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we're a family unbelievable. new some new phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w. this is d w news live from berlin their bodies in beijing it seems but will china and the united states crack the north korea crisis the us secretary of state gets a warm welcome from his chinese counterpart and tillerson says the u.s. is in contact with north korea also coming up. confrontation in catalonia on the
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eve of the independence referendum rallies take place in both madrid and barcelona to oppose sunday's vote of the catalonian government insists that it will go ahead . and in the bundesliga verda braman and hamburg inability to score has cost them points can tonight's match spark life into their attacks. i'm not a quote often welcome to the program u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says the u.s. is in contact with north korea over its nuclear weapons program and it's probing the country's willingness to talk tellers and made the remarks in beijing where he's been meeting with president paying and other officials he also called for a calming of the situation over north korea the u.s. use china as crucial to attempts to stop killing and developing nuclear weapons
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china has strong economic ties with north korea accounting for about ninety percent of its foreign trade. earlier i spoke to steven burrill wake our correspondent in seoul south korea i started by asking him how important china's role is in developing channels of communication between washington and pyongyang if u.s. and north korea are in some kind of direct contact and presumably that's a diplomatic process that's going ahead without china's direct involvement and whether or not that you site sit down to talk will depend on a variety of factors particularly the preconditions that they place on any kind of talks north korea has historically resisted talks that were predicated upon its taking steps towards the nuclear as they should that being said china is of course very important to any sort of approach north korea given the amount of economic power that they have on north korea and i think some u.s.
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policy makers and analysts have in the past assumed that china has this sort of magic ability to affect north korea's behavior but history shows that that isn't always the case now as you mentioned china is obviously an important actor in this situation and they've also adopted u.n. sanctions against north korea and seem increasingly willing to cut those ties with over its nuclear weapons program but how much further can washington push beijing to exert power on north korea to answer that it's important to distinguish between economic and political power china has a lot of economic power but chris he said given that north korea's only active land borders with china and so much of its trade depends on interaction with china but that being said. north korea is still a sovereign country and when it comes to what policies they want to carry out and if they choose to pursue nuclear weapons or missiles there's not much the china can do to change that so over to listen is it will be able to assess the extent to
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which the two sides are able to cooperate and just how much the u.s. is able to get china on board with carrying out u.n. sanctions and other kind of punitive measures on north korea. now looking ahead president trump will visit beijing in november of course currently there appears to be warmer ties between u.s. and china but could anything be derailed now for between now and then briefly if you can. the calendar is full of big events between now and then china will have its communist party congress and north korea will be celebrating the foundation of its ruling party and south korean officials just said this week that they expect more provocative actions from north korea around mid october so the question will be if tensions do rise if the u.s. and china will seize on that urgency to cooperate more cohesively and to make a more united front or if the more tense situation leads them to break apart in
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some way and they have some differences on the best way to move forward so we'll have to stay tuned over the next couple weeks and see how things develop with a full calendar we'll certainly be watching that closely steven burrill way console thank you. to spain now were tensions are rising ahead of attempts by catalonia to hold an independence referendum on sunday madrid says the move is illegal and has set thousands of police officers to the region but catalan authorities say everything is in place for the vote to go ahead however there are plenty of voices in catalonia and elsewhere in spain they do not support the referendum. the. protesters in madrid demonstrating against sunday's referendum on catalonian independence the spanish government is determined to make the vote impossible because a lot of fishes are pushing ahead with the band playing on friday night. campaign has turned out for their final rally. where they
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chant. it may have been a party atmosphere but the build up to this weekend has been marred with acrimony. in bus alone as port the ship's hired to accommodate additional police forces sent by the central government to stop the vote. police have been ordered to seal off polling stations and volunteer staff could be fined up to three hundred thousand euros. national assembly president says he hopes to police will have for the voters. i'm aware they have a job to do that they have their orders and have to carry them out. but we also know that they have feelings. in barcelona stallings families and children have classrooms sets to be used as police stations many of them have
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already spent the night here but they plan to remain until sunday when the vote starts. we. think we had some visits from police but. we have you know we're. a party atmosphere for now but as police move to enforce the ban these photos could soon find themselves on a collision course. for more we have journalist jose miguel who is in barcelona the regional capital of catalonia jose government sources in madrid are now releasing details of how they plan to clamp down on this vote with huge fines for volunteers directives to remove people from polling stations now how tense is the situation with just one day to go. yes you know with us tonight
