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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2017 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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yes i mean it's a kind of culture war we are who we are that's up to us for what we are we're friendly unbelievable. to be a sun media phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w. this is d w news live from berlin showdown in spite of the catalonia plans for a separatist referendum on the spanish government says the vote is illegal and must not go ahead but council on leaders insist everything is in place and that it will also on the program. twenty two killed in
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a deadly rush hour stampeders moment by commuters crowd a railway bridge some leftover railings while others were crushed under fire. on germany's form a chance like a hot shot under fire for joining the board of russia's state controlled oil company a company subject to e.u. sanctions. i feel ok welcome to the program tensions in spain are rising ahead of attempts by the region of catalonia to hold a referendum on independence on sunday madrid says the move is illegal and that it will not allow the referendum to go ahead catherine authours of call for a peaceful vote the thousands of spanish police have been sent to the region to enforce madrid's decision the situation is dividing the country the w.'s pablo foley and i have found out. it's hard to ignore what's happening here in barcelona
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and across catalonia the abundance of cattle in flax isn't something new in this wealthy part of north east and space but their significance is taken on greater meaning the head of the unauthorized independence referendum. catalan society has long been divided over what is best for the future of this region of seven and a half million people recent polls have shown those in favor of independence stands at around forty percent but are divisions in catalonia growing deeper in order to understand we met knowing me and arianna servant two sisters from barcelona who run a small bar in the center of the city ariana is in favor of an independent catalonia noaimi wants kind of loan you to remain part of spain their national identity is central to their differing opinions. they are missing the boat that i feel spanish and catalan i'm not embarrassed to have two different cultures and i'm in which by both of them i speak two languages and it's nice to have this
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option. or i only hope i don't share any of the ideas or traditions or culture as a cause of the rest of the country. in sunday's planned vote it's dominating conversations among family and friends in catalonia often leading to a heated debate. no. no wait let's get to work and have dialogue and sometimes talk of a day without speech and it's very important for people to know that family relationships haven't broken dine and need to have groups of friends. that me was you know what do we not fighting each other on the streets. catatonic able to have peaceful dialogue. but the future of catalonia and the independence vote is not black or white issue in a recent survey four and five catalan said that they were in favor of holding a referendum. with all the legal guarantees this is
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a solution to the current political crisis. but with emotions running high might there be a middle ground for both sides in the debate. what about how many of us has middle ground where we should be and i tell you. you know what that about that i want to fight but i would point you to independents today tomorrow whether it's an eighty who vote or you might and i don't even independents. the catalan referendum this race many questions about the future status of this region. the report was from w.'s problem from a laugh in boss alone and he joins us now from the spanish capital betrayed welcome pablo so this is this annual report we're happy to agree to disagree about not fighting in the streets so what is the moved in boston or. what i did find was that people were incredibly worried that what was going to happen or what is going to happen on sunday and there's a feeling of division because people are obviously very divided over this issue and
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the fact that it's so present in their day to day conversations and you know it's impossible to avoid it there's also a lot of concern over what will actually happen on sunday night we're going to have more and more details of what could happen on sunday but of course this is the great this is facing the million dollar question that no one really knows the moment so that's sort of the mood at the moment concerned i would say overall so when sunday comes people going to say police and tanks in the streets well what is being talked about. well there's like you mentioned earlier there's a greater number of police officers that deployed in the capital here region that essentially did reinforce with all their officers from across the country now spain has quite a complex system of policing and there's a regional police who are called the most and they've actually been given orders in the past few minutes and they have to close the polling stations at six o'clock in the morning i'm sure and basically. people will not be allowed to go and vote and
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that is what they've been told by the chief of the most who's and his boss will say is the spanish interior ministry here in the tree and so it looks like at people won't be able to vote on sunday but of course people are very determined to go and vote so once again no one knows what's going to happen on sunday yes some people turn out the polling stations are closed and then i suppose nobody knows what's going to happen. exactly you're absolutely right and it's a great it's the million dollar question like i said before here in spain there is that confusion over what's going to happen now money on a whole year on the spanish government have said that absolutely there will be no voting will not be allowed to take place the regional governments are determined they've actually there's a photograph circulating showing what the actual ballot boxes look like and there are the price newspaper said that their five year old boxes that have been bought from a sort of one year old store and that's one of the things and that's circulating
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it's going to be very interesting to see how people on the street react i know a lot of friends are absolutely determined to go and vote and they're going to go to the polling stations whether they're open or not on something i want to publish in madrid thank you so now these twenty two people have died in the stamp a day in india it happened during morning rush hour in mumbai on a foot bridge connecting two railway stations the bridge was reportedly of a crowded with people sheltering from heavy right dozens of people injured in the crush of being taken to nearby hospitals. desperately trying to help people out of the crash. this narrow bridge of nowhere to escape when falling debris triggered a stampede some people leapt over the railing while others were trampled to death. while we were going to use whether there were too many people on the bridge people were rushing to get tight and there was nobody to help they were suffocating and
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they just wanted to get out of there so they fell on each other. this was the scene on the bridge minutes earlier it's links to busy railway stations and at rush hour it was full of people moving in both directions local media reporting that commuters have been complaining about overcrowding for days. some say this was an accident waiting to happen people are mourning and demanding answers from the authorities. a high level inquiry i have ordered a high level inquiry the chief safety officer of western railways will inspect the location and to do an investigation and really explain the cause of the incident so the thousands of people who use the bridge every day urgent safety concerns must be addressed from now on their commute will take them across the site of a tragedy the question why is whether it could have been avoided.
