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f.c. bar in munich to truly understand all news these three words. follow me as some young. law some new york film you're going see kind of you can't touch of restoring them by. an exclusive journey into the sun of bio munich. yes i mean it's a kind of culture to walk we are who we are not suppose for what we are we're a family unbelievable. to me a son me a phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d. w. me a phony. this
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is d w news live from berlin is austria about to take a hard turn to the right elections on sunday are expected to see an anti immigration coalition take power will take a look at how a hardline immigration stance has helped crack runner sebastian kurtz snap up support. also coming up donald trump reignites america's feud with iran decertifying the landmark agreement to curb its nuclear program. and thousands of californians believe their homes as wildfires spread consuming an area the size of for lent.
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thank you for joining us national elections are taking place in austria this sunday the outcome is expected to swing the country's politics sharply to the right polls show the election is likely to result in a government between austria's conservative and far right populist parties border security and refugee policy have been the hot button issues in the run up to the vote. it's the party's final push to get undecided voters on their side and around one in six haven't yet made up their mind. according to the polls the conservative people's party candidate sebastian quits is the clear favorite. i list will do everything to lower the tax burden on working people so that austrians on small to medium incomes have more money to live on. less clear guess who will come second it could be the hard right freedom party at an election rally
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in fianna it's leader heinz christiane's just one photos of a repeat of the current santa left coalition. this depression with the it's the same old story when they smell power the social democrats in the people's party always end up colluding to go see a movie. but the social democrats say the real danger is an alliance between the conservatives and the far right populists. they want to right wing austria that will put a stop to that and i'll tell you why we are not impressed we will stand against them. that is a third option at least in theory a coalition between the social democrats and the far right this time them already runs the government of one austrian region. well for more let's go to vienna or did obvious class pumpers is standing by class for sebastian kurtz and his conservative people's party the run what the runaway favorite for this election what could the
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rest of the world expect from a chancellor kurtz. first of all he would be the youngest head of government was in the uk twenty seven even younger kids and provinces around with michael second he built up a movement like mccall didn't out of his old conservative works better in austria and he was very successful giving people the impression given to be a fresh candidate only being thirty one years old for example years already done two terms in government since twenty eleven anyway he will be less. enterprises in austria business taxes and he will be promoting the promoting less refugees coming into the country the country to get big burden of refugees in the last two years as a one historian by reminding that cause was also one of those guys in the beginning of twenty fifteen who was following the vatican culture of for refugees now how
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likely is it that the far right wing freedom party which has led by his quest and strata how likely is it that they would join curt's in the government. it's most likely that this will be the outcome of this sunday because definitely no it is only on monday when they because nearly one million austrians will vote by a letter of roasting but anyway he's at the position to decide in the end whether he really meant form a coalition with the socialists or was a conservative party and most likely to have a go with the best encodes and that he is for all of us less europe in australia and more national news on every second so with these far right anti immigration parties coming to the fore in your view has has this refugee issue pushed austria to the right. obvious the little news about state court and his reports by the conservatives going to the right and nearly breaking centralizes insistence that it
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is already falling for twelve years but it was a social democrats are now in a hot cause again seventy's and if you took the words of stuff it cools together you see they are very near to hungary's it to a room and potency i was lucky to escape their neighbors and camera do when you have to really is a maybe they want to turn to this music out for group and build up to be a good time was austrians in a class from present day and i thank you very much you're welcome in the u.s. president donald trump has said he will not recertify the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal the multilateral agreement calls for iran to shelve its disputed nuclear program and in exchange the international community would ease sanctions trump has accused iran of violating the quote spirit of the agreement but stopped short of foreign canceling the deal instead he's called on u.s.
