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and before we go a spanish paraglider made his dream of flying like a bird come true by joining thousands of starlings in southern denmark in flight we're going to leave you with the stunning new footage of that we'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day we'll see there. are a. whole d w one out. for been focused global insights on the news that your local heroes. d.w.
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made for minds. that were images he could never escape. no language offered comfort. but was a poet compelled to put the most extreme human experience into words. he . came out to stand in the shadow of the sky up in the air. to stand for no one and nothing. i'm recognized for you alone. are lying.
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his beginnings had the hallmarks of most beginnings with much hope and little experience existence was not yet reality stricken a salon was to later describe his life it began in chan of its. he poles the line came into the world as powell and show on november the twenty third one nine hundred twenty. on a visit to chan of its eric salon the poet son and his friend the say lance scholar and publisher. behind these windows the young paul salon devised his own world a world of poetry. his face handsome and thoughtful seems delineated
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by earnestness he was devoted to his mother frida rica and with whom he shared a profound love of german language literature and music it cemented the bond between mother and son. the devoutly religious father leo uncial was a broker in the timber trade he forced his son to move from a german to a hebrew school pull suffered under his father's orthodoxy poetry not prayer was his native element. chant of it halfway between kiev and bucharest krakow and odessa was the secret capital of europe where the pavements were swept with bouquets of roses and which had more bookshops than bakeries. ceylon and
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his friends reveled in the ideals of romanticism and. on the banks of the river put they met to hold readings and sing as a provocation russian revolutionary songs ceylon was attention seeking congenial and cocky and at this age enjoyed clowning around but the poems he would come to write reveal a different sensibility. the. poems from nine hundred thirty eight nine hundred thirty nine the poems got darker you have to remember that war was declared on september nineteenth thirty nine. from that moment on his poetry was overshadowed by the events of the time. i would even say that the shadow of these events had been cast on his life even earlier. we know that from a letter to was promised and i mean eighty three. in it he laments the anti semitism you experienced in his school. shows
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a keen awareness of the situation and of what was already happening in germany. so his poetry has a melancholy tone from the start it's dominated by melancholy of course not as charged as it would be later a melancholy that recalls for that. his poetry was an early seismograph but in real life and for the wide world sensibility in one thousand nine hundred two fronts to begin medical studies into the approaching dangers still seemed far away freight cars were still only freight cars. but soon the violence ate its way through the nazis were already in vienna on his way to to a salon wrote high above the crows will they soon hear the stars coming stars that fall and a small load up by the darkness. one star would blow
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a yellow one invented by the darkness. ceylon had embarked on his long journey on the ninth of november one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the train stopped in berlin on the morning after the christan art program he would later write in a poem. via crackle you came. out a station you caught sight of smoke that was already from tomorrow. onwards to paris paulson and spent a week in the french capital. the charmer from the city on the pruett spend his nights rambling through mamata. unaware that later as an operatic man he would search here for a new homeland. or gastro dance thinker the figure appears to be
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brooding over the rationality of mankind the sculptures in rodin's the gates of hell are descending into the abyss it's a depiction of what say none was to attempt in his work to put a voice to the silence of the dead and tormented after our shits. while rodin takes us through the gates of hell same man stands in the shadow of the scar in the horror of the century that clawed itself into memory the poet pleaded with language for words to claw at the terrible world as he put it words that could establish their own world beyond. no matter what he wrote ultimately he could only legitimize it with his own despair only those who have lost the world can understand its troops.
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to ignorance. is kennedy. i know you you are that deeply bowed in by the trans pierced i'm subject to you. for when i'm lame is a word would bear witness for both. you. are real. is all delusion. buku vina the land of beech trees is the region of porcelains with its stately ancient trees. but beneath the foliage the merciless march of time.
