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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2017 7:03am-7:16am CEST

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voiced opposition to the president's ex-wife nicole was honored to lead many is a man taking over from. officials in the indonesian island of bali say almost one hundred thousand people have fled their homes amid fears that a nearby volcano will erupt hundreds of tremors from mount outgoing on the north of the island are stoking fears it could erupt at any time. the volcano last erupted in one thousand nine hundred sixty three killing more than a thousand people. i'm daniel winter here is your business update the feud between plane makers boeing and bomb body is gaining altitude the u.s. commerce department preliminary two hundred twenty percent tax on planes
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now the trade tension is threatening to spill over to the other side of the atlantic this canadian aircraft would cost three times more in the u.s. if the u.s. government carries out its intentions but party a call the punitive tariff absurd the americans actions are designed to push them out of the u.s. market they say the canadian government is not happy about the situation either. obviously we're disappointed by the decision and i will continue to fight hard for the good jobs the dispute is about the sale of seventy five. aircraft to the u.s. airline delta boeing accuses the canadians of selling the planes below the cost of producing them while receiving subsidies of about two point seven billion euros from the canadian government but bharti a rejected the claim. the canadians even build some of the parts for the c. series in europe. bombard builds the fuselage and the wings in belfast northern
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ireland. over four thousand workers are employed here but their jobs might be in danger soon that's why the british government has made an appeal to boeing. boeing as a. defense partner of the united kingdom and was one of the big winners from the last defense review so this is not the kind of behavior that we expect from a long term partner and i've made that very clear to boeing with. the punitive charis against bombarding they have not yet gone into effect the u.s. international trade commission will rule on them at the beginning of next year. u.s. president donald trump has unveiled tax reform plans at a speech in indiana one of the biggest changes is a drastic cuts for corporations from thirty five percent to just twenty in his speech trump pledge to make it easier for americans to file their taxes saying they
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waste billions every year because the system is too complex according to his plans small businesses would see a cap put on their taxes the trouble is from over there already paying a lot less they're feeling left out. there laura copsey opened his bicycle sale and repair shop in washington d.c. five years ago business is going well so well in fact that he's about to move to bigger premises along with his five employees but despite lawrence success his company doesn't make enough money to benefit from trump's tax plans mom and pop shops on main street are not the ones that are going to be affected by this from my reading of what the bill might be so it's going to be much larger businesses that are able to sort of benefit from the deductions that they will be able to take and the lower tax rate i don't think it's going to hear the people that you think of as small businesses so who would get a tax cut doctors investment bankers and high turnover companies for example and
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what's more the new proposals would also cut corporate tax republican supporters have long argued that giving tax breaks to big business will boost the u.s. economy they also say that cuts on everything there's other reforms through tax and they were talking about a tax reform they're important full expensing making the tax code simpler easier to pay if they are to hire out accountant these are all benefits that help both small and big business. but as far as lauren is concerned the cuts do matter reducing costs for larger companies inevitably increases competition for businesses like his . the margins for. well businesses are so so slim our profits are not huge you know we all want to be able to make a decent living but those that are making outrageously large profits i think that maybe there should be a little bit more tax burden on them. the republican proposal would make sweeping
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changes to the tax code but it wouldn't change much lower and spikes up for the moment strums tax proposal is just not a proposal he now needs to really supports before a more detailed bill can be put before congress but one big question remains such deep tax cuts would leave a large hole in the budget trump and the republican party have yet to explain where exactly the money to pluck the soul would come from and sophie szymanski has more on this from wall street so sophy all firms optimistic that trump can keep his promises this time around well so first of all this is only a plan and this far away from being anything like a bill that congress could even vote on but if we look at the plan like it is right now you can definitely see some issues coming up i think it's in be too big of a deal for everyone to agree on cutting the crawford texas but the conservative freedom caucus is probably really unhappy with one thing and this whole plan you
