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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  October 15, 2017 12:30pm-1:01pm CEST

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the soviet union is breaking apart. the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way would agree canonically. would. be credibly difficult. this democracy was aligned with the elections where france or privatization was robbery the soviet union territory where just russia stand today and moscow's empire were seriously starting november fifth to w. i everyone and come to a highlights show with the best picks of the week he has
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a look what's coming up. lights. are getting a chance to shine. perfect replica classic cars and so cox film. and trendy autumn the latest trends. of the year. winter is coming to europe and him but then it's already getting dark a lot early so a better time of year for light installations the german capital is hosting two events where artists going to bring in creations a lot of buildings across town and he had the best of both. berlin's landmarks are really getting the chance to shine.
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i love it is great it's very fun everyone's out on the streets all the buildings are beautiful but in this one i really like we've got moving stuff over there everyone's here to enjoy the art is so amazing and the hours that before us always a first time eyes of us so it's amazing video because i was it was i'm totally thrilled that it's all so different sometimes it's just a building that's been taken over something completely different that provides a cool contrast gigs at. the brandenburg gate acts as a giant canvas the makers of this three day video mapping game to visualize freedom . the idea came from the berlin artist's collective resorb charlotta bach created the drawings while the concept was developed by an over a slab. chef anemic directed the project and john titan born was responsible for the animation as king ensemble it was about expressing what an open and tolerant
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city berlin is how if you want you can slip into a different role every day and everything is just fine here and everyone finds exceptions and a place a nice to live and be happy hanukah kiss on. the brandenburg gate installation was developed at resorb spurgeon office the four person team spent three months working on the project. first they designed the images then shows the order in which to show them. a few of the parts were filmed and then turned into animations on a computer that's how the key scenes were produced. the film has my first week rated a collage of the brandenburg gate as a squatted house that. means it got a brick facade or the pan across it i loaded that into my three d. computer software and projected it onto a flat surface and then i could simulate how that image would be penetrated three dimensionally by two big hands.
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and here is how the animation looks on berlin's most famous landmark it's projected onto the brandenburg gate by fifteen large screen projectors normally used in cinemas. and i think he and you want to reject it as assigned to this area the other one gets the other one the edge is a nicely edited out and in the end you have a great homogenous impression was also really shot because it's not just one projector covering the entire web instead each project illuminates its own section and that produces a really nice impression that i hope along with resorb over fifty other artists from germany and abroad are taking part this year and visitors can also participate by projecting photos onto berlin's t.v. tower. the competition for the festival of lights awards twenty seventeen will be held at berlin cathedral with eleven finalists from five countries. in these videos
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they show their visions for creating tomorrow. not far from here there is the next timeline a three hundred sixty degree installation and baby plots in this size it's a technical sensation. entitled oprah and it honors the do hundred seventy five year anniversary of the state opera on today in linden. both blood vessels are financed by sponsors. artist andreas how sly biz making his berlin debut with this video mapping the fourth always a book because he's doing it in front of such a huge audience and. front of the opera house is just. it's one of the biggest highlights in the fifteen years i've been doing this were absolutely one of the biggest think wasn't being on the. road is the official residence of the german
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president is also being lit up for the first time the theme of its elimination is democracy the life rest of us are also a tourist attraction drawing more than two million visitors last year yeah it was really cool inventive. really artistic to see how you know the. lights and everything and then he made sure it's on the. japanese berlin has been transformed. until october fifteenth both festivals will be lighting up the night in the german capital from seven pm until midnight. so boxcars bring back memories for many also for me but already can take us from the past can compete with function conan makes it started out as a hobby about today he even makes money by building classic soap box cars for custom us some of them are even motorized and look exactly like old racing cars but both adults and kids off as unique creations. features that
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hark back to the olden days but this isn't a well preserved classic it's a soap box replica built in twenty seventeen and the proud possession of sisters and carlotta haas. we think it's our will that we as kids are allowed to drive it come out even if it's a small come. out and it's a lot of fun. i like should i think it's great because it's fun and it's always a new experience. and. it's like. this soap box even has a motor the girls to cedar is handmade and one of a kind it's a remake of the english 1930's the gonda rap sheet and it's pretty much their dad's dream car dad christiane is
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a big fan of classic cars and he's aiming at house on his passion to young and color time. from his course i'm very hopeful and i take my girls to classic car races at the new ring of sometimes they take part in rallies along with me and my wife and of all your time i'm optimistic that they'll make their father's hobby of their own. the two girls soon squabbled over this homage to the god he thirty five one of the most successful race cars of motor sport history so dad ordered a second old timer soap box to match his original nine hundred thirty eight bentley manufactured by the same person of course. these cars are basically built the same way the real ones were. an aluminum body on a wooden frame and the attention to detail and dedication to these cars is amazing . and this is the man who builds them hung. from people in southern germany