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the outbreak of world war two prevented salon's return to tour in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine first the soviets occupied the town after the hitler stalin pact in one nine hundred forty one remaining entered an alliance with nazi germany from then on salon like the other jews of the town had to wear a yellow star. in an act of daring he hid it in the main park where jews were not allowed. it was the end of chant of it says rich jewish life. tens of thousands were deported poles and spent eighteen months in a forced labor camp. his parents were transported to the concentration camp his father died there of typhus in autumn one nine hundred forty two. his mother was executed by
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a shot in the neck. later ceylon would write aspen trees your leaves glans white into the dark my mother's hat was never white my mother's heart was ripped by lead the death of his parents set the direction for cylons poetry. for sale on the liberators was just another set of occupiers in one nine hundred forty four the red army to chant of its renewed deportations raised new fears in him he saw a double curse first that the new rulers could not rule without subjugating others and then the hated flags of the nazis lying everywhere in the dirt. in his nightmares he could see them waving again. he had to get out after two years in bucharest ceylon reached vienna in one nine
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hundred forty seven the city so admired by his mother that he had to the jackboots was stamping in the rhythm that was familiar from chant of it. at shops in baghdad the memorial to the soviet soldier with his gilded shield. but knife in the austrian capital began to show itself again from its buoyant hopeful side. indianness a line contacted the literary magazine plan it printed seventeen of his poems they formed part of his first published volume of poetry the sand from the. café rhyme and became a favorite haunt although he disliked that distinctive viennese brand of commutative kite with its pastries and waltzes. ceylon made ties to the literary scene in this café he met
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a group of young writers led by vienna's literary doyin hans vika. ceylon attracted attention for instance with these verses written like a darkly plaintive exchange with his mother. still do the southerly waters no mother the wave whose blows wounded you so. still does the field with those windmills remember how gently your heart to it's angel surrendered cannot of the aspens and none of the willows allow you the solace remove all your sorrows. in vienna risen from the ruins to return to its old gay ity he met in the brokeback mountain it was the beginning of a dreamy and desperate affair between the daughter of an austrian nazi and a state list from eastern europe. if we.
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don't do. that anymore many of his poems are pervaded by the dimensions of love and eroticism expressed through the amorous do form of the pronoun you you don't see this do encompasses all kinds of identities he's speaking to all kinds of women in a certain fashion the favorite person addressed in salons poetry is feminine. i think in the passage much later in the poem he wrote for a longish. stunt where he writes each day india i stand in you if you're insulted first so. in a certain way he places the reader in a passive position. first the reader simply receives satans image but the reader can also become active with his language. yeah. but there is a stance in the language of say. which gives special importance to the family and
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then after the first so yeah. then it was time for say learn to move on. he left fianna fáil paris arriving on july the certain smile nine hundred forty eight one day before the grand parade celebrating the national holiday. why paris the answer is simple. because vino was now soviet territory romania a communist state austria marred by hypocrisy germany out of the question. i sing before strangers ceylon wrote a rundown hotel room became his home for nearly five years stateless jobless propertyless and as a poet nameless. he struggled to make a living as a manual laborer and interpreter and began studies at the sorbonne paris was beautiful but ceylon was lonely. he plunged into the twilight of the basement clubs
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it was the liberating time of jana's. the world it. was. then another woman stepped into his life it was. an art student she was the daughter of an heiress to critic family that had remained silent during the german occupation she was disowned by her parents. in herat she to source to find expression for human forms of existence in the poll salon courtyard of berlin's jewish museum is a floor relief by list the lines of light bodies with movements frozen into crystal splinters. whole and married in one nine hundred fifty two
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she already had an inkling of what lay ahead it must be very difficult to love a poet a beautiful poet. in the millions in them to my mother was a marvelous lady she was very committed very rebellious. and very loving and. her entire work is strongly balanced up with my father's poetry. too so no it was there is a kind of dialogue between the two of them. on. levy for my parents there was no separation between life and artistic creation. it arose from the same movement. that my mother always fought to support my father to enable him to write music to get him out of the clinic after his hospitalization the so.
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we know. my father had high expectations of me. he was very concerned about my school results which were not always a very good thing. there was always this disquiet with my father. when he became ill his sense of agitation increased and became an equivalent. i was supposed to write frequent letters to my father my mother took pity on me and she dictated the letters to me. she always tried to keep my father calm. because when he was ill the slightest war he could trigger something bad and delusional. and.
