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it's a kind of culture war your we are suckers for what we are we're a family i believe in. your son we are phenomenal starting october fifteenth on t w. this is d w news line from berlin confrontation in catalonia as the independence referendum approaches catalonians insists the vote will go ahead there occupying polling stations to make sure madrid's police do not close them down also coming up
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. america's relations with cuba go on sick leave the u.s. is pulling out half its embassy staff of the mysterious attacks that have left some diplomats deaf. and in the bundesliga bad play men and how books inability to score has cost them points can tonights much back life into their attacks. i made a few money welcome to the program tensions in spain are rising ahead of attempts by catalonia to hold a referendum on independence on sunday now madrid says the move is illegal and has actually sent thousands of police to the region but catalan authorities say everything is in place for the votes to go ahead and boss alone other regions capital people have been rallying to show their support.
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we will vote. though since turnout for the final rally ahead of sunday's authorized referendum on catalog independence from spain. such as to control the sea the campaign has stoked the regional president claimed victory before a single poll that had been cast. today we won. today we won against the fear and threats we won against the pressure the lies and the intimidation we won against an authoritarian government who didn't want us to get to this point. it may have been a party atmosphere but the build up to this weekend has been marred with acrimony and antagonism the spanish central government or the police to confiscate ballot papers rate offices and block polling stations and and barcelona's port the
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ship's hull used to accommodate additional police forces sent by the central government. at schools this weekend there was plenty of time for extracurricular activities as families and children occupied classrooms said to be used as polling stations. with the goal of being here is to keep the school open until sunday but the school and we believe that there are rights that must be respected. catalonia is truly separatist coalition has vowed to make a guinea literally declaration of independence if the yes kevin wins on sunday. with catalan officials that said of the vote the regional government and spain central government in madrid are on a collision course thanks well journalist jose miguel. tired is in the catalan capital of barcelona thanks for joining us jose so
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authorities in madrid have instructed police to close a polling stations and also to prevent the referendum but do you think the vote will take place on sunday. morning well that's really an open question but i would say that after what we saw yesterday when. they go to the school of art you know. they just informed people that they were supposed to. enforce the sort of their they have been up by they are at the head of the police not to use violence so they were only same people you shouldn't be here. if you don't close any school so as of right now i would say the vote will go ahead. where there are others police forces . all right and with this kind of tension in the air how are people feeling as they go into that into that referendum. there is this tension actually the general atmosphere and almost everyone is feeling quite well and you may see the last
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night's rally was. and even though there was a rally. all over the place in barcelona people are told we go ahead they are both the one who are there and the city feels like everything here and if the majority do vote for catalonian independence what is likely to happen next well if the vote goes ahead the u.s. will win and probably clear it then what will go ahead one million there are but two options either the catalan government declares it and then unilaterally which i don't think it's very likely because they are not like likely to be recognized as such or maybe they will they feel forced to try and begin a new political process with. from the inside they have a mandate to really advance the worst kind of new relationship with spain
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journalist. joining us from barcelona thank you time now for some of the other stories making news around the world german police have arrested a man in connection with an extortion scheme targeting supermarkets police believe he is the man who placed poison jars of baby food in a supermarket and threatened to do the same in other cities across europe unless he was paid ten million euros. why did of colombia's last remaining rebel group land has ordered his fighters to stand down ahead of a cease fire starting on sunday it follows a truce agreed on friday between the colombian president juan manuel santos the much larger fark rebel force signed a peace deal in june last year and has now disarmed. in the u.s. the environmental protection agency says an unknown amount of the dangerous chemical dioxin may have washed down a river near houston doing the flooding from hurricane harvey they are saying is
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linked to birth defects and cancer now the spillage originated from a site where a government agency stores hazardous waste. the united states has ordered more than half of its cuban embassy staff to leave the country and made a series of mysterious sonic attacks on its diplomats it has also issued a travel warning saying u.s. citizens may be at risk of attack in the worst cases the victim suffered mild traumatic brain injury cuba's government denies responsibility and says it does not know what is causing the incidents. this began when diplomats stationed at the newly reopened u.s. embassy in heaven are started reporting noise attacks causing headaches hearing loss concussion and dizziness the acoustic assaults affected more than twenty people f.b.i. investigators went searching for clues but found few unnerved and angry washington
