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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2017 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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the false facade of her husband's rule of terror. she believes in what projection that they are saving syria must model us on the beautiful face of the dictatorship starting october first on d w. this is deja vu news live from berlin a deadly rush hour stampede in mumbai that after people sheltering from the heavy rains crowd onto a footbridge fire railway station there are fears the death toll could rise we'll
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get the very latest from our india correspondent also on the show. tensions on the rise in catalonia ahead of an independence referendum the spanish government says sunday's planned vote is illegal but many in catalonia are demanding the right to decide their own future. and german police are hunting for the man who says he'll keep poisoning jars of supermarket baby food unless he's paid millions. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show we begin in india where officials say more than twenty people have died in a stampede the incident happened in the financial hub mumbai on a footbridge leading to the probability railway stray sion during morning rush hour . dozens of people who were injured have now been taken to nearby hospitals as
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reported the bridge was overcrowded with people taking shelter from heavy rainfall . videos are circulating on social media showing smartphone footage of the incident the train station connects two of the city's major local lines police say the stampede was triggered by overcrowding and that heavy rain we mentioned police were seen trying to rescue fellow commuters as were people in the crowd who were trapped in the stampede many on local media are angry and are calling for reform one user writing the mum by stampeders extremely sad turn of events authorities must improve basic commute needs of india's financial capital the indian prime minister narendra modi has sent his deepest condolences to all those who have lost their lives due to the stampede in mumbai prayers with those who are injured. and the indian minister
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of railways and cole has written that he's ordered a high level inquiry headed by the chief safety officer of the western railways for the very latest on the story we're joined now live by the india correspondent sonia fall in the car a sauna what are the details can you give us right now. well brian what we know is that the stampede took place at about ten thirty a.m. local time rush hour like you said this happened on a bridge connecting two major suburban korean stations in mumbai that's correll an f. instant and these two stations are used by much of mumbai as local commuters because there are many offices concentrated in that area now a spokesman for the railways a said that that foot bridge that bridge which was really narrow was unusually overcrowded because a large number of people are taking shelter from a sudden downpour in the morning that i witness accounts that suggest that about four tweens four local trains are right there at the station at the same time and
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because of the rain a few commuters slip so there was chaos in the surging crowd we've been seeing really heart wrenching footage on some indian t.v. channels showing you know a crush of bodies on the bridge straining against the railing some even jumping off that bridge and as you said we've also heard a lot of angry commuters and residents speaking to the indian media really lashing out at the local government suggesting that this bridge was too narrow to all it was not strong enough to handle the heavy load and this was really essentially a disaster waiting to happen ok now there have been quite a number of infrastructure related incidents in mumbai allegedly what's behind that . well we have to remember that you know annual monsoon rains in mumbai frequently cause a complete breakdown in the infrastructure and consequence of this is in mumbai and that especially applies to the local train line which is really a lifeline for the twenty million citizens often by and i think this latest
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incident will once again raise questions about about that line exploits of long criticized for being too old and really too insufficient for handling the millions of people who use it every year we also to remember at the end of last month of august twenty ninth by source of unusually heavy rains which completely brought the financial capital to a standstill more than ten people died there and this again we saw trains being paralyzed flights being grounded the city virtually you know coming to a standstill so this happens literally these scenes play out literally everywhere in mumbai india correspond son your colleague are following this for us thanks very much for now sonia. taller news now in india's d. united nations chief rather and turning to terrorists is calling on me and mars leaders to end quote the nightmare facing ranger refugees fleeing the country his comments come after the drowning deaths of
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a number of ranger refugees his boat capsized off the coast of bangladesh dozens more are missing in the last month more than half a million were hand you have fled man more because of a violent crackdown by the country's no terry against what it's calling terrorists . schools of the hinge of refugees lined the shores of beach in bangladesh. they were fleeing violence in myanmar when their boots capsized in the bay of bengal most of the dead women and children. at the united nations security council frustration over the crisis is mounting the united states is now calling for action against military leaders in myanmar formerly known as burma saying their actions have forced the rohingya to flee. we cannot be afraid to call the actions of the burmese authorities what they appear to be a brutal sustained campaign to cleanse the country of an ethnic minority
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and it should shame senior burma's leaders who have sacrificed so much for an open democratic burma. myanmar has however rejected claims of ethnic cleansing. the buddhist majority state says violence against the muslim minority in rakhine state is not based on religion but rather terrorism i wish to stress no ethnic cleansing and genocide. ethnic cleansing and genocide are serious charges and they should not be used lightly it would be a sad commentary of our times if we allowed emotions to grow our view and assert that what is happening in rakhine is ethnic cleansing without first undertaking
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a legal review and making a judicial determination as the un's most powerful body grapples for a solution moro hinge arrive at the border with bangladesh since august the number over him fleeing myanmar has stopped half a million. time now for a look at some of the other stories making the news this hour russian opposition leader likes in a volley says he's been detained by police in moscow he hopes to stand against president putin in an election next march that despite the election commission saying he's not eligible to run he's due to address a pre-election rally later today. so-called islamic state has released an audio recording of its leader cure all about dotty in it he says he will continue to fight that despite recent setbacks daddy had been rumored to be dead with his last recording released last year the u.s.
