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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is day w.'s life from iraq faces more upheaval less ninety percent of cuts call for independence that's the result of monday's referendum which baghdad says it will not recognize so where does the country go now also on the program. saudi
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arabia says it will lift its ban on women drive us is not a sign of wanting to reform in this notoriously conservative kingdom. on the european commission office new proposals to fix the a use migrant crisis but the bloc remains thus divided as africa. plus we'll bring you an exclusive report on the fight against al shabaab in somalia civilians are paying a heavy price in the struggle to defeat the jihad ists that's on top of the hardships of first teen years of civil war. and name on code take home as they get champions munich a professor face big spending power resounds among the highly anticipated champions league clash. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. an overwhelming majority of iraqi kurds have
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voted in favor of independence from iraq announcing the results of monday's referendum the kurdish election commission said that the vote to secede had been backed by more than ninety two percent of the referendum took place in iraq's autonomous kurdistan region as well as disputed areas of northern iraq there were celebrations in the city of sort of money or as the results were announced the central government in baghdad has opposed the referendum since its inception more now from journalist a bigot svenson she joins us on the line from kirkuk one of the disputed parts of iraq where this vote was held welcome bigots so ninety two percent in favor of independence how the result being seen where you are what the people are not ready surprised here in kirkuk they were expecting it and already jokes come up that we go back to the old days of that i'm saying when we had similar results over ninety
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percent this was usual when saddam called all the polls so they say we know all that now iraq's government refused to recognize this referendum tell us about their reaction. yeah he was a special session this this afternoon and the parliament in back of that and prime minister about he was talking and he was very far in rejecting this referendum and the result and he say he will not have any dialogue with the kurdish regional government in erbil without cancellation of the outcome of the referendum and he said as well that he holds onto the you'll do you want to make them he gave the conditions regional government asked to hand over the airport controls this means sort of money yeah that'd be you know and kirkuk as well although in kirkuk we don't have civil aviation we don't have military every nation and then he wants to have full control about the border with turkey and iran which
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could include his son faces so and this will must happen until friday six pm if not he will close the airspace and he will close the borders and quote istanbul be isolated so this is the last position i go i say this referendum but i was opposed not only within iraq but also internationally of america in turkey amongst the critics given the opposition internally and externally what was that what is the kurdish leadership hoping to achieve with this vote. well first of all about money wants to have an independent state he wants to lead good it's done to independents he wants to have an own state the problem is that he's not restricted only to the four kurdish provinces so the money out of you know the who and how love just which have already already autonomy but he wants to integrate as well as so-called disputed areas like kill cook and this is the big problem because kirkuk
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was under the control of baghdad before isis came in summer two thousand and fourteen and now arab media wants to have the control over kirkuk and this is the big dispute about that and we'll think it's fast france and care coke thank you saudi arabia says it's going to allow women to drive this is a big leap forward for the ultra conservative country the only one in the world with such a ban or all the crazy is to take effect next june allowing women for the first time ever to apply for licenses without the permission of a male relative the streets of saudi arabia have long been a battleground on one hand women wanting to drive on the other the religious conservatives who've called them too stupid to mobility threat to society now it is the women who've won. you've been to the site of the most i'm so happy i
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actually haven't slept since the news broke because i'm so happy i'm twenty seven years old and i've been dreaming about this for my entire life and now it's finally coming true i can hardly wait another nine months and telescopes into a fact. that the first one is. king solomon has issued a decree giving them the right to apply for driving licenses and the freedom of the roads that will be implemented by june next year it's a huge step for saudi arabia enough to warrant a special announcement at the united nations you may be interested to know that a few minutes ago our oil decree has been issued in saudi arabia giving women the right to drive. this is a historic day for saudi society for men and women for years some
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saudi women have gone behind the wheel as part of a campaign with global support on social media. this activist lost her job when she was caught others have gone to jail now celebrating a victory. saudi law and forces a strict form of islam known as well. women have to obey strict dress codes they can't associate with unrelated men if they want to work travel access health care they need the consent or accompaniment of a male guardian. but slowly things are changing on saturday women were allowed for the first time in to a national stadium for celebrations marking the kingdom's anniversary the movie is part of a program headed by the crown prince to modernize society and saudi women are already wealthy well educated and ambitious and i do mean women are at
