edge.
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hello i'm terry martin thanks for being with us saudi arabia says it's going to allow women to drive it's a big leap forward for the ultra conservative nation the only one to bar women from getting behind the wheel a royal decree says the ban will be lifted in june the announcement came as something of a surprise and we'll find out why it's calm now but first this report the streets of saudi arabia have long been a battleground on one hand women wanting to drive on the other the religious conservatives who've called them too stupid the mobility threat to society now it is the women who have won. the i'm so happy i actually haven't slept since the news broke because i'm so happy i'm twenty seven years old and i've been dreaming about this for my entire life and now it's finally coming
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true i can hardly wait another nine months and telescopes into a fact. that the. king solomon has issued a decree giving them the right to apply for driving licenses and the freedom of the roads that will be implemented by june next year it's a huge step for saudi arabia enough to warrant a special announcement at the united nations you may be interested to know that a few minutes ago our oil decree has been issued in saudi arabia giving women the right to drive. this is a historic day for saudi society for men and women. for years some saudi women have gone behind the wheel as part of a campaign with global support on social media. this activist lost her job when she
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was caught others have gone to jail now celebrating their victory. saudi law and forces a strict form of islam known as well. women have to obey strict dress codes they can't associate with unrelated men if they want to work travel access health care they need the consent or accompaniment of a male guardian but slowly things are changing on saturday women were allowed for the first time into a national stadium for celebrations marking the kingdom's anniversary the movie's part of a program headed by the crown prince to modernize society and saudi women are already wealthy well educated and ambitious and i do mean women now at all levels there in the government advisory council that doctors ny women are in big positions so why shouldn't we join the men that matter most to our nation.
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that would suggest that saudi women will fight for greater rights. well joining us now for more on the story is not. she's a journalist who's reported extensively from saudi arabia thanks for coming in this morning. activists have been pushing for a woman's right to drive in saudi arabia for decades why is this happening now well in fact it's happening now because it has to happen and there is no chance another for the royal family nor for the system of the government to push it. and to postpone this issue and the saudi society. is also a strong female society even if we don't realize this the number of very much very well educated and vicious females is really high and they are pushing towards. their role in the society a quarter million of young saudis are studying
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a brode funded by the government more than sixty percent of them are females who drive outside the country yet so this brings them with thoughts back that the system and the conservative part of the system cannot sustain anymore ok what about the women in saudi arabia those who maybe have never driven abroad are they going to be able to just start driving next june when the royal saudi houses that that it's going to be allowed to be implemented how easy will it be for women to actually exercise their right to drive in saudi arabia at this point first of all i would like to congratulate this how do women for this step and in fact the king for this decision still it's clear that it's not going to be so easy the first step is to have a committee from foreign ministries who will study the regulations or the needed regulations that are conform with their religion to allow this but still we have a date we have a deadline so i think it's
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a balance that the king is trying to do between the conservative. and the liberal powers in the country so it's going to be allowed but apparently according what i followed up on twitter. activists is that age is going to be an issue if their women are married or not there's going to be an issue and some other things which are not clear again in the still very much a male dominated society you mentioned the need to conform with religious strictures in the country but also that the idea of a male guardian determining what women do in that country is still very much in place won't it be a problem it is in place and i think that this step is one of the first very small steps the saudi saudis are going to go through to drop this regulation having a god because now driving the car does not necessary request having the formation of a god which means that this is one of the the first step of the beginning of the end of this regulation but it is clear when i was in saudi to see that nobody even the
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women are are asking not to be so fast and do it because there were one of the free actions that might bring them steps back you know one step ahead the three back so they are everybody was talking about small steps to approach ok i'm afraid we're going to have to leave it there. thank you so much for coming in and talking with us today on d.w. news thank you. now migration to europe may have slowed but the issue remains betterly divisive among the members of the european union the nations on the front line mainly italy and greece are still desperately calling for migrants to be resettled elsewhere in the e.u. but some other member states have bluntly refused now the e.u. commission has come up with some recommendations to address these issues let's take a look the commission wants to let fifty thousand refugees come legally to europe it'll permit future border controls inside the schengen area for a maximum of three years and it wants to send home irregular economic migrants
