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of a mysterious catastrophe what killed so many of them and for those that are alive endangered . so i goes in distress find out more in our interactive internet documentary w dot com psychos. this is due to the news live from berlin and their buddies in beijing it seems about both china and the u.s. cracked the north korea crisis the u.s. secretary of state gets a warm welcome from his chinese counterpart to find out what chance they have of bringing kim jong un's rogue states to heel also coming up. confrontation in
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catalonia as the independence referendum approaches rallies take place in both madrid and barcelona to opals the sunday's vote of the catalonian government insists the vote will go ahead. and in the wonderous legal battle plan and hamburg's inability to score has cost them points can tonight's match spark life into their tax. money welcome to the program growing tension between the u.s. and north korea is at the top of the agenda in meetings between chinese officials and u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson now to listen is in beijing for talks with his chinese counterparts wang ye and with president xi jinping the u.s. feels china is crucial to attempts to stop north korea developing nuclear weapons
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china has strong economic ties with pyongyang accounting for around ninety percent of its foreign trade. and for more let's bring in correspondent stephen barr awake who is standing by for us in seoul in south korea stephen it's good to see you so the u.s. is china is quick to couldn't prevent a military confrontation with north korea but what specifically is it asking of china what the u.s. really wants to do with north korea economically and china is really key to that since so much of north korea's economic activity depends on china the u.s. wants china to faithfully execute u.n. sanctions on trade with north korea and help cut off north korea's outside sources of income which are the way that it finds its nuclear missile programs just this week we heard that china has order north korean businesses operating within its territory to close down so there is some evidence that china is in line with washington on this and throw rex tillerson says it will be able to see just to what
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extent the two sides are able to cooperate on this question and just picking up on that as you mentioned u.s. china relations do appear to be warming up but how far can the u.s. really push china when it comes to reining in north korea. to answer that we need to distinguish between economic and political power as we've discussed china has quite a lot of economic power over north korea because north korea's only act land border is with china and so much of its trade is with china but at the same time north korea is still a sovereign country so china doesn't really have a lot of influence when it comes to affecting the policy that north korea carries out north korea is still alternately free to do what they want and if they choose to stubbornly pursue nuclear weapons and missile programs there's very little that china can do about that. the interesting question going forward is if the u.s. and china and the u.n. and the international community are able to exert enough economic pressure on north
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korea if they make things so uncomfortable for them that they are they have no choice but to take steps to move away from their nuclear ambitions and again to lessons because it will provide some insight into how far they'll be able to take that all right and looking forward stephen president trump is expected in beijing in november do you see this kind friendship lasting until then what might challenge it there are some big events between now and then in china they'll be having there are communist party congress and north korea will be celebrating the anniversary of its ruling party so south korean officials said just this week that they expect more provocative acts from north korea in mid october and so we'll have to wait and see if tensions do rise and if the u.s. and china use that increase urgency to cooperate further or if more urgency that leads them to pray and to kind of move apart on how they see is the best way to approach this so well to tune in and see to listen this visit and keep watching
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over the next couple weeks i think stephen barr a week in so thank you tensions in spain are rising ahead of attempts by catalonia to hold a referendum on independence on sunday but it says the move is illegal and has sent thousands of police to the region but council on authorities say everything is in place for the votes to go ahead however there are plenty of voices in catalonia and elsewhere in spain that do not support the referendum. the protests is gathering in madrid demonstrating against sunday's referendum on catalonian independence. but catalan officials say they have to tell meant to go ahead with the unauthorized vote on friday night thousands of yes campaign is turn out for their final rally. we will vote they chant such as to control the sea the campaign has stoked the regional president claimed a victory before
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a single power that had been cast. today we won. today we won against the fear and threats we won against the pressure the lies and the intimidation we won against an authoritarian government who didn't want us to get to this point. they have been a party atmosphere but the build up to this weekend has been marred with acrimony and antagonism the spanish central government or the police to confiscate ballot papers rate offices and block polling stations and and barcelona's port the ships hires to accommodate additional police forces sent by the central government . at schools this weekend there was plenty of time for extracurricular activities as families and children occupied classrooms said to be used as polling stations. with the goal of being here is to keep the school open
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until sunday but the school and we believe that there are rights that must be respected but. catalonia is truly separatist coalition has vowed to make it unilateral declaration of independence if the yes kevin with us on sunday. with catalan officials that said to the vote the regional government and spain central government in madrid are on a collision course thanks. for more on this let's cross over to journalist jose miguel collateral you would who is in barcelona was there people are occupying schools as we've seen and other places that will serve as polling stations but on the other hand we have police have been sent by the government in madrid to block the polling stations and also stop the referendum so are both sides now on a collision course. yesterday this is this that certainly are and actually the police have already been according to the latest figures to one thousand and three
