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vulnerable well it's basically impossible i would say to defend such and then you against an attack like this especially if you don't expect it basically the man who attacked those people sat in the thirty second floor of a high rise building of a nearby high rise building i'll tell and from there he had eight some reports even said ten guns apparently automatic assault style rifles and if you have someone who knows how to use these guns and if you have a packed crowd twenty thousand people more than twenty thousand people as i said he can just shoot it's. not easy to miss basically and apparently this man knew what he was doing with those guns it's almost impossible to react to this immediately apparently the police did react relatively quickly
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stormed into the room where the man was holed up and as far as we know the attacker then killed himself at least this is what we heard from. reports i don't know whether the police could have reacted more quickly but it's very difficult in a situation like this if you have a high rise building someone is shooting down from them there's not much you can do really right he said washington correspondent cussen phenomena with the latest from there is donald trump has made us the first remarks after this a mass shooting in las vegas saying he will travel to a las vegas on wednesday to visit the first responders and also the victims' families ok carson thank you very much we'll be talking to you a little bit later in the day. and let's bring you up to date now if you're just joining us a gunman has killed at least fifty people and injured four hundred more in the u.s. city of las vegas people police rather have confirmed that the suspect a sixty four year old white man from nevada is also dead president trump has called
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the attack an act of pure evil the shooting that took place a place on the a famed las vegas strip the attacker had checked into the mandalay bay hotel and casino as carson was just saying and began firing on an outdoor concert from the thirty second floor authorities say a female person of interest seen with the suspect before the attack has not been located. the in a moment when music tensing to gunfire. people begin to run for their lives. as hysteria breaks out in the concert venue the shorts continue. some say the gunfire lost it for five minutes others say even longer. people at the scene distraught the hora they witnessed.
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we refused to believe it was a shooting until they just kept going and going and then. left the stage and then everybody started firing and we started firing we had to have a gate to get out. it was crazy i never seen anything like that we kept shooting and shooting and shooting and we thought it was on the other side we just thought it was maybe plain machine guns but it definitely wasn't our fire guns. and it sounded like at least thirty rounds or more. police rushed to the scene of the attack at the mandalay bay hotel and casino where the perpetrator had checked in as a guest from the thirty second floor he began shooting indiscriminately a concert goer outside. an hour later police confirmed his death. for him as his
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history and background we haven't completed that part of that investigation yet but we located numerous firearms within the room that he occupied and like i stated earlier it's going to be a long and tedious investigation now we're bringing in all the resources of the f.b.i. to assist us in this and. authorities have named a sixty four year old local white man. and believe he was acting alone this incident has been the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history of the death toll is expected to rise. well as we mentioned donald trump spoke on the shooting a short while ago calling an act of pure evil offering his condolences to the families of the victims and thanking first responders he did not however weigh in on the controversy surrounding gun control in the u.s. he did say he will be a visiting los vegas on wednesday to meet with the merge and see responders in the
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victims' families will of course keep you updated on that story as the latest developments come in to us for now though let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world police in france say the attacker who fatally stabbed two women at a train station in marsay on sunday was known to authorities as a petty criminal the suspected she harvested several identities and was shot dead by a french soldier. canadian police say they have arrested a somali national for deliberately ramming a rented van into pedestrians during a high speed chase in edmonton that after he allegedly stabbed a police officer authorities say the man has refugee status in canada prime minister justin trudeau is described the incident as a terrorist attack. three american scientists have been announced have been have been joint announces joint winners rather of this year's nobel prize for medicine they were recognized for their discoveries on molecular mechanisms controlling sir
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kadian rhythms or put simply our body clocks. and soldiers in cameroon have killed at least eight people during protests in the countries in english speaking region and were phone activists are calling for independence from the francophone part of the country they say they are discriminated against by the french speaking majority. now catalonia its regional government is meeting today to discuss steps towards independence after a reported ninety percent of voters backed breaking away from spain in sunday's referendum although the vote was disrupted by police and has been dismissed by madrid. supporters of catalan separatism were in force again today providing a powerful backdrop for the demands of their regional leader. but despite the mood of defiance in barcelona he opened the door to deescalation.
