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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2017 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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seventeen incest gone from september and october first. this is newsnight from bombay india gearing up for a change saudi arabia to lift its ban on women drivers is this a sign of wider reform in this notoriously conservative kingdom also on the program . the european commission office new proposals to fix the a use migration crisis but the block is as divided as ever. germany's
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finance minister both gun show could be out of his job as chancellor merkel seeks ways to sweeten the deal with potential coalition partners. i feel gail welcome to the program we'll get to those stories in just a moment we'll start though with some breaking news iraqi kurds have voted yes to an independent state and by an overwhelming majority according to the you action commission more than ninety two percent of voters cast their ballots in favor of independence the referendum took place in iraq's autonomous kurdistan region and disputed areas of northern iraq despite this the government in baghdad has refused to recognize the bout it. now saudi arabia says it is going to allow women to drive
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this is a big leap forward for the ultra conservative nation the only one of the world with such a ban in place a royal decree says it will be lifted in june meaning that women will be able to apply for licenses without the permission of the male relatives the streets of saudi arabia have long been a battleground on one hand women wanting to drive on the other the religious conservatives who've called them too stupid their mobility the threat to society now it is the women who have won. the say the most i'm so happy i actually haven't slept since the news broke because i'm so happy i'm twenty seven years old and i've been dreaming about this for my entire life and now it's finally coming true i can hardly wait another nine months and telescopes into a fact. that the. king solomon has issued a decree giving them the right to apply for driving licenses and the freedom of the
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roads that will be implemented by june next year it's a huge step for saudi arabia enough to warrant a special announcement at the united nations you may be interested to know that a few minutes ago royal decree has been issued in saudi arabia giving women the right to drive. this is a historic day for saudi society for men and women. for years some saudi women have gone behind the wheel as part of a campaign with global support on social media. this activist lost her job when she was caught others have gone to jail now they are celebrating their victory. saudi law and forces a strict form of islam known as well harbison women have to obey strict dress codes
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they can't associate with unrelated men if they want to work travel access health care they need the consent or accompaniment of a male guardian but slowly things are changing on saturday women were allowed for the first time into a national stadium for celebrations marking the kingdom's anniversary the movie's part of a program headed by the crown prince to modernize society and saudi women are already wealthy well educated and ambitious and. women are at all levels there in the government advisory council that duct is why women are in big positions so why shouldn't we join the men that matter most to our nation. that boldness would suggest that saudi women will carry on the fight for greater rights. so how important is this change
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in me is a german saudi business woman is also a former journalist over to the arab news she joins us from dubai welcome to day what will this change mean for the country and perhaps for you personally. it's a huge economic relief for saudi households and for the economy there are about two million missing drivers who make up about five percent of the population they usually send their money home don't spend it in saudi arabia this has drained to saudi economy for me personally i'm very happy i will have more nine nine hundred euro's more a month in my pocket and some driving to do i why do you think i can sell my made this decision now. this is this decision was made when suicides us ready ten years ago women were restricted in working on on the few fields today they practically can work in any field they want and usually deadstick case of making
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decisions in saudi arabia now you've been quoted as saying that women have bigger problems in saudi arabia than driving rights what did you mean by that i meant that it would be better for this except for women to close to solve the problems from their roots because this helps in gaining a much wider effect we still have the travel ban we still have legal affairs that have can't be stopped so easily so this is a great step but so doing it from the root with with to have a greater effect in my personal opinion with all those other problems how easy do you think it is going to be for women to actually exercise this right to drive while they have to deal with restrictions of. male guardians and leaving the house for instance when thank god roy decree us today said no there won't be any permission needed not against so any woman who want to drive will be able to drive
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a committee has been set up there will give the guidelines in thirty days and hopefully past only just guidelines and nothing more will come up that. i thank you so much for joining to. thank you. development on social media savvy women's rights activist al sharif who helped start a right to drive campaign said it's just the starts to end longstanding injustice longstanding unjust laws have always considered saudi women miners who are not trusted to drive their own destiny optimistically she added the rain begins with a single drop saudi based a twitter user i was conflicted though being a saudi i have mixed feelings about this happy and shamed all at once also how many on social media do remain skeptical one washington d.c. based twitter a calls it
