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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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million people in the world this think they have no nationality and are totally made up alone and. that everyone has the right. everyone has the right to say. this is the daily news live from berlin confrontation in catalonia on the eve of the independence referendum thousands gather in barcelona and in madrid for rallies to oppose sunday's disputed vote to get only a government insists that the referendum will go ahead as planned. also
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coming up clashes erupted addio nazi rally in sweden police engulfing virg detained dozens on the violence that left several people injured. i met her mn welcome to the program tensions are rising as catalonia prepares to hold its independence referendum on sunday catalan authorities say things are in place for the vote to go ahead but spain's central government is calling the ballot illegal and has sent thousands of police officers to the region to stop it now people have occupied many schools in catalonia for use as polling stations to try and ensure that the referendum can take place. ahead of sunday's planned independence vote the cavalry has well and truly arrived breaking cover after
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camping out on ships in the ports around four thousand extra police officers have been deployed to catalonia assembled from across the country and sent with love from madrid. in the capital a show of spanish unity the sea of red and yellow sending a message please let's stay together. the spanish government has declared the vote illegal and is making every effort to stop it from going ahead. with. the magazine. it's a mockery. in barcelona capital of catalonia the relationship status with spain is well let's just call it complicated there were
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clashes between supporters from both sides outside the regional government building on saturday emotions are running high yet if you ever. come here because i think that's a coup d'etat has been committed here in catalonia i'm in favor of democracy and respect the rule of law. the respect that slowly this local place has been tossed we shutting down polling stations and removing anyone occupying them a balancing act between duty to region and country. the spanish government's actions violate our rights people can't vote they can't express their opinion web pages have been closed it's a complex situation. the fear is that the votes may well turn violent all those remaining in schools and other polling stations have been given an early morning ted lying to clear out. all journalists. in the catalan capital. that people are gathering in the city center what has the
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atmosphere been like. good evening actually. that day atmosphere has been tense for some this is because there has been these march and be set protests against the record unknown and spanish carrying these these are signs flags they were chanting based pro-science has no guns and actually that's quite an uncommon sight here in mexico now you can see that happening every day and they are so they have some very nice things they tried to tear of a big banner of belonging to the city hall which said more than ok and it's funny and of course a many people like that in this house of course the stench on the right and those. so. what are we expecting tomorrow when spanish police they have orders to clear schools that don't want this as polling stations how are they going to make sure that that happens peacefully. the actually already yesterday and today during the day there. have been visiting
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a school and there was they found with people inside they didn't try to evacuate they didn't try to see them off and they yes said that the people that they should be there now as the deadline given to the police six am but if it's in the companies who keep. i think they would be one that risk any kind of violence by trying to take people by force but this man and the sides to sam did you know that a spanish police force is then in the school actually provoke some kind of bias. i mean some of these scenes we saw today in the center barcelona were quite tense and catalans who are pro and not independent prospecting and become more vocal are we going to see this division persist after the referendum no matter which way it goes . that's almost sure and you're right actually. the all the
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bowlers here during the last years showed that that those pro and those against in the end men's wear more or less near fifty fifty but they smuggle in the last weeks and mostly the last place every public demonstration public speech every public march was growing dependence on them today when these demonstrations happened i guess the independents and in this the pensioner roast and this shows how it has become so much of our lives in both senses both in. against the long and it's so and we think of the long as between those cruel and against that and then sure this is going to remain it will be up to politicians and or there are also child and there is to try and reach it is the right and i want. all right we're looking at some pictures now of the demonstrations which took place in madrid today sort of pro unity you know and independence demonstrations i mean how is paine going to react if this vote goes ahead and the catalogs vote to leave. so that's the
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one question i think if they're all goes ahead even if even if only a few schools will win for sure and sight seeing the question and what will decide well the cuts on government and this about how to react we leave that to turnout and that in which vote might happen if it goes on peacefully and that is for the high turnout that inside we are going to legitimize maybe even the very best or at least trying to save. force that isn't ready to start now or the ball is very this is that this organized member of the sun inside the winds will say look like they have won and they're the old world doesn't value that because i would have to wait and see. right hosting the go to you'd thanks for joining us the night before a very big day for solona. well move on now to some other stories making news around the world u.s.