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all levels there in the government advisory council that doctors now women are in big positions so why shouldn't we join the men that matter most to our nation yet you don't want. that boldness would suggest that saudi women will carry on the fight for greater rights. so how important is this change dahlia right jamie is a german saudi business woman she's also a former journalist over to the arab news she joins us from dubai welcome to d.w. what will this change mean for the country and perhaps for you personally it's a huge economic relief for saudi households and for the economy there are about two million missing drivers who make up about five percent of the population they usually send their money home don't spend it in saudi arabia this has drained decided to come to me for me personally i'm very happy i will have more nine nine
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hundred years more a month in my pocket and i'm going to do i why do you think i can sell my made this decision now this is this decision was made when society was ready ten years ago women were restricted in working on on the future here today they practically can work in any field they want and usually that's the case with making decisions in saudi arabia now you've been quoted as saying that women have bigger problems in saudi arabia than driving rights what do you mean by that. i meant that it would be better for this except for women to close to sort the problems from their roots because this helps in gaining a much wider effect we still have the travel ban and we still have legal affairs that have can't be stopped so easily so this is a great step but so doing it from the root with with to have
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a greater effect in my personal opinion with all those other problems how easy do you think it is going to be for women to actually exercise this right to drive while they have to deal with restrictions of. male guardians and leaving the house for instance when thank god roy decree us today said no there won't be any permission needed not against so any woman who want to drive will be able to drive a committee has been set up there with give them guidelines in thirty days and hope for the best only disguised lands and nothing more will come up. thank you so much for joining t.w. thank you to somalia where the government has been struggling with the hardest insurgency for years with international support efforts to defeat the al-shabaab militia have picked up this year but the fighting has also led to more hardship for civilians d.w.
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reporter sandra patterson on young for the shots at this exclusive report by people devastated by nearly thirty years of civil war. but to a means to survive in somali it's a fitting name for this refugee camp on the outskirts of mogadishu where life is a struggle for the next meal the next bucket of water. fatty mind her daughter found refuge here two weeks ago they're still waiting for official assistance. but that's preferable to starving in the village where the islamist militant group is in control and. they would rather let us die than accept any aid from infidels. who are. not also malise of hunger and up a few kilometers away in another refugee camp we need not
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a young man who is from barrier about sixty kilometers south of the capital at least ten civilians were killed there in an attack by somali and u.s. forces almost a month ago marianne's husband was among the dead. we are used to the fighting but this was by far the worst we've ever seen. in march the u.s. president on a trump ordered the u.s. military to intensify the war against al shabab bringing in special forces the militant group killed more than four thousand two hundred people last year its leaders and agents with al qaeda want to establish a theocracy. and you government has been in place in mogadishu since february and it's getting a lot of international support but the drones and raids employed to combat terrorism are endangering the local population. and this is being exploited by al
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shabab one former member of the militant group tells us that the people in disputed areas for. the government backed soldiers just as much as the militants. the people here don't trust the government in the areas controlled by al-shabaab people fear the military will loot and rape them and al-shabaab has become skilled at tapping into those fears. peacekeeping troops from the african union also serving in somalia under the un the un special representative is convinced the conflict cannot be solved only through military means. while he welcomes u.s. involvement he wants the main objective should be strengthening the new government and state institutions. too many civilians are being killed protected by insurgents particularly here in mogadishu because there are soft
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targets. yes if you are fighting an insurgency being very careful not to kill civilians is incredibly important because if you do you you lose the support of the population internally displaced somalis arrive in the capital every day almost seven million are dependent on emergency eight that's about half the country's population these women and children will likely have to wait years before they can live in a state that can keep them safe. and you saw sandra has been there in that report she is here now welcome to the studio sandra let's pick up our other point you mentioned a couple times in that report civilian deaths not just by al-shabaab but also by government and american forces given that so many civilians are being killed the people less certainly see government forces and the americans as the good guys not necessary no it really depends on the area you look at i mean you must keep in mind
