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tv   Europe in Concert - Rea Garvey Germany Ireland  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2017 9:15pm-10:00pm CEST

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to another independence referendum except this one has actually happened at almost ninety three percent it's an overwhelming victory for the cubs who want to back independence but could cut to stand as a separate country go it alone. supporters of the referendum celebrate the results as if an independent kurdish state were already a reality kurdish leaders have asked the central government in baghdad to respect the will of the people and to start negotiating. this is the area in northern iraq that the kurds are claiming and it would be the capital for the population of five point five million the region already has a great deal of autonomy almost all revenues of the regional government come from rich oil reserves which rival many countries the kirkuk fields as one of the largest oil fields worldwide. what's more the kurds are also sitting on other
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valuable natural resources the region has large deposits of iron copper chrome gold and platinum so the government in baghdad is fearful of a strong kurdistan neighboring countries are putting on the pressure to iran and turkey fear that the kurdish minorities in their countries would want to join the newly formed kurdish nation. we have to prevent the iraqi kurdish regional government from making even more serious mistakes it's important that the international community sides with iraq's territorial integrity and political unity. the iraqi government has refused to negotiate the results of the referendum but the kurds get more confident with every passing day. back till now and tragedy in india that in fact at least twenty two people have died in
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a stampede and here the accident happened during morning rush hour in mumbai a foot bridge connecting to roll way stations the bridge was reportedly overcrowded with people taking shelter from heavy rain dozens of people injured in the crush have been taken to nearby hospitals. desperately trying to help people i took the cross. this narrow bridge offered no way to escape when falling debris triggered a stampede. some people leapt over the railing while others were trampled to death . or there were too many people on the bridge people were rushing to get tight and there was nobody to help they were suffocating and they just wanted to get out of fast so they fell on each other. this was the scene on the bridge minutes. it's links to busy railway stations and at rush hour it was full of people moving in both directions local media reporting that commuters have been
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complaining about overcrowding for days. some say this was an accident waiting to happen people are mourning and demanding answers from the authorities. a high level inquiry i have ordered a high level inquiry the chief safety officer of western railways will inspect the location and to do an investigation and really explain the cause of the incident so the thousands of people who use the bridge every day urgent safety concerns must be addressed from now on their commute would take them across the site of a tragedy the question why is whether it could have been avoided. the united nations secretary general antonio terraces calling on me and me and most leaders to end what is called the nightmare facing really hinge refugees fleeing the country his comments come during a come after the drowning of the drowning deaths of dozens of ranger refugees whose
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boat capsized off the coast of bangladesh when you're still missing in the last month more than half a million mahindra flood me and now because a violent crackdown by the country's military against groups that it describes as terrorists. schools over him to refugees lined the shows of beach in bangladesh. they were fleeing violence in myanmar when they were good cup sized in the bay of bengal. most of the dead women and children. so fivers are now burying their friends and family but their journey is not over. this is where they're headed a refugee camp in bangladesh basic supplies are scarce. humanitarian organizations working here say they are overwhelmed people need to be drawn and
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clean and they need to have a place to sleep so these are the immediate needs obviously for that we need money bangladeshis have been very generous but individuals cannot address this me even the bangladeshi government cannot address this to me and the united nations security council frustration over the crisis is mounting to the united states is now calling for action against military leaders in myanmar formerly known as burma . we cannot be afraid to call the actions of the burmese authorities what they appear to be a brutal sustained campaign to cleanse the country of an ethnic minority condemnation but myanmar rejects claims of ethnic cleansing the buddhist majority still says violence against the muslim minority is not based on religion but to fight terrorism. i wish to stress no ethnic cleansing and no
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genocide. ethnic cleansing and genocide are serious charges and they should not be used lightly as the un's most powerful body grapples for a solution. into arrive at the border with bangladesh since august the number of feeling myanmar has talked to half a million. political leaders in berlin a facing plenty of wrangling before a new government can be confirmed one possible coalition is attracting a lot of attention and looks like the most likely route for i'm going to go to form a stable government named after the colors traditionally associated with three of germany's party's platform christian democrats yelling for the free democrats and green for the a you guessed it the greens it's they make a coalition. black yellow and green three colors that go
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together well in their jamaican flag but they could soon cause trouble in german politics. down here the battle will soon continue seven parties will be in the bonus top four of them might form the next government conflicts almost certain even before exploratory talks begin parties that were fighting each other in the campaign will now have to cooperate. that abate over an immigration act might become especially challenging the business friendly f.t.p. and the green party wanted the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. parties oppose it environmental protection might be another issue the green party wants a fast brown coal face out the f.t.p. does not in fact they might become the most complicated coalition talks in decades . we have a lot self work to do now not only in berlin but also between the sea as you and the c.d.u. to find common ground for exploratory talks. playing itself into one all parties
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involved are aware of that but most of them look like they're keeping their cool. my motto is strength lies in peace it's in the semi it for us who let there be some peace and quiet reflection first. isn't moment enough cause we are now moving quietly into a complicated situation. but that complicated situation seems to be the starting point to forming a coalition because the social democrat s.p.d. has announced they will go into opposition following their election defeat. and german voters prefer that sixty three percent support the s.p.d. going into opposition only twenty nine percent would prefer that they become part of the government again for the jamaica parties there is no other option than to start talks soon because they also have one common goal to avoid new elections at
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all costs. weekend but it's coming off a disastrous run for. european. clubs in europe and the sensational sacking a munich presence in from date of what's ahead for the soul into perspective welcome chris how badly german clubs performing on the european stage well they're underachieving to put it in perspective nineteen eighty one was the last time. you.
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thank you you. thank . meet the germans new and surprising aspects of life into culture in germany. us american good news a take a look at germany it is increasing at the traditions every day lives and language
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just a lot of. young good. looking guy a d w dot com the germans. will make the something nice when i ask him to daughters or dealing with any other they killed many civilians with him in the national coming including my father why the things i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became elish kind sob. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. germany state by state. the most colorful. the liveliest. the most
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traditional find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com. this is due to the news coming to you live from berlin showdown in spain over catalonia plans for a separatist referendum span's government says the vote is illegal and must not go ahead but had one leaders insist everything is him.


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