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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2017 8:00am-9:01am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin tensions rise in catalonia ahead of a referendum for independence the spanish government is calling a sunday's planned vote illegal but pro independence protesters are demanding the right to decide their own future will report on the deepening divisions there also
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on the show. the russian and turkish leaders say they have a plan to end of the six year old war in syria but the ever closer cooperation between putin and air along is raising concerns at nato headquarters. and reimagining europe's future the german chancellor backs the french president's new vision for the e.u. today the blocks the digital future is on the agenda at a leader summit in tolerance. and what's up with byron munich a day after the shock sacking of coach carlo and chalabi we ask whether germany's biggest club can return to its winning ways. and we're on patrol with the a booge a traffic police we report on nigeria's controversy all efforts to put the brakes on dangerous driving.
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hello and welcome i'm brian thomas the countdown is on for a contested referendum in the spanish region of catalonia local authorities are determined to go ahead with a vote on breaking away from spain but madrid says sunday's referendum is illegal and cannot be allowed to go ahead more than seven and a half million people live in the semi autonomous region thomas region of catalonia and its famous capital of course barcelona catalogue officials are calling for a peaceful vote but thousands of extra police officers have been sent to the region and they've already seized millions of ballots. it's hard to ignore what's happening here in barcelona under crosscut and only in the abundance of cutline flags isn't something new in this wealthy part of northeastern spain but their significance has taken on a great meaning head of the on authorised independence referendum. catalan society
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has long been divided over what is best for the future of this region of seven and a half million people. recent polls have shown those in favor of independence stands at around forty percent. but our divisions in catalonia growing deeper in order to understand we made it knew me and i meant two sisters from barcelona who run a small bar in the center of the city. is in favor of an independent kind of money you. know i mean he wants catalonia to remain part of spain their national identity is central to their differing opinions they are missing the boat that i knew and i feel spanish and cotton on i'm not in a virus to have two different cultures and i mean rich by both of them i speak two languages and it's to have this option and. i only hope i don't share any of the ideas or traditions or culture that's a part of the rest of the country. sunday's planned vote is
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a constant presence in the conversations of my family and friends in catalonia often leading to a heated debate. no. not with that but i must be able to work and have dialogue and sometimes talk of a daily night's speech and it's very important for people to know that family relationships haven't broken dine and neither have groups of friends. we have no hope of that mean or you know what do we not fighting each other on the streets our cats a lot of people are able to have peaceful dialogue but the future of catalonia on sundays in the pendants vote isn't a black and white issue in a recent survey carried out in the region four in five catalogs said they were in favor of holding a referendum with all the legal guarantees as a solution to the current political crisis with emotions running high is there a middle ground for the new and both sides in the debate. going on maybe almost as
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middle ground but we should be allowed to vote. you know what that bit about it i want to fight but i would point you to independents today tomorrow whether it's an illegal vote or do you i don't believe in independence the cutline referendum has raised many questions and the future stance of this region. well is there a middle ground at this point let's bring in the reporter who put that together for us public folios he's standing by in madrid good morning pablo the government in madrid has impounded at least at this point we're hearing ten million ballot papers ahead of the voters shot down a web sites related to the referendum you know under these conditions can the vote even go ahead. good morning brian well that's the big question being asked across spain will it happen on sunday what is going to happen on sunday i mean it depends on who you speak to me i was in barcelona and the feeling on the street there is that everybody is going to go to the polling stations and many of them are going to
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be at different schools obviously that's normally were a normal vote would take place will say when i say normal i mean a legal vote in spain but of course then there's several other issues that come into play the fact that this is not permitted we don't know whether the schools are even going to be allowed open the cattle and government has been supporting principles in schools saying that they have nothing to worry about because of course it's principals of schools at the side to open those schools they're technically breaking the law but they have essentially give their backing to these people so it'll be interesting to see whether how many schools are opened and whether they will be allowed to open and also what the had the police are going to do with this issue there have been a lot of talk in barcelona that people just you know people going about from cardone are going to go to these polling stations on sunday with their families and if they're not allowed in there is
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a lot of talk that people are going to sit down in front of the schools and there's also one thing that is sort of quite striking and people who are said to me time and time and time again in barcelona which is our police are the police going to take these you know are they going to close the polling stations they feel it's very undemocratic i want to pick up on that. madrid is six thousand extra police officers to catalonia that's in addition to the catalonian forces are police prepared to use force to stop the referendum. once again brian this is we're in unchartered territory here and this is the main problem and i need to really stress this in spain at the moment there's a feeling that nobody knows what is going to happen on sunday it doesn't even if the. people here feel that even though the government and here in madrid and also in barcelona don't really know what's going to happen on sunday and the motions that's why that's the regional police in catalonia they have to follow orders from