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that this country hasn't raise seen a national government for nearly three decades so this is a new government soldiers have in fact been you know raping looting murdering in previous times and now they need to regain trust and of course in a war that has no clear front lines people get caught in the crossfire on top of everything else so they are in real danger and that's why they really have to be careful government forces and the united states forces you know to gain the trust to make extra sure that civilian casualties do not occur and we saw there you visit a number of refugee camps in the country one of the biggest challenges people are facing day to day issues like water food health and in these camps about five hundred smaller ones bigger ones in the greater area of no good to show alone i mean there are housing up to six hundred thousand people it's really cramped it's really filthy people struggle for food for water and because of the crowded
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conditions infectious diseases spread easily so i saw a lot of kids suffering from upper respiratory infections some really suffering from pneumonia but of course they're not in hospital and then there's also it through watery diarrhea which could you know at some point become quite a while. so the conditions the the war and the rest of the danger mean the rare for journalists or to travel through the country. give us an idea then of your time there of course we would have laughed yan and myself you know to try been more of the country but we were basically confined to the great to mogadishu area we had protection with us which means security forces assigned to us protecting us roughly between four and six people depending on the area that we visited and you must imagine you go into a refugee camp to interview refugees and you are surrounded by more guys with weapons making sure that you are ok but then on the other hand there is a real threat because you do not know if there are sleeper cells for instance in
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mogadishu from site they're still able very much to strike the capital as well and so you know we rather took that precaution as most journalists do and because of this threat which especially hit somali journalists let's be clear here you see hockey any in-depth reports coming out of somalia at this stage the despite that the new government was installed earlier this year is somalia moving towards stability a briefly if you would mind well i think this government certainly deserves a chance but i think there's not going to be a quick fix you know this this state took thirty years to fall apart so it will take more than two three years to rebuild it and a president thank you. and you can see you have more a longer version of sanders reporter d.w. dot com africa section now. still to come here on the w.
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high spending power you get ready for their first big test in the champions league a date with german champions by own music. the big business story of the day is a stray drive between the united states and canada daniel winter is here with more as white fill it is really unprecedented canadian aircraft maker on body has vowed to fight what it's calling an absurd two hundred and twenty percent tariff on its c. series jets to the united states the u.s. commerce department announced a levy on choose day saying it is in response to the canadian government support of the aircraft which competes with products from u.s. jet make about the move puts a new strain on already tense trade relations between the u.s. and its northern neighbor now they're coming together to make the world's second biggest train build
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a german is siemens and france's alstom the combined train divisions of the firms will be worth fifteen billion euros if anything it's a defensive move chinese competition is on the prowl the merger between siemens and al stone is on track to create a new european giant in the train building sector. now german i.c.e. and french t.g.v. trains will come from the same company. siemens wants to bring its entire train division in return for a fifty percent cut of the new firm the message of. european spirit is alive to struggle european companies leading the way in a mobile industry joining forces come together in a meaningful way and that's a powerful message the new company will not only manufacture trains but will also
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produce digital components like rail management systems this could give it a major advantage over competition from china. the need to expertise a need for software expertise digital expertise is huge and the communication of the two companies will we created undisputed leader i think on this demand particularly. workers have been given a four year employment guarantee so unions are backing the merger with now it just has to succeed and that's the challenge for both siemens in the new firm to create new businesses new areas of business which will enable jobs to be secured beyond those four years no easy undertaking the company has already announced that cuts will be made to long term administrative jobs after all the new firm wants to reduce expenditure by half a billion euros now all eyes are on european regulators who still need to approve the deal before it goes through. the world economic forum's says that while robots
