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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2017 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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longstanding refusal to take the far right seriously will finally be confronted with you. know. we have to expose this ugly extremism and i hope this confrontation will play out in the new german parliament that. ministers i don't want to see the f.t. take over on the contrary. let me know drawing up a little correspondence simony ended up on a meant to studious someone put this in perspective for us we call it hostile biggest say that the f.t. is a new form of writing politics going back to nazi germany is that a fair assessment. where amrita there have been former nazis in the parliament before and there have been conservative nationalists political parties in the parliament as well though not for several decades and you might say that
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post-war period was a different era outside the bundestag of course there have been neo nazi groups and organizations down the decades and there have also been xenophobia extremist parties like the n p d some of which have made it into regional parties so in that sense it is not a new phenomenon but the f d is i think the first. outwardly conservative nationalist party on the political scene. and that has made it into the national parliament and more than that there are right wing extremists in this party and there's also a pattern of comments that have not made to does designed to appeal to the far right so all of that is worrying to many someone here this week the german president warned about not crossing the red lines of political debate here in germany including anti semitism and what he called the rate of german history was
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this warning directed at the f.t. . i think it probably mainly was the you know there's been many concerns about red lines being crossed and some have been crossed and earlier this week you had the president of the world jewish congress saying that he was reminded by the f.d.a. arriving in parliament of the worst chapters in german history he called for the f.d.a. to be banned and it's understandable that when you've had the politicians saying things like that the holocaust memorial in the center of berlin is a monument of shame some young it upon i'm interested has thank you very much for that to the us dan president trump is under pressure to do more to help puerto rico which has been paralyzed by hurricane maria the caribbean island is a u.s. territory and its people are u.s. citizens trump has responded by saying he's considering waving a little known federal that bribe its foreign flag ship through shocking goods
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between u.s. ports meanwhile puerto ricans are doing their best to get by with no power and no clean water this is kind of on us one week after hurricane maria and the efforts to clean up the rebuilding tentative most people here still just trying to survive federal emergency teams are going from house to house trying to assess people's needs but the scale of the task is huge mud and sewage block the streets the power grid is almost completely gone there are no communications and almost half of puerto rico's three point four million people don't even have clean water. to go. through and this is the first water tank of those have seen in this area it's the first. time they didn't
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bring any water to this place. that's why you're seeing people going crazy like this. when they say the aids coming from the us but i still haven't got any. the u.s. government has dispatched the navy and the national guard sent in millions of meals on bottles of water but many ports are reconstructed they aren't receiving the same level of help given recently to mainland u.s. states the island's governor has set clear priorities. getting immediate resources here at the puerto rico and getting a package from congress that it is consistent with the amount the gravity of the situation that treats the u.s. the proud u.s. citizens a puerto rico equally that if it were an event in florida texas or anywhere else in the nation. to make things worse many here feel the president has abandoned after
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hurricane maria struck trump spend days tweeting about u.s. football stars not until monday did he mention what's a rico now at least he has promised a visit i'm going to we're going to stay probably hurt. but we got the break we're going to the place with this story that's not a what but let's write up the order let's do this and that that might last really. like. meanwhile private eye donations are flooding in from puerto rican communities on the mainland u.s. basketball star j.j. barea arrived with a plane load of supplies pop star jennifer lopez donated a million dollars the crisis has rallied mandate americans with roots on the island . to any not endure of violence against women and how the parties deal with it is an ongoing topic of concern so when a video a showing female protest is being beaten up by police appeared online it caused
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outrage a social media editor of us that is here to fill us in what is the background to the story. hi amrita the students have been protesting against the university administration's lack of action after its first year student said she was sexually molested at the campus of b.h. university in the city of fern nasi on thursday now the university is one of the country's most respected academic institutions and it's located in the constituency of indians prime minister narendra modi so it's a pretty high profile place. after a few days of protests clashes erupted between the students and the police one video filmed on a mobile phone showed police beating a young woman lying on the ground with sticks. cos
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that's dreadful it's the why when the police attack a protester women or any protests for that matter well police said that some of the students were throwing stones and damaging university property hundreds of students were booked for crimes such as arson and vandalism when a news anchor asked the vice chancellor of the university about the alleged sexual harassment that kicked off the protests he dismissed it as a simple case of boys will be boys now support for the protests is pouring in from the whole country there's also a heated conversation going on online about accountability this woman here reacts to the vice-chancellor statement she says i hope he doesn't have a daughter what a shame he is to his post and another user he's a man says that he's so he suggests that men should have a seven p.m. curfew so girls can move freely at all hours and he also adds punish culprits not the victims now obviously amrita this struck
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a nerve in india where sexual violence against women of course is still a nationwide problem. a verse that has not just social media desk thank you very much for that story. now to business news in germany's next government may not be finalized yet but it will be taking over an economy in rude as then if economic growth is surging tax revenues are rising and unemployment sinking any government can rub its hands with glee the new german government once formed will be in a very nice position financially leading research institutions have amended their latest growth predictions instead of one hundred percent they now forecast one point nine percent growth for germany this year and the experts are even more optimistic about next year they've raised their previous forecast to two percent that's germany's strongest rate since twenty eleven researchers say increased consumer spending and a construction boom are the reasons for the boost. let's head over to frankfurt
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where conrad bruisin is standing by our financial correspondent conrad could we be in for some tax cuts here in germany. look at that smile ben i think we can at least we can be sure that the three parties that are about to form a new coalition in berlin will not be able to avoid the discussion about tax cuts the budget surplus that the leading economic institutes which came out with their autumn report today predict are so high that the parties will not be able to at least consider the idea of giving back some of this money to the german taxpayer the economy growth in germany this year and in the coming years is so strong that the budget surplus for this year is predicted to be twenty eight billion euros for next year it's predicted to be thirty seven billion and in twenty nineteen this birth budget surplus should be forty four billion euros according to those
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economists oh my goodness what are the germans going to do with all that money i mean it's a it's a great position to be in but i know germans get more and more of a kick out of saving their money rather than spending it.


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