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spain's interior ministry because the interior ministry oversees all the police forces in spain and now technically they would have to follow orders there's a lot of talk that on sunday the mushrooms are going to be present at different points across catalonia for example the polling stations but whether they will actually act. for example if there's violence but they've said that they will stand back and they are not going to put people's safety at risk so what's going to happen on sunday with regards to the most of this water that's the regional police nobody knows then of course these police forces who have come in from other parts of spain we also don't know what how what they're going to react so brian what i have to stress is there is a feeling of basically that no one knows what is going to happen on sunday ok problem thanks for that following events for us in both barcelona and madrid pablo fully ileus thanks very much. well home as here now for
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a look at the potential economic fallout if spain and catalonia were in fact to split absolutely if a divorce did go ahead we know that the political implications would be great but the economic fallout as well brian really would be significant because out of seventeen regions catalonia is spain's most prosperous tourism industry are important there in the region accounts for almost twenty percent of the nation's economic output and a pro independent business owners in the region say they are ready to go it alone but a split breaks it does not come without complications. this is the problem no district of barcelona with a start up tap water has its offices its teams developed a compact water filter that it hopes will be a market hit barcelona has been a great place to set up business but now there are doubts and if it were from the start barcelona is a cosmopolitan city teeming with top talent. if the city becomes less cosmopolitan
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as a result of the referendum that will be really difficult for us on this feeling. companies have been leaving for years the arrival of new businesses can't compensate with the losses industrial banker and independence opponent shows a bow thinks it'll only get worse as it will be at the next if independence goes through it will unleash an exit as companies want to be in europe or in the capital . for catalonia that would mean a drop in economic output rising unemployment and higher taxes in order. lonia would collapse economically. i mean that still many employers support catalonian independence. this company produces detergent the owner feels things would be better without the madrid government yet he's nervous about the referendum. we should be concerned with what's coming but be ready to
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take this courageous step i think there's no way around this crisis and action needs to be taken. because of the recent turmoil the company has taken a more international approach and wants to reduce its dependence on the rest of spain. we have prepared a crisis plan even though we are a small company we put our heads together and thought long and hard about how we can best prepare for the challenges we might expect in the future. but if that many business owners are taking a wait and see approach this is also true for german concerns nowhere else and spain has as many german businesses as catalonia some with several production facilities. but there's a mixture of suspense and anxiety if you believe the process will be orderly. it's
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believed many companies would relocate to madrid that tap water they'll cross that bridge when they get there. my advice on the fourth yet no one knows what'll happen is if there were no more euro or membership in the e.u. we'd have no other choice and. there hasn't been this kind of stripe in spain for decades but opponents and backers agree on one thing uncertainty will likely continue well past the referendum vote. and here with me in the studio now is mary capra's she's representative of the catalonian government here in germany belonging to the republican left of catalonia party of pro independence group thank you very much for joining us today for having me now say a border is erected say catalonia is no longer a member of the euro zone or the european union what do you expect the economic implications to be while in the first place we're not expecting catalonia to get out of the european union first of all because
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a cut alone and our cut of arms are already europe european citizens but why not she has already said that it would have to renegotiate and you know this is very natural i think it's normal step to do it's but we are convinced europeans and we are extremely paying more to the european union than we get in financial aid so i think it's a it's a clever thing to maintain that alone you within the european union but spain has already said that they could potentially be a trade boycott and when so many exports for example go towards spain are you not worried about the financial fallout in terms of revenue for catalonia actually the exports are increasingly more important to towards the international countries than to spain we have a growing export economy and we have ours also growing investment in international interest when included on your last year of year we had sixty four billion euros
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and in export and trade and this year we are already over the we are growing an international investment. twenty percent so this means there is no depth about the stability of catalonia e.u. membership aside entrepreneurs and investors often vote with their feet we've already seen banks in barcelona say they may go to madrid and say what about retaining attractive investment how would catalonia do that while catalonia is one of the first industrialised regions of the mediterranean we have to go back to eight hundred fifty two when we got a new us part of the industrial revolution and that means that is a place where industrial industry is very normal it's natural to catalans to to to have a growing industry so i think that that is an important factor of mind we want to be a growing and prosper economy and we are having that as i said before we are also the leading in this to geisha universities cut alone universities partake in many