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might make you unemployed they can also plan your retirement robot advisors could replace humans in administration jobs when it comes to automation people still picture the factory floor but in all facets of life robots are working hada better fausta and stronger. this corner pizza delivery shop will eventually be employee free soon robots will be taking orders over the internet and carrying out the deliveries. welcome to the wave of the future video link machines could also replace security staff in shopping centers in emergencies they'd be able to alert human personnel at a central office. these are just some examples of the jobs robots will be able to do in the age of industry four point zero. researchers at oxford university
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estimate that nearly every second job is at risk in the long term but according to the dusseldorf institute for competition economics there's no reason for panic they point to the highly automated german auto industry which has seen no significant decrease in factory employees in recent years. the numbers show that more and more industrial robots are being bought worldwide in two thousand and ten manufacturers supplied a total of one hundred twenty one thousand robots according to the international federation of robotics that said to climb to more than half a million by two thousand and twenty. this trend offers new opportunities especially in leading robot manufacturing countries such as japan the us south korea china and germany. there will continue to be urgent demand for skilled software developers mechanical engineers and installation technicians
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on phil's back now with a preview of tonight's champions league action kicking off shortly then all can be automated any time soon well now there's an idea very is an idea a fact down you will write that down yes that's a good idea if there was a tough night in the champions league on tuesday both dortmund and leipsic would be in and find themselves the bottom of the groups after two matches but tonight's germany super club by a munich enters the fray travelers they face a tough task as they line up against parisa amount the french club spent wildly out of the summer putting together a star studded squad in the hope of joining a europe elite on the world's biggest stage. p.s.g. turned heads in the offseason they signed world football's hottest young talents killing them but pay on loan from monaco with a buyout option of one hundred eighty million euro as they also shelled out a world record two hundred twenty two million euros for brazilian star neymar
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p.s.g. fans are excited the club's qatari owners are hoping the unprecedented spending spree will transform the french champions into a new european super power. but only success in europe's most prestigious club competition the champions league will deliver that status and p.s.g. won't be receiving any favors from their opponents. today we have many more enemies. than to me. because other teams can see that we are serious and know the players that we have bought this year and in past years. she said. one of those enemies is by in munich who have criticised pearce cheese transfer strategy the two clubs clash in the champions league on wednesday night and boy and coach carlo edgel latino's that will be a tough match. very important. for space.
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and. a p.s.g. win on wednesday would send a message to their more lustrous rivals the club that is splash the cash is ready to make waves that could rock european football. get more than an i said champions league clash of the titans with that young expect from t w force welcome yannick p.s.g. then spending big but are they spending wisely it would probably be a bit of both i mean they've done very well to prior's neymar one of the world's best players from barcelona even though they had to splash the cash to do it it's a huge coup for them and also getting kilian pay through as well probably europe's hottest young talent at the moment that said four hundred million euros cash is just insanity i'm not really sure if it's going to bring them the success that they crave you know you need more than just star players to make a champion you also need to aim spirit you also need the right coach the right tactics you need the right attitude and just last week we saw new signing name i
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have a spat with his teammate and cavani over who should take a penalty that doesn't really smell like any team spirit to me they just betting and what about fire and they've slipped from their usual place to the top of the bundesliga exactly in a bit of a rut they drew to vosburgh on the way kent and then not a top dortmund are on top and it could be the same in europe i think you know they're really looking at having a bit of trouble staying at the top in europe while they can't compete with pierce city the manchester clubs and real madrid in terms of transfer spending and so we could be seeing some sort of change in the guard and that's why this is such a big match it's pierce cheese new cash against tradition which they are very proud of and the line ups just came out a few moments ago and we've seen coach. drop almost belting robin and river a on the bench so he's taking a bit of a gamble here i feel and it will be interesting to see help pans out ok any other
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games you should keep an eye on. yes i mean there's another big match not chelsea versus let it come a druid let go of being one of the best teams in the chairman saying in the past four seasons well chelsea missed out on european competition last season so. it should be a big clash you want to sort of show that there can get back to the top where they used today yet expect thank you. you're watching d.w. news life from well that still to come to corruption protesters on the march in south africa thousands turn out to demand to president jacob zuma steps down. in just a black comedy lipstick on to my buckeye is just walled off the film showing up big time and your bag of human rights film festival. will be here with the details in the next twenty minutes or so. i don't forget you can always get g.w. news on the go just dial and i would from google play from the apple store i'll
