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styris catastrophe what killed so many of them and are those that are alive endangered. psychos in distress find out more in our interactive internet documentary and d.-w. dot com site goes. this is t w news live from berlin the dream of a world without nuclear weapons when it's this year's nobel peace prize judges honoring i can the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons but they also warn of a rising risk of nuclear conflict. also on this program the spanish government
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apologizes for police violence during catalonia is disputed referendum on sunday but the big question remains will catalan leaders declare independence next week. and in germany. you pine because returns to buy munich for a fourth time he's taking over as the head coach as the head coach rather of the business like a powerhouse until the end of the season. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with us this year's nobel peace prize has been awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons i can the group played a key role in the adoption of a united nations treaty in july of this year that aims to eliminate nuclear bombs the nobel committee says it all that i can for reviving efforts to ban such weapons
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at a time of renewed global tension. ok. members of i can the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons celebrating at their headquarters in geneva switzerland after hearing the announcement of their nobel prize winner is also considered an upset victory since many analysts expected the negotiators who had worked out the nuclear deal with the ran in two thousand and fifteen to win however i can had already earned a significant victory when the un adopted a symbolic nuclear treaty they had devised addressing the issue of nuclear disarmament the chair of the norwegian nobel committee had this to say when you. take a historical look it seems there have been moments where it's been more engagement among nuclear states to end. this element in the city of i do not believe we are in such
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a moment today the un under-secretary general and high representative for disarmament affairs izumi not commits to echoed those views and moving towards a waltz free of nuclear weapons is really today and priority so is the nobel peace price. very significant in terms of the timing and a situation in which we owe anything in today however none of the nine no nuclear powers have signed up for the new u.n. treaty pushed by icann the award also comes amid heightened tensions over north korea's nuclear development and us president donald trump is criticism of a deal curbing iran's nuclear program something i can find deeply concerning it. i think that their band deal is really important and it would be really really unfortunate and a huge security risk for the world if that was ripped up especially at
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a time when iran is complying with the deal. so i think that treating the deal needs to remain and be supported. i can has pledged to step up its campaign and do even more until all nuclear weapons are eliminated. ok joining us now a leading member of i can leo hoffman tellme he's the co-founder of the organizations german chat good to have you with us how surprised were you when you heard you'd won the nobel peace prize thanks for having me no we were very surprised of course there in the speculation everywhere but frankly this is the kind of thing that even after it happened you can barely believe it and you know the norwegian nobel committee awarding this prize to you used the occasion to warn against a rising risk of nuclear conflict are things really that serious. no absolutely i mean after the end of the cold war people sort of forgot about nuclear weapons of
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course they stayed there in fact they are aging the soldiers moving them around cleaning them keeping them ready to use at a moment's notice very demotivated. now that we have huge investments going on into all the nuclear stockpiles so basically one hundred eighty four countries are doing great without nuclear weapons we have a minority of countries that still believe they need weapons of mass destruction to keep themselves safe and it's really important to have the nuclear treaty in order to show that the vast majority of states and in fact the vast majority of people also in the nuclear weapons states find nuclear weapons a power and unacceptable and now they are illegal under international law so it's important to bring attention to this leo you and i can have campaigned strongly for the treaty you just mentioned the un's treaty on prohibition of nuclear weapons adopted in july this year but yet it hasn't yet entered force because it still needs ratification her least fifty countries how helpful is the nobel peace prize
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in the bid to get that treaty ratified. yes i transitioned quickly to this treaty because the point here is not so much the prize awarded to ike and of course we're grateful for that and we buy by the on the receiving this prize but the whole point here is that through the boycott of the nuclear weapons days and also the boycott of countries like germany who have for the first time stayed away from that lateral design movement negotiations it is really important to bring attention to this treaty because as well as it's not going to have its effect which is to digitize nuclear weapons to make sure that even people like president or north korea's leader aware of the fact that everybody else considers nuclear weapons unacceptable and illegal and so while the dangers are rising and and calculation miscommunication and accidents. we really would be naive to sit back and believe that we can just trust nuclear weapons states to design their weapons themselves as of course the people that don't have the nuclear weapons they have to step up to the plate and make sure that we put the pressure on the nuclear weapons states and