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european projects and it's very interesting to see for instance in bio medics catalonia has a leading investigation going on but let's be realistic about this these are tense times in fact i have to loan you to remember to remain part of the e.u. all the member states would have to agree including spain do you really expect consent to come from spain well i hope so i hope so but we are not the ones who have to convince spain to to admit as again a new the e.u. i think the should have award on that and they should see that what is going on in qatar lonely colonia is completely peaceful and democratic and it would be very surprising to be to two to receive a ban on that thank you very much mary care pres for your perspective here on d w thank you. and we continue with the topic of independence referendum now brian has
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more on the fallout from the poll in iraqi kurdistan yeah all of this been some real consequences already the iraqi government has an active retaliatory measures following the vote for independence by the country's kurdish population all international flights in and out of iraqi kurdistan have been suspended beginning today anxious foreigners have been rushing to the airport in the kurdish capital here b.-o. afraid of being stranded it's the first major reprisal after about ninety percent of kurds voted yes to independence on monday neighboring iran and turkey are also applying pressure concerned about their own large kurdish minorities turkey has threatened potentially crippling restrictions on oil exports. while russia and turkey have agreed to cooperate closely to end the syrian conflict russia's president vladimir putin met with the turkish president rush of terror early on in ankara on thursday they signed off on a number of arms trade and security deals and they underscore that the conditions
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have been created in syria for the elimination of terrorists and the return to peaceful life. in the aftermath of an aerial bombardment hangs over the town in northern syria on the ground ambulances raced to help the victims in the skies above a russian or city in fighter jet problems rescue workers say strikes you have claimed one hundred fifty civilian lives this week alone it is another deadly moment and this one. it is why these two men are meeting they're having backed opposite sides in the syrian conflict and putin agreed to enforce a deescalation zone in the north around militant held. it is part of a plan to wind down the bloodshed between rebel groups and the government. thanks to the deescalation zones defector conditions were created to prevent fratricide end the civil war wipe out terrorists and pave the way for people to
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return to peaceful living conditions. of the payroll so discuss the disputed referendum on iraqi kurdistan independent let's all surprise that tuckey with its own kurdish insurgency its home rejected the vote from going under. this referendum has no legitimacy in terms of the iraqi constitution and international laws. yet take we agree on the territorial integrity of iraq and syria if used in a show of their closer cooperation add to an agreed to by a russian missile defense system that's likely to rile the nato alliance now for a look at some of the other stories making the news this morning one thousand row
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injure refugees are dead dozens others are missing after the boat capsized off the coast of bangladesh. united nations chief antonio terraces called on me and mars leaders to end the refugees nightmare more than half a million muslims have fled to me and more in the wake of an altered crackdown the government says is aimed at extremists. china's commerce ministry has said that all north korean companies operating in china must leave the country by january the move is part of the latest round of un sanctions against north korea for its nuclear and missile programs. the so-called islamic state group has released an audio recording of its leader abu box you're all bug daddy and if he says he will continue to fight despite recent setbacks of a doubt he had been thought to be dead with his last recording released last year the u.s. says as has no reason to doubt the recording is authentic. online days after
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tropical storm maria hit puerto rico u.s. president dollar trump has promised to speed up relief efforts for the caribbean island meanwhile the situation on the ground remains chaotic many residents still have no access to food fuel or water they face long lines in front of distribution centers other parts of the island have been completely isolated after the storm damaged streets and bridges. their views carolina chinoy spoke with the only puerto rican delegate in the u.s. house of representatives about the situation in the island. when the house of representatives with representative denny favored sallis going on from puerto rico thank you for this interview. how bad is the situation right now in pretoria is a dire situation we're having a humanitarian crisis of all levels because the people don't have access to water i mean there's just less than forty percent of the island with running water but you also got the whole island without power and when that happens so you're using
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generators for the hospitals for the clinics for all of services and you are not receiving i mean the goods in commodities that i've been sending by the federal government or by the private sector today are in and they are daring the ports where they can be reached them in his apology so we've got a problem of logistics because we never expected to have this kind of situation even when the governor and the national guard it's an duty to hear moods and a ground and there are more than ten thousand federal employees helping out in this situation did you learn. all of this asteroid we got is catastrophic i mean we're talking about more than nine bridges that were washed away by the floodings we're talking about an airport we did a rate or so for three planes we went to six planes for day now is twenty four but we used to have forty two planes fly by day there's no person for t.s.a.
