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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin and spain's king takes sides of the cattle and secession crisis thankfully came down squarely on the side of madrid calling catalan leaders
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irresponsible and the region's independence bid on lawful meanwhile hundreds of thousands poured onto the streets of barcelona to back independence where is spain headed we will get reactions from barcelona. also coming up america mourns the victims in las vegas vigils calls to prayer and the search for answers after the worst mass shooting in recent u.s. history. i'm germany celebrates twenty seven years of her unification but after the recent general election the president warns a new walls are going off inside of people's minds. i'm sara kelly thank you very much for joining us in a televised address spain's king has harshly criticized catalonia his bid for independence king fully accused cattle and leaders of acting irresponsibly and
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outside of the law and carrying out a referendum on independence last weekend his speech came as many thousands of independent supporters were demonstrating in barcelona protesting police violence during the secession vote. but after the violence that marred the referendum comes the response. outside the offices of spain's governing political party striking port workers vented their anger over police brutality for their part spain's government blamed catalan leaders for inciting rebellions on the streets is that was that they showed that they were never there to deter people they were there to hit and provoke them after what happened catalan people expect everything from them just. fearing more violence firefighters from the protector of line between the people and the police. the state is inflicting violence on its
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citizens and therefore on us we are here to protect people and as a consequence we are also exposed to that threat. across the region landmark shut their doors and solidarity public transport has been running a limited service and highways have been blocked. up nothing could stop the masses an estimated seven hundred thousand of them turning the city's streets into a sea of defiance beset by constitutional crisis spain's king waited then with a message to catalan leaders. today catalan society is fractured and conflicted. these authorities have underestimated the affection and feelings of solidarity that have united and will unite all spaniards and with their irresponsible behavior might even put the economic and
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social stability of catalonia and all of spain at risk they got that wrong either. with no mention of sunday's crackdown it was a message unlikely to go down well with those outside the national police headquarters late into the night. and for more on the situation in spain and catalonia let's bring in stephen burgeon who is a journalist based in barcelona thanks so much for joining us this evening we've just heard that the spanish king made the very unusual step of addressing the nation what stood out to you in that speech and how are catalans likely to react to this. speech was a complete disaster he made no conciliatory noise as whatsoever nothing recognized that there is a political issue that needs to be addressed i'm sure it would appear is the speech
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was was written by the government and the king. and sticks by the government's line that you know the referendum was illegal that it's in constitutional rights etc etc which is all true but this doesn't last far but there is a burst of problem when the king is the one person who might have been able to kind of calm or troubled waters a little bit and he hasn't he has actually given the government the green light to carry on with repressing the movement in catalonia for independence whether or you know like you don't know and you are in the heart of catalonia in the epicenter of that movement can you just walk us through what has been going on in recent days how is the mood and has it shifted over the past days because i mean for example we saw some violence over the weekend from police. well there were there was a very high level of violence from the police in trying to stop the referendum ok
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it was really an illegal referendum but only the violence was unprecedented in decades. and the effect has been that many people who were not in favor of independence now are it was a part of possibly the most counterproductive thing the government could have done many people i just know anecdotally from people i know who've said well you know i never want to do this but if this is the best spain can offer well for and that's going to you know let's go go room where. you know it was been as has been quite jovial first of hundreds of thousands of people on the street no police so far and you know it is it has been a show of strength on the part of the people and stephen when you when you gauge the support of those who have chosen to vote in favor of going their own way what would you say that that is a least from from your perspective there in barcelona does there seem to be
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a very strong backing for catalogs going their way because i mean we've heard in the past that this is a really polarizing issue in the region. well it is a polarizing issue in all of those of schoenberg roughly forty five percent people who are in favor of independence and forty five percent vote at about ten percent i don't care i think the violence on the sure the violence on sunday has pushed things in favor of yes but if we were ever to have a legal binding referendum which is what seventy or eighty percent of people here want then the results might be different and we thank you very much for telling us a little bit more about your view there from barcelona stephen burgeon journalist based in barcelona we thank you and you. americans are searching for answers even just a possible motive following the worst mass shooting in recent u.s.