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really convince them that design moment is the only way to keep us all safe my question leo was you know does this prize help you in the fight to get the treaty actually ratified because at the moment it's not in force. yeah absolutely so we're not very devout getting the treaty into force it's going to be in force from the moment we have fifty ratifications one hundred certain states voted in favor of this treaty at the united nations so we have a we're going to get easily was in a few years two thirds of the states in the world signing this treaty and ratifying it was in the next let's say two years. but the important point is really that the noble peace prize will help us draw attention to the treaty so that people in every country know that there's an eternity if you don't have to just accept north korea and the u.s. and russia threatening each other you can push for your government to rectify the
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nuclear probation treaty and thereby increase the pressure for nuclear and so it's really important through the nobel peace prize to get attention to this but the question also leo is how effective is this treaty going to be as far as i understand it doesn't apply to the countries that already have nuclear weapons so some people might say what's the point of the treaty. yes and. first of all to the countries that have ratified the treaty but again if the vast majority of countries of the two thirds or even more of the countries on earth ratify this treaty it's of course going to have effects on everybody else how could it not we have only nine states with nuclear weapons and this is going to have knock on the fact of rules of engagement violence is like nato where you will have to introduce an opt out it's going to have effects on banks which can no longer finance companies which are involved in the maintenance of the delivery we equals for nuclear weapons and so on so it's definitely going to have legal political moral consequences and give
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arguments to those people that are trying to limit the money and the funds that are being wasted on weapons of mass destruction which can never be used and the any circumstances and leo what do you say to the foreign policy hawks who say actually we need nuclear weapons for instance is a deterrent. to contain unpredictable leaders for instance such as north korea's kim jong il they have a point when they argue that way. not not at all that's a pretty self-serving argument honestly north korea has only had nuclear weapons for the past ten years and of course north korea wouldn't have acquired nuclear weapons if you had banned them earlier and actually been on the past on the credible past was designed and of course north korea sees that we as we have absolutely no intention of going towards nuclear disarmament they feel threatened and as a poor country was badly was very weak military they. think that they need nuclear weapons in order to keep themselves safe now. claim that it's really because of
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north korea that we have nuclear weapons is clearly wrong since we have had nuclear weapons for seventy years and that's really the major powers that are protecting each as a from the pressure from the nuclear weapon free states. ok the thoughts there of lee hoffman tellme co-founder of i can germany many thanks and congratulations for winning the nobel peace prize thank you for having me thank you again. turning to spain our top government official has apologized to those injured by police violence in catalonia last weekend some eight hundred people were injured in clashes with loren forces as the region held an unauthorized independence referendum now the move may be a sign that the tone is softening in madrid standoff with catalonia over its bid for independence it comes as catalonia as leader met with a newly formed team of mediators. if the catalan president's power struggle with spain is to end any time soon he will need the help of mediators like those he
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met with today. and outside and he may be listening to his guests karl last tuesday moment said he will update parliament on the current political situation on tuesday and didn't doing so he avoided breaking a constitutional ban on a station shed job from monday. i gesture of goodwill and says this party. i mean. you must the president of catalonia has a great opportunity to make the real statement he made a few days ago which is to start a dialogue. meanwhile in madrid a possible change in strategy for the first time the spanish government issued an apology of sorts for the heavy handed policing of sunday's illegal referendum. i said this very clearly before the police were following an order they where in order to avoid an illegal vote they were ordered to seize ballot boxes if there were incidents and there where and if people were injured evidently we are all
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sorry. the pressure is piling on catalan leaders as spain's third largest bank agreed to move its registered offices of the breakaway region. comes this catalonia so-called silent majority who oppose separation began finding their voice. problem is not between the government the problem is between one half of the people on the other half of the cattle on people and on sunday the. plans to take back the streets with a demonstration of their own. now catalonia is push for independence is also causing a lot of skepticism among financial institutions christophe has more on that those right christopher the international monetary fund is warning it that the move could affect confidence and investment decisions in the region and ratings agency fitch has warned may downgrade catalonia sovereign debt rating in case it does declare
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independence that just one day after standard and poor's issued a similar warning no wonder businesses in the region are weighing up their options and now the government in madrid has passed a decree helping companies shift their legal headquarters out of catalonia. catalonia spain's most well off region ten of the country's forty six saving banks are headquartered here but for how long some businesses have already voted with their feet bank is the country's third largest lender it announced on friday it will move its headquarters from barcelona to valencia and it's not the only one sab adele spain's fifth largest bank has already got the movies in its new headquarters will be in an accounting on the east coast analysts say the unknown surrounding the region's future when the stakes are high likely they're going to judge us by no less a level of spanish bonds a rise in interest rates an increase in the risk premium and the possible hold to foreign investments in catalonia and spain other consequences of the risk posed by
