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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2017 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin tensions rising in catalonia ahead of a referendum for independence the spanish government is calling sunday's planned vote illegal but pro independence protesters are demanding the right to decide
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their own future will report on the deepening divisions also on the show. russian and turkish leaders say they have a plan to end the six year old war in syria but the ever closer cooperation between putin and everyone is raising concerns at nato headquarters. i was up at bar new nick a day after the shock sacking of coach karl enchilada an interim coach takes the reins ahead of sunday's visit to had a berlin so can germany's biggest clock return to its winning ways. hello and welcome i'm brian thomas the countdown is on for a contested referendum in the spanish region of catalonia local authorities are determined to go ahead with the vote on breaking away from spain but madrid. says
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sunday's referendum is illegal and cannot be allowed to go ahead now about seven and a half million people live in the catalonian region of northern spain its capital of course is barcelona catalogue officials are calling for a peaceful vote but thousands of extra police officers have been sent to catalonia and they've seized millions of ballots. it's hard to ignore what's happening here in barcelona and across catalonia the abundance of catalan flags isn't something new in this well the part of northeastern spain but their significance has taken on a greater meaning ahead of the unauthorized independence referendum. society has long been divided over what is best for the future of this region of seven and a half million people recent polls have shown those in favor of independence stands at around forty percent but our divisions in catalonia are growing deep.
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in order to understand we met noémi and event two sisters from boston who run a small bar in the center of the city marianna is in favor of an independent catalonia noaimi wants catalonia to remain part of spain and that national identity is central to their differing opinions. i feel spanish and catalan i'm not embarrassed to have two different cultures and i'm in which by both of them i speak two languages and it's nice to have this option if. i don't share any. culture of the rest of the country. sundays plan vote is a constant presence in conversations among family and friends in catalonia often leading to a heated debate. you know. no way to work and have dialogue and sometimes talk of a daily night's speech and it's very important for people to know that family
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relationships haven't broken dein and need to have groups of friends. not fighting each other on the streets. catatonic able to have peaceful dialogue. but the future of catalonia and the independence vote isn't a black and white issue in a recent survey carried out in the region four and five catalan said they would in favor of holding a referendum with all the legal get in t's as a solution to the current political crisis with emotions running high is there a middle ground for noaimi and and both sides in the debate. as middle ground where we should be allowed to. get on with that about it i want to vote but i would vote no to independents today tomorrow whether it's in any will vote or your vote i don't believe in independence. the catalan referendum has raised many questions about the future status of this region ok sources headed
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let's go now live to pablo standing by for us in madrid pablo the government in madrid hasn't pounded at least ten million ballot papers ahead of this vote shut down websites related to the referendum can this vote go ahead under these conditions. well that's the question everybody is asking themselves here in the drip down of courts across scotland only i was there the last couple of days in barcelona on the feeling on the street is that people seem quite determined to go and vote on sunday now where what is still unclear is whether the schools which are normally the polling stations are going to open and the cutline regional government has said that they will fuck the principals of the schools who of course have the keys to open them on sunday and now the thing about it is this calls into question the big issue essentially if they do open the schools they're breaking spanish law and this is why the government came out and said that they would have back them if they do open the schools on sunday before tonight any ballot papers i'm going to
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have any specific locations it's a difficult question to answer and a question that nobody here in spain either in the central government or in the council and regional government can guarantee ok now madrid has sent in at least six thousand extra police officers to the region that's in addition to catalonia is only police force is the madrid government prepared to use police force to stop this referendum from going ahead. well certainly the feeling and catalonia. many people that i spoke that on sunday things will be quite nice people are quite concerned a lot of people have said that they will go out onto the streets with their families of course it's sunday and they will try and vote and now there's a big issue happening at the moment which is of course like you said there's that extra police in the region but there's also another issue it's whether the regional police are called must cease and are going to stop people from entering and holding stations of course once again if these polling stations are allowed to open or if they even exist on some that and. police system is quite confusing there are