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don't find any suggestion on how tom wants to finance these tax cuts and the freedom congress really hates everything about the idea of making the deficit larger and set of for internet and even if the republicans can figure out a way to agree the democrats will have to say what are two and let me quote tax schumer here it's a little more than an across the board tax cut for americans millionaires and billionaires so i think danielle we're followers from seeing an actual text reform here so the plans on exactly straight forward i'd like to bring a bomb body which we've been talking about all day the u.s. putting a two hundred twenty percent tariff on those canadian planes is it justified. well to answer this is going to take the economists a while i guess discussions about subsidies like this have always been an issue due to global aviation what is different this time is that target is not a country like china but the western countries and government officials from canada
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and the u.k. feel boeing is simply trying to keep the sea serious from the u.s. market and of course it is in the eye of the rio there if it is to be called dumping or subsidizing but it is not on boeing to make that decision in that case this is going to be the international trade commission while the canadians clearly think the tariff is plain crazy so vision on ski thank you very much for that. now it may all may not surprise you that just because a country produces a lot of oil its people aren't necessarily better off just take nigeria where staggering poverty persists that's despite the country being on both the oil producer biggest oil producer on the continent and the richest country there at the same time wednesday's german nigerian business forum in frankfurt brought leaders together to discuss other ways of raising nigeria's poorest out of poverty it's
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clear all just isn't enough. nigeria is rich in oil but that oil is also one theory as curse. the black gold brings in revenue but it also destroys the environment and as oil prices dropped across the globe last year nigeria fell into a deep recession. in two thousand and fourteen economic growth was six point three percent in two thousand and fifteen it dropped to only two point seven percent last year it shrank to minus one point five percent and this year experts expect slight growth. the billions in oil revenues are a thing of the past but most nigerians didn't benefit from the country's oil anyway more than half the population works in agriculture and the sector is underdeveloped and can't feed the country nigeria's infrastructure is bad and that puts the brakes on economic development. more than half of nigeria's citizens live below the
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poverty line with more than two thirds under the age of twenty eight. those young nigerians are in desperate need of economic opportunities. and the on the mafia manages business development at the niger delta partnership initiative and you are very much for joining us nigeria is africa's biggest oil producer yet public t. is rife why isn't all revenue trickling down to the poorest nigeria. well nigeria is a country of one hundred eighty million people folk if we are to focus on diversification beyond or oil and gas i think there's a realisation by the government especially especially outlined within the economic recovery and growth plan which is focused around diversifying beyond oil and gas and looking at ways to. to support agriculture to support manufacturing and also
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services for which many of the young people can actually be a part of that more inclusive growth that we're seeing for the future so the future lies away from all how does your organization aim to help those in the niger delta and as i said identifying the kind of key growth sectors that are within nigeria especially within the niger delta we focus directly on market based approaches to agriculture so in the case of palm or kosov or some of the products that nigeria produces quite a lot of and making sure that we have we're cutting out some of those bottlenecks but also dealing with the peace with with security issues and conflict in the region so we i think we have folks folks focus on two areas one is the economic development or no and then also peace building and conflicts mitigation may your going to is asian is backed by the american oil giant chevron which is the third largest producer in the country so what do they get out of your social enterprise
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what is it that but security that you mention. i think yeah i think they do benefit from from that kind of work where a stand alone organization even though we do receive seed funding from chevron i think yes and like many other oil companies and other investors in nigeria they seek to find a more stable environment to operate and also want to be able to tap into a resilient and healthy what for so i think there is a lot to live on in this especially with the s. t. g.'s and with the involvement of the private sector within these logic development goals i think private sector like chevron is very much invested in these kinds of projects and you know i'm afraid thank you very much for that sounds very interesting that's only business for now thank you very much for watching.
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russian alist are on the rise with morning warning to make your country great again which is their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking you on a good one trip to highlights different shades of nationalism when to find out what that nation mean to you when we were.


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