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give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for i mean breaking news you can also use it to send us a photos i'm videos. sold on the way hit. haifa street. but what does that actually. researchers have taken a piece of my. house well. how
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learn german for free with d w. e tells us storing stories. it makes us laugh. and cry. tremble and smile. magical images and emotions and now. you know the magazine every weekend on d w. this is day dubliners live from baghdad i'm filled top story at this hour erotica so voted overwhelmingly for independence because the show thought it said more than ninety two percent back the move in monday's referendum rock central government in baghdad says it will not recognize the result and has sat in the cuts with
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sanctions. to south africa not one thousands of people have protested against corruption and against president jacob zuma demonstrations were held in cities across the country closing johannesburg. protests were organized by the congress of south african trade unions ahead of seumas part of the african national congress selecting a new leader in december protesters have also voiced opposition to the president's ex-wife because i was a dalit me me me me at zuma taking over from him. to south to johannesburg then we joined a journalist and i spat mag out of the welcome alice that tell us more about protest what has got people so angry. more of lation is coming out about corrupt relationship between president jacob zuma and the rich indian business family to gupta we've seen several emails leaked in the past months that showed it
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to zuma was giving them in friends over governments and they call it here states captured they said it is indian government has captured the state for example they at influence over to signing who would run state owned companies they even had influence over who was becoming minister so that's basically what woodward got people on the streets today there's been a lot of corruption allegations against zuma but it just building up and building up and they are said we've got enough now as you say there have been so many allegations against president zuma related to corruption how has he been able to stay in power. well he is the president still has a lot of a lot of backing from his own party and see we saw there's also been a lot of motions of no confidence tabled by the opposition and the last motion of no confidence because they are saying he's corrupt and he should step down was actually a secret ballots and still zuma got enough backing from the a.n.c.
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i mean they are the majority party still in parliament and a lot of politicians are also profiting basically from this corrupt system of patronized and zuma has created so that's that's that's the main thing that his party probably a lot of people there have sort of say dirty hands as well and that's why they keep on backing. and so used to to elect a new leader in december are today's protests likely to affect that decision. the a.n.c. as a party to move forwards and to survive in the long run they should listen because cusato basically represents the working class in south africa it represents the poor and those are the people that they need as voters so i do think that the n.c. democrats that are going to decide on a new leader in december will listen to what to say they are very powerful and cosatu basically is saying as you said that they want a real room across as a leader and they don't want let me let me zoom as the ex-wife of jacob zuma and
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they feel if he will become the leader of the a.n.c. and then probably as well the president of the country that things will continue in the same corrupt way as they've been doing now so they're backing serial roma posa who is an old union leader we're actually was the candidates that president nelson mandela wanted to to become president off to him so such as sending a clear kind of was warning signal to d.n.c. ad that they have to change course today still want to be the party for all the people and for the poor and the democratic party as well as how together in johannesburg factor. tempers the flatus have peace in uganda brawled over a contentious bill aimed at scrapping the presidential able in age limits bunches flew a security forces tried to remove twenty five opposition lawmakers from holland had been bought from a dating and another probe the day before those loads who got this president to go
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reading this have any proposing a bill to allow the seventy three year old to run for a sixth consecutive term. the european commission has put forward new plans to address europe's migration crisis it wants to resettle fifty thousand more refugees and to deport more migrants whose asylum applications fail or who reach the a u. for economic reasons the issue of migration has divided a u. member states since the mass influx of twenty fifteen. scenes like this have become familiar in the past two years and the e.u. wants to put a stop to them on wednesday it launched another attempt to tackle the migrant crisis migration commissioner dimitris after multiple loss and eyes to new scheme to resettle refugees directly from crisis owns and to neighboring countries its main focus is north africa the idea is to dissuade migrants from attempting the journey themselves with more than sixty five million displaced around the world