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hundred it's only in the barcelona and the surrounding. and they found one hundred sixty where it's not all of them but they didn't operate any of these so this is because these were the police who of course has to obey the order this coming from but it's actually and on the cap i'm authorities have told the sunnis not to use the force the question here is if the companies don't use the force that they pull out by the roots and the other police forces that will have to wait and see right and we're also hearing reports that the spanish police raided the catalan government's communication communications center earlier today what more can you tell us about this. technically it is this morning agents up there this time is what you see the. police force separately from the arrived in the center and then we're there to make sure that this and there had suspended all the online
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applications and services that were going to be used by the current to a lot of first online voting and then to help come there the ballots and then also what you see below has been for the last days blocking access to any website that was but if you look at it and only yesterday. and i'm hype or depends on this i need to discuss this and ask the google to remove the allegations related to the referendum and that were available for my wife on the allowance in every case the practice after the website for applications. once for the people just. say you didn't pass alone with the latest thank you time now for the other stories making news around the world german police have arrested a man in connection with an extortion scheme targeting supermarkets police believe he's the man who placed poison jars of baby food in a supermarket and then threaten to do the same in other cities across europe unless
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he was paid ten million euros. the u.n. says the number of or hinder refugees who fled into bangladesh has now topped half a million it's caused a humanitarian crisis and aid groups have warned of outbreaks of disease the world health organization is shipping almost a million cholera vaccines to bangladesh. in the u.s. the environmental protection agency says an unknown amount of dangerous chemical of the dangerous chemical they oxen may have washed down a river near houston during the flooding from hurricane harvey and is linked to birth defects and cancer this village originated from a site where government agencies stores hazardous waste. the united states has ordered more than half of its cuban embassy staff to leave the country and made a series of mysterious sonic attacks on its diplomats it has also issued a travel warning saying u.s. citizens may be a trick of attack in the worst cases victims suffered mild traumatic brain injury
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cuba's government denies responsibility and says it doesn't know what is causing the incidents. this began when diplomats stationed at the newly reopened u.s. embassy in heaven are started reporting noise that's hacks causing headaches hearing loss concussion and dizziness the acoustic assaults affected more than twenty people f.b.i. investigators went searching for clues but found few unnerved an angry washington has now ordered more than twenty five personnel to leave and said the embassy will perform only vital services until further notice it's means an indefinite freeze on travel visas for cubans hoping to visit family in the u.s. locals are baffled. why you with so many families that want to come together why that's unnecessary since human. imagine that's
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bad it's a big step back from what had been discussed as a matter of fact my mother has an interview for december to see my family over there and i don't know what's going to happen with. u.s. authorities believe some of the victims were a vessel to her when they were targeted fearing american citizens could be at risk they've warned travelers to stay away. on havana's old town sightseeing trail not every american visitor is convinced and i don't read or like you know like people are really friendly welcoming. us so concerned but i guess you have to take precautionary measures the cuban government says the u.s. reaction is hasty with this significant diplomatic setback to the country's fragile economy boid by tourism could yet be a heavy price. to sports now a bundesliga match day seven got underway on friday night when shakur hosted labor cause and the home side got on the board first when midfielder leon. stepped up to
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take a free kick steering it home from twenty three meters out they were close and tied things up just at the hour mark to make internationally on babies short looping in off a defender's boot his first win to see the go one one was a final score. and the saturday night game this wonderfully go we can see as hamburg host of it up a man in what's known as the north it's one of the fiercest and oldest rivalries in the german league the neighboring clubs are sliding down the table and looking to grab three crucial points tonight. tension is high head of the north darby it always is before the most play tie in but it's league history hamburg won their first two matches this season but the team followed it up by losing four in a row next up archrivals veta. went i think that in order to be a little bit more explosive because of the history it brings with it. it's
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a feeling annoyed debbie will always electrify it interests everybody lack of goals has been hamburg's make concern in recent outings they've created chances but haven't scored in their last four matches. had chances sometimes we've hit the side netting or we've been just a little bit off when we're through on the goalkeeper and we have to get lucky back on our side we have to work hard for it and play with intensity and then the goals will calm. braman has similar concerns only three goals scored so four and still without a victory this season the green and white are ready to fight. we definitely expect it to be a high intensity match plenty of tackles fast transitions from both teams lots of scrambling for second balls all those battling qualities constitute not. hamburg are ready to join the fray because one thing is clear the loser in this darby is in
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for a bumpy ride in the coming weeks. here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you growing tension between the u.s. and north korea is at the top of the agenda in meetings between u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson and chinese officials the u.s. views china as crucial to attempts to stop north korea developing nuclear weapons. well you are now up to date this hour my colleague abbi quest athlon joins you right here on this desk at the top of the hour thank you for watching and it's money. to start the stadium was it was a really special event or remember all my life everybody of the dream. and you don't need to shout your brains out when you see.


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