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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2017 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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but you and fiesta in new mexico enjoy. some. my first boss i was a sewing machine. when i come home women are bound by the social rules even something as simple as learning how to write them by side isn't. since i was
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a little girl i wanted to have them by cycle of my home but it took me years to convince my. finally they gave up and went on by me on my side and returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apropos age for girls than riding a bike and no i want to meet those women back home who are bound by their duties and social rules and inform them of oded basic rights my name is the about of the who and i wore them. at the. catalonia remains at loggerheads with the spanish government over independence the catalan leader calls for lengthy talks with madrid stringing out the political uncertainty will hurt business also coming up stuff up fever or
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fatigue we take a look at the state of the tech scene here in germany and just how business friendly europe's economic engine is. i've been fizzling let's do business. catalan leader col is put small and has sidestepped a deadline for independence the regional leader has instead asked for two months of talks with spanish prime minister mariano to hawick a letter to the why it was made public today stay stating catalonia is parliament has a democratic mandate to break away from spain but madrid has declined the catalan leaders requests for talks insisting the regional leader has until thursday to say whether catalonia has declared independence or not. this is spain's worst political crisis in decades that's not good for business investors are faced with yet another week of uncertainty and that could turn into two months of not knowing what's going on if this man gets his way many businesses have already had enough
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forty four major companies have moved their headquarters out of catalonia since the referendum most of them to madrid gas natural ralph and also a beatty's cell next and colonial all listed on spain's main stock index also going to the big banks is now headquartered in valencia somebody else in the counter in fact of the one i banks listed firm drug maker. is still in catalonia the company's leaving account for one hundred fifty thousand jobs and a combined net profit of over eight billion euros and all of this comes as a total surprise to many in catalonia well let's go over to comrade bills and have a national correspondent in frankfurt to use watching this i'm sure with some surprise and shock himself conrad if you can hear me please do tell me about the risk of contagion here in the eurozone because there's
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a lot of uncertainty here and catalonia is a key financial hub for spain if not for the rest of the eurozone i guess. the right thing and on the markets and them. experts the first talk of contagion can be heard marist obst felt for example the chief economist of the international monetary fund has warned that the longer the escalation goes on between barcelona and madrid the more likely it is to have a negative impact on other countries in europe but i think what's been happening in catalonia and spain since the referendum also has the potential to release scare off some of the secessionists not only the forty four major companies you just told us about left catalonia after the referendum happened but also around about five hundred smaller companies this enormous exodus of economic power out of catalonia
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might cause some of those surveyed secessionists in catalonia to think again and would you say that's why the shrugging off the political risk because there's there's so much political risk right now not just in spain and it doesn't really seem to matter which country it is a which region the markets just shrug it off. that's one reason many people in business think that all this political uncertainty makes the case for unity makes a strong case for the eurozone and the european union to stay together with all the flaws that we continuously have been talking about another reason is that the economic and business numbers remain strong the international monetary fund just increased its global growth forecast for this year and for next year and many businesses have reported strong earnings and i expected to continuously report strong earnings this week we'll get quarterly earnings reports from
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a huge amount of companies including s.a.p and diner and the upbeat mood on the market seems to indicate that investors are bracing for positive use their color goes in in frankfurt for us thank you very much. now ask anyone these days what they do when they're likely to hear the word stop but what does your average startup actually look like a new study called the german startup monitor looked at close to two thousand startups this is what it found out a typical founder is male surprise their thirty five and a half years old and has a university degree they tend to be cooperative two out of three founders work together with other startup companies and appreciate diversity with another two out of every three saying immigration is a good thing almost eighty three percent would like to become more international especially in e.u. countries well founding a company is one thing finding enough investors to grow your company is something
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completely else and then there's the battle through berlin's jungle of bureaucracy well i've got a guest to talk about exactly that with us. lucas you're actually from the monitor and head of research can you tell us what you've actually found and it's maybe not all that surprising first of all on financing berlin's being up there with london the likes of stockholm paris. is that still the case. is that certainly still the case i mean we talked about it previously when you look at those ratings and you look at the ecosystem monitor and there's quite a bit of fluctuation every year and who's on top and who's the second place. when we look at berlin i think berlin has that one unique selling proposition that no other started ecosystem has and it's specially if you compare to london in paris berlin is still by far the cheapest in terms of living costs and housing costs and office costs and on top of the berlin in terms of demographic has quite an
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international workforce so that attracts a lot of a lot of young city a lot of young people to the city but at the same time berlin also has a jungle of bureaucracy founder's to struggle which is true it is not only true for berlin but for the whole of germany. in our annual survey the german start month or every year we have found us what are the top expectations you have the politicians and i think since the very first edition now in its fifth year it's always the call for the reduction of red tape like less less bureaucracy to start a business so is something being done about that yes actually there is quite something being done done about it where you should give even more recognition to the government is there advancement they did in terms of financing we looked at the sources of financing of startups this year and about one third of the startups that we surveyed. received capital from the government so. with their
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vehicle called the high tech or not for which now has it has a new fund with increased budgets deferred government is actually doing a really great job of financing young companies in germany ok well apart from the financing and the founders what about the workers what about people working at startups is it actually as much fun as many would point out or is it really more like modern day slavery well it is certainly true that startups can offer. cannot offer the same compensation packages employment benefits as let's say big industrial companies can in germany. i still think that working for a startup especially for graduates and young people is a really enriching experience because as a young person you get. a lot of responsibility early on so i think startups even though they might not be. yes they tracked it in terms of salary as big
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corporate they still give humor more room for personal growth what if you're a woman though well why should it be any different for a woman that's you know my question it is very different for women i mean in leadership roles for example you have a very small percentage yet and we do have we do have the fact that only about let's say fifteen percent of founders a female we do not have that percentage for the for the actual labor force of the company. maybe one reason for that could be that the data you just saw on that and everett start off under thirty five years old that also increase that also correlates with the age of where you would start a family so this is where let's say women are at a disadvantage compared to men when it comes to founding of companies but i think when it comes to the actual labor force of. of the startups i think there is no way this event it's actually the company when it comes to something like pay i mean surely how do you see this as
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a on equal pay women because you hear that time and again you hear from silicon valley as well that women are not on the same type of pay and not treat the same i mean it well it is absolutely true that women are not on the same point in terms of payment this is not the startup specific problem this is a general problem that we see through all kinds of industries everywhere or around the world and actually we as the german start was asian we just initiated a female founders network which is supposed to be our network to encourage female entrepreneurs ship. and for example our board just announced its decision to not be featured and may only panels anymore so we asked the german startups association was not the start of a specific problem we work actively to solve this problem in our sphere very briefly what's your message to start ups who are interested in coming to germany who are coming to germany i would say that stars that are interested in coming to germany should have a close look. at the federal funding that the available not only to german citizens
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but also to to foreigners and it is not by coincidence that we published the money for today because and wednesday to coalition agreement will start and one of the things that we want to include in this coalition is a start up visa because we think that the german star ecosystem can really. benefit from the from the income of foreign founders and. i think in the future they will be more initiatives to actively attract. foreign founders to germany because a couple of these are thank you very much for coming in today thank you. and i was doing business with you and i'll see you again very soon to delhi.
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