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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2017 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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logical diversity trailblazing projects. d.w. dot com slash global i.d.'s. this is d w news live from berlin independence for the kurds in iraq baghdad says no kurds celebrate though as their vote for independence gets about one hundred percent approval there's talk in baghdad of sending in the troops so where is the vote to secede from iraq heading also coming up. as pressure rico cleans up after
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hurricane maria president trump is under pressure to do more people are short of food and clean water and the power grid for the entire island is still down. and campaigning reaches a crescendo ahead of catalonia his independence referendum sunday's vote is not just dividing spain it's also dividing the region. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show iraq's kurds are facing growing political isolation over the massive yes vote to independence and monday's referendum airlines from turkey egypt jordan and lebanon all saying they'll be halting all flights to iraqi kurdistan at the request of baghdad now turkey has also warned it could stop cross border trade. with the region and iraq central government is threatening its own
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sanctions there were euphoric scenes among iraq's kurds after the official result was announced kurdish authorities said that with a seventy three percent voter turnout the poll had been a resoundingly success. at this historic moment i want to congratulate you on the success of the referendum on the independence of kurdistan in our autonomous region and the areas outside the autonomous region which kurdistan claims. in baghdad the reaction couldn't be more different iraq's government opposes the kurdish push for statehood and has demanded an immediate an element of the vote. iraq's government has already taken retaliatory steps threatening to halt flights in and out of the kurdish autonomous region it's also demanded that those behind the vote including kurdish leader massoud barzani face legal consequences iraq's prime minister he said he wanted to keep his country united without resorting to
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the use of force but parliament has given him a mandate to deploy the military to the kurdish territories including the oil rich region around the city of kirkuk that we will impose federal authority on the whole of iraq with the force of the constitution and the force of the law this is not a threat some people have made threats and some have used force to impose their will in the disputed areas we will use all the tools provided by the constitution and the law. the measures passed by parliament also called for the closure of foreign diplomatic missions in the autonomous kurdish region. neighboring countries turkey and iran are worried that the referendum will embolden their own kurdish minorities and are applying pressure with sanctions of their own. let's go straight to the region now we're joined for more by baguettes fence and she joins us on the line from kara cook one of the disputed parts of iraq where the vote was held first off what are you hearing what are people saying where you are
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are kurds expecting this referendum to lead to independence. in kirkuk now because kirkuk is one of the disputed areas and in kirkuk the situation is completely different we can't cook today and it's multi-ethnic people living here now are up kurds and turkmen so kirkuk is very much disputed not likely to be lost in the money. going to kurdish fighters have been playing a very central role in battling islamic state in the region this iraqi kurdish leaders the confidence to hold this referendum. yes sure because we have a new calendar as to say in recession in the nose of iraq this is before and after i says this is how the people count and before i says could is done was restricted to the four provinces and below the hook solomon yeah and how that just now they claim the land the bush medal was one thousand four this means
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kirkuk and singe are and many other places in iraq and this means that could is time expended forty percent of its jerry jerry this is the issue now ok what about that area are people there expecting independence after they drove out islamic state on their own. you mean in can't cook. in these liberated areas where i ask has been driven out. yeah but this is the question now is the still back duck controlling it or is it a bit of controlling out and this is the fight which is going on can't cook for example was under the control of baghdad before you cook is a very on ridge said most of the audit in the knowledge is pumped into cook and now can't cook should be nice is want mr buzz on me in and made claims should be couldst on which but that doesn't agree and with other places as well i got
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a cost where the christians were living sixty thousand christians were living in kind of course since just weatherly gives it is when he thinks all this territory is claimed by and read by mr buzz on the nile ok how bad that is threatening sanctions so what should the region expect what will science be imposed well mr the prime minister of iraq was very firm. in his surprise ition i think he will and if if there is no solution being found until friday afternoon the sanctions will be in place this means that he will control the aspace and he will close the borders to want to turkey and iran biggest fans and for us and kirk thanks so much for that update ok it's the united states now and president trump is under pressure to do more to help puerto rico and that area has of course been paralyzed by hurricane maria they create a carbon island is a u.s. territory its people are american citizens trump has responded by saying he's
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considering waiving a little known federal law that prohibits foreign flagships from shuttling goods between american ports meanwhile puerto ricans are doing their best to get by with no power and little clean water this is kind of on us one week after hurricane maria and the efforts to clean up the rebuilding tentative most people here still just trying to survive. federal emergency teams are going from house to house trying to assess people's needs but the scale of the task is huge mud and sewage blocked the streets the power grid is almost completely gone there are no communications and almost half of puerto rico's three point four million people don't even have clean water. and truly