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actually here at first and on situation is nothing really tense maybe in the back of people's minds there is some fear or or some tension but actually it right now mr not everything is happening is high schoolers many schools are being taken by it but to keep them open to try and prevent as you said up in order to acquaint them so right not situation in which they're nice these nights the feeling is people are excited and the feeling here is that the vote is going to happen no matter what it is in moderates that ok and we're hearing reports that the spanish police raided the cattle and government's telecommunications center earlier today what more can you tell us about that. yeah just through this morning this one is one of the s.c.b. in which is one of the spanish police forces separated from the car that i want
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when this morning there to try to make sure that the online applications and services based there that we're going to use by and go online voting and to calm the votes all can be used so according. to the government this is a very serious bro for him in my debates tomorrow holds but again pick up on the thought that these are saying that even i thought these that vote is going to count and he's going to go ahead so the showdown it's really up to more so if the vote does go ahead tomorrow as catalan officials are saying and a majority of voters come out in favor of independence what can we expect to happen next. what could happen when they use is really the one medium that our quest them. must have. friends. from the greenhouse that we see forty eight hours they will declare independence
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day yes but it's most likely late leaving just days they have been sending mixed messages saying that maybe the situation will help them up a while. for it to go but i want to begin with every house in so far. to any kind of conversation so we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. is what may happen. jose make out at the youth in barcelona thank you and now to some of the other stories making news around the world scuffles broke out at a neo nazi rally in the swedish city of gothenburg counter-demonstrators prague protested against the march by the nordic resistance movement and police struggled to keep to choose sides apart security forces detained some twenty members of the group before the rally even began. russian opposition leader alexina valmy who aims to unseat president vladimir putin in elections next year has held an
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election rally just one day after being released from police custody the russian authorities accused of violating a law on organizing public meetings this isn't the first time he's been arrested before attempting to speak at a rally in the united states is pulling out more than half of its staff from its embassy in cuba after a series of mysterious sonic attacks in the worst cases the dims have suffered traumatic brain injury cuba's government denies responsibility and says it does not know what is causing the incidence. german police have arrested a man in connection with an extortion scheme targeting supermarkets police believe he's the man who plays poison jars of baby food in a supermarket and threatened to do the same in other cities across europe unless he was paid ten million euros to sports now when does league match day seven got underway on friday night when shell co-hosted leverkusen the home side got on
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board first when midfielder lay on go rest that up to take a free kick staring at home from twenty three metres out leverkusen tie things up just after the hour mark jamaica international leon bailey shot looping it off the defenders boot his first goal one one was the final score and the saturday night bundesliga match sees hamburg host there to braman in what's known as the nor derby it's one of the fiercest and old us rivalries in german league the neighboring clubs are both sliding down the table and looking to grab a crucial three points. tension is high head of the north darby it always is before the most play tie in but it's league history hamburg won their first two matches this season but the team followed it up by losing four in a row next up archrivals vedder. clint i think that in order
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to be a little bit more explosive because of the history it brings with it. it's a feeling annoyed debbie will always electrify it interests everybody lack of goals has been hamburg's may concern in recent outings they've created chances but haven't scored in their last four matches. us had chances sometimes we've hit the side netting or we've been just a little bit off when we're through on the goalkeeper and we have to get lucky back on our side we have to work hard for it and play with intensity and then the goals will calm and braman has similar concerns only three goals scored so four and still without a victory this season the green and white are ready to fight. we definitely expect it to be a high intensity match plenty of tackles fast transitions from both teams lots of scrambling for second balls all those battling qualities constitute not. hamburg
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are ready to join the fray because one thing is clear the loser in this darby is in for a bumpy ride in the coming weeks. in formula one racing lewis hamilton will start sunday's malays are grand prix in pole position hamilton clocked the fastest time in qualifying edging out for ariz came here i can end and read both max for stop and hamilton's title hopes received another huge boost after his main rival sebastian vettel experienced engine trouble in the german was forced to head to the garage the ferrari driver will now start the race from the back of the grid. well leave you now with some very cute panda cubs from china's sichuan province the oldest is five months and the youngest just two months old at the top of the hour then.
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what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer made it back to the top. you know web special w dot com. football made in church.


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