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those are those who have tried to reach europe to improve work prospects or living standards now let's listen to europe's migration commissioner at the briefing in brussels with more than sixty five million displaced that around the world we're going to stop shows though it's this this but. it is hosting. this is why we are proposing to support the fifty thousand resettlement places we've caught it b.t.o. . and really count on member states to make shoes but. standing by for us in brussels where he just came out of that meeting with the e.u. commissioner that briefing rather they are caused by the e.u. plaza taken fifty thousand refugees we understand directly from africa and the military east what does that actually mean in practice. terria the migration rise
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is a complex proprietor problem and so it is a complex solution that the e.u. has suggested so let me break it down for you on the resettlement program where the commissioner for mobile us has now suggested fifty thousand the idea really is as you have said it is to take people directly so for instance so far twenty three thousand have been resettled since the migration crisis started and mainly from jordan and eleven months or syrian refugees these are people who qualify for a resettlement scheme and then take are taken from these countries and directly brought into european countries it is a recommendation so it's a voluntary scheme and i think that will go rather well with the majority of the member states who have always said let's strengthen the xstrata borders stem the flow of illegal migration and instead bring people in from the countries around
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those countries where people are fleeing from and help them a lift the burden so the so the countries neighboring countries of a crisis own such for instance as turkey can deal better with the refugees a completely different question is the question of relocation that is the idea that from one member state where people have already come in for instance italy and greece those countries who are at the forefront of the migration crisis that people are relocated and then even against the will of a member state brought to another european country today my impression was that the european union has taken a giant leap away from that caretaker so much i'm sure we'll be hearing more about this later brussels correspondent your glottis there talking to us from brussels. so you look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today pope francis has launched a campaign aimed it tackling growing anti immigrant sentiment worldwide two year
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campaign seeks to raise awareness of the plight of migrants and to change how people view them as many migrants and refugees turned out for the pope's weekly address in st peter's square. iraq's kurdish leader has claimed victory in an independence referendum despite warnings from the central government in baghdad final results of monday's vote are expected today iraq is refused to hold talks whatever the outcome it's also threaten to impose a flight tomorrow on kurdish importance airports. sources within germany's conservatives say both gun choice will step down from his post as planets minister to become president of the german parliament the move could help chancellor merkel as she seeks to negotiate a new coalition following sunday's federal election. so a big personnel change for the german government our political correspondent simon young is following this for us simon why is both gone short of leaving his post as
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finance minister. three reasons i can think of terry one is to put a tough an experienced figure in as speaker of the paula meant particular to deal with the f.t. the far right party in the bundestag some fear that they could be intent on making trouble another thing is to give chancellor merkel who must be behind this room for maneuver in her coalition talks in particular the free democrats want to take over the finance minister of finance ministry. and that could be important for the to have that option to put that coalition together the other thing is to remove as a blog to the kind of european reform that president mccrone was talking about yesterday he's the leading figure of austerity and fiscal rigidity and a hate figure in countries like greece so that could mean change in europe simon thank you so much t w political correspondent simon young. now to somalia where the
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government has been struggling with a jihad insurgency for years with international support efforts to defeat the al-shabaab militia have picked up this year but the fighting in somalia has also led to some hardship for civilians d.w. reporters son of the peters man and young philip schultz sent us this exclusive report about people already devastated by almost three decades of civil war. but battle means to survive in somali it's a fitting name for this refugee camp on the outskirts of mogadishu where life is a struggle for the next meal the next bucket of water. fatty mind her daughter found refuge here two weeks ago they're still waiting for official assistance. but that's preferable to starving in the village where the islamist militant group is in control and.