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a step in the right direction but as long as the male guardianship system exists saudi women will still lack true freedom of movement meanwhile arab and middle eastern the policy analyst use of yousef mana urged caution in interpret in the announcement reminding us that it does not take effect immediately intuited the saudi order was about issuing driver's licenses to women by june twenty eighth pending committee recommendations and is far from women letting women drive. now migration to europe may have slowed but the issue remains a bitterly divided amongst the members of the european union countries on the front line notably italy and greece is still calling for migrants to be resettled elsewhere within the block but a number of member states have refused now the e.u. commission has come up with some proposals to address these issues so let's just take a look it was to allow fifty thousand refugees to come to europe legally new rules
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would permit future border controls inside the schengen area from for a maximum of three years and it wants to send home irregular economic migrants people who've reached europe to improve their living standards or work prospects is e.u. migration commissioner demetrius after modernists with more than sixty five million displaced around the world. well you don't stop shows the words these people countries host. this is why we are proposing to support the further fifty thousand research places we've cut it billion euro and i really count on member states to make the shoes. and let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world pope francis has launched a campaign to to hold drawing worldwide anti immigrant sentiment
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a two year campaign attempt to raise awareness of migrants plights and change peoples a view of the many migrants and refugees turned out to hear the pope's weekly address instant peter's square. in south africa thousands of protestors staged anticorruption marches are targeting not president jacob zuma major trade unions aligned with zuma is opponents in the ruling african national congress organize the protests in several cities senior members of seumas party of called on him to quit over corruption allegations. officials on the indonesian island of bali say almost one hundred thousand people have fled their homes amid fears that a nearby volcano will erupt hundreds of tremors from mt i go only in the north of the island are being recorded daily volcano last erupted in one thousand nine hundred sixty three killing more than a thousand people so says within germany's conservatives say the chancellor merkel's finance minister vulcan's choice to leave his position instead of finance
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minister he could become president of the german parliament the move would help the negotiates with potential coalition partners following sunday's federal elections let's get more from political correspondent simon young who's at our parliament studio welcome simon how much credibility should we give this story and what's likely to be behind to be behind the move if it's true. well sure blair has been proposed by his party phil and in the past he's indicated willingness to do this job of speaker but he won't be formally nominated for another few weeks i think what's behind it three things occurred to me one is that we need a strong and experienced figure to be speaker of parliament particularly in view of the arrival of the far right a.f.d. on the scene some expect trouble from them another thing is that this frees up the finance ministry to become part of the so the game of chess that chancellor merkel
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has to play as she tries to put together a coalition in particular the free democrats would like to take over the finance ministry the other thing is that the european level sure stands for austerity and fiscal rigidity so with him out of the way some european reforms could happen of the kind that president mccrone was talking about yesterday simon young thank you. later britain's opposition labor party jeremy corbyn has addressed his party's annual conference in brighton. from the polls greeted him as he took to the stage he said he wants to not put the power back into the hands of the people in british elections in june labor vastly outperformed expectations taking forty percent of the vote. spain central government has confirmed that it will deploy police to prevent people voting in a catalan independence referendum that has been deemed illegal madrid or storage they say they've ordered police to seal of polling stations ahead of the vote this
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sunday and to deploy officers on the day to stop vote being cast let alone use reason or government has pledged to hold the referendum despite the crackdown by madrid. in support women's tennis season is approaching its end but there are still want to highlight some a calendar when they w.t.r. your finals take place in singapore at the end of october it will be the first time the tournament will have been held in asia local talent is still on the ground in southern asia but the association is working to improve the development of up and coming players indio the search is on for a future female superstar local tennis infrastructure has improved a lot in recent years three time grand slam champion sania mirza remembers a very different time i used to play on court you know and there was no course to play on today we've got an academy like this so you can see we don't want any us to go back to where it was twenty years ago we wanted to keep moving forward and they're not the only ones development work is also taking place in jakarta former
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player you sukey is hoping to see more local girls playing the professional game. we tried. this woman you know f. because. we make them to believe that tennis in general there's plenty of work to be done there are only two asian women ranked in the world top forty both of whom are from china but with the foreign news coming to singapore you know southern asia is in the spotlight former players like you. are doing their bit to help local youngsters follow steps. top stories at this saudi arabia says it will lift its ban on women drivers allowing them to take the wheel for the first time. has issued a decree changing the law which is expected to come into effect in june. on the
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a new commission has unveiled new proposals to help resolve the migration crisis but divisions within the bloc mean it's uncertain whether they will be accepted. to set you up to date. in the meantime here's of course always the website that's w dot com they can follow us on twitter or on facebook have a good time. that people have a hold over information like opinions they want to express to you.


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