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this is the first water tanker that i've seen in this area it's the first. time they didn't bring any water to this place that's why you're seeing people going crazy like this. they say the eights coming from the u.s. but i still haven't gotten any. the u.s. government has dispatched the navy and the national guard sent in millions of meals on bottles of water but many puerto rican still they aren't receiving the same level of help given recently to mainland u.s. states the islands governor has set clear priorities. getting immediate resources here. and getting aid package from congress that it is consistent with the amount the gravity of the situation that treats the u.s. the proud u.s. citizens a puerto rico equally that if they were out of the florida texas already were else in the nation. to make things worse many here feel their president has abandoned
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them after hurricane maria struck trump spent days tweeting about us what will stop us not until monday did he mention what's a rico now at least he has promised a visit i'm going to do a. very. good record breaking a record that plays just right that's not a word. let's write up the order let's do this and then that was. really. great. meanwhile private aid donations are flooding in from puerto rican communities on the mainland u.s. basketball star j.j. barea arrived with a plane load of supplies pop star jennifer lopez donated a million dollars the crisis has rallied many americans with roots on the island. now for a look at some of the other stories making news today japan's prime minister shinzo
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abbay is dissolved the lower house of parliament clearing the way for snap elections next month of a announced a move earlier this week in a bid to capitalize on high approval ratings but he could face a stronger than expected challenge from the new opposition party launched by tokyo's popular governor here we go. one person was killed another injured after boulders rained down a mountainside and california is yet is any national park or rock fall occurred near a popular hiking trail below the famous el capitano granite wall which is also a favorite with climbers park rangers that a number of visitors witnessed that accident. a celebrated czech musician who survived the holocaust has died at the age of ninety s. designer of cova said her love of music helped her endure three nazi death camps rakova went on to win top awards for her harpsichord performances she was best known for her editions of bach. playboy founder hugh hefner has died at age
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ninety one after became instantly famous one playboy was first launched in one nine hundred fifty three both were symbols of the sexual revolution credited with helping break down puritanical customs in the u.s. after spawn the brand into a publishing empires critics accuse them of degrading women and undermining the traditional family. of the leader of spain's catalonia region says a referendum on independence will go ahead as planned on sunday that despite the madrid government's efforts to stop the vote catalonian authorities say they're worried about violence of police carry out orders to prevent people from voting the controversial referendum is also causing divisions within catalonia itself including in the town and our next report. in a spot i guess they're proud of their church its annual passion play the life and
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passion of jesus christ and they're proud of social solidarity but ever since the catalan government decided to hold a referendum on independence from spain the community has been split it why the leave us is at the center of the conflict as mayor he decided not to allow public buildings to be used as polling places. as matter it's my job to ensure there is a social consensus and to support things that do not divide society because the independence initiative is controversial i can't support the referendum it threatens the office of mayor and the jobs of public employees i mean you know for your new polling will now take place in an auditorium that. referendum proponents wanted to be held at any price. it's about the right to self-determination which is again the subject of the referendum the population can decide freely whether they want independence or not. a political party opposes that position as does the
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spanish government in madrid it's illegal because it violates the spanish constitution and current laws it's against the law. in all parts of town people are campaigning to convince fellow citizens of their stance on the issue. independence is an indispensable tool for building a continent republic which will serve to create a new society. this view is gaining more and more support in s. but again these demonstrators chant vote vote. of course that has an impact on me as a man and neighbor. it's a tragedy that contributes to not a unity not consensus catalonia is deeply divided the mayor is seeking common
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ground a dedicated european he doesn't want to cut that. independence won't help us achieve our aims as a country or as a community. instead we should be seeking to become more european and organize on a continental level. anyone in. the debate is dominating the programme of the local radio station the mayor has seen sentiment against him growing. media is full of insults and disrespectful posts i think that's partially related to what the regional government has sent about man as you want going along with the referendum that's rather worrying. a short time later the dispute escalated when spanish police arrested a number of regional government representatives in barcelona the cartel on capital the druid was apparently trying to force the issue. although he opposes the referendum the mayor says it was wrong to involve the