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now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least sixty rather hinge refugees are feared dead after their boat capsized bangladesh this as u.n. chief antonio good terrorists condemned me and most treatment of the right into more than half a million of the muslim minority who fled me and now i'm at a crack down the government says it's directed at extremists. at least six people have been killed in a suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul bomb detonated outside a shiite mosque following friday prayers islamic state group has claimed responsibility for the attack which came two days before the muslim holy day of assura. the united states is ordering more than half of the personnel in its cuban embassy to leave the island following what it says is a series of attacks targeting diplomats their injuries have included concussion and hearing loss it's unclear how those injuries have been sustained or who's responsible for them. and germany's former chancellor gerhard schroeder has joined
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the board of russia's state controlled oil company rosneft he appointment has provoked controversy and criticism in germany since rosneft is subject to e.u. sanctions imposed on russia for its actions in ukraine mr should assess those actions are unreasonable. the company is expanding its presence in the international market at our work or the pace this is rosneft image film and in the future their expansion will be done under the auspices of gearhart children or the former german chancellor is joining the supervisory board of the company criticism of sure his plans is strong in germany was nafta is subject to e.u. sanctions against russia many ask why he is joining a company that is firmly position within few thousands power base even members of his own party say sure is making a mistake in trying to. money i want to private citizen i warned him that an ex
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chancellor can't return to the status of a private citizen i have to live with his decisions and try to leave the place. this isn't the first job the trigger has accepted in russia. directly following the end of his term as chancellor he joined north stream a pipeline company russian president putin was instrumental in getting him these well paid positions schluter has been close friends with putin for many years. the former german chancellor doesn't see a problem with his commitment to the russian oil giant. i stand by my decision because i think that it is not politically or economically reasonable to isolate our largest neighbor russia politically and economically. rosneft is russia's largest oil producer other international companies such as b.p.
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and the emirate of qatar also own shares in the company but the majority of stocks belong to the russian state. let's get more from j. w. correspondent and we show in moscow welcome i'm really so lots of criticism from mr schroeder here in germany how is this being seen in russia. well i'm pretty sure that the normal russian on the street probably doesn't care that much but russ nast and probably russia's political elite this is a victory for them after all the head of us next go to sessions said today he praised schroeder today as a well known author words to european politician and he emphasized that schroeder has always stood for good relations between russia europe and germany so it seems that is hoping that trigger will open some doors after all he's always said that he's against russian sanctions and the kremlin recently to size after the german
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elections that german russian relations economic relations economic ties are very important so i think they're hoping that perhaps schroeder can can help with the sanctions and and that he can tighten those ties up which are very important to russia until it's more about this friendship which really should president putin well sure to include in i have a lot in common they come from both come from simple backgrounds and they kind of work their way up and they've always had a personal personal relationship as well as the professional one schroeder has always gotten along with putin in germany they always people call it a meant to kind of macho men's friendship for example they're known to have gone to the banya together the russian a russian sauna and also schroeder adopted two russian children from putin's hometown of st petersburg and there are reports that putin helped speed up the
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process the adoption process for at least one of those children and he gave him a job as we heard in the report at giant gazprom after he lost the election in two thousand and five so it's really a personal and a professional relationship and even a friendship and we should win in moscow thank you. now russian opposition leader alexina valley says he has been detained by police after leaving his home in moscow to speak at a pre election rally in this video which he says was posted from the police stations to the valley told supporters they should still go to the rally in that needs me and not go to august which had been due to address for these offices in plainclothes security officials were saying removing a ted on the side of the rally which was due to take place later today. this is day w. has reminded the top stories of this hour thousands of students around it impossible to defend what they say is catalonia is right to hold an independence referendum on
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sunday the government in madrid says the referendum is illegal and that it will stop it from going ahead. and set you up to date i'll have more for you at the top of the hour in the meantime of course as always the web site at state. of the day. rationalists are on the rise. your country great again is their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking you. to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out what the nation mean to you.


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