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his artistry might not make him rich but he doesn't mind it's all about the look in kids' eyes. when i see that makes me really happy because that's what the cars are actually made for i mean i like driving them to but when children drive and really have a great time that's the greatest joy for me. it all started in two thousand and twelve there was the soap box race in funk bunco village he had been tinkering with cars since he was sixteen so he had no problem building his own racer he didn't have the space to keep it up so he sold it there was such an onslaught of buyers that he turned building soap boxes into a regular thing you need a phone i love any type of car from before world war two they're all beautiful and if i have no favorites i like all my cars the same. he works as a foreign sales agent but he's made quite a name for himself with his classic soap box speedsters. have
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a certain basic idea in my head and then i start building and it just happens. it develops itself on building it there's no fixed concept this is a concept i know what the car is supposed to look like when it's done and then i make sure that's how it turns out. each of his soap boxes is one of a kind the base is always a wooden board fixed to a wooden frame then he makes the aluminum body which can take weeks sometimes months depending on the model with all this attention to detail doesn't it hurt to let go of his mobile masterpieces. yes every time. but the problem is i can't keep everything. you have to let it go sooner or later and. but maybe just one can stay. completely rebuilt this classic car only the chassis and motor of the english one nine hundred
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thirty standard have remained. for custom husky design something extra special a soapbox to practice racing. the idea was really to get a sense of the experience even indoors the car turned out beautifully for me but it doesn't have any wheels of course runs on roller self but it really helps me practice for circuit races. his daughters are still only ten and eleven years old and it'll be a while before they're racing for real. this is. the with the smaller cuz it's more comfortable even if it's time to put here there is just so much more room . and to be honest it depends on where the culture and i are having an argument when we find things i prefer riding alone and when we get along i like riding with her but. one doesn't run five. if the two still have
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a soft spot for cars like their dad when they grow up remains to be seen right now it's looking highly likely. and of the moment it's looking highly likely that was going to have to go into wardrobe here in europe so i'm getting snarky and trendy at the same time wrecked the color of fall winter fashion this year we talked to some insiders to find out what you should be wearing to be inside. whether it's on off the runways during the ready to. paris is the perfect place to take the season's fashion pulse. industry insider says this season. the red is a big color i think the looks very good a lot of people looks good on blogs and brats and it's a happy color there's
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a great connotation of love and women are really using it in accessories of a total looks even and i love the already trend as in red from head to toe maybe red t. shirt or sweater red pants red shoes super cool. on the runway the german model showcased another trend checks. designers have a bubble revived respectable hound's tooth for a sharp pain that looks. german singer lena my amount who is just one of many celebrities whose checkmate this company gets god if you get. the checkered coat in herringbone corner making a comeback preferably in a relaxed oversized cut. her all over the place right now and the good old news boy camp is also cropping up again. just enough you know those are two key pieces you need for a style update outfit without looking like you're trying too hard. sue fishnet site these parades are
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a huge trend they're still from the pre season but they're here to stay. it's no secret that denim is his last day besides its perennial popularity for separates the latest look is head to turn indigo. there's a lot of denim and all the collections it seems that even designers have never used before are and terp working their vision of. everything's a bit oversized like my blazer for example looks a bit like it's borrowed from the boys i like a lot more casual. coat. dresses are all on the long side of the season preferably in florals or prints with a generous slit to loosen up so the wear. nice to come around every time and if i'm feeling sassy i can i can show the leg. long lengths don't have to look prim and proper these outfits are a case in point. another season must have standout belts to clinch the waist.
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for the silhouette so i think we're at work we're closer to the body first of all or very oversize it's one or the other and very often you will see that the the waist has become quite important again tassels and fringes continue to crop up chiming in on hands and cascading down dresses adding a touch of playfulness to the game of dressing up. as often tassels works fine for me. but fashion fun and games aren't everyone's cup of tea. and i don't know what to wear i just wear everything black that's what i did today i think black is you know is the main power and i mean that every season you can see all the new fashion trends and you know for me less is more simple. black is always a safe bet just a pair of red shoes for and i'm
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a stay complete on trend look. now it's time for. super foods absolutely trendy at the moment but freak a is actually week two which has been around for thousands of years in the mediterranean a billion based chef shows us in his restaurant how to make a dish from his homeland with this asian soup of. i don't think i've ever felt at home before cancer brillant i think that quite is only sold out of place in israel if you ask me where my home is that i will said berlin as i said i belong to . god then moshe was born in one thousand nine hundred five in tel aviv his parents divorced when he was fifteen. in the same year he began working in a fish factory and soon decided he'd like to train as a chef. got in moshe worked in tel aviv london and chicago before moving
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to berlin in two thousand and twelve with a view to opening his own restaurant my life revolved around food. where my mom has like the funniest stories about me being three or all the ordering. shrimps field for the restaurant with one sauce that nokia's meal for me or sitting with the breakfast table it in serious with it with cookbooks like looking at the pictures anything on it basically started reading. i already started cooking. brylin show luxembourg district is an affluent residential neighborhood home to lots of celebrities politicians and diplomats. got in moshe's restaurant is in a side street on the ground floor of an apartment block from the one nine hundred seventy s. the premises used to house a gym glass opened in twenty thirteen. got emotionally came up with the
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interior design himself he wanted to give his eatery the feel of a modern vista. the kitchen is behind a mirrored screen. target with pre-k. is one of the restaurants signature dishes. israel is a country with many different cultures jewish muslim christian arab african immigrants from eastern europe and the us also live there this diversity is reflected in the cuisine.