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police. as of today any dialogue to resolve the problem has become a distant prospect mightily. madrid's demonstration of power has pushed referendum supporters and opponents together even as but i get out here they're certain that the vote will be held somehow. this is the debate is live from berlin still to come on the show german chancellor angela merkel hitting the campaign trail again just days after winning the general election we'll tell you why. or how on this you know president trump has unveiled his long awaited tax reform plan he sort of sketched out the details and what we know so far is that it could benefit corporations it could benefit middle income families was not clear is the effect that it would have on people of low incomes the american workers there and what effect it would have on there now it's not clear no money many analysts have criticized
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a lack of detail in the plan but one of the biggest changes is a drastic a tax cut for corporations let's take a listen to the president outlining that part of the proposed tax overhaul. we're doing everything we can to reduce the tax burden on you and your family by eliminating tax breaks and loopholes we will ensure that the benefits are focused on the middle class the working men and women not the highest income earners under our framework we will dramatically cut the business tax rate so that american companies and american workers can be our foreign competitors and start winning again. we will reduce the corporate tax rate to no higher than twenty percent that's way down from thirty five and thirty nine. and to unpack the president's tax plan and now i'm joined in the studio by
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professor from the free university of berlin lovely to see this morning now this document has been billed as a framework more than a plan and he's promised relief for companies what does that mean specifically. the companies are interested in the net that they're getting from increased sales in the future when economic growth brings about new sales it's going to be in the first instance the net income coming to the corporation that will be important for making these investment decisions if you're willing to invest more if you know there's going to be more sugar if we can call the extra profits sugar if that's offered so that's the theory behind everything but corporations are not people they're owned by people corporate income goes to people who own stock and.
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roughly the top. thirty percent of the population own the very overwhelming majority of stocks so one looks at that as as much a redistribution as it is an incentive for further increased investment in dayton where we know that we could see the corporation tax potentially go from an average of around thirty five percent down to twenty percent potentially guaranteed food for the wealthy the middle class could also they be lifted through some of these tax proposals but my question is i'm wondering what about lower income people and families in america right now it looks like there's going to be essentially a sop a little bit could be coming out but when you hear a doubling of the standard deduction what is happening is a merger of what's called the personal exemption with the standard deduction so from the point of view of the small. poor family there might be
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a fifteen percent increase in this deduction which means a tax saving but it's it's peanuts compared to dropping for instance the personal tax rate for these so-called passthrough companies by the way the trump organization is a passthrough company and that would be an income tax rate of twenty five percent what are the chances that this reform will actually be implemented. let's just say better than i think the repeal of obamacare with the repeal of obamacare was possible to mobilize people who would directly suffer the cuts the way this is all packaged is the necessary spending cuts will come in the future so the victims if you will are those people paying the cost of this tax reform won't be mobilizing yet oh and calling it from the free university of but thank you very much we're talking tax the u.s. commerce department has slapped a preliminary two hundred twenty percent tax on planes made by canada's bill madia
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saying the feud between boeing and body again altitude now the trade tension is threatening to spill over to the other side of the atlantic this canadian aircraft would const three times more in the u.s. if the u.s. government carries out its intentions but party a called the punitive tariff absurd the americans actions are designed to push them out of the u.s. market they say the canadian government is not happy about the situation either. obviously we're disappointed by the decision and i will continue to fight hard for the kind of jobs the dispute is about the sale of seventy five series aircraft to the u.s. airline delta boeing accuses the canadians of selling the planes below the cost of producing them while receiving subsidies of about two point seven billion euros from the canadian government but bharti a rejected the claim the canadians even build some of the parts for the c. series in europe. bombard builds the fuselage and the wings in belfast northern
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ireland. over four thousand workers are employed here but their jobs might be in danger soon that's why the british government has made an appeal to boeing. but boeing is a major difference partner of the united kingdom and was one of the big winners from the last defense review so this is not the kind of behavior that we expect from a long term partner and i've made that very clear to boeing when i met them earlier in the summer. the punitive cherubs against bombardier have not yet gone into effect the u.s. international trade commission will rule on them at the beginning of next year. a financial correspondent conrad was and is in frankfurt let's bring him in now conrad it might sound a little bit farfetched but all we nearing trade war territory with this. but clearly well clearly some other restaurant here sounds quite marshall of course
