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tv   World Stories - Ostracized - Lesbians in Russia  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2017 4:15pm-4:31pm CEST

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toddler party upon paul and his sister. celebrated their special day at the toronto zoo in canada they were given bamboo stuffed cakes as part of their birthday celebration and just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you u.s. president donald trump has said he will not recertify the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal but stop short of canceling the agreement he's left his fate in the hands of the u.s. congress. you're watching news from berlin and more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all of our latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's t w dot com thanks for joining us.
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this week on wealth stories. despised and marginalized and with sexual than russian fleeing to india for him jesse. we begin on the island of princely pay off the coast of west africa struggling against waves of plastic waste behind and to sit down and dishes go it wants to be plastic free by twenty twenty. good day you. may. take new jersey is a way of life on principle. is that the killing of a god but they're definitely not taking the easy road when it comes to protecting
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the environment twenty four year old celina finance has a big day ahead. good morning i've come from a plastic bottles today's collection day. that i got i'm already. recycling plastic has become a major activity on the island and young and old are getting in on the action. the collection will be busy the entire day the routine is get in line and be patient. so when fernandez is helping out with the counting she works in the biosphere reserve team she says most of the plastic bottles arriving on the island contain palm oil for cooking. by holding collections every few months the team has gathered up four hundred fifty thousand bottles for every fifty they hand out
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a reusable container made of stainless steel. a bit of metal over the plastic so we have four tons of plastic stored on the main island of southall me a maritime transport company is helping us by taking it to lisbon free of charge to recycling companies there will receive it was a couple mass tourism hasn't yet come to the island and that's the way they want to keep it but the locals also need jobs so the idea is to help cycle the ardennes waste seventy percent of which is organic. these women are making commercial compost it's a new venture on the island and it's hard work the compost spades need to be churned three times a week. it's an important lastic that's bad. for the women i mean to sell their first compost in three months they've already
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approached potential clients and i hope all the hard work will eventually pay off. by march toward us. this work means a lot to us you know. we've never had jobs before. if you are happy. this is about our children's future. and we're determined to build something here for the next generation. if voice of you know what are they sending. in secret or learned certainly not taking the easy way. out. some they considered modest and even by the end parents and the sexual in russia. not tanya and him mother spoke to us about their struggle in st petersburg.
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and much of their good whatever they were running around school screaming that i'm a damn lesbian and that i should die but there homophobia was reason enough to attack me for the. when i started dancing i met people i knew i'd feel comfortable with bring a book called what. books and swore he would get most of them are either bisexual or lesbian it gives me a feeling of freedom. the moment my mother was really upset when she found out she cried a lot oh no look at the book it was a shock for us she i'll admit i even felt the physical which was
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a version of my god is my daughter a monster or a freak should lose i certainly felt uneasy about it. well why should she. and what will people say that there are people who can never find out. even hint. at those not yet these are i can see that she wants to understand me more but she can you know this is my parents were brought up in the soviet union with. it's interesting that is this year we went on a trip to greece and went to an island where there was a monastery in pilgrims one woman went down on her knees and crawled to the monastery i was surprised maybe she wanted god to help her heal someone and then i thought to myself if someone told me to get down on my knees and roll and then my daughter would be just like everyone else i would do it.
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last. in russia the reaction is harsh some parents freak out and kick their kids out of the house even disown them and that's not all one girl i know her father almost killed her for it. ok. and then when i was fourteen my classmates and some of the kids at school found out they spat at me hit me with their heavy backpack filled with books beat me up and insulted me. i freaked out i cried because i was so scared life was over. sexual relationships are seen as degrading here people react really aggressively to them if i realize at some point that i just can't live here anymore i have to find a way to leave.
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many ranges muslims forced to flee i found refuge in india but new delhi may want to send them back. i feel mind tells us about his fear. they live in squalor but at least they see a group of four hundred refugees have made this shanty town in delhi the hope many work is wrecked because and casually bros. this is where we better have peace emma last year he had to drive two years ago he had been issued refugee documentation but the united nations but he was struggling to feed a spike. he couldn't find work he didn't speak hindi and found it hard to adapt india. but a year on things of change. can navigate delhi's chaotic roads ever since he began driving a rented rickshaw it brings in a regular income between five to six euros
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a date. history would study in a government school today he picks up his daughter money a couple of he says he's grateful to india. for the chance to build a new life for himself and his family he's even picked up hindi allowing him to connect more deeply with a country that's given him refuge. i meet a lot of indian commuters through my work i interact more with indians now than with people from my own community that has definitely helped my hindi it's improving and i wanted to become even better in future. like opie's many here have integrated into indian society. in the hafiz can't read and write but he keeps up with the news on dozens of whatsapp groups where users post graphic videos of the unfolding crisis in the me unmarked border. he says no doubt what
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a deputation in these circumstances will mean. if the indian government forcibly sends us back my children's future will be ruined. everything will be over but there's no humanity myanmar towards rangers will all be killed therefore sent back. the feelings the shared by many of the visa spreads in the settlement there is little it's because now it is. that i'm very scared my mother and sister still live in myanmar some of my relatives have been killed we would we go. but some are clinging on to a sliver of hope. yeah when i fled from myanmar and came to india i realized everyone has rights here even animals have rights this is a more biased country there's equality i can't imagine the government will send this back during this crisis. it's something this community
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desperately wants to believe. can a traditional bookstore survive in the age of the internet cost wise use zome since they must operate one of france's own this bookshops in paris. france where as you saw him can't imagine a life without books the small bookstore in the center of paris has been run by his family for four generations. this is a very sentimental place for me it's tied to many memories and it exudes a certain kind of life and. being a bookseller means humbly passing something on that's existed for generations. we can't ever let this history of ideas be interrupted. the oldest bookstore in
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paris was also an online pioneer. just so ms been shipping books customers purchased on the internet for twenty years now still sales are falling and now hopes a new initiative will help. around seven hundred booksellers in the country have set up a database that lets customers reserve and pick up books at leisure the back. here it's all about proximity when many people come to pick up a book they often forget at first that they were ordered online this initiative allows us to once again establish human contact with customers. françoise you so maine's optimistic that small stores like his will survive there's no fifth generation juice on to take over the family business but the bookseller hopes to one day find a successor to help keep the spirit of his historic store alive. it's
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a wild week on d.w.p. you can hear everything revolves around our animal kingdom and their two legged faith. hope for sea turtles in case. the biosphere n.-g. o. rescue starts by moving their eggs to safety and grazing where. they go at africa. dealing. with european stars deliver rousing performances simply insane with rhythm and has a just in her house and a shop ten years than a night in the spotlight by. center jimmy raney and singing
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yes i mean to have a tab i captivates have fans that europe in concert forty five minutes on d w. quadriga. don't you read it this. women's talk w. . smart women. smart talks with. smart station. w. me. and if. you look at me speak your language they talk about. for content in dari pashto and or prospects for returning our web special refugio journeys like germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on g.w. dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning news d.-w. maybe for mine.


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