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a woman i can say you. want to know recommending is mediation of yes you are and that mediation requires the presence of a third party. other than this you know that party needs to be international for this to be an effective process this is important to restore the institutional normality which has been disturbed by disproportionate decisions from spain central government. it's also important to end police violence and the limitation of our liberty and also to create a climate of less tension for such a process of mediation that. some days violence was splashed across the morning papers as people caught up with events that could change the makeup of the country some cattle lands are outraged by police tactics others expressing reservations about leaving spain. i'm of the opinion that this referendum wasn't managed the way it should have been there may have been other ways so that we all would be happy
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with the results part of us catalans i believe in not happy with the result of the referendum. yesterday was terrible people like me i'm seventy years old i experienced the dictatorship under franco and this is the same. spanish police used heavy handed tactics on sunday to disrupt the vote the country supremes court has ruled unconstitutional central government in madrid has come under fire for its use of police force cattle an authority say over eight hundred people were injured there now setting up a special commission to investigate claims of abuse. let's go to a journalist steven berg and he is an barcelona standing by for us hi stephen we saw those pictures of police apparently attacking people who were trying to vote on
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sunday and keeping them from those polling stations and those have been beamed around the world what sort of reaction has there there been. well people remarrying yesterday extraordinary because they asked him was entirely of passive resistance despite incredible provocation i don't think anyone has seen this sort of police violence and since attention. and it was good to be entirely. planned and pretty determined foolish that i would think it was is simply made more more and more people feel that they would like to break away from spain stephen if you look at what the catalan leaders say they say that ninety percent of people there voted in favor of independence but how credible is that how many people actually were able to cast their ballots. will ironically twice as many people manage to vote as when we had a vote three years ago without any police violence which shows that people the
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people who want separation of are determined but all the polls show that the country is pretty evenly split between those who wish to remain boncelles burning and those who don't and so it was ninety percent of forty six percent who isn't entirely. predicted result after such a chaotic day steven yesterday you know what happens next what can madrid do what will the government there and the catalonian government do. well the government government has asked for an impartial mediator surprising many people who saw it go straight to a declaration of independence. unilateral limited government their meeting some members of the opposition and the government are meeting not discuss the issue . unfortunately of personally i don't have much faith in their ability to rise to the occasion and to be sufficiently flexible. to unstuck dealing with what is
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a ongoing political issue as though it was simply a law and order issue save a lot of people have been saying that the government in madrid walked into a trap more or less why is that you know what why weren't other actions taken before this referendum yesterday well i think that's true i think it was basically they were you know the catholic government wants to show the weakness of spanish democracy and it is shown its weakness. around the world yes. i think it reflects particularly the mentality of the prime minister mariano or who never does anything until he absolutely has to and i think also the arrogance of a government that things that really does not have very democratic just shoots. you write a journal stephen bergen reporting for us from barcelona stephen thank you very much for your analysis. now on feb thirteenth kim jong
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un the estranged half brother of north korean leader kim jong un was killed in the middle of kuala lumpur airport and the weapon was poison today the two women accused of his murder saw their trial begin in malaysia the suspects were ushered into court earlier today in tight security as expected they pleaded not guilty to the attack with a deadly nerve agent the pair say they were tricked into believing they were part of a prank for a reality t.v. show they face the death penalty if convicted. and many questions surrounding that murder are still unanswered u.s. and south korean officials say it was a cold war style assassination orchestrated by north korea that is a charge that denies let's take a look now at what we do know. the last images of king john alive on february thirteenth two women robbed a liquid into his face at kuala lumpur airport they reported the incident to
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airport staff saying he felt unwell he was taken to the airport clinic and died on the way to hospital. kim jong nam was the older half brother of north korean dictator kim jong un they share the same father former supreme leader kim jong il. the child reese father's first marriage and should have succeeded him as leader but by the early two thousand he'd fallen out of favor from exile in macau he criticized his half brothers rule and called for reforms. reason enough to have him killed according to south korean and u.s. officials who blame the north korean regime for his murder pyongyang denies all involvement but tried unsuccessfully to prevent malaysian authorities conducting an autopsy the results showed that kim jong nam was killed with a nerve agent v.x. the murder spot a diplomatic crisis between the two countries can join them as body was returned to north korea in march part of
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a deal securing the release of malaysian citizens from reclusive state. all right let's recap that developing story that we've been following for you of gunmen opened fire on a country music festival in las vegas killing at least fifty people and more than four hundred the sixty four year old suspect is among the dead speaking to the nation the president praised the first responders calling their work novak us. and let's listen in to what else president trying to say. my fellow americans we are joined together today in sadness shock and grief. last night a gunman opened fire on a large crowd at a country music concert in las vegas nevada he brutally murdered more than fifty people and wounded hundreds more
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it was an act of pure evil. u.s. president trump speaking a little bit earlier in the day and we'll be bringing you updates on that story as they come to us don't forget you can always get news on the go just download our app from google play or from the op store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the date of the op to send us your photos and your videos. filyaw will have your latest news update at the top of the hour. the russian a list are on the rise with morning warning to contract greater can we use their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking you on a global trip to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out why there's no.


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