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tv   Arts.21 - Controversial and Considered  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am CEST

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and audio podcast and language courses. in the d. w. media center at media center dot w dot com. freedom of expression. a value that always has to be defended and new. all over the world are to a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com part of freedom. hello and welcome to watch twenty one this time featuring books post-election politics and an opera house. today we'll be delving into contemporary literature six authors are in the running for the german book prize with novels there's a poetic eloquent ironic we present the short list of writers and their work.
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but first the impact of the german election how is the art scene reacting to the success of the far right we can go to dresden. famous for its monuments and world class museums dresden is a center of the arts but in recent years it's also become a bastion of right wing populism. the far right age fifty captured more than twenty percent of the vote here leaving the city struggling to defend its image. it's a new stress test for dressed ins are. just. as i don't want to comment on the election result itself as it's the outcome of a democratic process. but we do reject the sentiments of intolerance and non acceptance of foreign nationals in our society. tristen center for the european
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arts is also taking a stand in its performances against intolerance and xenophobia. at the center makes a point of working with refugees many here believe the problem lies in dresden history. what's this despite all the rhetoric there was in communist east germany about the brotherhood of socialist states the few foreigners that were around back then were mostly kept out of sight none of that so there was no interaction no sense of mixing as something normal. that process clearly takes time. and so when people feel insecure because of globalization or whatever they just fall back into their old ways to most often been here but. marcel buyer has lived in dresden for twenty years the prize winning author's works focus on german history he grew up in west germany but his struggle to understand the mentality here in the east and to
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identify the reason for the political shift to the right. of her on this you might get it again and again my wife and i felt we couldn't carry on that we wanted to pack up and go and talk of it but each time we realised the changes that are taking place here are much too interesting to just leave. our homes or to. and so three intend to stay and purser the year in a city where the sense of uncertainty is palpable and many artists here feel their duty is to take a stand against hatred. and let's be of him we will absolutely continue the debates we've begun we see museums as a platform to bring us all together because we all have a cultures within ourselves for five centuries it's been so cosmopolitan and internationally hand and we also want to focus on message more on young people you know mentioned the he. can't get the hell or out center
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a theatre project with syrian refugees is in the making. committed in like mad tang that's has to stand on take charge like to show people what it means to live and work in the midst of war and not to flee or and. i think this is something we can do to help people relate more to the actual crisis regions around the world. and debate it to stay. further marcelle buyer resisted the temptation to leave dresden he says hiding away in an ivory tower is not the solution. what is busy it's it's a man quite hard work. you have to overcome a certain natural aversion you just have to. you have to persevered and talk to these people who have completely different opinions and sometimes you discover things in the process. dresden is kicking back against its rightwing reputation
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many say the problem is not just restricted to eastern germany and after all seventy six percent of voters interest in did none opt for right wing parties. deaths yet plus he yet deaths what's happening now is that many politicians are focusing only on the question of how can it be that they didn't appeal to these people but the f.d.a. did well and they're wondering how they can become a bit more like the f.d.a. and i think that's the totally wrong approach and. soul searching in dresden and elsewhere in germany for many of the artists here rising to the rightwing challenge has become more important than ever. which book will be crowned best german language novel of the un six authors are on
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the short list of the german book prize first let's meet three of them. the capital by whole that's manasseh. it starts with a pig racing through brussels the administrative seat of the european union where the destiny of an entire continent is negotiated the austrian right ho ho about manassas spent four years there resetting for his book his epic the capital revises some cliches and proves that euro kratz can be great characters for a novel. the ships are of course he will have to pick women ok i felt a lot of respect. but at the same time it pay me to see that everything people create is full of the pitfalls before the full of senseless contradictions full of vanity for competition grins and vindictiveness. in the novel a daring project aims to polish the tarnished image of the european
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commission caught between national interests and intrigues it's doomed to failure a failure symptomatic of the e.u. in the greatest crisis in its history. robert manasseh paints a picture full of atmosphere a tragic comedy with serious on determine. if it be moved to hope for like he's hoping that before absolute insanity breaks out again before european civilization is destroyed again before everything is reduced to smoking rubble again people will say no not this time it's my midst. satellite detective story analysis of the first novel about the e.u. is also a plea for a europe that transcends national ego isms. the pine islands. that might have been easy to roll out the cliches japan the land of
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kimono rose and cherry blossoms my own pashtun didn't do that she lived there for some time and in her novel the pine island worlds collide she sends a coffee drinking man who researches beards to japan a country with few beards and too much teeny. little house is a says or does in literature rejection can make things appear more plastic and material . if things are disturbing or in the way that makes them a much more present and then if you see them with infatuated eyes then with the tucked it. her character gilbert sylvester is not really a fan of japan he thinks his wife is cheating on him and he just wants to get away . with tennis debate. isn't it just lands on the toilet.