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they would rather let us die than accept any aid from infidels. who are. not all somalis are fleeing hunger and up a few kilometers away in another refugee camp we need not a young man who is from barrier about sixty kilometers south of the capital at least ten civilians were killed there in an attack by somali and u.s. forces almost a month ago marianne's husband was among the dead. we are used to the fighting but this was by far the worst we've ever seen. in march the u.s. president on a trump ordered the u.s. military to intensify the war against al shabab bringing in special forces the militant group killed more than four thousand two hundred people last year its leaders and agents with al qaeda want to establish
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a theocracy. and you government has been in place in mogadishu since february and it's getting a lot of international support but the drones and raids employed to combat terrorism are endangering the local population. and this is being exploited by al shabab one former member of the militant group tells us that the people in disputed areas of the government backed soldiers just as much as the militants. the people here don't trust the government in the areas controlled by al-shabaab people fear the military will loot and rape them and al-shabaab has become skilled at tapping into those fears. peacekeeping troops from the african union also serving in somalia under the u.n. the u.n. special representative is convinced the conflict cannot be solved only through military means. while he welcomes u.s.
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involvement he wants the main objective should be strengthening the new government and state institutions. to many civilians being killed protecting insurgence particularly here in mogadishu because they're soft targets. yes if you are fighting an insurgency being very careful not to kill civilians is incredibly important because if you do you you lose the support of the population. internally displaced somalis arrive in the capital every day almost seven million are dependent on emergency eight that's about half the country's population these women and children will likely have to wait years before they can live in a state that can keep them safe. and here with us in the studio is one of the paper's maan she's one of our reporters who visited somalia to put together that
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report i believe we saw you in that report is well first of all thank you so much for bringing us that report it's not that often that we get our correspondents into somalia. the country is really in a desperate state isn't it is in a desperate state if you just look at the population of roughly thirteen million about half of it is dependent on international humanitarian aid and right now in this moment about eight hundred thousand people are in prefab in condition which means they're really struggling to get food and we have so far a vote it the drought turning into a famine but it might be one because fighting is increasing a new government has been installed in the capital mogadishu is the country is that a sign that the country is headed towards stability well the elections were a much better than the last chance in two thousand and twelve but there was still rick there was corruption involved a lot of people i spoke to said yeah we should give this new government a chance and they're really trying hard there's
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a huge international effort underway but so far i think. some people really think it's not yet the alternative so you find bost areas especially in the countryside where people still support because they don't see the government you know being good to them earlier this year the u.s. military stepped up its involvement in somalia is that helping matters or is it exacerbating the complet i think it's a little bit of both of course you need military pressure to fight an insurgency that is also you know on using a terror campaign on the population but you also must be careful not to kill civilians because if you do you know it's the heart and minds that you need if you want to rebuild the state and somalia is a failed state that needs to be rebuilt if people want to live in safety there what do you see as the most. pressing needs for the people of somalia right now security is that what people would tell you and then maybe building up some resilience that
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the next drought when not turn into a famine or as we have it now pre famine conditions is there anything more that the international community could be doing to help somalia in this situation maybe not turning its back on somalia i heard a lot of people telling me what we need here is strategic patience so what they say is it's two or three decades to rebuild this state let's not assume the tour three years will be enough or that throwing money at people will be enough or that just a military campaign will be enough to rebuilt the state we need politics and we need to pill missy under the thank you so much papers upon thanks for being with us today you're watching d.w. news still to come thailand's most wanted woman gets sentenced to five years in prison former prime minister yingluck shinawatra is still on the run.