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to manage to keep away from regarding. the massive exodus of people that is going to be going through this situation and fans got to we've got to for the federal government helping out in all areas because alone we will never do what do you expect from the united states of america how can they i mean we need to be treated as a state in thousands got the president called me yesterday and is being called in the governor during all these days and they're providing not only food but not only water but also equipment and people to manage the situation but the problem is so big i mean we are niland so you've got to get there by port or by air so that's the biggest challenge to locate those those funds locate the those resources to ireland today we were approved here in congress a bill to promote released package is not enough but it definitely includes but if we go directly so it's going to apply to the island in second one just today we
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received forty million dollars from federal highway administration to help rebuild those highways and bridges and i know the president just send a lot of people more medics six on their medics and more than one thousand new beds for hospitals to manage to cure and prices and the devastation we just got out of there what the situation be different if we don't recall would be a regular state i mean you will be i mean. finally if we were stayed up a lot of things will be already in place before. this situation and that's what we hope to be to become a state to actually people of what we could vote in june ninety seven percent to become state of the nation thank you so much for this interview but. there we have some football news now and thursday night was another nightmare for business leaders sides all three german sides defeated in the u.a.e. for a cup europa league or head of bilin were beaten one nil by swedish minnows f.
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k. off the suns cologne who haven't won a single game this season lost another this time at home to red star belgrade often blew a first half lead in bulgaria fell two one to literates after the defeat of all three bonus league teams in the champions league that means six german sides lost in europe this week that's the first time that's happened since one thousand nine hundred eighty one now there's been a media fall out with byron munich sacking their coach carlo lofty after a three no thrashing by paris on jermaine the shock waves from that move by germany's biggest football club are still reverberating in the football world a former player well he saw gaul will take over as interim coach for their next match at header berlin that's coming up this weekend on sunday. ok time to break this all down with the squire from the sports stars what a run for german sides my goodness you know this move seems like
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a panic decision for from byron's bosses doesn't it what triggered a lot is firing this was a panicky decision you completely correct and it was a panicky decision with no plan a b. c. d. all the way through to z. in the build up to this game as soon as by munich knew that they would be playing p.s.g. in the champions league the chairman of by and collins rooney a very outspoken a very loud critic of p.s.g. being a new club a new leverage and they were breaking financial fair play rules etc etc it became more of a face saving move from him he held a speech after the drubbing. that they had had at the hands of p.s.g. and said there would be consequences nobody expected these consequences to come so quickly they made the decision at three thirty in the morning that means they didn't sleep over it but didn't think about it there was no plan a b. or c. and ruminate definitely fault if i get rid of lottie i'm saving my face and that's the situation them ok also bringing up the breaking of financial rules by paris i
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think that's a crucial point to maybe well we'll hear more about you know byron needs a new coach to get back on track what can we expect or the german media understandably writing pages upon pages about the situation at the at the club that they so lovingly dubbed f.c. hollywood for apparent reasons and right now we are in a blockbuster blockbuster phase that by munich ami who can take over the coach. there is a development in in the bonus they get to take obscure young head jelled you've trainers and fling them into the into the fray that's not going to happen it by me and this is unheard of situation of mine who can they take you you know he goes man he's in a really good job at hoffenheim a young college people are saying he would love to be bines coach he's on the contract with league rivals off and i'm so he's not going then they say mehmet scholl a former player and a reserve team coach in experience you can clubs names been touted he's at liverpool in the premier league earning much much oh i don't think he will return
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to buy those very early since i think they're out the one option would be thomas to hold former dalton coach won the cup last year with dortmund he's out of a job but he's a micromanaging coach it goes beyond tactics even goes forward to the way the locker room is laid out. his predecessor it by munich was pep guardiola he was a micro-manager and we saw the animosity develop while the club was what he was at that club so it may well be to hold but they have to do something and they have to do it now whereas. you go from here all those pressures this is the one silver lining that by and have it gives them a golden opportunity to take a good long hard look at the problems at the club. far too long they've been summing themselves in the fact that they are germany's top dog team but now they are in danger of being an also ran in europe and europe is the champions league title they desperately want to win again they need to restructure the squad they've got a lot of all players riparian robin thirty three and thirty full they need to be replaced but the problem is how do you do it in the current transfer market buying music of
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going out on record saying we're not prepared to pay more than fifty million euros for a player fifty million euros in the current transfer market buys you an average player . nine moduli is left leg and left leg so long i don't mind games ok little titles. good morning to you thanks a lot for that. still to come on the show building europe's digital future these kids learning how to program robots in a stone you could one day challenge the u.s. and china's dominance in technology. will be right back. to golf life we take football personally. to any. free women religious. put the bowl back of the next days come all the
