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tv   Europe in Concert - Rea Garvey Germany Ireland  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2017 5:15pm-6:01pm CEST

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was. make your smart t.v. even smarter with a smile. what you want when you want it. up to date. extraordinary. in depth. you decide what's on.
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find out what w. done smart. now that. you. can be where you. now. meet where you. know what go on. oh. no. oh me.
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and my. son. can. you. rule. me. from.
5:18 pm
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the book . the be the be the bad
5:20 pm
. news. oh wow wow. wow. wow. wow but. the.
5:21 pm
man. hear. me. with. youyou are you.
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the book. that. we went with.
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the but. the book. only. love song.
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without. it. but.
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the side. by side. with. you me me. me me. me. me me me me me me me me. me. me me me me. me me me me me me me me me .
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all. along. with.
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all. the. wrong. drug. use. drugs. strong suit. ok.
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to. me. you. can.
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be and. you can't. you can't. stop. me. you can't.
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you. can't. hear. me.
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yes. you what what
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. because we.
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want to see. what. she's. done. with us. she.
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has got. one. they playing the long. term. she.
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said. she. need. money. she was. wrong.
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with it so. with. she's my.
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she's my. she's. a. c. c. c. c. c. ching. long. c
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c . but. soon. she. says.
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she's. seen. the look. sure. you know if you.
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call you. know. that. you know my.
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name is mr. which is what you. want. me. thinking. change. you. here soon.
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this. should. be. easy. to use. a. a b. a. so.
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this. you. would say. was. a young.
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thank. you thank.
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you. dan.
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the book. the book. with. me. so i. know. the song.
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we. saw a. cut . above. the boy. will.
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realize. that the sky. way. above.
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was. made by. me wow. wow. wow but. on the big deal. we'll. feel the be. god you make me. a long.
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long. long. legged the above the but . the boy .
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with. a. long. long. laborious .
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thank you you. thank. not enough to be done the reggae sensation from germany to. the twenty year career. cut over a million records sold worldwide rapidly so. this is
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gently. germany's number one ranking expert. picks her thirty minutes w. . my family told from nigeria somebody. to pass on to her and international brand. a shared passion. f.c. byron munich to truly understand all news is three words. elect me as some young. men yet some you can see kind of you can't touch us refining them by an. exclusive journey into the sun of my own munich eleven years i mean it's
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a kind of culture to walk we are who we are not suppose for what we are we're a family unbelievable. to me a son mia phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d. w. me yet. this is d.w. news live from berlin confrontation in catalonia on the eve of the independence referendum rallies take place in both madrid and barcelona to oppose sunday's disputed vote of the catalonian government insist that.


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