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the political and economic situation they were ready to economy were just approved in the. and here at barcelona industry week companies with operations in catalonia have been expressing their concerns. not knowing the future of councillor nia whether it will be inside or outside of spain makes entrepreneurs think carefully about their companies but there's a lot of know where you will always go in the safest direction. no one was. able to catalonia accounts for a fifth of spain's economy but financial markets have been shaken this week by fears that secession would undermine the euro zone's fourth biggest economy dealing a heavy blow to spain's finances and sending the catalan economy into a tailspin. french carmaker renault is going electric they deserve good scandal and global public concern over climate change has pushed car companies to radically
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overhaul their product range fox wagon by miller promise to provide electric versions of all of their models an hour and also has half of its fleet will be electric in just a few years time. renel is taking a leaf out of partner company newsstands book the miss and leaf is the firm's flagship electric car now the c.e.o. we're vanno wants his firm to roll out more electric and hybrid vehicles. altogether our electrified offer will account for fifty percent of our lineup eight cars your electric twelve. total of twenty on the line up of thirty nine this is more than fifty percent of our product offer it's hardly surprising car makers are rushing to come out on top in the race to go and like trick german car makers folks fog and diamond have pledged to often electric versions of all their
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cars by the middle of the next decade after all they're looking to clean up their reputations in the wake of the diesel emissions scandal but with everyone piling on the electric bandwagon over the coming years the question remains can run no pull ahead of the competition with their next model said to be available by twenty twenty two they're hoping to get a head start. to the united states and it's a mixed picture for the u.s. economy of the country shared a forty three thousand jobs in september the labor department blaming those losses on harrigan's irma and harvey which hit the south south of the united states a few recent well but a key indicator of the country's economic fortunes wage growth is picking up workers are on average being pay about three percent more compared with last year faster growth than analysts had expected.
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and for more let's cross over to wall street and our markets man yes yes what did investors focus on today the weaker jobs data or the girls than wages. well to be honest neither nor because september was an exception not the norm was the hurricanes and harvey that caused a lot of destruction and yes in general it's a good sign that wages are increasing but that is probably because of those hurricanes effect that most of the. labor jobs and those are less paid and therefore you can't really read too much out of the wage growth either overall the economy seems to be rather strong during the week we got a good report from the manufacturing area from the u.s. car industry saw at the end of the week this jobs report didn't really count that much and yet the asian juggernaut boeing is beefing up its investments in
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antonymous and electric hybrid planes tell us more well we are talking so much about driverless cars and boeing seems to be one step ahead or. they agreed to buy aurora flight sciences and that company is specialized in drone drones and in pilot flying systems they already have a partnership going on with. so boeing now getting into this area with pilotless flight systems and we can expect that a lot more money will now flow into that area yes quarter new york thank you. and it's back to christopher with the latest now on the investigation into sunday's mass shooting in las vegas christophe's investigators now saying that gunman stephen paddock was probably scouting other sites before his murderous attack on
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sunday shooting dead dozens of people from a high rise hotel room officials say he booked similar hotel rooms near other festivals such as the popular lollapalooza or event in chicago the victims of the shooting included music lovers and an aspiring performer. with year round me. who ran in stuart an avid music fan who wanted to be a country singer he was one of the fifty eight people killed at the harvest music festival last sunday. his sister and his best friend still trying to come to terms with the loss. you know you don't really know. who has it probably not real. think it's going to be real and we walk in the office and he's not there you know. across town
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a vigil for another victim of the mass shooting charleston hartfield was a police officer who had attended the festival off duty fifty eight victims fifty eight stories of bereavement. the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history was possible because the gunman stephen paddock had modified his awesome lot of weapons with legal so-called bump stocks. these devices allow guns to fire at a rapid rate almost like fully automatic weapons. in the wake of the shooting the trumpet ministration deflected initial calls for tighter gun legislation. but now the chiefs of the national rifle association have released a statement and a surprise concession for an organization that famously opposes any hint of new restrictions it calls for a federal review of stocks that make rapid fire easy with semiautomatic weapons.