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way to the state. because football is a team sport. sixty minutes. she's long been a symbol of hope in syria trying to help people. does she stand for change and work the phones facade of her husband's ruthless. she believes like projection that they are saving syria. the beautiful for. but the dictatorship starting october first on d w. a hijacking the news. where i come from the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black
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and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told is that stuff and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoking mirrors it's not just about the fear of ballots or being neutral it's about being true. when he was breaking dawn and i were getting the. hello again this is deja vu news live from berlin our top stories right now thousands of high school and university students have been rallying in barcelona to defend the catalonians right to hold an independence referendum on sunday the government in madrid says that referendum is illegal and has vowed to stop it from
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going ahead. and in football following the departure of carlo on chalabi from bahrain munich former player willie saga all has been installed as the caretaker coach but c.e.o. carl hinds rather and i go is under pressure to get his ship back on course. all you leaders are meeting in the a stoney and capital tolland for talks on europe's digital future it's the first e.u. summit dedicated entirely to digitalisation where europe hopes to be a global leader w.'s max often reports now from a stone you know one of the smallest e.u. members but one that punches well above its weight when it comes to technology and innovation. the two youngsters don't know what's wrong they're using the commands their teacher is showing them so far the lego robot just isn't moving. i'm trying to connect better about
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it come to. robotics classes like these are part of school curriculum and a stone they're supposed to give the kids a head start for what's already here the digital age i mean everything is turning digital now so it's it's kind of a good first step towards. computers and stuff because as we were all young we like to play where play with lego so this is basically you know playing with lego at the same time learning something. good thing that europe needs exactly what these kids are learning. these are the most important internet companies in the world and they will have more and more weight in the future the top ten are all from the u.s. or china none are from a very. tiny a stone you know is trying to change that it's capital city tommy might have
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a medieval face but it's got a digital heart and. this is how it's don't you know worse everybody has a card to access public services online credit history real estate ownership child benefits it's all there declaring taxes takes three minutes on the good company takes twenty thanks to the digital society there's very little red tape. when you don't have to deal with a musician i think you actually have more time for some added value paid by believe it coming from should change and use more technology so they can be more efficient . this way the government also knows more about its citizens to many in europe this idea. all knowing state is a big worry the concern here though is that the rest of the e.u. is lagging so far behind when it comes to digital. i think the case is certain to not last europe but if you see the big numbers the big numbers
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of who is good who is investing in the latest technologies who is getting the top talent what are the biggest internet companies and by market cap the reason no european company top twenty in e-commerce you see a lot of chinese and american companies dominating the market so in that sense i would be. the stone you know at least is trying to stem the tide the future top talent are honing their skills. for the country and for these kids. the lego robots are finally moving. a lego star moving into the digital age but can europe follow hoffman joins us now from tolland europe is lagging way behind us we heard your report the digital curve what's been holding it back. many of the things that we just saw in that report for example if you look
8:35 am
at the disparities between the different countries people in luxembourg are much more familiar with using computers in the online world than people in bulgaria so that's one thing then the second thing is not all people have access to broadband that's a huge problem also in countries like germany if you live in the wrong place in the countryside in a rural area in germany you might not have access to fast internet and of course it's always about the regulatory framework also in the european union that you can be quite difficult because of a country has to cross borders or at least perceived borders it costs money it creates insecurity that's something the companies don't like so to sum it up regulatory framework education and also the technological infrastructure ok those are some very big challenges now against that background the e.u. wants to be a digital global leader by twenty twenty five and set that goal it's very ambitious how do they plan to go about doing that. very ambitious indeed you put it right
8:36 am
there brian but they have two ways of doing it the stone leading the way in you know and one possibility which is trying to beat the big tech giants at their own game create an infrastructure that's extremely friendly you just saw in the report i mean to found a company here in the stone you literally in they showed us how to do it it takes twenty minutes so that really is no red tape but of course the competition is huge with companies like google with amazon and even apple that's getting into the game here as well the second possibility that you have here in europe is taking the traditional industries that are quite strong for example take the car industry in germany and try to lead them transfer them into the new digital age that's called industry four point zero and the best example is here who is going to win the race for the next for the self driving car really is it going to be the big data companies like google or the traditional car manufacturers like maybe b.m.w. in germany this race is on and that's where europe really has some potential and
8:37 am