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but dispute has a rupture between the u.s. and canada then has the story i'm sure you've heard of body before the canadian aircraft make its valid to fight what it's calling an absurd two hundred twenty percent tariff on its c. series jets to the united states the u.s. commerce department announced the levy on tuesday saying it is in response to the canadian government support of the aircraft which competes with products from u.s. jet make a boeing the move puts a new strain on already tense trade relations between the u.s. and its northern neighbor bitter rivals for decades now they're teaming up to defend europe's rail sector germany's evens and france is also a merging savings of four hundred seventy million euros playing down that means job cuts they say the chinese are hot on the heels. the mudra between siemens and alstom is on track to create a new european giant in the train building business in the near future the german
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i.c. and french t.g.v. will come from a single manufacturer siemens wants to bring its entire train division in return for a fifty percent cut of the new siemens. praised the merger with a press conference in paris on wednesday the message of. the european spirit is a life to struggle european companies are leading the way. industry by joining forces and come together in a meaningful way and that's a powerful message a powerful message in times which are matched by populist by nationalism social and political rights even after the new firm is founded the pressure on the europeans will increase siemens had considered canadian company. but the deal was reportedly by bomb body a's shaky finances now the competition also richie's needs
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to approve the deal. and let's get some analysis from craig bellamy not at a one day in london craig is this a fair split would you say. i think it's as far as we were going to get i think there was a clear point that both countries both companies wanted to make you can they've said it themselves this is a merger of equals this is an opportunity for the two countries to come together to work together sheth acknowledge each and take on some much larger rivals in other areas the one that's been pointed out is china where they see our aussie account for almost twice the combined revenues of these two companies and therefore they sees what these companies are now doing rather than looking name would for once we're starting to see them look outwards what sort of signal does this send to the chinese because this is a merger of giants making a european champion but not
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a world champion not a world champion but i think it's a start and i think we've have to remember that the european commission is likely to be looking into this from an antitrust perspective and still the combined company is around half of that of c c i think it's a first step and assume you can get approved and assuming that they'll goes ahead and it sends a signal signal to the chinese but also with the countries as well where they've got much larger companies that the europeans are there to be competitive and that they are going to take them on in a number of areas i think this is just the start of a new market analyst craig. thank you. back to terry now and thailand's most wanted woman that's right that's right been thailand supreme court has sentenced former prime minister yingluck shinawatra to five years in jail she was found guilty of failing to stop corruption in
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a government rice subsidies should walk was not present when the sentence was read out she fled the country in august when the verdict was originally due. well for more on this story let's bring in our correspondent floria know she's standing by for us in bangkok florian first of all yang looks right subsidies scheme was deemed a failure but governments make lots of costly mistakes all the time why did this result in criminal prosecution. i think there are two answers to that one one legal istic one if you listen to the judges they have a unanimous vote saying that members of your glocks administration actually falsified a government to government rise deal and that that was also corruption involved which you know it wasn't part of but she should have overseen that which she didn't so she was accused of negligence and that is the legal istic answer but i would
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argue that there is and that is more important a political answer now the. party has been very popular over the last two decades with the rural population the poor the farmers but not very popular at all with the leads here in bangkok and it's especially not popular with the military and the military apparently saw a way of exerting pressure on. the judiciary at least that is what some people here claim to get rid of an often opponent. pro-union gook banished to flee the country before sentencing everyone knew that was a risk there's a history of that in buying call in thailand how could she be allowed to get away. yeah that's the thing and even though the military junta denies any role in. nobody really biased that because she had been under pretty much twenty four hour
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surveillance there's a very tight security grip on the military so for someone like you for someone like you not just to escape across the border into cambodia that's apparently what happened without the military knowing about it that it's hard to believe for everyone so my take and the take of pretty much everyone here is that the military ordered the police to how pro flee the country because the military thought this would be an elegant way of getting rid of an opponent because they feared jailing would actually could stir the masses here to protest but with this symbol gone the military can basically continue as they like florian thank you so much to florian reporting from bangkok. you're watching the news still to come is he the savior of the european left british labor leader jeremy corbyn delivers an old school message at the party conference and by munich prepare for their
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champions league clash with big spending p.s.g. it's the bonus league and champions against the most expensive player in history when you look ahead to the big game. all that and more including more business news with ben coming up in just a minute if you stay with us. there she read between the nodes. where does her intensity come from.