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diplomats say north korea has no interest in entering talks regarding its nuclear and missile programs on a visit to china secretary of state rex tillerson had said the u.s. was in contact with north korea and was probing ways of entering into dialogue but air france a three eighty passenger jet was forced to make an emergency landing following what the airline called serious damage to one of its engines the super jumbo was on route from paris to los angeles when it was safely diverted to coos bay military airport in canada russian opposition leader alexina volley has held a rally just a day after being released from police custody he was detained on friday before a similar event as he tries to galvanize opposition to the country's current leadership the russian authorities accuse him of violating laws on organizing public meetings. german police say they have arrested six alleged islamists
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in the northern city of braman newspaper developed says the group is accused of planning to rob a jewelry store and then use the proceeds to purchase weapons one of the suspects is french and security officials claim he has ties to the hottest. and the suspect in an extortion scheme targeting german supermarkets has confessed to poisoning food products he told police that he was the one who had placed poison jars of baby food in a supermarket and threatened to do the same in other cities across europe unless he was paid ten million euro. police have arrested several dozen people in the swedish city of gotham burg after a neo nazi group held a rally there around six hundred members of the extreme right wing north resistance movement took part and some clashed with counter-demonstrators the group intended to march past a synagogue but was barred from doing so in this report. was
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. angry confrontations on the streets of gotham scuffles stone throwing injuries and dozens of arrests as thousands turned out to oppose the near nazis and extreme right passions spilling over. just about this time i want to stand up with thousands of others and just shout shame on you shame on you shame on you the black clad extremists who with their green flags make no secret of their racist anti-semitic views hundreds joined the nordic resistance movement rally they planned to march to a synagogue on yom kippur put the jewish day of atonement here to rules and arrests despite a court order blocking access. thank you that was the idea was to move people away from here so we could have more space to operate but then the trouble started at the moment about the nazi group said not banned in sweden the
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far right enjoys widespread support and despite these early scenes their numbers are growing. for more i am joined by correspondent natalie roll shilled in stockholm and lee you were at the rally and go from birth today can you tell us what you saw. yes i was i never actually got close to the nordic resistance movement so i didn't see them myself i saw the counter demonstrations on the other hand. but the nordic resistance movement rally was kind of stopped before it even began and it had been shortened in length and time after appeals from among others the jewish community because it was supposed to go. quite close to the synagogue by two hundred fifty meters away. from the local synagogue so it had already been shortened yesterday as they were told that they
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had to finish at three o'clock present for chalk but actually what happened then this morning was that they gathered a couple kilometers outside as the city center to walk. police escorted to the starting point of the demonstration for which they had received department from the police. but they never actually made it from that thought. there was an attempt to break through the police that court at some point they defend those different information about the confrontation apparently with county demonstrations and some . have to get in shape as broke to create fires at several points on tuesday planned marching with so actually they never got anywhere. that's more or less than one. day. can you tell us a little bit more about this you know not nordic. yeah it
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was formed twenty years ago as the swedish is a movement they have. no idea care organizations that groupings in no way intended and as well they openly national socialism they say that they want to be patchy aging on the. pm my grandson became power from what they call a global sign to me they haven't an opening nazi. semitic ideology i'm demanding members of the notices of resistance movements have been linked to serious crimes like series of explosions that asylum such as they go back for instance. they have a return by no natalie i just want to get one more question and briefly do you think that this is part of a larger strengthening of far right movements in sweden. i think. because of the
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movement is the french movement extreme this rally today as had massive. media attention and they mobilized. strongly but i wanted to get the thousand people because between four hundred and seven hundred the figure is very they didn't manage to. gather such big crowds even to the strategy that was supposed to be. a show horse. was a little red there natalie rothschild in stockholm thank you very much. at least eighteen football fans have been injured during a top division match france after a stadium barrier collapsed sixteen minutes into the contest at lille supporters were celebrating a goal away two hosts on yet when the fence separating fans from the pits gave way
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. some fans fell one and a half meters and were crushed by fellow supporters emergency services rushed to the scene and the game was abandoned three supporters reportedly suffered serious injuries. that's all the time we have for now what do join us again at the top of the hour and do stay tuned for the bundesliga with her into the. story so that people who world over information provide. the fenians they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter.


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