i'm going to talk about self driving cars and big data what comes to mind immediately is privacy issues cyber security the big concerns now how tough is it to reconcile them with a digital single market. it really depends on the rules of the digital single market but you're right it is a huge concern especially in countries like germany because of its past not so much here in stone you know we put that question forward even to the president here is that aren't you worried that at one point if you have a government that doesn't play by the rules let's say a stone in air to one in power that he's going to misuse all that data that they have access to so it is a legit concern on the other hand if companies don't have access these days to big data then they really can't operate in this environment so europe will have to strike a balance here is find a way to do that to keep their companies competitive and to soothe the concerns of the citizens for privacy for cyber security that is the big challenge at the moment
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ok as being discussed at the summit of course which comes just days after the french president manuel mccrone delivered his grand vision for europe's future the german chancellor angela merkel had this to say about one on one meeting right after that one on one meeting rather last night bus pushing on the long regarding the hospital close those there's a high degree of agreement between germany and france we of course have to talk about the details. but i'm of the firm conviction that europe cannot simply stand still. instead yet needs to develop into the future. ok we have some cautious support there on that plan from all of the machall what's what's been some of the other response to my calls plan. we heard from our sources that the dinner when quite harmonious actually this is unfolding as a recap of many important europe speeches of the past so younger gave
8:39 am
a recap of his speech my call give a recap of his speech even the reason may give a recap of her speech. they know that they have different visions for the e.u. but that they're all more or less on the same page that something needs to be done the e.u. commission even distributed a paper saying two visions one direction so it's sort of a race who gets to save the european union at the moment the spirit is positive but still it's some point they will have to agree on which path exactly they're going to take ok well how does how does today's summit in tal and where you are fed into all of these concepts being massaged forward about reforms about its future. digitalisation is one of the topics that was identified where that you really has to punch harder another one is fight terrorism security the auto borders do something about the migration crisis and they're trying to take these topics more
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or less to the different countries to the people if you will they used to hold up in brussels and talk about that now they're going to tell me and they have something planned and in abidjan in ivory coast for example an african summit they have a eurozone summit planned they have a social summit planned lots of summits to really address these topics to get the european union rolling to get it on track but i mean the problem remains bright and the problem remains even if you had these different summits even if you have the will to do something at the end the twenty eight member states soon twenty seven member states will have to agree on something. on following the digital summit in tallinn for us thanks very much mike. it's to india now where a wave of suicides in rural areas has reached epidemic level authorities say last year about twelve thousand farmers took their own lives and that number is expected to be even higher this year hit by drought and deaths many farmers see no other way
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out but what happens to the families they leave behind one school the state of maharashtra is taking in children who've lost both their parents to suicide smear t. is the name of the newest student the director introduces her to the class he doesn't have to tell them has story every child in this room has experienced something similar a few weeks ago father hung himself because he could no longer meet the cost of feeding his family. two years ago jug dish his father committed suicide for the same reason he did it by swallowing pesticides. the school director keeps a list of similar farmers to his sides in the region almost every day a farmer kills himself sometimes more than one the director establishes contact with the widow and office to take on her children. and in
8:42 am
a more busy balance in the last in years. out. going. out would be the minimum. worth. three hundred children and registered at this school which is financed by donations the concept is a private initiative started by the director himself grew up in a poor farm his family he knows what these children have been three for example young but just three his father killed himself a year ago my dad afterwards my mother ran away luckily they had room for me here. jugged dish is lucky instead of running away his mother moved to the school with him she got a job in the kitchen at least you no longer suffers from hunger which was the case shortly before her husband took his life. we harvested next to nothing but the creditors wanted their money back then my husband killed himself
8:43 am
and. going to live with. sometimes she takes drug dealers to visit the village they came from near the central indian city of all round about. their relatives are taking care of her second son. he is not ready to go to school. he suffers from a peter to loosen nations in which he sees the ghost of his father. whatever happens drug decent his brother will not grow up to be farmers first of all we do not have land anymore and secondly they should not have the same job that drove my husband to suicide. in the small village everyone has a relative who has committed suicide and nearly everyone suffers under financial hardships following a harvest failure these farmers were left with only
8:44 am
a few goats this man's wife desperately needs a doctor she just returned from a hospital who turned her away because she was not able to pay for her treatments. we are still paying back the rate we used to pay for the seat seven years ago that we have no have it was going to get hasn't rained. on a neighboring field to farmers applying the acreage. most people here are indebted after knowing money to private money lenders although the government announced a partial debt and moment this only applies to bank credits and there are no job alternatives. every second indian works in agriculture. but over the years the economic landscape has shifted. experts say that india has not effectively made the structural change. it is expected that the workforce.