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a world weary japanese man becomes his companion together they follow a japanese poet's footsteps through the country in search of the most beautiful spots for committing suicide the book is macabre and full of humor by defense counsel and you know how they don't feel comfortable in their skin and want to break out in change i've been living there trying to escape their old lives. i've insisted on it over all of it is this mysterious spirit of the pines and it isn't clear whether that's a plant or a ghost and if then. my own posh man has written a delicate intricate novel that dissolves boundaries and blurs levels of reality what begins as a journey toward death becomes a poetic affirmation of life. thomas lee sleeping son. this book focuses on
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a star like the yes there's a novel revolves around the sun starting on a summer day in twenty eleven these wide ranging work takes in the president of the past deep into the last century its principle is what the author calls a spiral of fun. the richness of who is the key to this book and is that from this center in the year two thousand and eleven rolling up the timeline in a spiral you soon find yourself in different decades this spiral contains narrative processes that remind me of the image of a son of the spirit of a song. on a day in august artist milliners on tag opens a major retrospect. bishan in berlin thomas lair uses pictures from this exhibit to unfold a panorama of society characters and relationships. interweaves the great upheavals of the twentieth century the outbreak of war communist east germany the fall of the berlin wall with his characters marital crises and sexual relationships
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on the seized. lignin bison plums the song of the other side and. involved. and advised to give engstrand in place smiles for you know in some the lead in and yet seem to. still need. time history this is a book that challenges the reader. for steam and overall i see my novel as a big adventure vacation and i think the effort it costs is the effort you experience on a beautiful hike in the mountains for. thomas lear plans to more parts to form a trilogy so the voyage of discovery is far from over. travel the time and far away lands irony and poetry more from the short list later in the show but not
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a brief intimate so. one of palin's costliest building sites is nearing completion no not the airport the magnificent berlin state opera on one thousand linden is about to reopen its doors. it stands proudly under the autumn skies the berlin stayed up or is due to reopen on october third but even after seven long years of building work there's still plenty to do while outside the final polish is applied inside musicians are busy perfecting their performance it's been about two months scenes from curtis found the opening premier. the. music director daniel barenboim has had to wait a long time for this moment the reconstruction took seven years far longer than
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planned and the final cost is almost double the original estimate but for barenboim it's been worth the wait for him the acoustics are everything. as stone i was amazed because everything sounded really excellent for and i have to say from my ears at least the acoustics are ideal of you and. we decide to put that to the test clarinetist nuttiest glenda takes us inside he's been part of the orchestra here for more than thirty years he says dizzily little has changed the historic auditorium has been faithfully restored except for one major difference. the roof has been raised by five meters extending the reverberation time from one point one to one point six seconds it is i think the. it's still our theater but actually it's not really our theater enough and if you
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look up there you see this fantastic acoustic gallery. i've been to guys such a filigree design i love it it's just incredible i'm amazed at how big the room is now how generous the space is. it's a fantastic theater and the acoustic we've already had rehearsals here and the acoustics are vastly improved as. the question king frederick the great would surely have approved he first opened the opera in seven hundred forty two exactly two hundred seventy five years ago it would become one of europe's leading opera houses featuring the greatest conductors phoenix mendelssohn. they had. victim footing now.
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have up front convience and now since one thousand nine hundred one daniel barenboim for a quarter of a century he say classical music in berlin and beyond the reconstruction project is close to his heart. soon to take over the artistic direction of the state opera he too is full of praise for the revamped opera house even just to play an hour. it's the same the building still bree's two hundred seventy five years of history but in fact every square centimeter has changed all the materials are new design to improve the acoustics you know at this stage technology is absolutely state of the art
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a wonderful keyboard for us to play on the truth of them and us being kind of. daniel barenboim can't make full use of that stage technology yet the longest and most expensive overhaul in the operas history still isn't complete despite the reopening. some are calling it an opening in installments but for barenboim it's the final outcome that counts. but i we want to continue to be an institution that makes an important contribution not only for berlin not only for germany but also for europe the new for the land. the opera is only celebrating the opening for a few days then the curtain will fall for two months to allow the final work to be completed in december the berlin state opera is due to reopen in all its perfection .
