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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 6, 2017 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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the good news is our own choices in energy conservation. recycling. and transport can help regional airline find out what you can do today at regional the lines. this is you don't need use live from berlin a piece a warrant for increasingly dangerous times no bow judges honor the team of the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons as the risk of atomic warfare breaking out increases for the first time in
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a generation also coming up. spain's government apologizes for a violent police crackdown on sunday during catalonia disputed independence referendum the apology comes as madrid seeks a way out of deadlock with catalonia over its push for independence. and you pagans is returning to buy munich for a fourth time i guess is taking over as head coach until the end of the season. only a walk so good to have you with us a committee in oslo has awarded the twenty seventy nobel peace prize to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons also known as i can well the nobel committee weighed up nominations for two hundred fifteen individuals and one hundred and three organizations in the end they chose icann for reviving efforts to
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prohibit nuclear weapons at a time of renewed global tensions. the norwegian nobel committee has decided to award the nobel peace prize for twenty seventeen to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons. that you never based organization is more commonly known as i can it owned a significant victory when the un adopted a symbolic nuclear treaty addressing the issue the chair of the norwegian nobel committee said the risk of nuclear weapons being used is currently greater than it has been for a long time. when you. take a historical look it seems like there have been moments where it's been more engagement among nuclear states to end.
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disarmament initiatives i do not believe we are in such a moment today. none of the nine no nuclear powers have signed up to the new u.n. treaty pushed by the group. feel bored also comes amid heightened tensions over north korea's nuclear development and us president donald trump is criticism of a deal curbing iran's nuclear program something i can find deeply concerning. i think that there is a band deal is really important and it will be really really unfortunate and a huge security risk for the world if that was ripped up especially at a time when iran is complying with the deal. so i think that treating the deal needs to remain be supported. and has pledged to step up its campaign and to do even more until all nuclear weapons are eliminated.
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well let's discuss this year surprise peace prize recipient we want to turn now to leo hoffman axle time he is with i can represent the organization he joins us however from a brussels where he is currently congratulations tell us about the moment that you got the news and were his taken aback as your executive director was yes thank you so much for having me of course we were all very taken aback it's the kind of thing that even off the top and you can hardly realize that this is the actual reality and the really happens so there has been some speculation leading up to the prize and the various. top list of candidates but of course the kind of thing you can expect than we had in the press release no media were prepared so it really came as a surprise to us all right it's a very difficult to prepare for something like that but do you feel now in hindsight that the nobel committee is trying to send a message here and i'm thinking specifically about the timing of this award with
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president trump getting ready to decertify according to some sources the iran deal and the growing worries about north korea's nuclear capabilities. well there certainly trying to send a message and of course the peace prize has always been. an attempt to also strengthen various actors trying to push against. the conflicts across the globe and today was a north korea was frankly it's been quite difficult to get attention to get media attention for the fact that the majority of states have come together to ban your weapons that humanity is basically united in rejecting the last weapons of mass destruction that are not yet outlawed by a specific treaty and it's important to have this kind of attention thanks to the nobel peace prize to remind people like president trump and north korea's leader community that the rest of the world does not accept their use of weapons of mass
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destruction their strengths and also the posture of the tyrants tell us a little bit more about i can itself and its work to curb the proliferation of nuclear weapons so i can was founded ten years ago and then it's got quite a boost starting in two thousand and ten when states and also the committee of the red cross started really really emphasizing not nuclear weapons as an abstract concept a tool in the syrian the political syria like nuclear deterrence but as of the weapons themselves as actual physical machines that exist on this planet and looking at the consequences that these weapons have when they are used the consequences on humans on the environment on the next generations and also the limited capability for crisis response so that really made to help to show up and for what they are and that is also the reason why now states have come together to ban them and for that prohibit them under international law all right leo hoffman
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actual time is with i can congratulations again and the good luck with your important work thank you so much i want to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. police have fired tear gas at opposition activists in kenya's capital nairobi marches also took place in other major cities the demonstrators are calling for the dismissal of elec toral board officials involved in august selection a presidential vote we were on is now just three weeks away. and these sixteen people have died and several are injured after a passenger train collided with a bus in russia officials say the bus had stalled on a rail crossing and the train was unable to stop in time while the accident happened about eighty five kilometers east of moscow all of the dead are feared to be back said citizens the body of former iraqi president jalal talabani has arrived back in his home city assume
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a neo passed away this week in germany at the age of eighty three tele bonnie stepped down as president back in two thousand and fourteen after you suffered a stroke he was the first iraqi president of kurdish origin and has been hailed in death as a unifying figure in iraq in politics. how it will it take a turn now to that increasingly tense standoff in spain a top spanish government official in catalonia has apologized for violence by police during the region's un authorised independence referendum last sunday while meanwhile a spokesman for the government in madrid suggested catalonia hold fresh regional elections to try and settle the crisis sparked by its push for independence he also addressed last weekend's police violence in his statement let's have a listen go to the remote we all know that the security forces were carrying out the judge's order to prevent a vote that was illegal they were acting because the local police had to do so.