8:45 am
manufacturing. skilled manufacturing which is something on which india should have focused was something which was not supported by. the farmers discontent has been growing here they are demonstrating in the capital delhi demanding that grain prices be doubled the state is the biggest consumer. one of the greats protesting a school children they are also in a special institute for children of suicide from as their attendance is meant to shake people up so this is citee no longer just accept the fact that more than ten thousand fathers kill themselves each year i would lay. this brigade. on the remainder i explained. because it is the problem of society at the moment the only response individual initiatives like this school they make it possible for children might just days smriti and the others to get what their fathers lacked a life without hunger and the chance to have
8:46 am
a happy future. or for more on the future of role in the end the crisis is facing i'm joined by did abuse delhi correspondence on your fall a car sania yeah this report has some really heart wrenching stories and it isn't only private initiatives that are helping the people involved is in the government doing anything to address this crisis in the small farming community. well brian actually over the years several state governments in india have taken measures to to prevent pharmacists for example in the western state of maharashtra where that report we saw was filmed then the state government in mumbai earlier the c.e.o. announced a major farm loan waiver scheme and response for an accurate drought situation and in the past to various governments have taken measures they've included things like providing agricultural subsidies providing concessions on electricity bills trying to boost farmer incomes insurance schemes to protect against crop failures but i
8:47 am
have to say a lot of these really factors that are announced by governments but farmers are often failed they often flounder because of excessive bureaucracy often in inefficient administration of fun sometimes even corruption you know as we heard in our report fifty percent of the population of the working population is involved in the agricultural sector you know what how big is this problem how widespread is it and and how's of being discussed the idea. well for most of the sides are a widespread problem they are the media here to reports on it now earlier this year the government of india kind of released figures that said that twelve thousand suicides were reported in the agricultural sector since the year two thousand and thirteen now that does sound like a lot but it's interesting if you speak to activists here on the ground they will actually tell you that there's been an act in an actual decline in the number of
8:48 am
suicides among farmers but if you follow the news reports here you wouldn't really believe that and i think one of the problems analysts here say that the media coverage of these events is often quite sensationalized it's often promises sides often simplistically linked to the problem of debt and this kind of reporting can sometimes lead to a contagion where you see famine straight copycat suicides the government is also to blame a number of economists here i've written articles saying that the government should really not focus on handouts of farmers and subsidies but really kind of look at promises sides as as a public health problem and look at the kind of underlying issues around suicide ok now one of one of the factors that no doubts being tied in is extreme weather linked to climate change you know how is that adding to the pressure on the small farms. well extreme weather is certainly a major factor in india's farming crisis you know drought and rising temperatures
8:49 am
are definitely a challenge also because much of india's agriculture with remember is rain fed on the other hand you know unseasonal rains storms strong monsoon rains and floods are often equally problematic you know earlier this year we saw farmers in a few states in india come out of the streets because there was a bumper harvest if you will by rob a small back led to a crop plot as a result several crop prices crashed no india has traditionally had a problem it doesn't know how to really how to deal with surplus harvests because of the lack of adequate food storage capacities so i think beyond the weather there are many structural problems here that cannot be ignored experts here say for decades indian farming has been plagued really by a decline in productivity by lack of modernization by lack of water conservation so i think there are several factors here at play ok sunny what about the dynamics of debt how to form a script so deeply in debt that they wind up saying no way out. well
8:50 am
that is a real problem you know i mean local moneylenders are often kind of portrayed as the villain in pharmacist side narratives in india but it's kind of interesting the government released figures they looked at the year two thousand and fifteen and they saw basically said that about eighty percent of farmers they found out killed themselves because of bankruptcy and because of debts after taking loans from the home sector so from private banks or micro finance institutes and i think one of the main reasons why many indian farmers are in debt are really rising health costs you know farming families take additional loans to meet rising health care costs more than half the rural population in india uses private health care services which are about four times more expensive than public health care so i think rising health cards costs are really a major reason why we're seeing so many farmers and it in india ok briefly if you could we hear about a plan out there to prevent suicides it's called a stress index what can you tell us about that.
