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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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the state of the news coming to live from berlin the kurdish independence vote in iraq sparks a backwash turkey stop straining kurdish troops fighting against islamic state it also holds joint military exercises with iraq near the kurds autonomous zone
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airlines say they'll comply with baghdad's order to suspend flights in and out of the kurds main airport will bring you the latest from the region plus a tat tat about the european union's future americal and math wrong me the head of talks with other e.u. leaders on the agenda the french president's vision for reform. and germany's biggest soccer club byron munich sax coach carlo ancelotti italian pays the price for a disappointing start to the season. and a polarizing figure in the world of entertainment dies hugh hefner was ninety one years old so was the founder of playboy magazine a crusader for women's empowerment or just a peddler of smut bring you both sides of the story from. there harmon welcome the show it's good to have you with us. a vote for
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independence by iraq's kurds has heightened tensions across the region baghdad has announced a raft of her talents were measures neighboring iran and turkey both have large kurdish minorities of their own and they're pushing for the result to be overturned the most immediate effect though is going to be on flights in and out of iraqi kurdistan they're going to be suspended on friday. uncertainty clouds the air for tourists and in both the capital of iraq's kurdistan region their plans may be cut short after the independence referendum iraq's government is cracking down all international flights coming in and out of the city will be halted at the end of the week the head of the airport says this closure will not just affect the kurdish people. we have a big not about off refugee that using the airport and we used to be a bridge between syria and you in toulouse since the humanitarian eight two of
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those places and we we're hosting coalition forces here so this is meant to be a put everything. after voting for a session kurds in iraq could hardly contain themselves thousands flooded the streets in northern iraq to celebrate the referendum they had been pushing for for years we have been living under occupation and suffering for one hundred years but today we rejected that yes for independence and freedom for the kurdish people. iraqi kurdistan is already an autonomous region but the minority kurds want to break away to form an independent state that would include areas like the oil rich region near acute cook baghdad has called the vote unconstitutional iraq's prime minister has vowed to keep iraq from breaking apart. they took advantage of the situation and expanded outside the constitution i don't want to say that we will
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use force but we will use understanding and constitutional means if they respond to this then that's fine and today i demand that they return all the areas they recaptured from the islamic state it's what parliament decided. iraq's neighbors have also rejected the referendums results the turkish president warned that the kurds responding an ethnic war in the region the islamic state group has released an audio recording that it claims is from its leader abu bakar al baghdadi and yet he says he'll continue to fight despite recent setbacks all that daddy had been rumored to be dead with his most recent recording released last year u.s. officials say they're working to verify the audio but they have no reason to doubt its authenticity. leaders of most of the twenty eight states have gathered dystonia for debate on the future of europe as they met for dinner at the risk auctions focused on a major speech two days ago by french president manuel micro-loan and it he
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proposed a series of changes to the including closer cooperation within the block on issues like migration defense and investment for the dinner got underway mccrone and german chancellor angela merkel met for face to face talks here some remarks now from the german chancellor. regarding the cost of proposals there's a high degree of agreement between germany and france of course you have to talk about the details. but i'm of a firm conviction that europe cannot simply stand still. europe needs to develop into the future. europe needs to develop into the future that's on the american speaking let's go over to talon where our correspondent max hoffman is following that meeting for us next first let's get your impression of the chancellor's words europe cannot stand still what does she mean by that main goal here was to show
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unity with called the president of france at least not take the wind out of his sails she is obviously very happy about having him there is especially if you see that the difference to his predecessor phosphor law and who didn't really formulate any visions for europe but at the same time she tried to say listen we need to talk about this because she said germany was going to make its own suggestion for example on the eurozone budget so yes unity but what a minute michael laid out there is not going to be the final result ok now across likely to use this meeting to try and sell his new vision for a post for exit how much support do you think he's going to get well generally speaking among the e.u. institutions and many other friendly countries the support is very broad and that's because they've been waiting for a long time to have someone like that in france to have the german french engine
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that but of course not everybody is happy first of all we've been hearing from our sources in brussels that many think it's not very realistic many of the points that money michael has been proposing and then of course you have countries like poland and hungary who are allergic to losing any kind of sovereignty so they will probably be opposed as well but the main thing for getting things done in the european union is having germany and france agree on something and that seems to be more or less the case here more or less the case but of course america was about to start negotiating with your potential coalition partners some of whom don't agree with microphones vision for the future how difficult of a position is maryland right now. well as long as she doesn't have a coalition she can't really take the broad decision so much is clear everybody in brussels also knows that and that's why they're getting antsy because there are a couple of informal summits coming up including one in december that's supposed to discuss the future of the euro zone and among those the reforms that money has been