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several different types of police force. it's very very unclear at the moment what's going to up the spanish government will speak today later today and also the reason the government are expected to give some sort of more clear details of what they expect on sunday with regards to security and where people should go and vote certainly looking forward to hearing both of those positions public folios for some adroit thanks very much. and and with me here in the studio right now is marie compresses a representative for the catalonian government here in germany and she belongs to the republican left of catalonia party which is pro independence thanks so much for coming in this morning having me i'm very uncertain times right now as we just heard from our our course our correspondent there how sure are you under the conditions of we've just been talking about that this referendum will in fact go ahead while we saw the images and the people i determined to have
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a referendum and that's the. point that's what it is about and that people want to vote so that's why the current government has to hold a referendum ok so you're convinced that in spite of the ballots being seized the police being out in force at the votes going to happen anyway yes where to turn and yes ok now is the door to dialogue with madrid closed why why is there no discussion going on between catalonia. and madrid right now spain's economy minister suggested catalonia could be offered more money greater autonomy wouldn't that be enough to satisfy what you're looking for yeah he said so yesterday which is very late in fact we are asking for and a new state of it to anime from twenty five on which was the first tried to to renovate and to modernize our state your enemy and we have been taught that it's not possible to modernize the minister of defense part of that phony and spain for so many years and it's from twenty ten on then people go massively on the
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roads and ask for independence the current government says ok let's see what people really want or how are the merit majorities as the majority of pro or. remnants are not if i can jump in there a recent poll in july shows forty nine percent of catalogs are opposed to independence so so why have this referendum you know when no is going on because is winning then we will have anticipated election very quickly but we need to be clear on that point we need to have this this. question do you want to have an independence for quite alone you are not because if not we are always talking about the same thing again and again and there is no did no dialogue with madrid because madrid isn't willing to talk about certain topics here but madrid has pointed out that this referendum has no basis in the country's constitution and that in fact it's illegal what our advisors and our experts say that it fact it is and we
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also call called the international legislation on civil rights where in the article one has said that people have the right of self-determination ok mary top rights from the catalonian government here in germany from the republican left of catalonia party thanks so much for being with us. well to iraq now an iraqi government is implementing retaliatory measures following a vote for independence by the country's kurdish population all international flights in and out of iraqi kurdistan are being suspended from today on anxious foreigners have been rushing to the airport in the kurdish capital or below afraid of being stranded it's the first major reprisal after about ninety percent of kurds voted yes to independence on monday neighboring iran and turkey are also applying pressure concerned about the ramifications for their own large kurdish minorities turkey has threatened potentially crippling restrictions on oil traders.
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and russia and turkey have agreed to cooperate closely to end the syrian conflict russia's president vladimir putin met with the turkish president russia tire early on an anchor on thursday they signed off on a number of arms trade and security deals and they underscored that the conditions have been created in syria for the elimination of terrorists and a return to peace. in the aftermath of an aerial bombardment hangs over the top in the northern city of on the ground i'm given says race to help the victims in the skies above a russian or city in fighter jet problems rescue workers say you know strikes you have claimed one hundred fifty civilian lives this week alone it is another deadly moment and this one. it is why these two men are meeting they're having backed opposite sides in the syrian conflict and putin agreed to enforce a deescalation zone in the north around militant held. it is part of a plan to wind down the bloodshed between rebel groups and the government.
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thanks to the deescalation zones defect conditions were created to prevent fratricide and the civil war wipe out terrorists and pave the way for people to return to peaceful living conditions. the payroll so discuss the disputed referendum on iraqi kurdistan independence let's all surprise that tuckey with its own kurdish insurgency its home rejected the vote from going under. this referendum has no legitimacy in terms of the iraqi constitution and international laws. we agree on the territorial integrity of iraq and syria if used in
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a show of their closer cooperation to an agreed to by a russian missile defense system that's likely to rile the nato alliance the un chief antonio the terrorist has called on me and mars leaders to end the nightmare faced by ranger refugees fleeing an army campaign dozens of refugees fleeing in mar have been arriving by boat in neighboring bangladesh today scores of drowned while trying to cross water separating the two countries yesterday one thousand people died dozens more are still missing after the boat capsized in the last month more than half a million muslims have led me in mar following a military crackdown. for more on this story let's bring in poppy macpherson she's journalist based in me and maher poppy the u.n. appears to be losing patience with me and maher over his handling of the ranger crisis what's been the reaction where you are to the criticism in myanmar. right it will meet on my. thirty's and a lot of people view the u.n.
