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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2017 9:00am-9:03am CEST

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i want i want. us. authorities in spain's catalonia region have vowed to defy the spanish government and push ahead with sunday's referendum on independence from spain madrid says the vote is illegal and must not take place opinion polls show catalans are split on whether to support independence for the region which is home to some seven and
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a half million people cattle on officials have called for a peaceful ballot but there are fears of violence as federal police said deployed to prevent the vote. the drop administration's health and human services cabinet secretary tom price has resigned over his controversial use of taxpayer money for private charter flights price spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on air travel for so-called government business although some flights appeared to have been taken for personal reasons prices the first cabinet member forced to leave office after the firing of a number of high level presidential advisors. at least six people have been killed in a suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul. the attacker blew himself up outside a shiite mosque following friday prayers. the so-called islamic state group says it carried out the attack which comes just two days before the muslim holy day of assura. same sex couples living in germany are welcoming
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a long awaited law which will allow them to marry the law which comes into effect on sunday will affect around ninety four thousand same sex couples germany has allowed same sex couples to end a civil partnership since two thousand and one but hadn't granted full marital rights which include the possibility to jointly adopt children chancellor angela merkel voted against the measure back in june but allowed members of her conservative party to vote according to the conscience of nearly two thirds of lawmakers voted to legalize same sex marriage. the united states is ordering more than half of the personnel and its cuban embassy to leave the island following what it calls a series of attacks targeting diplomats their injuries have included concussion and hearing loss as a result of mysterious sonic attacks it's unclear how the injuries occurred or who's responsible. authorities in texas fear an unknown quantity of
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dioxins dangerous chemicals linked to birth defects and cancer may have washed downstream from a site in the houston area during hurricane harvey residents report flood waters left behind a fella smelling sludge divers collected a sample containing dawkins' at more than two thousand times the level which would trigger an emergency the u.s. environmental protection agency has warned residents and not to come into contact with the water or to eat fish caught in the area. i'm going to dresden to find out why the right wing emerged as the strongest party in the german state of saxony. a party known for slogans.


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