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those indications by politicians in britain and canada to use orders for boeing military planes as leverage sounds at least like this can escalate but i think there's more implications here for britain this indicates that the idea of getting a level trade deal with the united states after breakfast it was rather blue eyed rather naive clearly the american department of commerce and boeing indicate that they have an agenda of america first of course there are peaceful ways of finding solutions for conflicts like this provided for example by now after the north american free trade agreement the problem for borg is that all those procedures take a lot of time well let's face facts these haven't exactly been good times for bone body recently have they. know they haven't been but you
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had as we reported this week also talked to siemens the german conglomerate about potentially joint venture ng the train construction departments of both companies but siemens opted to go with the french train maker instead that doesn't leave only out in the cold as a company it's really bad news for many workers here in germany constructing and building trains and train engines for bombards. who isn't in frankfurt speaking later thanks for now. well out of federal elections here in germany you might have thought campaign season was over but bryant apparently not certainly not at this point not yet anyway on a transfer on a macro is out campaigning yet again can you believe it this time ahead of a key vote in the state of lower saxony a snap elections been called there because a member of that state parliament switched parties bringing down lower saxony his coalition government. dramatical is back on the campaign trail already
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despite her narrow election victory on sunday or perhaps because of it she's out to reassure voters they're in good hands yet if ever to me i'm i'm waiting for some clear statements from her about the outcome of the vote since the far right got so much support. respond if she's disappointed i don't think she'll show it oh how she's going to go from hand. poised to. the crowd of roughly two thousand surge chancellor back in normal business made this regional election all in a day's work not a whiff of stress about her party's not class the performance at the polls only about the homework awaiting her and her fellow conservatives. we can implement successful policies in germany when federal and state governments
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work closely together and take a unified approach and they say we want to make things better so. the stakes for america the no a saxony are high at defeating the state's regional action would seriously weaken her hand as she tries to forge a new governing coalition in berlin. some sports now in the champions league where the biggest match of the night saw byron in a take parasol jermaine the big spending french team made their presence felt from the very outset they went one zero up with danny alba strike after two minutes of play by a battle for an equaliser but instead found themselves falling behind when an incident involving punched in another and in the second half neymar had to go the route was on that three until the final score leaving yesterday the driver's seat in group b. . i was take a look now at all of wednesday's champions league group phase. results in byron's
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group the battle of the outsiders when celtic's way is they won three zero in on the last elsewhere there are plenty of goals scored big wins for basel manchester united chelsea want to weigh in madrid whereas eventis and barcelona also notched up important victories. and the football continues tonight with the europa league cologne wants to end their bonus legal woes where they are winless and six games and stuck at the bottom of the table the billy goats are getting ready to welcome red star belgrade and they're desperate to rediscover that winning touch. cologne have enjoyed a tumultuous start to this season they lost their first five win this league games conceding thirteen goals in the process and they've struggled at the other end to new structures john corbett is yet to struck in the german leg cologne as a tame have found the net just once. again has earned the fans passionate support
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but he is on borrowed time. a change of scenery could be just what the billy goats need on thursday they welcome red star belgrade in the europa league. it was all in the so so on him and us will try to look at this game as a chance to work on the positives. and hopefully it will get us out a very negative situation that's how i will approach the game this is don's us with us for this being one. there's only one way to turn those negative vibes around a home win in front of a sellout crowd paid to sterger will hope some of his optimism rubs off on his players come thursday night. if you're a minor now of our top story this hour kurds have been celebrating after their independence referendum on ninety three percent support but both baghdad and neighboring states are threatening sanctions. that's all we have time for i'm brian
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thomas we hope you can join us again at the top of the hour bye bye . entered the conflict zone fronting the powerful. this week conflict zone is in berlin and my guess is politicians on the lists he's a member of the european parliament and the social democrats who have just suffered this dummy defeat know that the votes are counted as germany headed.
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next to. anyone who wants to succeed in life moves on to more than big muscles multiethnic neighborhood has become notorious for being a terrorist on bad. one and children here school without any us as belgium to gratian policy failed miserably. more number brussels belgium last generation in forty five minutes. story so that people of the world over t.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch. follow us. she's long been a symbol of hope in syria. i try to help people. our son does she
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stand for change. for the false facade of her husband's right after. he believes in what the syrian regime is doing and believes in those who say. projection that that they are saving syria was my son the beautiful face of the dictatorship starting october first on d w. the german election is over and then. the remain chancellor this week conflict zone is in berlin and my guest is german politician. he is a member of the european parliament and the social democrats who have just.


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