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now back to the shortlist for the german book prize three more also is also competing for the prestigious award. consul been the raft of them and you said. it's a horrifying tale of. one hundred fifty shipwrecked sailors put together a makeshift raft in their attempt to survive initially they were together but they soon turned on each other it's a real life tragedy that happened in a hundred sixteen and still reverberates today. when i heard about this story i was off struck the main. and that shows human beings in an extreme situation is a loss and if this group of one hundred fifty people is completely enclosed they have no external interest in stance from our. austrian writer fun sauber has been
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meticulous in his study of the sources surrounding the disaster his work depicts the brutal fight for survival only fifteen people lived through it within days they had shed every last vestige of the moral values they otherwise lived by. v.a. to get doctors from six to integration group and mentioning coming pints of a bundle released and didn't believe in their of appreciation we opted for me to sew it up and see him mention face of. the dramatic scenes playing out on the mediterranean two hundred years later we're very much on fanservice mind as he was writing but the novel focuses only on the historical events. to the first day i was probably trying to process the migration crisis through my work but i realized it was too immediate here when i stumbled on this story i realized it was related this historical event suddenly seemed very topical. and.
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hereafter the mage use a confronts the reader with disturbing truths showing how quickly humans can lose their moral compass when it comes to saving their own skin. sascha marianna's sides man beside yourself. how does it feel to be beside yourself when the person you are falls apart and nothing is certain anymore constantly roaming and never feeling at home. in her debut novel. man tells of a jewish woman early and to search for her missing twin brother and so on mind and make him as a bit on this and spy and stuff and phone. and first place enough and be on the c.b.s. news you can kind of causality at schools. and then feel it's a long day to go muslim after the english well. her family history has been
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a catalogue of rifts restarts and moves between moscow ballin understandable. and turns in security and instability are only partly a result of their migration from russia to germany it's more than not knowing where they come from i don't mean a country i mean their story and so more or less voluntarily they begin to search for that themselves my belief was then after that. step by step gathers together the fragments of the past without putting them together to make a whole istanbul becomes a place of transition for her leave the young woman becomes oddly the young man istanbul was also where. her novel the city is very special to her. of a lot between countries and continents istanbul was the first place where i felt at one with myself. it's like your first meets love you don't forget it it's like an
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intense melancholy novel restless and relentless. rites of endless roaming and the courage to reinvent yourself. romeo or juliet. it all begins with a meeting of writers in an anonymous hotel all quite predictable you think regina even boring. but this man turns it into a literary game of hide and seek. and he is romeo juliet. it's not a rhetorical or in the middle like cheese or meat clouds or wind it's an. existential or existentialist or existence order in the story itself there are only traces left traces of i wouldn't call it love but more a betrayed passion. for art in the light. of betrayed passion with
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repercussions writer called prince on find strange things happening in his life. suddenly start disappearing from his hotel room was it a former lover if so which one his self-assured out against begins to crumble he's plagued by doubts so much is misleading. but i think it's not bad to smile every now and then and it doesn't make the book any less serious when a little irony crops up here and there when. the story is interlaced with allusions to film classics and literary quotes all on the subject of design and betrayal. in the build order education or knowledge is not something one needs to apologize for and i have no desire or interest in hiding it in interest and i'm more bothered by people being overly modest stop it. it's easy to get lost in this intellectual maze in such
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a way that you no longer want to get out. and that's was the german book prize shortlist who will come out on top find out in two weeks time in our special edition of our twenty one when we focus on the frankfurt book fair. now a tribute to a legend sound engineer khani plank was an electronic music pioneer in the nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's bands queued up to record his studio. now we wouldn't of try that with anybody else in tony. twenty one he never said any limits for example he never created time pressure to conduct he helped create new sounds for example with duff. many bands that county punk
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recorded went down in pop history he shaped the beginnings of cost back he influenced styles from cult rock to electro pop now thirty years after his death a documentary movie honors him just about in the fines i was open in every direction if you said today he is producing coughed back and next week the scorpions impossible nowadays. but call me punk made it possible to work with him world famous bands travel to the countryside disappearing for weeks in his recording studio on a farm near cologne with his son stefan knew his father mainly from the albums he produced when connie chung died far too young stefan was just thirteen the film is partly a search for counties traces but above all a personal homage to the father the producer the free spirit. he could have had the thing on his button on his head saying there are no rules but those in the. room to move to coney punk let musicians try things out he was obsessed with the
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possibilities of analog technology he tinkered with the sound and sampled long before the term was invented kitchen i was editing was a special art of his analog editing of the stereo tape after recording via the net and he invented his own techniques to manipulate the sound. so when he put. the documentary is full of surprises it's a belated tribute to this music maniac and finally introduces him to a wider public. and he's one of those voice boxes and i put this in through this voice box and then with his two he was stood in the middle of the studio willing it round his head when they had two microphones up in the ceiling and it made this kind of swirling sound. you know those of us these visions of sound that we related . to this for the noise of them driving five hundred forty to make music.
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that's it for twenty one this week next time it's all about photography from analog to digital. from the just rolled off screen of photography to icons of photo history andy's instagram changing our notions of imagery want to know more join us next time.
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euro max this week's highlights. talk of the town glenn martins at the ready to wear shows in paris. live inside the new of an odd museum
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