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israeli cuisine is a mixture of mediterranean european north american and local arab influences. pre-k. is a cereal made from green durham wheat it contains plenty of minerals so it's considered to be very healthy. traffic is a fallacy in which but it is harvest of the bit early and in order to get it to ripen condition where you can in the book it just it's basically rose said on open flame on charcoals. it's green because it's a bit on right and it gets the smoke in a form of charcoal but there's something a bit different for. god then moshe likes to experiment he's a sort of colin airy artist who likes to create new and unusual dishes. mushrooms
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herbs and smoke mixed in a jar he calls this dish the forest in a glass he got the idea while walking through the woods. god and moshe gets his inspiration where ever he can he sees himself as a chef who blew. the modern with the traditional. versatile in israel we surround ourselves with food in restaurants. eating out cold and i think it's very important cultural thing probably to save reform from detainment. at glass there is no cart instead diners get to choose from two menus one with five courses the other with seven. guy been moshe creates a new menu every month and serves up his colon airy delights five days a week. from the moment.
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and. i am a shovel to improve it bob you know. but of all. things the french are also known for their great careers in france is famous for its cheese and wines but in our next report we are going to show you a different side of the country we are out we are off the side it's yen which used to be a center for coal mining during the french industrial revolution the mines have long closed and since then the city has been looking for a new identity let's find out more about this transformation. scented shin is a mix of architectural arest the historic part of town with the growing these dates back to the twelfth century but a drive through town quickly reveals the rapid transition from old buildings to newer more modern structures.
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the church of st charles in the center of town is located on a popular square which also includes city hall. this is where you can experience the typical easygoing lifestyle which many friends here enjoy. over the last few years santa and chen has undergone in urban transformation the city to design is a place where higher education meets culture it was created in two thousand and nine on an old arms manufacturing site and now hosts exhibitions and other events including the international design be anally thanks in part to contributions by the center unesco name santé chan a creative design city in two thousand and ten. well. it is the history that is made and in t.n. a design city today which is recognised in a network of creative cities of nascar isn't just the history of synthetic it is
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a very industrial one for the local men's industry and driven weaving and i recall that the design originated from the fusion of arts and industry the art terence and a.t.m. has about especially for the art school at the beginning of the nineteenth century and above all has worked a lot for the industry it is therefore the combination of the two stories that led to the design incentives to being able to develop in this way. from the late one nine hundred century until the one nine hundred seventy s. sente chan was a hub for coal mining the industrial revolution provided the means for considerable development putting sunday jan on the the map. choreo mine was the most important coal extracting facility in the region at the height of production miners here extracted some nine hundred thousand tons of coal per year the mine closed in one thousand nine hundred seventy three but its legacy lives on as a popular tourist attraction.
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if you would in the nineteenth century when france began to industrialise it was the city of santa t.n. which was the first to supply cone and thus made the great transformation of the industrial age possible sent a tin can boast of being one of the first french and european industrial cities and even today coal is still an important part of the spirits of the inhabitants of cent. scented hands industrial boom led to the creation of the largest housing and cultural complex designed by swiss french architect luca brasi the site in few mini was planned in the one nine hundred fifty s. to solve a housing shortage the idea was to create a village where the people had everything they needed in close proximity. but look through as you would die before the entire complex was finished the church was built in two phases and finally completed in two thousand and six forty one
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years after his death. back incentive a visit to town would not be complete without a colon airy delight here at the probably a great locals and tourists alike can enjoy a special type of brioche the probably lean as it's called consists of sweep a street sprinkled with probably it's also something unique to this region. scented a city once at the heart of industrial france is now reinventing itself as a creative center of deciding. and that's all we have time for today but you can find a lot of all reports about lifestyle here in europe on our web page and got them from me and the entire year maxime him by then thanks for watching and see you again soon bye.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin austria looks set for a swing to the right immigration is a voter's minds today as they head to the polls in national elections thirty one year old sebastian could see could become europe's youngest leda we'll go live to
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