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moments after the white house press secretary praised the announcement. the afternoon members of both parties in multiple organizations are planning to take a look at stocks and related devices we certainly welcome that would like to be part of that conversation. but the organization that the n.r.a. wants to talk with handling the bomb struck issue is the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms a move that has already been interpreted by some as a strategy to keep the issue out of congress and avoid any more sweeping gun controls. in a country where since the attack on sunday at least eighty seven people have been killed by firearms the n.r.a. his proposal is a far cry from corrective action. staying in the u.s. top hollywood producer harvey weinstein and threatening to sue the new york times
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after it published an article alleging decades of sexual harassment against women sixty five year old weinstein had initially apologized after the article and asked for a second chance now his lawyer says the story was tantamount to defamation because it relied mostly on hearsay weinstein is taking a leave of absence from his movie studio his hits include award winning films like good won't good will hunting pulp fiction and shakespeare in love. saudi arabia has condemned the united nations report on violence against children is misleading and inaccurate the document blamed a saudi led military coalition and yemen for deaths and injuries to hundreds of children the u.n. report counting more than fifteen thousand war crimes in total against children last year some believe however the real figure could be much higher. it's a gruesome list that the u.n. representative virginia wants to deliver year in and year out the list of war
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crimes against children children are conscripted to fight they were abused raped and killed by bombs in their schools in kindergartens in twenty sixteen the un counted fifteen thousand five hundred proven crimes carried out by government troops rebels and terror organizations we have to assume that this is just the tip of an iceberg so than say oh good we have five hundred five hundred more it's not the case of a fight and that the u.n. report came late this year mainly because of strong opposition from saudi arabia it had been named as one of the perpetrators on the so-called list of shame in yemen saudi led coalition airstrikes on schools and kindergartens killed six hundred eighty three children according to u.n. reports that's why saudi arabia made the list at the same time it's also been described as a country willing to cooperate with u.n. efforts. ok time now to catch up with some of the other stories making news around
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the world police in kenya have fired tear gas at all physician activists demonstrating in the capital nairobi. is also taking place in other major kenyan cities the demonstrators are calling for the dismissal of electoral board officials involved in last august's presidential election the pressure on the presidential rerun vote is now just three weeks away. the body of former iraqi president jalal talabani has arrived back in his home city of silliman near passed away this week in germany at the age of eighty three. taliban have stepped down as president in twenty fourteen after suffering a stroke he was the first iraqi president of kurdish origin has been hailed as a unifying figure in iraq in politics. in russia at least sixteen people were killed and several more injured when a passenger train collided with a bus officials say the bastard stalled on a rail crossing and the train wasn't able to stop in time he had said it happened
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about eighty five kilometers east of moscow all of the dead are understood to be spec citizens. pope francis has called on leading internet companies to protect children online at a vatican backed conference the pontiff urged executives to use quote their great profits to defend young people from sexual exploitation and sexual violence he also called for tougher sanctions against online child abuses. but his leader giants by munich have appointed your hind as the new coach the seventy two year old coming out of retirement he signed a contract until the end of the season it is his fourth time in charge up by an. your bank is retired from coaching in two thousand and thirteen and he went out on a high as one the trouble with buying the champions league the bond his league and
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the german cup. his good friend buy and president ali who played a big role in convincing him to come out of retirement many of the players know hank is from his last time in charge and they're happy to see him come back. they can feel it he knows a lot of the guys and he has huge experience he's a great coach and really understands the players i think he'll give the team a boost and make us better. i guess we'll take over training on monday and stay until the end of the season given by in munich time to find a suitable successor. now there was a hair raising experience during yesterday's storm here in germany for the passengers off an emirates flight landing just hold off after the airbus a three eighty appearing to touch down perfectly but then it was caught by a powerful cross wind direction precariously across the runway before its pilots managed to bring it back from the control plane enthusiastic cargo spotter
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recording this for change and publishing it on his new chub channel he praised the skills private life off the emirates profits from coping with the unexpected turbulence. from happy passengers in that plane a quick reminder for you of our top story this year's nobel peace prize has been awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons the nobel committee and also praising i can's efforts to establish a global treaty outlawing the devastating weapons at a time of renewed nuclear tensions. you're watching the news in berlin i'll be back in a second with the day our in-depth analysis of the world's top stories that's. she
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took a big risk and paid a heavy price for it not gary and war correspondent. in a basement in aleppo syria she found bunk area made weapons that had been supplied to islamic states and she wrote
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a new story about it and lost her job she was questioned by the guerin security officials and now she's fighting for her generalistic credibility. in sixty minutes on d w. the fast pace of life in the digital noise. shift as the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information the wittiest finds and interviews with makers and users. should in forty five minutes don't. tell me the subtle indigestion that went on as came from jurors or dealing with any and other they killed many civilians with him in the harsh coming including my father why the official i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became elish kind sob.
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providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. it's all about the moments that right before. it's all about the stories inside. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us inspired by distinctive instagram or others at g.w. stories new topics each week on instagram. in times of global tension the dream of a world without nuclear weapons wins this year's nobel peace prize i can the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons takes the award we talked to one of its leading members my name's christopher spring eight this is the day.


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