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as a very as a biased international organisation on this issue and there have been. by government officials and others saying you know the un is meddling in that it's gone and he's think one side man maher is pushing the argument that this violence was prompted by terrorist acts by random groups saying that the un is unfair and taking the side of her hand when they should be looking at all so the people who were affected by those terrorist attacks ok you know half a million wrenches of course have been forced to flee now to escape the violence to bangladesh the un secretary general is calling it the world's fastest developing refugee nightmare why is me and maher not talking about this scale
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of this crisis at all. right well all me i'm a is still saying continues to say they don't know why ranger are playing and they're refusing to accept the testimony of very engine who say that there's mass killing going on in rakhine state and the government is is either is refusing to believe that testimony and saying that they are essentially lying. about being. the real ones in the argument have come to mind the government was saying that range of what burning their own houses. the militants were but houses down and then today in state media they were forced to acknowledge that it was actually. locals bunny down. for the time they had. to rein in this crisis the un solicited a number of demands for the beam our government that immediately and military operations allow access humanitarian aid let the refugees return home how likely is
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it that being mar will act on some of these demands. will mean one has promised i mean they promised for a couple of weeks now to allow people to come back in if they are citizens that's how it's been framed and of course there are hinges. there are state brandreth say that they don't have the don't and don't have system. so the idea that they will be able to like it. is very cruel if if you know even if they want to come back in which the moment to welcome repatriation is a little bit strange when people are still the country ok poppy macpherson for us today bring us up on the latest from me and mark thanks very much. we have some breaking news coming in right now at least twenty one people have died dozens more were wounded in a stampede in mumbai india now this incident happened during morning rush hour at
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the elphinstone railway station police are investigating the cause of the stampede and we will bring you more details as they come in we have a look now at some of the other stories making news this morning the so-called islamic state group has released an audio recording of its leader abu book your daddy in it he says he will continue to fight despite recent setbacks dadi had been reported to be dead with his last recording released last year the u.s. as it has no reason to doubt the recording is authentic. and german police are searching for a man who slipped lethal poison into food products on sale in southern germany including baby food police say the alleged perpetrator sent an e-mail threatening to poison more products across germany and elsewhere in europe until he was paid millions of euros. and journalists in serbia have staged a media blackout dozens of web sites darkened their screens and newspapers appeared with black in front pages they're accusing the government of using threats
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intimidation and financial pressure to block free speach. well digitalisation has become a real catch word in the media these days but what does it mean for our everyday lives hello what's it looking like one of course the technical term means that you're turning an analog format into a digital one so it can be interpreted by computer remember without that back in a school brian but digitalization is affecting nearly every area of human endeavor these days and it's changing daily life dramatically for billions of people especially when it comes to well how they communicate how you do business for example you don't write shopping lists probably anymore you really tight them into an app that is digitalisation and if you don't go to pick up your shopping yourself but instead have a service to live a real versions of what you put in your virtual shopping cart will that's digitalisation as well the phenomenon is also changing how we work more and more tasks are being broken down and turned into individual chunks of data to streamline
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manufacturing and services software now keeps a digital eye on inventories in production chains in many sectors where we've got robots which have replaced humans on assembly lines and they follow digital orders and that information then can be stored externally for example in digital cloud so that's why many people believe that this digital revolution that's happening all around us is even more important than the industrial revolution that took place in the nineteenth century so of course nations won't want to get left behind a country's competitiveness is increasingly dependent on its digital infrastructure and well in order to keep pace extensive high speed data networks are necessary in this means broadband connectivity over fiber optic cables now in the european union baltic and scandinavian countries are leading the pack latvia ranks first nearly
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sixty three percent of its broadband goes over fiber optic networks followed by sweden in second place which. fifty five percent dystonia in third with a solid thirty five percent germany though is still developing its networks it comes in at nineteen on the list only one point eight percent of german broadband is routed over fiber optic lines not germany needs to expand this digital infrastructure progress so far has been slow and in the second half of twenty sixteen the report of fiber optics rose by a mere two tenths two tenths of a percent and by global standards jeremy is also lagging behind almost no industrialized country has a lower proportion of fiber optics so well perhaps those at the bottom of the list might want to take a leaf out of a stone years but now you can forget piles and piles of paper there when you're
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getting your admin done because these days almost all administrative acts can be done online unless we're talking about a wedding a divorce or buying property and for the e.u. a barrier free single digital market could increase economic output by four hundred billion euros and create thousands of new jobs computer programming in grade three a compulsory subject in a stone year students write music programs and games marcos started programming when he was five writing software for many robots. when you're developing software you have to be very precise so that the robot does exactly what you want it to do i want to be the best programmer in a stony or even better than skype. everyone here knows skype the telecommunications software is used worldwide but it was developed by a stone eons the one point three million citizens have internet access everywhere