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the secret to her passion for playing music. the way that you can more. peace of mind soul cellist soul get better. in forty five minutes on w. d w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages definitely an issue for thought of programming go on there you know michel you can now attack our innovations magazine for in asia with us from every week and always looking to the future on d w dot com for science and research for asia. hijacking the news. where i come from the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black
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and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being here for balance or be neutral it's about being truthful. when he was born golf and i were get beat up. welcome back you're watching t w news i'm terry martin our top story saudi arabia says it will allow women to drive for the first time ever king solomon has issued
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a decree officially changing the law that's expected to go into effect in june. german chancellor i'm going to akhil faces the tough task of forming a new government after sunday's election her former coalition partners the social democrats ruled themselves out after a disappointing election performance and now we have the first sign that the s.p.d. party may be trying to reinvent itself and then now this has been elected as the head of the social democrats in the german parliament she's the first woman to take on the role for the party martin schultz remains as party leader. well the social democrats dropped to a post-war low of just over twenty percent in sunday's vote but is the result down to their performance in government or is it emblematic of a wider trend namely the decline of europe's socialist or social democratic parties a brussel chorus brussels correspondent max hoffman has this report.
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from france knows how it feels to lose george papandreou from greece has known that for a long time and now germany's martin schulz knows it took. seventeen years ago socialists or social democrats were governing in almost all the big e.u. countries like france germany and the u.k. now they've been pushed to the borders of the european union in france the socialists scored a humiliating six point three percent in this year's presidential election if they really abandon power in germany italy is the last important bastion for now nobody believes that they really provide us to the pressing problems off the people and say at the no in the noise income brackets and you know basically that's why i think votes have gone down everywhere for all for them so i think it's a lot about. what social democracy should stand for namely
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a more equal society. equality was the hallmark of socialist and social democratic leaders like billy bunter in germany. or false i me telling friends they represent the pinnacle of the modern and successful political left in here. today only jeremy corbett in the u.k. is bucking the trend by steering his party farther to the last look on the wall right over there is that right the solution wonderful festival. in brussels the party of the european social democrats is asking precisely that question and after the initial shock vows to fight back we need dignified living conditions for all people especially those in difficult and marginalized situations we need to be the party that takes care of the poorest people and you'll get sold these esau and.
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the stance echoing the left's glory days with leaders like germany's good how much would a or even the early fall swell alone in france after the german election they seem as distant as they ever have. it will take more than a little effort from social democrats and socialists in the e.u. to get back on track. europe's left flicking their way as you heard in the report it's a different story for the left in britain where a labor leader jeremy corbin has seen a tremendous surge in popularity in recent months. from greeted him today at the labor party conference speaking in brighton corben said he wants to put the power back into the hands of the people and british elections in june labor vastly reformed expectations taking forty percent vote.
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for more on this now we're joined by our correspondent greg at mosques in london how do you explain the success of the labor party in britain given that traditional left wing parties are under pressure just about everywhere else in europe. well it's really an enormous enthusiasm that's a moving jeremy corbyn along at the a party conference in brighton there was a real festival character organized by momentum those are people that actually do support jeremy corbyn and it's really like a music festival is very creative you know it's of young people and there is a sense in the air that they really want to change something that they really don't just want to as one of the m.p.'s clive lewis has explained to me tinker at the edges but that they want to represent real alternatives to people so for example they do you want to read nationalize utilities they want to relational ice the
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railways they want to install rent controls because in many areas in the u.k. the rents in the high end really out of reach for normal people so they've got visions as they say that are really different from conventional also conservative politics that you've seen here in the u.k. . you know germany's social democrats got slammed in sunday's election here what could they maybe learn from labor. well that for example was also a topic in one of the fringe events that i've attended. the labor party conference and it was really honest what what do they do differently and how can the s.p.d. learn and many people who are arguing about it so it's really different situation here in the u.k. and that we've had and stella to politics that people really felt they felt their wages their real wages going down and this is not