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we're going to stop showing solidarity towards this desperate people and that country is hosting. this is why we are proposing to support a further fifty thousand research places with half a billion euro and really count on member states to make shoes like. that member states generosity is far from guaranteed and the scheme is only voluntary it follows a compulsory plan to redistribute migrants who've already arrived in europe a scheme that met with shop resistance adam up last said he still expected countries like hungary and slovakia to comply with quotas imposed by brussels but he also stressed that the e.u. has to increase the number of people it sends back mainly economic migrants with no right to assign them. we have to be. clear and brutally
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honest people who have lost the right to stay in europe must be added to. this scheme is set to run for the next two years as the e.u. seeks to bolster cooperation on a deeply divisive issue. from the dublin comes on a bad riggers has been following today's press conference and joins us from brussels welcome back is this plan the answer to europe's migration crisis. no this plan is only part of the end if you look at the numbers only twenty five thousand refugees pay a year. on the list and i'm talking about real refugees certified so to say by the united nations it's not about migrants is not about migrants coming from africa through libya it's only about refugees from syria and they will be picked up in transit countries like turkey or lebanon so this new initiative is not about the
8:38 pm
people who actually entering europe are trying to end europe by boat and that's it's only a part of the solution and it's only a small drop in the sea of refugees we have rolled wide twenty five thousand a year is more or less nothing compared to the inhabitants of the european union so add to those drawbacks that you've outlined that we throw in the fact that this game is voluntary what have the reactions been to this plan. the reactions on the one side that's a good approach and this reaction come from those countries who were against mandatory schemes like poland and hungary the czech republic and austria they say it's good that we have this one terry bases and the other side the countries who are the usual suspects i would say like germany sweden france who take in these refugees. this new skin they say it's not good that the solidarity is
8:39 pm
not among all the twenty eight member states but only thirteen of the twenty eight states taking part in this voluntary scheme so far so this is not the solution for the sort of dirty problem in the in the union and there's also not a solution for the mandatory scheme which is also running still there ten thousand people waiting in italy and greece for relocation to other e.u. countries and this is not happening it's been rigorous in brussels thank you here in germany a new report by the maltese aid organization says refugees need to be better integrated into the workforce currently there are restrictions on how quickly asylum seekers are allowed to work and they can only take up vacancies that can't be filled by german workers d.w. has been looking at what that's what this means in practice for some of germany's new arrivals. he who lives in
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a refugee shelter in berlin run by the german charity multi is in the evening he spends two hours learning german that's after the ten's every morning. fled from afghanistan to germany and wants to finish his engineering degree for him a language is. hard for all. but we just have to learn. since two thousand and fifteen more than a million people have fled to germany mostly from syria iraq and afghanistan the charity says integrating refugees into the labor market is the most important factor in resolving the refugee crisis the charity believes that germany should speed up the integration process. people need to have the prospect of staying here they need to know what to expect and they need to be given help quickly so that they can really feel they've arrived learn the language find
8:41 pm
a job and become part of our society. the new report from says that refugees who feel they have a good chance of remaining are more likely to find jobs for many that can take a long time up to five years speeding up this process argues the mighty is a charity would be a relief to asylum seekers and a benefit to germany. some of the other stories making news around the world. to change people's. behavior. thailand's top quarter sentenced former prime minister yingluck shinawatra five years in jail for negligence in the management of a rice subsidy program. wasn't present for the hearings was believed to have fled
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the country in august when the verdict was to. sources within germany's conservatives say chancellor merkel's finance minister vulcan scheiber is to leave his position instead of finance minister he could become president of the german parliament the move would help chancellor merkel as she negotiates with potential coalition partners following sunday's federal elections let's get more from phyllis a correspondent simon young who's at our parliament suit your welcome simon how much credibility should we give this story and what's likely to be hired to be behind the move if it's true we're sure blair has been proposed by his party phil and in the past he's indicated willingness to do this job of speaker but he won't be formally nominated for another few weeks i think what's behind it three things occurred to me one is that we need a strong and experienced figure to be speaker of parliament particularly in view of the arrival of the far right a.f.d.