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nein doff on germany's baltic coast. in one thousand nine hundred fifty steeled himself and ventured a visit to germany a place he associated with fear his landscape of fear. at the invitation of the influential literary association the group forty seven he read death. with its image of the black milk of daybreak a metaphor for his insurmountable hopelessness after auschwitz. the members of the group forty seven who included form of them soldiers was setting the new literary agenda in post-war west germany say man had hoped for understanding but he found. instead. he met in the book but man again she had suggested he
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come she had wanted to help him but it was a fiasco. for sale on writing was a way of remembering the dead death few was a kind of tombstone for his mother. and now it was being mocked. blackmailed daybreak we drink it at sundown we drink it at noon in the morning we drink it at night and we drink and we drink it we talk a great in the breeze as i want to rise unconfined. so lucky milk of daybreak we drink what night we drink he would have known that he is a master from germany we drink you with sundown and in the morning we drink and we drink you yes death is a monster from germany his eyes are blue he strikes you with letter and bullets his ai is true. you know. the members of the group forty seven prided themselves on their hard radical judgments but was struck by an act of
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particular heartlessness later he said i had. hope some of the writers would descend into the depths with themselves but what did they talk about soccer. and heartlessly they passed judgment he reads like good bulls so one less not another spoke of sing song like in a synagogue nobody tried to show any understanding for so long the experience in him doff embodied the essence of the young new west germany impunity for nazis careers for officials of the third reich not sensitivity but hostility. in hamburg or a group of women standing around a run over dog and called out yes for a dog cry. he never attended another meeting of the group forty seven but he continued to give readings of death he sought to carry on a dialogue with german audience is the poem was
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a kind of overture. of daybreak we drink you are at night or we drink in the morning at noon we drink you what we drink and we drink you lives in the house he plays with us he writes he writes when task force to germany go. to your passion. we dig a grave in the breezes that one lies and can find. so learn traveled to tubingen not to read but to speak. to friedrich heard in a brother poet whose verse declined to conform to the frightful outside world. salon visited the tower where her dylan lived a reclusive life for more than thirty years. he visited her dylan's grave. to bring in january is the title of cylons poem about the highest possible goal to
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protect language from lies better to stammer and babble than to punch card vocabulary. came. into the wild today. with a patriarch's light. if he spoke of this time he could only. how to recognize the landscape of fear not by the look of it cities. in one nine hundred fifty seven seen on gave a reading in stuttgart the audience was expectant but one person left slamming the door behind him. from outside the prolonged noise of a motorcycle revving up. for sale the one who left out way to sounds and
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egolessness his mistrust was not only justified it also sought justification. he'd found the evening described a stroll through a cemetery in prague the memory of the dead wisp is the way only silence can tell the truth. and to stand. up in the. need to stand for no one and nothing. recognized for you. with all that has room for you in that. room without language.
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but there was an orderly appeasing force in say lands life every day life as a family his pleasure in his first proper apartment the prospect of a job as a lecturer for translation and in one thousand nine hundred five his son eric was born. in one nine hundred fifty eight in the box batman burst in on the situation she suffered over seeing on but she pulled back saying you mustn't abandon your wife and child ceylon later said she expected much from me and i disappointed her only friendship was possible but love remained and found expression in an intimate exchange of letters. ceylon had always had women who encouraged him like nelly sachs a poet a jew a kindred spirit you all pull the pure human so the world cannot be old outness.