8:51 am
yeah brian that's that's an interesting concepts of the a couple of agricultural universities in india have teamed up with psychologists to create the so-called scris index for farmers and this is based on the idea that the overwhelming cause of suicide is really mental distress and not financial stress which can be not be cured by subsidies and loan waivers the idea here is to identify bundle farming communities train local volunteers to reach out to distressed farmers within the areas and provide intensive counseling for six months so that to prevent them from taking any extreme step to debbie's dolly correspondence on your phone a car thanks so much sorry for those insights. it's to nigeria now where police are making a big effort to rein in the chaos on the roads a few weeks ago they launched a new initiative now if you run a red light or use your cell phone behind the wheel the you don't just get a ticket you have to go see a psychologist to use increase as more. red light
8:52 am
who cares in nigeria's capital not many do. we're on patrol with their budget traffic police are out i mean and his fellow officers a cracking down on two offenses in particular so busy no traffic lights and for nice is. too out of. hope so let's see how it goes well but rules aren't there to do the right thing. it doesn't take long before they catch their first offender this driver was talking on his mobile phone while behind the wheel. he's none too pleased at being pulled over and clearly doesn't like what he's hearing on the phone loving motorists have to pay
8:53 am
a fine equivalent two hundred euros and that's not all. before they can even pay their fine and get back their vehicle the offenders have to come to one of the hospitals here in this is where they have to do it psychological check out a procedure that is not only controversial amongst the offenders. the chief psychometrist at the national hospital enough to just fears that using therapy as a punishment sends the wrong signal and stigmatizes those struggling with mental illness instead of mental health clinics she believes the police should look to other countries for solutions in other words they don't know what do you stop you just going to get it to get in the post and you're just going to have to respond. so i think we need to when you will when we need a lot to do in terms of data collection i mean times also of driver education and in terms of law enforcement making sure that the laws are there and the l.b.
8:54 am
. the traffic police chief is convinced he's on the right track since the new law went into effect is officers have arrested more than two thousand defenders as a matter of fact is in the result people who have been arrested and have gone to the hospital for that evaluation have also send messages to even the our friends there had discussions so the message has gone. but on the streets of the capital of drivers have mixed views. you have the right does the light i stop you from going ahead you do it it's something psychological. i feel like mental examination is a bit drastic first stop allegation you know there's other ways to go you give someone a ticket or you could advise them to get checked but to actually take them doesn't really make sense to me at all. controversial as it is the new law fails to address
8:55 am
the most fundamental problem even when told to pull over many drivers simply keep going those who do stop often just get oh by saying a bride. is getting a quick reminder of our top stories at this hour thousands of high school and university students of rallied in barcelona to defend catalonians right to hold an independence referendum come sunday the government in madrid says that referendum is illegal and has vowed to stop it from going ahead. russia and turkey have agreed to cooperate closely in the syrian conflict president putin aired along in ankara on thursday they signed off on a number of arms trade and security deals saying cooperation have now and conditions rather have been created in syria for an end to the six year old civil war. and football following the departure of carlo enchiladas from bahrain munich
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former player really sagal has been installed as the caretaker coach but c.e.o. roman ego is under pressure to get his ship back on course. this is due to be news live from berlin don't forget there's always more at our website and dot com you can also follow us on twitter and facebook as well for now though from the entire news team thanks so much for being with us.
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kickoff life we take football personally. three women religious. put the ball back over the next few days come
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this is deja vu news live from berlin tensions rising in catalonia ahead of a referendum for independence the spanish government is calling sunday's planned vote illegal but pro independence protesters are demanding the right to decide their own future will report on the deepening divisions.


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