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proposing but of course if there is no governing coalition in berlin it's going to be very hard no matter what the coalition you need germany the biggest economy in the european union in the euro zone to be on board to have its full force to have a functioning coalition in order to make things work and have reforms are those marks hoffman reporting us there for us from talent thank you very much one change that everyone agrees is coming soon to europe is britain's withdrawal from the bloc now both britain and the e.u. say they've had a constructive week of work that talks it was the fourth round of negotiations in brussels britain's bracks at secretary david davis was upbeat saying the teams have made decisive steps forward but his european counterparts michel barnier warn that more progress is needed before the next phase of talks on trade and a transition period there's a look at news in brief now around the world china's commerce ministry says all north korean companies operating in china have to leave the country by january the
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moves part of the latest round of un sanctions against north korea for its nuclear program. place in kenya have used tear gas to disperse protesters outside the country's election commission had quarters the opposition is threatening to boycott next month's rerun of the presidential vote which is run by the incumbent president who will kenyatta supreme court subsequently notified the result. and appall hindu priests have selected a three year old girl as the country's new living goddess it's a centuries old tradition in nepal to anoint a young girl for worship shall now remain in a palace in the center of the capital katmandu until she reaches puberty. and germany's biggest soccer club barry minhinnick sacked their coach carlo on chalabi italian won the bundesliga title last season but this isn't he has overseen a series of lackluster displays a humiliating defeat against trees on your man last night brought his time to
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a club. carlo ancelotti returning from an away match for what turned out to be the last time after fifteen months in charge biomes stinging three nil loss in paris was the last straw. the italians starting line up in that match had raised eyebrows for you and robin and frank gruber as well as jerome bulleting and about symbols were all left out. that jalopy gambled and went bust the german champions looked second best all over the pitch and were mowed down by neymar company. was than twenty four hours after the final whistle carlo was out on the club home page the byron bosses explained the start of the season had met expectations. their fans seem to agree. i think byron has high standards
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and is currently into latino didn't really live up to the. one he must have had in mind was to try and give some of the younger guys a little bit more playing time maybe he wanted to set up a changing of the guard at any rate it didn't work out well. in the neck that this is but you can see that the players aren't giving their all any more it was great under high kicks and guardiola and i was not the same and leaving out robin and holmes and was a byan fan but i can understand infections is bad for. the club it hired the fifty eight year old to make a champions league breakthrough he won the trophy at ac milan and real madrid but he couldn't take biron past the quarter finals after nine competitive matches this season and he was shown the door. it was an uncharacteristic snap decision from the bye and bosses are usually loath to make the change mid-season. and you know a former bryan player who'd been an to lottie's number two this season will take
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over as interim coach how long he'll get at the top is anybody's guess. it was another tough night for the bundesliga sides in europe and the europa league all three german sides were defeated edge of ireland were beaten one nil by swedish minnows f.k. all-stars and cologne haven't won a single game this season and they lost another this time at home to red star belgrade often time blew a first half lead in bogey area and fell two one to london that means all six german sides lost in europe this week that's the first time that's happened since the one nine hundred eighty one. well founder of playboy magazine hugh hefner has died at the age of ninety one after found fame when he launched his adult magazine in the fifty's and what was then a deeply conservative america but critics accuse the pajama multimillionaire of degrading and objectifying women it's flowers and
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a string of well wishes for the bunny king outside the famous playboy mansion in los angeles. it was here that hugh hefner ran his media and entertainment empire usually clad in his trademark so pajamas. it takes a special event to get me. to get out of my program was. put on a pair of pants. with a cafferty crafted mix of nude photos highbrow articles and big name fiction have struck a chord with playboy more than sixty years ago the men's magazine quickly became a roaring success half not his girly bag and his lifestyle was symbols of the sexual revolution and shook out puritanical american values he really brought the pop culture to life you know it during a time when he was very conservative and this was something that kind of went against the grain but he did it in a very tasteful way and you know and he's just created so many great things as
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a result the do we know it really bringing pop culture as well hold the love of others condemned teflon for degrading women treating them as objects of male fantasy just as many were fighting for basic rights and equal opportunities the internet age so playboy circulation plummet but by then half turned his bunnies had already transformed popular culture. germany is a country that loves insurance but one thing you can't get insurance for don't damage now that might be about to change because recently a driver parked his shiny new car right next to the field where this friendly and hungry don't he was grazing the car was a bright orange mclaren and the donkey mistook it for a carrot and took a huge bite a german court has now ordered the owner of that donkey to pony up five thousand eight hundred euros to pay for the damage paintwork. probably wasn't even that
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tasty about his one expensive fight quick reminder of our headline this hour on d w a number of airlines have announced they're suspending flights to iraq semi autonomous kurdish region after the government threatened to close down the airport there by friday the move was in response. kurds voting yes and the non-binding referendum for independence. more due to the news at the top of the hour for now i'm sara harmon in berlin don't forget you can always get the latest on our website dot com by for now. there's nothing.


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