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she visited him in paris in one nine hundred sixty to pull him out of his delusions of persecution but his trauma was too deep and new fuel was added to the fire. in april nine hundred sixty the small munich literary magazine weight published plagiarism accusations by claire the widow of the poet yvonne god. tried to comfort say land but comfort was impossible he saw it as yet another attempt to destroy him and his poetry. the cafe au lait duma go on the bill of us. here. salon and nelly sax chanced to run into the painter max ams he didn't notice them which salon viewed as a deliberate a from to gainst to jews let's go see hina they said. for
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a long time the two stood at heinrich china's grave she the tormented one who sought reconciliation in the name of life he the tormented one who needed to remain tormented in the name of the dead but whose poems repeatedly sought a you. need air with masts afterward the sky rex drive. through this woods song hold fast with your teeth. other song fast pen and. i am. i am. the song fast pen and the support
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salon had. they spent a deliberate weeks at the seaside brittany was a beautiful break from reality that calmed salon for a time by now he was a well known poet soon to receive the go to share price but he needed constant support to help him cope with the field day the press was having with the plagiarism accusations and with the critical assessments of his work that say none interpreted as anti semitism. he described this happy time with as always and never. not far from their vacation spot in time was a man here along upright celtic stone. standing in front of it visitors sense that time is nothing and eternity is all. say land would later write
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grey shaped eyeless you stone gays with which the earth came forward to us humanly. as if a stone had more hearts than mankind and stones proved how true that was. ceylon went to our door sued the land in one nine hundred forty four the s.s. murdered all the residents of the village in an act of retribution these people intended for a singular never to be repeated life extinguished with such arbitrariness. one thought painful casts itself over say a line wrote. only that which was mild treat it could tell the truth only that which was a mood and could see the truth. that all. grey excavated steep ceilings. i mean land strewn here and
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about doing grass blows the pattern over the smoke of the wells. in the how far. or near disjointed leaves drops. oh and i cut into stripes and does justice to all. the others. in the one nine hundred sixty s. and i'm himself went through the gates of hell he wrote i see myself most emphatically pushed to my limits to my nowhere he suffered fits of paranoia he was hospitalized prescribed psychiatric medication he stabbed himself with a knife just missing his heart his condition lurched from one low point to the next . the
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confrontation with my father's mental illness when i was very young was a very disturbing and brutal experience. my mother was the one who very early on. and then language appropriate to my age. very differentiated words. explain to me what a mental illness was. and what was going on. after several hospitalizations a ray of hope in one nine hundred sixty seven ceylon gave a reading in freiburg the city in southwestern germany is closely associated with the philosopher martin heidegger who had been an enthusiastic nazi later he remained publicly silent when questioned about his views now heidegger was to meet
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the poet of the holocaust. in the spring of one thousand nine hundred eighty three soon after the nazis came to power intoxicated by the mood sweeping germany was elected rector of the university of freiburg. here salon now read to an audience of more than a sow's and the philosopher sat in the front row what did he feel. in freiburg to ceylon encountered the traces of the terrible past here a lost coat commemorates the deportation of the city's jewish residents. the strong has been scratched. the day after the reading salon and went to the black forest to the philosopher's camp and they completed the last part of the journey on foot what did they expect from one another two men joined by their love
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of language and of hurdle in. two lives that could hardly have been more different later heidegger said we kept silent over many singers. to this day the meeting in the cabin near top now back remains a subject of much speculation heidegger was familiar with sans works the poet knew the philosopher. did heidegger expected gesture of forgiveness did ceylon want a confession of guilt. in the guest book he wrote in the cabin book with a view of the well star with the hope for a coming word in the heart. did the star shake crowning the well appeared to him like a star of david did the leaves in the well recalled his roots in the covina. salon wrote later i wanted him to speak to me i wanted to forgive him in the poem bag he took up the lines he wrote in the guest book. the line inscribed in that book
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about hope today of a thinking man's coming out in the heart. he hoped in vain. salon's own thoughts could not be reassured his visit to berlin in december nine hundred sixty seven became a trip to the heart of darkness he went to the starting point of the violence the place where death a master from germany did his work railway car by railway calm. and high to bonhoeffer this was the station where certain years earlier he had stopped on his journey to paris the day after the christan after. go to the butcher's hooks he was to write in a poem. went to put susie where so many opponents of the nazi regime were executed
