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a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com to freedom. by remuneration everything they always think they can still win right up to the very last second. meal suddenly leaves it. starting october fifteenth on d w and online. welcome to the weekend all the tips on what to wear this season are coming up at the top of the show so let's dive right in. dressed to impress
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presenting the fashion trends for the autumn winter season. in and out home cooking out of course he's restaurants and berlin. and for the future projects or preserving german cars. i'm not far off today but if you watch the show yesterday you and i that i was right on trend is my dress and it's the collar. and this yeah i think a splash of color to an often dull when to wardrobe with paris fashion week in full swing in the moment we went to talk to the pros to find out what to wear as the code nights draw in hair in northern europe. whether it's own off the runways during the ready to paris is the perfect place to take the season's fashion
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pulse. design a street style. what to wear this for one thing is. for the cold winter months industry insider says this season is that. red is a big color i think the looks very good a lot of people it's going to blogs a bratz and it's a happy color is a great collocation of love and women are really using it in accessories of it told the looks if anybody and i love the already trend as in red from head to toe maybe red t. shirt or sweater red pants red shoes super cool. on the runway the german model showcased another trend checks. designers have above all revived respectable hound's tooth for shark tale of looks. german singer lena my own mount hood is just one of many celebrities whose checkmate has come think it's got to get there come on the checkered coat and hair known color making
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a comeback preferably in a relaxed oversized. blazers are all over the place right now in the good old news corey camp is also cropping up again. just enough you know those are two key pieces you need for a style update. without looking like you're trying too hard. superficially side with itself to that side. newsboy hatsell baron days of the season's must have accessory with designers embracing them everywhere. to think. that these parades are a huge trend if they're still from the pre season but they're here to stay. it's no secret that denim is his last day besides its perennial popularity for separates the latest look is head to turn indigo. there's a lot of downtime and all the collections it seems that even designers have never
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used them before our interpreter named their version of data. but there's another trend the season and that is comfort even figments statement making pieces . oversized. plenty of room for cool weather layers it's a live championed by french style starting after the. group. i have the feeling everything's getting looser and more comfortable. skin tight pants are out. right now we want to feel comfortable in our clothes. you see that above all with coats and white trousers. else unless you know everything's a bit oversized like my blazer for example looks a bit like it's borrowed from the boys i like it a lot it's more casual. coat skirts and dresses are alongside the season
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preferably in floral prints a generous let loose and i said away. nice to. know if i'm feeling. like. long lengths don't have to look prim and proper these outfits are a case in point. another season must have standout belts to clinch the waist. in a narrow way from us actress naomi watts for a wide band worn by enough to the full song. i'm glad to be in fashion but to be honest i've always loved white belts. for the silhouette so i think work work work closer to the body first of all very oversized so it's one or the other and very often you will see that the waist has become quite important again. tassels and fringes continue to crop up chiming in on hands and cascading down dresses adding
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a touch of playfulness to the game of dressing up. as often tassels works fine for me. but fashion fun and games aren't everyone's cup of tea. and i don't know what to wear i just where everything black that's what i did today i think black is you know is the main color and i mean that reason is that we can see all the new fashion trends and you know for me less is more simple. black is always a safe bet just as a pair of red shoes for an on the steak update on trends look. you know what survived when you head out for that extra sweater this season let's move on now to take a look at a few other stories from around europe has our express round up. college as a flocking to balance motor wild classics trade fair which happened on thursday vintage
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cars and collectors items are on display through sunday like this b.m.w. broached a five zero zero seven the once belonged to elvis presley. hollywood actor nicolas cage was at the wheel of his ford mustang in the action film gone in sixty seconds . another highlight comes from the collection of seven time formula one world champion michelle schumacher. and an original formula one racing suit. they're putting the polish on brussels landmark sculpture of the autonomy and its stainless steel surfaces are spiffed up each year in a weeklong operation. the cleaners have to scale one hundred meters to reach its nine spheres which represent an iron crystal and large one hundred sixty five billion times the autonomy and was built in one nine hundred fifty eight for the world's fair it's gearing up to syllabary. it's sixtieth birthday next year. i'm exhibition at the. expose weather phenomenon from an artistic standpoint.
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on view of works like john constable salt spray cathedral from the meadows and for . work. scientific instruments also in display like the hemispheres produced by. the exhibition questions how climate change its effect civilization it runs through march twenty eighth. the book fifty kitchens one city was released this year it shows how do i read the column reactions all here in berlin and in association with the release your inbox is being featuring a restaurant a week on our website social media and on the one that we launched it was the portuguese establishment in freedom time wrong by a native finally found his feet in the city.