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lawmakers and international partners to fix its flaws the agreement stipulates that the u.s. president must certify to congress that iran is complying with the agreement every ninety days trump has done this twice before but has now refused to sign a head of sunday's deadline. now congress must decide whether to reimpose sanctions and scrap the deal here's more of what trump had to say. really iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal so today in recognition of the increasing menace posed by iran and after extensive consultations with our allies i am announcing a new strategy to address the full range of iran's destructive actions i am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification we will not continue down
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a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout well israel for one has welcomed trump's announcement prime minister binyamin netanyahu congratulated the u.s. president for what he calls a quote courageous step the response from other world leaders has been less than enthusiastic the iran deal took more than a decade to negotiate between the u.s. iran china russia great britain france and germany it was finally signed in two thousand and fifteen. there was dancing in the streets of the iranian capital tehran when the agreement was finally reached after the mess of effort that went into securing the deal to control iran's nuclear program those who'd been instrumental in the negotiations reacted strongly to trump's announcement. more than two years ago exactly in july twenty fifteen the entire international
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community welcomed the result of twelve years of intense negotiations on the iranian nuclear program one hundred and four pages full of technical details. the joint compressive to have an action which is appealing it is not a bilateral agreement it does not belong to any single country and it is not up to any single country to terminate it german foreign minister aziz magog real said scrapping the treaty would send a quote dangerous signal in the show to vote in the next few weeks we'll do everything in our power to persuade u.s. congress to uphold the agreement and to discuss how we can change iran's behavior in other areas of middle east politics we believe the agreement must be preserved as the. iranian president hassan rouhani said his country will continue to respect the nuclear deal in spite of trump's quote insults in
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a speech on state television rouhani said the agreement was much stronger than trump thinks the more you know if we will continue to cooperate with the international atomic energy agency in the framework of international treaties but if someday our interests are not realized and other parties want to violate their commitments they should be aware that iran will not hesitate a moment and will respond to them. that they want to hog whether congress will make the changes trump wants remains to be seen it would seem that much of his bluster is for domestic consumption after weeks of divisions within the republican party and infighting among his aides the president is trying to reassert his campaign priorities and play to his support base. in the u.s. state of california rising winds are fanning wildfires that have already killed at
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least thirty five people and forced thousands to flee the blazes have been burning for a week now and are still growing the winds makes fighting the flames even more difficult fire crews have been working tirelessly to bring the blazes under control but many of the biggest fires have not yet been contained authorities say high winds and dry conditions mean residents should remain on high alert through i really want to impress upon people's please stay out of the you that those stand of the burned areas it still looks really dangerous. most of the victims have been elderly residents who did not evacuate in time in sonoma county one of the hardest hit regions authorities are still searching for those missing. are high probability or it will be a bedroom so if we got to apply the bedrooms first of all sorts of bedrooms and then a work away out towards the house about ninety thousand hectares of land have been consumed by the flames since last sunday among the ashes the remains of this winery
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in santa rosa so we lost pretty much the whole entire twenty seven thousand vintage more than five thousand seven hundred houses have also been destroyed leaving many homeless but just heartbreaking it's just with happened so fast and there's nothing you could do and it may know it's the f.b.i. has a full cost as a predicting high temperatures and strong winds in the coming days. now to some of the other stories making news around the world a truck bomb explosion has killed at least twenty people in the somali capital mogadishu police say the blast happened a security forces were trailing the truck there's been no claim of responsibility but the islamist al shabaab group has carried out bombings in mogadishu in the past . four people have died after a cargo plane crashed into the sea off the ivory coast the aircraft chartered by a french military crash shortly after taking off from the international airport and
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the four dead were moldovan citizens while four french nationals were among the injured. u.s. backed forces fighting the so-called islamic state say they've reached an agreement to evacuate civilians from the city of raka the coalition is fighting to uproot the extremists from the city the city is the group's de facto capital in syria and has been besieged sense june. and the kidnapped couple freed in pakistan this week have returned to canada with three of their children nearly five years after they were abducted in afghanistan canadian joshua boyle and his american wife caitlin coleman were held hostage by the taliban linked conny network they were kidnapped while backpacking in afghanistan in two thousand and twelve. to sports now and in saturday's early in this league action all the eyes were on a kiss whose fourth term as byron coach began in fine style at home to freiburg his side got off to a quick start taking the lead after eight minutes through an own goal the game
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finished five nil no surprise as freiburg have never won against biron and their history elsewhere in saturday's early games hoffenheim were held by alex berg shall go one away to have mind speed hamburg three two and frankfurt got the better of hamburg a handover of late on dortmund locking horns with leipzig now in this weekend's bundesliga blockbuster and on sunday leverkusen host wolfsburg while gladbach travel to bremen. as the game was also noteworthy for the players and kneeling in solidarity with us sports teams players got in on the act before their loss to shaka and more applauded by the berlin crowd and f.l. players in the u.s. have been protesting against social injustice angering u.s. president donald trump who believes they are disrespecting the anthem on the flag. moving from the soccer field to the sea off southwest france where the world's top
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surfers including a hawaiian called john john took to the waves in the world surf league john john florence lit up the crowd with his acrobatic turns especially a series of three sixty's one more one of the most complex moves in surfing is near perfect he could help him move back to the world number one where he finished last year. and just a reminder of the top story we're following for you here austrian elections on sunday are expected to see an anti immigration coalition take power polls show the election is likely to result in a government between austria's conservative and far right populist party. you're watching news from berlin more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website c.-w. dot com thanks for joining us.


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