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. undaunted he continued his tour of the topography of terror. go to the play to the hot food he went to the land the canal into which the body of the revolutionary rosa luxemburg. was thrown after her brutal murder in one thousand nineteen. working through a holiday fun fair his nerves gave out. thanks every clown seemed to be nothing at him every shout reinforced his fear. and every color was a mile away thank. you
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. earlier in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven ceylon had moved out of the family's apartment request he had also attacked her with a knife in his letters to her he invoked a love that he called straight jacket beautiful. so look more defeated know that. the letters are a remarkable document. because they reflect a certain side of still on. an image that he draws of himself and that doesn't exist in other correspondence. but he had an unusual relationship to his wife he. had held very lively from one nine hundred fifty one to one nine hundred seventy s. . sit. this exchange of letters gives us a very truthful look at the essence of their relationship. and you sense an extreme caution in just those letters during the period of his hospitalizations because
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every word is weighed carefully so as not to wound him or the burden at. all you know me but at the same time you censor unconditional solidarity absolutely nothing in the periods of separation. even after his out can no longer live with him after two suicide attempts. that's wrong. in the letters all this is expressed in a very shy indirect manner. nothing is said in a direct manner. and in this sense the correspondence is extremely interesting. because it forms an inversion of reality. it takes place at the other side of existence of their duties to look at. this do you feel better paris in one nine hundred sixty eight brought sin on out onto the streets. he spoke of an uprising of the downtrodden but the violence
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upsets him. so did the sight of salvia tanks in prague. socialism and revolution with the fight against humiliation and debasement. he dedicated a poem to his son eric hourglass fills up with silk we stand. as a trace yeah. i was very proud when my father walked with me along the same in. my bed and saying revolutionary songs to me in every possible language. here. that was also the period when he was sort of giving me my political education . for money because. he told me about the russian revolution but the seizure of power by the authoritarian communists. well.
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that was probably the time when he spoke to me about his political views his proximity to the and our guests of course victories and ashes and i she said the individual list and marcus. a few he made me read kropotkin biography. and he gave me a small volume with excerpts of texts by but when he wanted me to read that kind of literature. i had to go. he again moved to another apartment. salon wrote what remains is solitude. in a last attempt to find a place to call home salon traveled to israel in one nine hundred sixty nine he met
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up with members of the chant of its association. but he felt like a stranger among his old friends and acquaintances. he sensed their mistrust. he was the poet who wrote in the language of the murderous. he called his jewishness the only thing that i still acknowledge in the rubble of my existence my thoughts of israel my fears for israel. the two hundredth anniversary of hoagland's birth in march one nine hundred seventy in the lead a hollow auditorium in strict got ceylon read from his book lists one for light compulsion which had not yet appeared the poems were inaccessible to the audience he read like a person inflicting violence on himself. every day i must descend into my own business he had written to a friend there where there is no light compulsion perhaps as hotel an experienced
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it in his tower salon went to visit that tower again and sent a postcard with the word standing a greeting from a man standing at the brink. not merely the eyes the soul to seeks images that are kindred to it. for salon the ease and haim all to peace in coma was a mirror of all his tormented experience all is wounded is in pain. this seems reminded him of the suffering of his parents. leaving the museum he said it is enough. in a biography of her dylan salon underlined a passage by claimants brentano sometimes this genius turns dark and sinks down into the bitter while of his heart.
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presumably in the early morning of april twentieth one nine hundred seventy paul salon ended his own life. he drowned himself in the senate probably at the home a rebel. no more light compulsion. my father had been missing from his home for some time. one day my mother came to me and said i have terrible news to tell you. thank you for the she said that my father had committed suicide. and that he'd been found innocent. somehow i wasn't entirely surprised but it was something that i had
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already foreseen them all because of the obvious that. the poet was buried at the t.a.a. cemetery on the outskirts of paris. in one thousand nine hundred ninety one it also became the final resting place of. our guns on thread son is now above the gray black waist loaned to me. by three high fought strikes the lights pitch right in the dawn. there are still songs to be sung beyond mankind.
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and. when history books are brought to life. maybe the stories therein will get a rewrite. the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers and avant garde ists what did it feel like to live in times of
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a new process. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for mines. this is d. w. news live from berlin tonight the first steps in trying to form a new german government never before have the four parties trying to tie the knot and share power can they put their significant differences to the side and find some common ground that question is.


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