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there are many things you have to have a common first language then if you're portuguese the climate and the way people are and of course the weather it took me years to a climatologist. i know my dad was born in northern in one nine hundred seventy seven he grew up in has been in the capital after finishing school he trained as a cook. his passion for good food to his mother as a child he watched how she cooked food on the move to berlin when he was twenty one working in various restaurants and as a d.j. on the side until he opened his list in twenty ten. and he. has a huge market where you can buy everything from when i was a child it fascinated me to walk through the market and see the contrasting colors
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and fruits fish and meat how was that how was it prepared the market always fired my curiosity. with these cuisine is relatively unknown in germany and fernando ledo wants to change that. and this is on the small dishes. this is just advertises much like the spanish top us and in portugal part of every meal. served in this restaurant come from portugal. in portugal people eat a lot. when i go home to visit my mom she sees me taking a small plate of food and says you all starve to death you have to eat something. and i see it with other people. spend
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a quarter of their earnings on food. sometimes more than a quarter. which. is a portuguese that comes in many variations. the recipe originated in southern portugal . the dish is named after the pot head and. the portuguese have been cooking in this cup of pot since the eighth century it's especially good for gently preparing food because when the lid is on the food is steamed that preserves the flavor of the individual ingredients. the scene is very very on the coast people traditionally eat
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a lot of fish in the interior more meat comes to the table. what's special about cuts a plan a magic is that all the ingredients cook together with the meat even the seafood to . the side and this is a typical portuguese dish very special and. makes the meat and the fish fish i don't know why but i do know that the portuguese are always ready to try new things just like in seafaring. the portuguese were always willing to discover new land even though the dangers were greater say. one shape to portuguese culture. this is. great. fun i spent three months renovating the rooms of what had been a store and even built some of the furniture himself he wanted
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a rustic ambience like in a country inn in portugal. his small restaurant has room for thirty five guests. many come specifically for fernando's homemade pastel the not-a a traditional putting tartlet. bar is located on blocks hard enough plots in on district it's the only portuguese restaurant in this district which is home to many young people students and families. and there's a certain freedom here people do what they want. it's still very much an alternative neighborhood even when all this is him in the not so she. and i really like the mix of people that come here.
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many regular guests from the neighborhood they like the private atmosphere and when fernando are neither has time he brings the food to the table himself. while it was lovely and you can see a lot of the recipes from that series on our instagram page food travel auggie to. more. europe at its best your imax brings you the highlights on instagram stunning landscapes spectacular buildings and mouthwatering delicacy our reporters are constantly on the look out with their cameras we look forward to your comments check out our duramax instagram stories and discover how exciting and diverse europe can be. follow us on instagram.
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one thing you might see a lot of on instagram pages casals in germany there is an estimated twenty five thousand cars sold in castle ruins from the middle ages a lot of them are located in southwest germany in the state of rwanda or the ones we feature in our next report and located on or near the river vine cultivating this cultural heritage is costing the state and private individuals a lot of money but a few old tentative strategies are being pursued to help preserve the historical structures. germany is dotted with castles that add up to a vast cultural legacy perched high above rivers tucked away in the mountains or standing proudly in the middle of villages and cities. they all have one thing in common their upkeep is costly. various strategies have been developed to
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preserve and maintain these historic sites else castle above the moser river is a medial knights castle built in the early twelfth century it escaped destruction in many wars tourism is a crucial source of revenue a tour starts every ten minutes the castle has been owned by the same family for over eight hundred fifty years. passed down from one count of elts to the next. we become to book an item so we don't have the consulate given condition and that's deposit on to the next on the bed second to show us so the past few years we've been conducting very intensive restoration renovating the roof so yeah endos and fixing whatever's needed to be fixed. and it is always much to do and that always will be for me and for the next generation. zona castle is located above the middle right near minds. is a castle blogger for a project launched in two thousand and fifteen. it's financed by the local
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government and media the bloggers job is to publicize the region to attract tourists and companies they thought. my brief is to write about the region about the middle rhine valley apart from that i'm completely free for the. castle was built in the late one nine hundred three it's lords are pursuing a different strategy. on the ground floor an arts center offers exhibition space for young photographer. and stephan bisht are the directors. and her husband reside on the top floors they've been living and working in hardcastle for six years now and they pay rent. if i and. my party here we work here we organize get togethers we have room for all sorts of different things we've got a little arts and all of it under one roof. in the past hardcastle
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was used as a spa in convalescent home later as a hotel and restaurant. the landlord of the castle is university professor from. his father voted in the one nine hundred seventy s. and immediately began renting it out. frank lives in a former out building right behind the castle. he moved in when his children were on the way and he needed more space. he takes care of the gardening himself as a leisure time activity. if you just like i see it is far more constructive than hitting the golf course i quit playing golf some time ago now instead of golf and tennis it's souls and. listening in castle in rhineland in it is also privately owned. horse to control it person voted
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auction in early two thousand and fifteen at age seventy eight and set about fixing it up. mushroom bricks and you do have to be a little crazy to take on something like this. the beams in the nights hall were rotting the castle on the verge of collapse. the landmark preservation commission and listening in council did with they could to support the new lord of the castle . if it's a good investment he's being invested here to make a historical site accessible and preserve it that's normally the government's job and the public sector is doing its share up without private involvement you can be sure all this would be impossible. germany's newcastle lords are guardians of historical legacy and help shoulder the burden of preservation whether as owners renters bloggers bringing these breathtaking buildings to international attention.
