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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2017 5:03am-5:16am CEST

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referendum on the issue the laws some of the strictest in the world where abortion is a legal in almost all circumstances including cases of right and incest a woman can be sentenced to a maximum of fourteen years in prison for having an abortion. several soccer fans were seriously injured after a barrier gave way at a match in the french city of. little supporters were celebrating forty below tourists opening goal in the fifteenth minute when the fence collapsed under their white twenty five mil supporters were injured four of them seriously. europe is soon to have a new giant in the train building business germany's siemens agreed tuesday to merge its real operations with french train maker alstom german i c e n french t.g.v. high speed trains will then come from a single manufacturer that move was prompted by increasing pressure from chinese
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competition. chinese group c r c c is today bigger than alstom and kind of combined. pushing it up the next step for c r c c is in all likelihood continental europe where it could rely on a purchase of a european manufacturer. will be the chinese rival is already the world's leading maker of train engines the combined siemens and alstom group will speed into second place. just to nurture the key lead to a more balanced killers for for instance ultimate strong enough to. the middle and south americas even just. because the china europe and the united states the portfolio. excellent match. german labor union see the move as an opportunity while their french counterparts fear job loss. says the merger is still
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subject to approval from anti trust authorities. the results of last sunday's general election in germany have shocked many business leaders a strong showing by the far right party means forming a coalition government among the other parties will be difficult. but once it's guns and china and what's important for us irrespective of the party politics along its side is that it doesn't take too long to conclude the coalition talks are going to be the fight the talks will be difficult but they have to agree on a forward looking program. that germany's industrial lobby group is hoping for advantage as the political cards are reshuffled it is now calling for a massive three hundred billion euro investment program to help boost the economy germany's chambers of commerce and industry are making similar demands.
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the business community is sending its own kind of coalition agreement for investments with three priorities investment in education and a modern infrastructure and in scope for entrepreneurial activity. another important focus is continuity which is why many business leaders wanted to see chancellor angela merkel with a fourth term in office executive say her experience and pragmatic approach to governing could help germany and the european union move forward in the years to come. tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of paris to protest against sweeping labor market reforms launched by the french government but president mccall still hopes his vision for europe will appeal to the majority among his proposals harmonizing taxes across the eurozone which would help finance a new. common budget. and the
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budget can only go hand in hand with strong political leadership led by a common finance minister on strong parliamentary supervision and the european level. only the eurozone with a strong and international currency can offer europe the framework of a global economic power. homes plans would increase germany's financial contributions while reducing its influence on policy scenario opposed by many politicians and economic experts in berlin. an ongoing staffing shortage has prompted ryanair to scrap a second wave of flights after already canceling thousands of flights earlier this month the irish airliner is set to cut a further eight hundred thousand scheduled between november and march in total the cancellations will affect over seven hundred thousand bookings. meanwhile bankrupt
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german carrier air berlin is continuing to shed routes from its edge will as the skies over europe grow increasingly turbulent on monday japanese prime minister shinzo i.v. proposed a major economic stimulus package to his cabinet that range of measures worth about fifteen billion dollars aims to boost productivity and education hopes the package will win over voters for the snap election he has now called after dissolving parliament this week. china is stepping up the pace on the electric cars from beijing a set a deadline of twenty nineteen for plugging in hybrid models to make up at least ten percent of automaker sales creasing to twelve percent by twenty twenty official say the quotas apply to all brands that produce or sell more than thirty thousand cars a year in china manufacturers who fail to reach the targets will face fines and
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other penalties. us president donald trump has presented his long awaited plans for tax cuts among the objectives is a reduction in income tax primarily to lower the burden on middle class households another major change is a big break for big businesses with corporate tax to be slashed from thirty five to twenty percent we would dramatically cut the business tax rate so that american companies and american workers can be our foreign competitors and start winning again. that means small business owners like lauren copsey are supposed to benefit from the reforms five years ago he opened his bicycle shop in washington d.c. business is going well so he has five employees but his company doesn't turn enough profit to benefit from trump's tax cuts as well as. the mom and pop shops on main
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street are not the ones that are going to be affected by this from my reading of what the bill might be so it's going to be much larger businesses that are able to sort of benefit from the deductions that they will be able to take and the lower tax rate i don't think it's going to hit the people that you think of as small businesses. so who would get a tax cut doctors' investment bankers and high turnover companies for example republican supporters have long argued that giving tax breaks to big business would boost the u.s. economy they also say that other issues are just as important. there's other reforms there tat they were talking about in tax reform they're important full expensing making the tax code simpler easier to pay off to higher out accountant these are all benefits that help both small and big business. but as far as lauren is concerned the cuts are critical reducing costs for a larger companies inevitably increases competition for business is like is the
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margins for small businesses are so so slim our profits are not huge you know we all want to be able to make a decent living those that are making outrageously large profits i think that maybe there should be a little bit more tax burden on them. the new proposals would constitute a revamp of the tax code but many small business owners have their doubts whether it would do them any good in the long run. britain would like to remain a global champion of free trade even after the country leaves the e.u. in a speech at the bank of england prime minister to resign may warned of the dangers of growing protectionism. we need to ensure our country our economy is working for everyone but we also need to show why free trying to sell important in raising living standards in developing the growth of economies and bringing
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prosperity into all countries and i think that is a discussion we now need to have because we do see other means of protectionism creeping in around the world in a recent example washington said it intended to impose punitive tariffs on canadian aircraft builder bombard the us competitor boeing accuses bombard again of giving an unfair competitive advantage by receiving subsidies from the canadian government . and the united kingdom is also affected by the dispute parts for some bombard gave planes are built in belfast jobs there would be a risk if bombarding a loses business in the us. may is now trying to pressure the us government to withdraw the tariff some bombard again but a badly needed post breaks a trade deal with america weakens her hand. sugar producers are licking their lips as the e.u. prepares to abolish its system of quotas but it's not necessarily such good news
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for the farmers such as it is clearly in northern germany. soon he'll no longer be getting a guaranteed minimum price for his sugar beets. for the last fifty years growers have enjoyed protection from the e.u. now they face a huge challenge. we're missing that important which we have to expect more imports and more competitive imports encroaching into the e.u. market he says that at the same time competitors within the e.u. have every right to expanding or adjust their volumes which will additionally affect the market in past us at least in markets that's the kind this also puts added pressure on the buyers the sugar processing factories. during the harvest trucks deliver tons of beats by the hour. the companies say they're trying to help the farmers. fix plus what we offer three year fixed price as
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well as other variable multi-year models we hope this will allow us to keep the pharmacist anable. of course without a guaranteed minimum price it will be up to them to decide. what. farmers are continuing to deliver a steady supply this plant near hanover process is seventeen thousand tons of beans daily they are shredded in the process to make sugar for the food industry and for retailers traditionally most of the sugar goes to german or european customers but new customers are cropping up. with the elimination of sugar market regulation starting in october it's already clear that we'll be seeing more exports outside the e.u. borders to countries such as israel egypt and perhaps to saudi arabia again there's . no quotas means new markets markets attractive to european neighbors france already the e.u.
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is bigger sugar producer has been expanding its output. and this leads to corresponding price adjustments which means the sugar prices have fallen for the first time internationally including within the you. know eventually beat farmers are bound to be. affected striker remains committed to growing sugar beets at least as long as his harvests continue to be a sweet as they are this year and that was our business week in review. nationalists are on the rise with worldwide to make your country great again that is their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking a trip to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out why the nation me to you. the serious story join the conversation here on.


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