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they went in to prevent voting and not to target voters. if you don't buy the fact some people did suffer the consequences of that is regrettable. while meanwhile zero two senior police officers and two leading separatists have appeared in court to face addition allegations the four are accused of failing to enforce a cord ban on holding the referendum and they will have to return to court in the coming days after prosecutor after a prosecutor presents new evidence what officials have said regional leader carlos pussy to mont will address the regional parliament on shoes day well this comes after spain's high court barred kalau lawmakers from holding a parliamentary session on monday to discuss the region's bid for independence.
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well lo with the much dreaded prospect of no deal being reached between the two sides that can stave off more tensions let's bring in our very own anna sophia for the latest she is in barcelona hi anna sophia something's gotta give but the two sides aren't budging let's start with the president and his party are they still on track to declare independence from spain in a couple of days. well that's the big question actually and there are different voices. some party even important party members are saying that everything is staying the same everything is going to plan and yes they will definitely stick to their plans to the declare independence on monday other sides seem to try to ease the tension and some even see even karla's puts them on the catalan leader trying to ease the situation as he has actually postponed his speech from monday to tuesday and he's also chosen
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a more careful wording he wants to talk about the current political situation now so there are mixed signs and it's very unsure what's going to happen here. today from the spanish perspective the integrity of its territory in its current state at least is sacred and we've heard official strike a more conciliatory tone today is that an opening and why didn't your which out earlier. well yes this might be another sign that things are starting to move here as representative here catalunya of the madrid government has apologized for the police violence that took place on sunday during sunday's referendum. many people here are asking why now and why so late just as you there is still no explanation
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for that but yes it might be a step toward more easing a better situation an improvement of the situation and a step towards maybe a dialogue hard to do to amuse and sophie see even in barcelona reporting thank you . some sports news now and you pagans has been appointed as the new coach of buy in munich the seventy two year old is taking over until the end of the season following the sacking of carlos mencia lottie most recent tenure at byron ended with his retirement in two thousand and thirteen after he won three titles that of champions league bonus league and the german cup titles . all right so he's got a great great track record are with me in the studio is a jonathan grant from our sports it's good to see you jonathan so this is a good move by brian well if you listen to the statement coming out of read the statement coming out from by munich they would certainly think there were
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a great deal of trust between your pinter's and binah but if you remove the guy who's the the chairman he is the ideal coach for buying at the moment there are many good thing and you have to say does make sense because you pine because knows by munich he knows the traditions of the club so he's not an outsider he can come in and hit the ground running we've been hearing today that he will be reunited with his assistant paid to hannan who's been released by fortunate just sort of and i think crucially for by one hundred is a very strict disciplinarian and we saw with. see some of the players the senior players attend against him he'd lost the dressing room this football phrase that what happened with his words of our it's a nice previous tenure he once fined boston strong and tony crews for wearing the wrong socks to training or to get on the wrong side of him there he's very very strict so he's a tried higher nevertheless he's only there he's got the job until the end of the season can he realistically achieve this something the time and who do they want him to be replaced with well it would be remarkable if you could manage to
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replicate his success from last time given he's been out of the game for more than four years of course he's come out of retirement for a second time to take this job better as i said he will know who or how things work or buy and he has come in to study the ship because then i think buying will probably turn their attention to you leonardo from the now he's the thirty year old kid. hoffenheim very very highly rated had a fantastic for a season in charge hoffenheim but this is for a season taking a team into european competition so i think by the public keen to wait and see how novels and dust in the europe from the government's point of view makes sense as well because he probably wants is to have the chance to manage hoffenheim in europe he isn't he thirty years old and he has said it is his dream to manage by munich one day so if he comes in at the end of the season he will have a completely clean slate from which to work on older players in the squad might maybe move on so then an august man can bring in his own players and bond with them hope he can deliver for them all right but we'll have to wait and see it's not in the can or right to jonathan crane from our force that's great to have you with us
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thank you thank you. and before i let you go i want to remind you of our main headlines right now. the spanish government officials have apologized for a violent police crackdown during catalonia as an authorized independence referendum last sunday hundreds were injured in clashes with police madrid has also called in catalonia to hold a regional election to settle the political crisis over its bid for in the pendants . all right that brings us to the end of this edition of news we'll see again at the top of the hour. sure people the world over information.


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