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a situation that you you have in germany where also for example the rents are rising but it's not as much a problem as here in the u.k. in london for example but what the is pretty could learn maybe is how during the korban was managing to reach out to young people by being authentic and by being themselves this is what one woman said to me he really knows he taps into what labor is about so he had a lot of success with digital strategies you tube is that interviewed him and it really came on board with his with his new movement thank you so much to get lost there in london. we're going to talk about the success of digital strategies will some of us are concerned that the digitalisation and robot of the zation of the world will make things difficult how long do you think ben before you and i are replaced by about robots i think the kind of voluntary they're already virtual news readers and are very good though and i've talked to experts actually who say our
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jobs as newsreaders could actually be saved so there is is hope for us but in this new study out today the world economic forum once robots are set to replace bost numbers of jobs worldwide and they were not ready for this next wave of automation i'll talk to the american boss of industrial robot make a cooker in a moment first this. this corner pizza delivery shop will eventually be employee free soon robots will be taking orders over the internet and carrying out the deliveries. welcome to the wave of the future. video link machines could also replace security staff in shopping centers in emergencies they'd be able to alert human personnel at a central office. these are just some examples of the jobs robots will be able to do in the age of industry four point zero. researchers at oxford university
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estimate that nearly every second job is at risk in the long term. but according to the dusseldorf institute for competition economics there's no reason for panic they point to the highly automated german auto industry which has seen no significant decrease in factory employees in recent years the numbers show that more and more industrial robots are being bought worldwide in two thousand and ten manufacturers supplied a total of one hundred twenty one thousand robots according to the international federation of robotics that set to climb to more than half a million by two thousand and twenty. this trend offers new opportunities especially in leading robot manufacturing countries such as japan the us south korea china and germany. there will continue to be urgent demand for skilled software developers mechanical engineers and installation technicians.
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joins us now from the international federation of robotics is in frankfurt can we put a number on job losses by talking about job cuts today. what's going to take away that many jobs. it's certainly a good point and it's one of the things that people do talk about however as you heard earlier the automotive industry in germany is a good example of the actually the opposite in the united states in fact in the last three or four years in a row we have had expects potential growth in terms of the quantity of robots that have been purchased at the same time in michigan and ohio alone they've added seventy five thousand jobs in manufacturing so basically what they're saying here is the largest what are you fields are opening up to us is that the case a whole lot and you chances up in unities give me some examples exist exactly in fact the electronics industry a good example of that that market itself has grown dramatically in across the
4:41 pm
world even in the united states foxconn is moving a manufacturing facility for l.c.d. display manufacturing in the united states china korea japan south korea they're all growing in automation the same time growing in manufacturing because automation technologies is helping them to adapt and their manufacturing capabilities and the merging of different technologies and all we have available of different sensory capabilities that work together with the robotics in people and maybe we're more enthusiastic about what's going on going forward some of the really exciting things about what's going on in technology as collaborative robots in mobility and robots and collaborative meaning collaborative opportunities of humans and robots working together to give us more productivity more efficiency so the small medium sized companies across the world that is traditionally a challenge will be able to be competitive now have the opportunity with this technology and the ability to use robots in their manufacturing to be competitive
4:42 pm
worldwide and keep actually the manufacturing in their various countries well tell me about the americans because they seem to be most worried about their jobs trump wants to see americans buy american and also to generate more american jobs how you are laying feeds where you come from as far as robotics go in the way ahead. it's true we see articles on both sides of that in fact the mckinsey report said that less than ten percent of all. jobs are even automatable but it is it is true that we hear about that in the market people worry about their jobs but actually is the reality to it over the last thirty years every time robotics installations have gone up unemployment's going down every time robotics installations are going down or sales gone down unemployment going up so it's actually the opposite sexually happen it's an evolution of things where what's really happening now is we're creating new jobs but that means we also need more skilled workers there is this