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says it has no reason to doubt the recording is authentic. it's to spain now where the countdown is on for a contested referendum in the region of catalonia local authorities are determined to go ahead with the vote on breaking away from spain but madrid says sunday's referendum is illegal and cannot be allowed to go ahead more than seven and a half million people live in the semi autonomous region of catalonia barcelona is of course its capital now come on officials are calling for a peaceful vote but thousands of extra spanish police officers have been spent sent into the region and they've seized millions of ballots and fourteen catalonian politicians have now been arrested. it's hard to ignore what's happening here in barcelona in across cats alone you the abundance of council in flags isn't something new in this wealthy part of northeastern spain but there's significance is taken on greater meaning ahead of the unauthorized independence referendum.
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catalan society has long been divided over what is best for the future of this region of seven and a half million people recent polls have shown those in favor of independence stands at around forty percent but are divisions in catalonia growing deeper in order to understand we met knowing me on a servant to see. this is from barcelona who run a small bar in the center of the city arianna is in favor of an independent catalonia noaimi wants catalonia to remain part of spain their national identity essential to their differing opinions. i feel spanish and catalan i'm not embarrassed to have two different cultures and i'm in which by both of them i speak two languages and it's nice to have this option. or i only hope i don't share any of the ideas or traditions or culture there's a lot of the rest of the country. in sunday's planned vote is dominating
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conversations among family and friends in catalonia often leading to a heated debate. you know. no way to work and have dialogue and sometimes talk of a day without speech and it's very important for people to know that family relationships haven't broken dine and need to have groups of friends. you know what was going out fighting each other on the streets. catatonic able to have peaceful dialogue. but the future of catalonia and the independence vote isn't a black or white issue in a recent survey four and five catalan said that they were in favor of holding a referendum with all the legal guarantees this is allusion to the current political crisis. but with emotions running high might there be a middle ground for both sides in the debate. as middle ground where we should be
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allowed to vote. you know what that about it i want to fight but i would point you to independents today tomorrow whether it's and any will vote or not you know but i don't believe in independence. the catalan referendum that's raised many questions about the future status of this region. here in germany police are hunting for a man they say is blackmailing companies for millions of euros by threatening to poison food products including baby food authorities have released footage of a suspect putting food products on shelves in a supermarket in southern germany five poisoned jars of baby food were later discovered there. the manhunt is on this suspect is believed to have placed poison baby food in this supermarket in the southern city of. he warns other cities in europe are next unless he's paid over ten million euros. this is an exceptionally severe case of extortion and we have to assume that we're dealing
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with a very ruthless six torsion who's willing to go to great lengths to get what he wants and who's even prepared to kill in an e-mail the suspect told several local supermarkets that he contaminated five jars police say they were able to find all of them the suspect has threatened to poison even more police say he may have accomplices and urging people to be alert and check supermarket products for potential manipulation. food and glass johnson's usually vacuum sealed. so you should hear a pop when you. clock and police have now released these surveillance photos hoping for clues that could lead to the rest they say they've already received several hundred tip offs. we have some football now and thursday night was another nightmare for bonus league asides all three german teams defeated in the
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u.a.e. europa league had to berlin defeated one nil by swedish minnows f.k. auster sons cologne who haven't won a single game this season lost another this time at home to red star belgrade and hoffenheim blew a first half lead in bulgaria fell two one to little girls. well after the defeat of all three bonus league teams in the champions league that means six german sides lost in europe this week the first time that's happened since one thousand nine hundred eighty one well there's been immediate fallout with byron munich sacking their coach carlo and chalabi after a three nil thrashing by paris on jermaine now the shock waves from that move by germany's biggest club are still reverberating a former byron player really sod all will take over as interim coach for their next match that's at half of berlin on sunday when the club's home.
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gets a reminder now of our top stories this hour indian officials say more than twenty people are dead dozens more injured following a stampede in mumbai incident happened on a foot bridge at the probably every row weigh station during morning rush hour. that bridge was reportedly overcrowded with people taking shelter from heavy rains . i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for joining us sara kelly will be with you at the top of the hour from a thanks so much for being with us and have a great weekend. the world over information they provide the pinions they want to express
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