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now throughout this week we've been looking at the monocle magazine's most recently published ranking of the top twenty five cities to live in well why within the top ten zero rick copenhagen munich berlin and the highest ranking of the european cities was b. yanna taking over rule number two spot consideration of categories went into making this survey and this year austrians are more than happy let's take a look around the city and see why it. said to provide such a good quality of life for the residents. nothing is more quintessentially viennese than our i don't know her strong carriage past buildings from the imperial era. or a visit to a traditional coffee house where the famous spanish riding school. you can float above the city on the ferris wheel in the famous process amusement park.
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taleb or lay at the door and chief of british lifestyle magazine in monaco enthuses about austria's capital city in the magazine's ranking of most livable cities vienna came in at number two. vienna is an interesting city and did very well in a ranking partly because this is a city that was built right the first time if you rewind over a century you have a city which actually the bigger population out there at the store of the twentieth century than it does at the start of the twenty first so it's right size it is it allows its citizens to breathe a little. in one hundred sixteen vienna had more than two point two million residents today it has around one point eight million this city is famous for its relaxed atmosphere there are more buildings from the late one nine hundred century than in paris budapest over lynn and the historical old center i mean meska world
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heritage site still shows the former glory of the austro hungary an empire. vienna is a city of contrasts it's landmark affects in stephen's cathedral is mirrored in the heart of house designed by hundreds aligned and completed in one thousand nine hundred another example of different building styles the hundred plus a house that has actual diversity is not all that counts and monocle city rankings one of the driving top. that we looked at what we thought of a series this year was also a sense of greater mobility. vienna has an impressive infrastructure in the city center everything is reachable by foot which is one of the reasons monaco listed vienna as the second most livable city worldwide. of course as a couple of other factors which which were in vs favor we think about cultural
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institutions are just outstanding galleries and museums. many people say that you're actually walking through use e.-m. all the time and sometimes that can be seen as dr victoria but i think that is something really to be celebrated. with more than one hundred museums vienna offers a broad spectrum of artworks including paintings sculptures graphics architecture almost not. belvedere palace houses the world's biggest collection of gustav kent paintings they are new the artist's woks like the kiss on world famous. elation each time to the palace displays items belonging to the least based on family it's one of the most important private collections in the world. composers like mozart beethoven schubert and strauss what at the piano state opera it's one of the top addresses for classical music and the city has even more to
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offer. vienna does nightlife and just as strong to me incredibly well. numerous clubs and bars make vienna fun for visitors and residents alike. isn't it you know it's small enough to get a grasp of and with history you can experience a lot here can feel see and feel are leaving much predicted to be take you feel the creativity of your senses and martie music and dance or. fundamental part of the city tightish that's and that is a very slow city that really lives the day celebration we. begin trying to sleep but. there's plenty of time to turn in the coffeehouses to there of the unease institution and the opening hours from early morning until late in the evening seven days a week are impressive unlike the shopping facilities in the end which by noon have
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strict opening times and dramatic closed on sundays that's one of the few points that monocle criticizes about vienna the magazine hopes that in the future sunday shopping mall be possible and says that would be another feather in the cap of europe's most livable city. well in keeping with us series this week we had this travels that to give away it's a great prize and we've had loads of entries in so thank you very much to everyone who wrote in we are asked you to name your favorite european city and the most popular choice for the of you as well burnin surprisingly paris came up a lot to the when it's at random though is carrying cruise what's up from mexico whose favorite city is. congratulations to you this travel set and everything inside this bag will be on the way and as we say well done we must also say goodbye join us for the highlights of you can otherwise i'll see you later in the thanks to everyone and goodbye for now. next time
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on your and i guess the highlight should. be seeing all these ilands signs like this are news from headquarters in paris. danish architect getting his latest project opens in joplin to. find balding illusions created by serbian painter i'm a gonna milosevic this and next time you're a max heinecke. made
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to pay any attention to border. from. for a long time many local residents saw the heads of migrating elephants in the middle
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as a menace but today the gentle giants also bring prosperity your friends has created jobs for the young people in our community a go at africa thirty minute w. . sling and if. you could i speak your language to talk about. for content in pashto. prospects for returning power with special. needs like germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on t.w. dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning. d.-w. maybe for mine. thanks todd on the stadium was sold out it was a really special event or a memory all my life everybody have a dream. and you don't need to set your dreams up when you see two or three things are going well but we can still win it just. enough i always believe to return
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frankfurt airport managed by for. this is d w news law either from buying thousands take to the streets or spray to dimona unity and they do protesters held a balsa lono with people wearing white t. shirts in a call for peaceful dawn on sunday madrid a sea of spanish flags flooded the town but told the damaged.


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