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has now ordered more than twenty five personnel to leave and said the embassy will perform only vital services until further notice it means an indefinite freeze on travel visas for cubans hoping to visit family in the u.s. locals are baffled. but why are you with so many families that want to come together why that's unnecessary human. imagine that's bad it's a big step back from what had been discussed as a matter of fact my mother has an interview to see for december to see my family over there and i don't know what's going to happen. u.s. authorities believe some of the victims were a vessel to her when they were targeted. fearing american citizens could be at risk they've warned travelers to stay away. on her banners old town sightseeing trail not every american visitor is convinced and i don't feel. like you know like people are really friendly welcoming. us. i guess you have to take precautionary
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measures the cuban government says the u.s. reaction is hasty with this significant diplomatic setback to the country's fragile economy boid by tourism could yet pay a heavy price. growing tension between the u.s. and north korea is expected to top the agenda at meetings between chinese officials and u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson tillotson is in beijing for talks with his chinese counterpart one of the and is to meet president xi jinping later the u.s. views china as crucial to attempts to stop north korea developing nuclear weapons china has strong economic ties with pyongyang accounting for around ninety percent of its foreign trade. political leaders in berlin have begun what could be months of wrangling to form a new government chancellor angela merkel's party came out of last weekend's general election with the most seats in parliament but not enough to govern alone
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so it must ally itself with other parties now one possible coalition is named after the colors of the three parties involved black america is christian democrats yellow for free democrats and green for the greens. black yellow and green three colors that go together well in the jamaican flag but they could soon cause trouble in german politics. down here the battle will soon continue seven parties will be in the four of them might form the next government conflicts almost certain even before exploratory talks begin parties that were fighting each other in the campaign will now have to cooperate. the debate over an immigration act might become especially challenging the business friendly f.t.p. and the green party wanted the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. parties oppose it environmental protection might be another issue the green party
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wants a fast brown coal face out the f.t.p. does not in fact they might become the most complicated coalition talks in decades . it's the we have a lot self-worth to do now not only in berlin but also between the sea as you and the c.d.u. to find common ground for exploratory talks for years on the old school playing itself in the one all parties involved are aware of that but most of them look like they're keeping their cool. my motto is strength lies and peace it's a nice and my it for us we let there be some peace and quiet reflection first. isn't momento enough cause we are now moving quietly into a complicated situation. but that complicated situation seems to be the starting point to forming a coalition because the social democrat s.p.d. has announced they will go into opposition following their election defeat. and
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german voters prefer that sixty three percent support the s.p.d. going into opposition only twenty nine percent would prefer that they become part of the government again. for the jamaica parties there is no other option than to start talks soon because they also have one common goal to avoid new elections at all costs. and in sports bundesliga match day seven got underway on friday night when shaka hosted leverkusen the home side got on the board first when midfield. stepped up to take a free kick staring at home from twenty three metres out they were close and tied things up just after the hour mark to make internationally on babies short looping in off a defender's boot his first point is to go one one the final score. and the saturday night's game this wonderfully go we can see is hamburg host fair to
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him and in what's known as the north derby both clubs got off to a poor start and find themselves in the lower half of the table now where men are still waiting for their first win while their opponents hamburg have been sliding down the table after a decent start but three points are up for grabs in the north. tension is high head of the north darby it always is before the most play tie in but it's league history hamburg won their first two matches this season but the team followed it up by losing four in a row next up archrivals veta. i think it's a bit more explosive because of the current constellations as this game always brings with it but it nor darby will always electrify that interests everybody just lets him in once and that lack of goals has been hamburg's may concern in recent outings they've created chances but haven't scored in their last four matches. we've had chances sometimes we've hit the side netting or we've been just
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a little bit off when we're through on the goalkeeper has been when we get a lot back on our side when we've worked hard played a really intense game and bring it to the goals will come. and braman has similar concerns only three goals scored so four and still without a victory this season the green and white are ready to fight. definitely expect it to be a high intensity match plenty of tackling fast transitions from both teams lots of scrambling for second balls all those battle in quality comes between. hamburg are ready to join the fray because one thing is clear the loser in this darby is in for a bumpy ride in the coming weeks. and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you tensions in spain are rising ahead of catalonia dependence referendum on sunday madrid first to vote in one has sent thousands of police to the region but council in
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a hurry to say everything is in place for the vote to go ahead. now don't forget you can always get the news on the go it's really easy just on the up from google play all from the apple store and that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notification. for any breaking news now you can also use it to send us photos and videos. of the fair news up join us again at the top of the hour and don't forget to check out our web find that's t w dot com thank you for watching. she's long been a symbol of hope in syria. i try to help people. on a song.


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