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going to be a shortfall next ten years there's going to be opportunity for three million jobs skilled jobs and we only have available one point four million people that we will fill those jobs will have a shortfall of two million jobs it won't be able to be filled we need to find a solution to that and part of that will be automation part of the we help educating a retraining people to be working in this state with this technology so actually creating jobs it's the opposite ok you heard it there from gemma the international federation of robotics thank you very much for being on the show thank you for having us we appreciate it. and robots have even managed to sneak into the world of sports which is a little scary i think and make it all very boring and well avatars in newsroom i can imagine but robots playing soccer i don't know thanks ben let's delve into this week's champions league soccer action now and we have a sports reporter yet expat here with us to talk about the hot topics. so we get
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dortmund last night they lost three one to real madrid what went wrong. and actually played a pretty good game unfortunately they just want good enough they did match madrid in possession in shots taken in pos completed but you know i think this is real madrid the best team in the world of the european champions and they have quality all over the pitch and when you coming up against a team that has bio rinaldo and it's go in the front line it's really tough to keep them at bay so dortmund did go they did score go like that to two one and it really looked like with the home crowd behind them they could get a result unfortunately they just couldn't get there and run out of came through and scored a great ultimate we're not. as pretty disappointed with the result and we had paid a bosch the dortmund coach after the game. we will have a bit of a sound bite from him now just to say what he had to say. i mean there's going to
4:45 pm
be used to admit that we've lost today we might want to change to a very good. and. we're not at that level i don't want to start with that scene because we were if neil nailed think it was clear. so we got a penalty decision that they're talking about there he obviously wasn't too happy about that do you think it's a game changer i mean i thought it was a penalty for sure i mean ramos put his hands up and he clearly blocked the ball when it was coming in. to him and it was contentious the short game changer i'm not really convinced about that even if tom had got the penalty and they scored from it i think real madrid had too much quality for dortmund and i think you know had a bush should admit that himself i mean the better team one official ok i thank you so much a young expat from d.w. sports by a munich or a club with
4:46 pm
a rich european tradition but history won't do them any favors as they line up against p.s.g. the french spent wildly over the summer putting together a star studded squad in the hope of joining europe's elite on the world's biggest stage. p.s.g. turned heads in the off season they saw and world football's hottest young talents killing them up a on loan from monaco with a top should of one hundred eighty million euro they also shelled out a world record two hundred twenty two million euros for brazilian star neymar p.s.g. fans are excited the club's qatari owners are hoping the unprecedented spending spree will transform the french champions into a new european super power. but certainly success in europe's most prestigious club competition the champions league will deliver that status and p.s.g. won't be receiving any favors from their opponents. today we have many
4:47 pm
more enemies. because other teams can see that we are serious and know the players that we have bought this year and in past years. she said. one of those enemies is by in munich who have criticised transfer strategy the two clubs clash in the champions league on wednesday night and boy and coach carlo edge a latino that will be a tough match. very important to. give space to their quality. and name. a pay s.j. win on wednesday would send a message to their more lustrous rivals the club that is splash the cash is ready to make waves that could rock european football. well the women's tennis season is slowly approaching at ten but there are one or two highlights left in the calendar before the year is up when the w t a finals take place in singapore at the end of october it'll be the first time in the
4:48 pm
tournaments history that it's held on asian soil local talent is thin on the ground in southern asia but the association is endeavoring to improve the development of up and coming players for the future in india the search is on for a future female superstar local tennis input structure has improved a lot in recent years three time grand slam champion sania mirza remembers a very different time i used to play on court. you know and there was no course to play on today we've got an academy like this so you can see we don't want amnesty bill back to where it was twenty years ago we wanted to keep moving forward and they're not the only ones development work is taking place in jakarta former player he is hoping to see more local girls playing the professional game. this woman you know if. we make them to believe that.
4:49 pm
there's plenty of work to be done there are only two asian women ranked in the world top forty both of whom are from china but with the w t a foreign news coming to singapore you know southern asia is in the spotlight former players like you. are doing their bit to help hopefully local youngsters follow in their footsteps and we have some breaking news here for you at d.w. iraqi kurds have voted yes in an independent to an independent state by an overwhelming majority according to the election commission more than ninety two percent of voters cast their ballots in favor of independence the referendum took place in iraq's autonomous kurdistan region and other disputed areas in northern iraq the central government in baghdad has refused to recognize the ballots have more on that story for you later in the program.