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history fifty nine people were killed in las vegas yesterday when a gunman opened fire on a country music festival from a hotel window high above the shooting has renewed the debate over gun control in the united states in the city locals and survivors have gathered together to comfort one another. the grief and horror of a city in shock a quiet candlelight vigil replaced the customary neon glitz of the las vegas strip tales of her bravery emerged from the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. but was carried. over there were dead or alive this morning because of all scripture and maybe to the church for sure it's just a tragedy for the people of the little one still full. but you have been cleared of anybody who's alive. right stayed with the police to form a folder structure for people caught up in the tragedy there was some comfort in coming together. good and my teammates by my side and just yet there were these
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tests the gratitude that you feel for people being i was just think mostly communities through the able to come together for people to hear. and this is the man said to be the killer sixty four year old stephen paddick a multi-millionaire real estate investor and high stakes gambler. patrick had checked into the iconic mandalay bay hotel from his room on the thirty second floor he had a perfect vantage point above the music festival to carry out his gruesome shooting spree. at paddocks home in the nevada town of miskito police recovered nineteen guns in addition to the twenty three found at the las vegas hotel where the fatal shots were fired well you're concerned as anybody would be and we were that somebody this close to home would. do something like that but.
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today this seems to be over the place and so you just don't know who may british police have yet to uncover any concrete motive. with the investigation into the massacre in las vegas still in its early stages the debate on gun control which has divided america for decades can only intensify. and let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world the former kurdish leader and iraqi president jalal talabani has died at the age of eighty three he took office as a unifying statesman as iraq tried to rebuild following the u.s. led war to oust saddam hussein he held the presidency until two thousand and fourteen but withdrew from political life after suffering a stroke and twenty twelve. the european parliament has voted against to moving to the next stage of talks on britain leaving the e.u. lawmakers in strasburg slammed to the british government for failing to make progress on key issues the vote was non-binding but reflects the mood of the
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parliament which will have to approve the final bribes that deal. german president frank has warned of new walls as the country marks twenty seven years since re-unification he made the comment in a speech during an event commemorating german unity day which saw the country's leaders gather in the southwestern city of mights the celebrations are being overshadowed though by the nationalist alternative for germany parties strong showing in last month's election indicating that despite the great success since you remove occasion there are fresh divisions and concerns. on the twenty seventh anniversary of german unity both leaders and citizens have reason to be cheerful. but smiling selfies with chancellor angela merkel hide a serious message though germany may be prosperous and powerful nationalism war and crisis have arrived on its doorstep. you couldn't we cannot detach ourselves from
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what's going on in the world we must ensure that things improve thank lobel ization takes place in a humane way he started with closer to home germany's president. says the country is torn and under threat from a new aggressive form of nationalism he says new walls are going up this time in people's minds. behind these walls deep mistrust is going against our democracy and its representatives the so-called establishment which includes everyone who wants to be part of it everyone except the self-proclaimed fighters against the establishment. that's a reference to the right wing populist party which with its anti refugee rhetoric has barreled into the bundestag. steinmeyer would like to see an immigration law that allows opportunities but lays out limitations as minors if. my
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view this is not simply wishing away the migration but apart from asylum and europe wide efforts it means defining a system of legal access to germany which regulates and controls migration according to our requirements. the celebrations began with a church service that focused on multiculturalism and germany's history of diversity. present were a doctor who's worked in syria and iraq my nemesis a german muslim and a jewish german. from the altar a message of tolerance and coexistence. on germany's national unity day the country's political establishment is gathering strength to face the heated debate that will mark the next chapter of german history. the nobel prize in physics has been awarded to a trio of u.s.
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researchers for helping to prove the existence of gravitational waves the work confirmed a theory that was put forward by albert einstein one hundred years ago the swedish nobel committee called the trio's discovery of the opening of a new window to the universe we live in a dark universe ninety nine percent dark that is still modern telescopes reveal exploding stars billions of light years away or merging black holes. these produce gravitational reyes that extend all the way to earth now they can be measured. three americans i know ways barry barish and kip thorne have been awarded the nobel prize in physics for this discovery. hundreds of additional scientists were involved in this research the breakthrough first came two years ago in the us with help from two highly sensitive
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measuring instruments known as legal detectors laser beams sent through for kilometer long vacuum tubes are bounced back by a mirror when a gravitational wave meets the tubes the laser beams get stretched and clenched and they encounter a slight disruption in their path. the physicists have measured the gravitational waves and rendered them audible. the signal sounds like a stone dropped in a cosmic puddle. the technology may answer questions about the beginning of the universe and might even allow us to hear the sound of the big bang. and a big congratulations to them with that you are up to date here on news i'm sarah kelly thank you very much for watching us. climate change. waste. pollution.
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and isn't it time for a good. go at africa people and.


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