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and anywhere for free a right that the estonian government guaranteed back in two thousand. this is the man behind us tony is digital strategy seems secret he's an i.t. consultant for the government using his i.d. he has access to his digital records personal data health information driver's license details income he can file his taxes in a matter of minutes but others have access to if he doesn't block them ahead of time we provide a privacy measure for people because through lookbook quicker she has been accessing over the eight of us so for example here i can see you saying my health records but then there's some other family limit dr davis for the purchasing of but that's ok if there was somebody who i think i've no patience with my homework but i could make a data protection claim that would be unimaginable in germany where data sharing is viewed far more suspiciously plus of course germany is far larger than a stone and. bismarck. it will be several years before we get to
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that point in germany but i also think that our federal system means we have to think differently in the next few years though we're sure to implement some changes nationwide. but the estonian digital system is not without security gaps according to media reports hackers could potentially gain access to the data of seven hundred fifty thousand a stone ians that's about half the population such reports fuel the fire of digital skeptics digital supporters meanwhile believe all systems have mistakes particularly if state or storage fees are responsible for security that's a view shared by some in germany. and it is that towards they'll always be a potential for attack which means it's a perpetual game of cat and mouse that's a game that these kids want to win by twenty twenty estonia plans to make all educational materials digitally available and that perhaps could be
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a source of inspiration for germany and other e.u. countries. now and brian fans of jenna football last night must have been watching three potted i don't think it could have been worse we have some football now thursday night was another nightmare for bundesliga sides all three german sides defeated in the u.a.e. for europa league had a blend beaten one nail by swedish minnows f.k. auster suns cologne who haven't won a single game this season while they lost another this time at home to red star belgrade and hoffenheim blew a first half lead in bulgaria they fell two one to literates. after the defeat of all three bonus league teams in the champions league that means six german sides lost in europe this week now the first time that's happened since one thousand nine hundred one now there's been some immediate fallout with byron munich sacking their coach carlo and chalabi after a three now thrashing by paris jermaine the shock waves from that move by germany's
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biggest club are still reverberating in the football world. carlo and returning from an away match for what turned out to be the last time after fifteen months in charge byron's stinging three nil loss in paris was the last straw. the italians starting line up in that match had raised eyebrows for you robin and front group as well as jerome boating and mats hummels were all left out. angela he gambled and went bust the german champions looked second best all over the pitch and were mowed down by neymar company. was than twenty four hours after the final whistle carlo was out on the club home page the byron bosses explained the start of the season had met expectations. their fans seem to agree. i think byron has high standards and is
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currently into latino didn't really live up to. what he might have had in mind was to try and give some of the younger guys a little bit more playing time maybe he wanted to set up a changing of the guard at any rate it didn't work out well. in the neck that this is but you can see that the players aren't giving their all any more it was great under high kicks and guardiola thing about now is not the same as me and leaving out robin and homosexuals and well as a buying fan i can understand it in fashions as banff in. the club it hired the fifty eight year old to make a champions league breakthrough he won the trophy at ac milan and real madrid but he couldn't take biron past the quarter finals after nine competitive matches this season and he was shown the door. it was an uncharacteristic snap decision from the buy and bosses usually loath to make a change mid season. with a seven year old
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a former buy and player who'd been and to lottie's number two this season will take over as interim coach how long he'll get at the top it's anybody's guess. but. let's get your mind of our top stories here to give you news thousands of high school and university students have rallied in barcelona to defend catalan is right to hold an independence referendum on sunday the government madrid says that referendum is illegal and has vowed to stop it from going ahead. russia and turkey have agreed to cooperate closely in syria president putin inheritable on met in ankara on thursday they signed off on a number of arms trade and security deal saying conditions have now been created in syria or in and to the six year old war there. this is the interveners live from berlin don't forget you can always find out more of these and other stories in our website that's t w dot com you can also follow us of course on facebook. and twitter for now though for me bryan thomas and the entire news team thanks so much
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for being with us. chick off life we take football personally. i do a. three women really just want.
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the boy back over the next days come all the way to the states i'll go because football is a team sport. my laundry guy international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week well after last sunday's national election here in germany angela merkel europe's longest serving leader is still clinging on to power but how much has she been wounded domestically and internationally find out. in sixty minutes. there's no. mind that just another day nothing would change you know the banks paid. why and so was the language of
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