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on the scene some expect trouble from them another thing is that this frees up the finance ministry to become part of the so a game of chess that chancellor merkel has to play as she tries to put together a coalition in particular the free democrats would like to take over the finance ministry the other thing is that at the european level sure stands for austerity and fiscal rigidity so with him out of the way some european reforms could happen of the kind that president mccrone was talking about yesterday. thank you. as you see it winter is back with a story of one of africa's oil rich countries which is still struggling with poverty that's right phil it may or may not surprise you that just because a country produces a lot of oil its people aren't necessarily better off just take nigeria where staggering poverty persists that's despite the country being both the biggest oil producer on the continent and the richest country that today's john the nigerian
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business forum in frankfurt brought together leaders to discuss other ways of raising nigeria's poorest out of poverty it's clear that oil just isn't enough nigeria is rich in oil but that oil is also one theory as curse the black gold brings in revenue but it also destroys the environment and as oil prices dropped across the globe last year nigeria fell into a deep recession in two thousand and fourteen economic growth was six point three percent in two thousand and fifteen it dropped to only two point seven percent last year it shrank to minus one point five percent and this year experts expect slight growth. the billions in oil revenues are a thing of the past but most nigerians didn't benefit from the country's oil anyway more than half the population works in agriculture and the sector is underdeveloped
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and can't feed the country nigeria's infrastructure is bad and that puts the brakes on economic development. more than half of nigeria's citizens live below the poverty line with more than two thirds under the age of twenty those young nigerians are in desperate need of economic opportunities. and the l m f a manages business development at the niger delta partnership initiative and your thank you very much for joining us nigeria is africa's biggest oil producer yet poverty is rife why isn't all revenue trickling down to the poorest nigerians well nigeria is a country of one hundred eighty million people folk if we are to focus on diversification beyond or oil and gas i think there is a realisation by the government especially especially outlined within the economic recovery and growth plan which is focused around diversifying beyond oil and gas
8:46 pm
and looking at ways to. support agriculture to support manufacturing and also services for which many of the young people can actually be a part of that more inclusive growth that we're seeing for the future so the future lies away from all how does your organization aim to help those in the niger delta and as i said identifying the kind of key growth sectors that are within nigeria especially within the niger delta we focus directly on market based approaches to agriculture so in the case of pommel kosov or some of the products that nigeria produces quite a lot of and making sure that we have we're cutting out some of those bottlenecks but also dealing with the peace with with security issues and conflict in the region so we i think we have folks folks focus on two areas one is the economic development or no and then also peace building and conflicts mitigation may your
8:47 pm
organization is backed by the american oil giant chevron which is the third largest producer in the country so what do they get out of your social enterprise what is it that that security that you mention. i think yeah i think they do benefit from from that kind of work where a standalone organization even though we do receive seed funding from chevron i think yes like many other oil companies and other investors in nigeria they seek to find a more stable environment to operate and also want to be able to tap into a resilient and healthy workforce so i think there is a lot to learn this especially with the s. t. g.'s and with the involvement of the private sector within these logic development goals i think private sector like chevron is very much invested in these kinds of pro projects ok and you're in frankfurt right now for the german nigerian business form taking place there briefly if you can what bridges you hoping to build between
8:48 pm
nigeria and europe there are about eighty businesses and companies of various different sizes that are operating in nigeria that are german and there is a strong relationship however it may pale and in comparison with relationships with other countries like the u.s. and china however it's growing and what i saw was really promising there were in-depth conversations about how to to part now how to work and collaborate together and in a way that is a real partnership and you know i'm afraid thank you very much for that sounds very interesting thank you and develop thank you very much u.s. president donald trump is unveiling tax reform plans today at a speech in indiana one of the biggest changes is a drastic cuts for corporations from thirty five percent to just twenty percent tax smaller businesses will also see a cap put on their taxes the trouble is a lot of them are already in a lower bracket they're feeling left out by trump's reform plans.