4:50 pm
if you know anything about it prior. to today when they think. so i would say for. both people living here in the british acting legend vanessa redgrave visits a refugee camp in cali for her directorial debut see sorow documentary about the european refugee crisis that opens this year's human rights film festival going on in nuremberg germany and here's a talk with me about all that is our culture editor scott roxboro hey scott. we all know vanessa redgrave as an as an actress she's now eighty years old why at this point in her life has she decided to make her directorial debut yeah you know it's interesting give media tony what are you know the accolades go on and on but as
4:51 pm
long as vanessa reggae's been an actor she's also been a social justice a warrior and with this film what happened was she saw the image that we all saw the image of ellen kirti the the young syrian boy dead on the beach few years ago trying to trying to get to europe and died on the way and she decided she had to do something and so what she did was was make this documentary or her door debut as a director and what she did was quite interesting it's made into a very personal story because she draws a parallel between the current refugee crisis and her own experiences during the second world war when she was evacuated from london during the blitz and in a way became became more became a refugee we have a small clip from the film where she talks about this let's take a look. who is in the garden it was to me i was like any minute recently playing with my home and suddenly this.
4:52 pm
sky. it was gruesome and every morning grooming. i saw this film premiered in cannes this year and i spoke to an asteroid grave before the premier and she said she wanted this movie to be sort of a wake up call for europe and to remind europe of its founding values that the europe that she grew up in welcome refugees and with open arms and respected human rights and didn't spend its time building walls to keep people out. film is going to be shown the human rights film festival in neuron tonight what's that festival all about yeah it's basically what it says on the tin and it's a celebration of films about social justice about human rights this year there's a big focus on issues of censorship around the world things we're seeing in poland
4:53 pm
now in hungary in turkey all films from those areas will be we felt the festival but it isn't maybe what you expect it's not all documentaries and activist films there's a lot of there's a real mix and a lot of interesting interest movies there's comedies there's there's drive even musicals i look to the program one i think really highlight this year is an indian film that's one the number of awards it's called lipstick lipstick beneath my burka it's a dark comedy about four women in small town india who are struggling against the constraints of a male dominated society the film actually was initially banned in india because they said it was too focused on women and then they criticized the sex scenes in the movie for being contagious which sounds to me like something i put out. but we have a we have a clip of the film maybe you can judge for yourself this is the burka. thank you i did keep. the job and make
4:54 pm
a chance to. be on our i mean i was seven things inspired. by kubrick meet up with three. wasn't the taste i was i was empty. conclusive committee meetings even. in the end minute he said. why do you think he would maybe why didn't you. get him it was you. this is really keeping the good name on people and internet. he may leave. the military live d.v.d. do. you know. intriguing and entertaining as to check that out and the other highlights from
4:55 pm
nuremberg. we've seen some subsea comedy some documentaries there's also a lot of music. on display at nuremberg this year at the actually close with the concert by the say all stars there are a band from congo quite popular with what the hipster crowd of these days are touring germany at the moment and they also did the soundtrack to a film called felicity which is set in kinshasa and looks at the local music scene there actually it has a lot of their music in it because they did the soundtrack they also perform in the film it's really an interesting movie to check out because it takes you right onto the streets of can shot and has a real sort of raw almost documentary look at. the scene there and the lives of people there but really the best scenes in the film are when you get to hear some of the music from because i also have a list. film
4:56 pm
interesting festival the human rights film festival recommend that thanks so much scott. our culture desk just reminder the top stories we're following for you today saudi arabia says it will allow women to drive for the first time ever thanks all of us issued to korea officially changing the law to expected go into effect in june. that's all you news for now i'll be back with more in just a couple minutes thanks for being with us.
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she read between the nukes. where does her intensity come from.
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seventeen beatles incest bawn from september and october first. this is daily news live from bombay and the gearing up for a change saudi arabia to lift its ban on women privacy is this a sign of wider reform in this notoriously conservative change also on the program .


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