8:49 pm
lowering costs see open just by single sale and repair shop in washington d.c. five years ago business is going well so well in fact that he's about to move to bigger premises along with his five employees but despite lauren success his company doesn't make enough money to benefit from trump's tax plans mom and pop shops on main street are not the ones that are going to be affected by this from my reading of what the bill might be so it's going to be much larger businesses that are able to sort of benefit from the deductions that they will be able to take and the lower tax rate i don't think it's going to hit the people that you think of as small businesses so who would get a tax cut doctors investment bankers and high turnover companies for example and what's more the new proposals would also cut corporate tax republican supporters have long argued that giving tax breaks to big business will boost the u.s.
8:50 pm
economy they also say that cuts on everything there's other reforms through tax and they were talking about in tax reform they're important full expensing making the tax code simpler easier to pay if they are to hire out accountant these are all benefits that help both small and big business. but as far as lauren is concerned the cuts do matter reducing costs for larger companies inevitably increases competition for businesses like his. the margins for small businesses are so slim our profits are not huge you know we all want to be able to make a decent living but those that are making outrageously large profits i think that maybe there should be a little bit more tax burden on them. the republican proposal would make sweeping changes to the tax code but it wouldn't change much follower and bike shop for the moment trump's tax proposal is just that a proposal he now needs to really supports before
8:51 pm
a more detailed bill can be put before congress but one big question remains such deep tax cuts would leave a large hole in the budget trump and the republican party have yet to explain where exactly the money to pluck the soul would come from. it's only business time for some culture now. if you never think about it so i would say or they. will say it's religion or using magic and i thought red redgrave visiting a refugee camp in cali directorial debut say saw a documentary about the european refugee crisis with this year's human rights film festival in nuremberg germany because it is a scot roxboro is here to tell us more about the film and the festival welcome scott so we're all over the redgrave the actress why did she decide to make her
8:52 pm
first film as a director aged eighty yeah well i mean reg rave has been your social justice warrior basically as long she's been an actress but when she saw that picture that we all saw the picture of the young refugee boy alan cody dead on the beach years ago she decided she had to take some action and she decided to make this film and what's interesting about it is it's a it's a documentary but it's a very personal so and she draws a link between the current refugee crisis and her own personal story linking it to her experiences as a child having to flee london during the blitz during the bombing in second world war we have a clip where she talks specifically about that period of her life when we take a listen some remember that i was in the garden it was a hot day i was like in my knickers only playing with my dough and suddenly i
8:53 pm
heard this horrendous sound filled the sky. it was clues an aberrated warning a warning. before going on the city of london. yeah and i spoke to the nurse redgrave before the film's premier and she told me that she want to make a movie to remind people about the basic human values that europe was founded on that her europe the europe that she grew up in embraced refugees and defended human rights so this is the film that opens a human rights film festival in nuremberg tonights what's this festival about it's basically what it says on the tin i mean it's about movies that look at human rights and issues surrounding human rights but it's not just activists documentaries like the one we just saw like like caesar off of vanessa redgrave it's a whole mix of movies there's there's there's comedies there's dramas there's musicals
8:54 pm
one film that i sort of picked out from the from from the program this year is an indian movie it's called lipstick under my burka and it's a it's a comedy it's about four women who rebel against the constraints of the male dominated society that they live in and what's interesting about this film is it was actually banned initially in india because the censors there said it was too lady oriented whatever that might mean and they said that the sex scenes in the movie could prove contagious which was that what they were worried about can be can take can be contagious and i would think that would be a positive thing for a film the kind of movies i like. but anyway they finally did get it released and came a commercial hit in india we have a little clip maybe you can judge for yourself this is beneath a lipstick under my burka. thank you. joe. johns to. me and i mean i was seventy six my.
8:55 pm
bike you britney number three. wasn't the j. stars it was mc. why do you. think. this is but. anyway leave. me now. so we even looks like a quite like it's quite funny why was it how did they get it basically after the censorship ruling came down there is
8:56 pm
a huge social media in india and women sort of took to twitter took to facebook and protesting against mocking essentially the censors and they eventually gave in and as i said then hit the cinemas in india and became a huge hit in the world did not and the world did not end exactly more of the websites more of the websites. today we'll have more for you at the top of the hour of herself.
8:57 pm
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