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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2017 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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the soviet union is breaking apart. the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way politically and economically. with a love it was an incredibly difficult task. this democracy was a lie because the elections were for honesty privatization was robbery the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on w. don't let their smiles for you now these german politicians started the day with a healthy dose of angsty and rightly so the german chancellor angela merkel a physicist by training is attempting to bend the rules of math politics and maybe human nature tonight forming
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a new german government making for equal one i'm bored off in berlin this is the day. yeah i see the rule that we christian democrats and conservatives are going into these exploratory talks knowing that we're the strongest force. in the new ones and this is a bit like scientific research where researchers know what they're looking for but not what they'll find then. today was a first very constructive good discussion. this is why they say those were two hours marked by mutual understanding. for us three democrats all options remain on the table fish yet. we are now entering the goshi asians with the greens which will be
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a bigger and tougher component next if we hadn't the device everyone in germany knows that it's very very important for the c.s.u. to have an effective set of rules for migration in future we think it's. ultimately we want to have a good government for our country place and. also coming up donald trump the u.s. commander in chief fighting off accusations that he has failed as the nation's consoler in chief. i didn't say what that congresswoman said didn't say that all you know is it. didn't. oh and then. we should not have said that and then. we begin the day with the most powerful leader in europe betting on staying in power by beating the odds today german chancellor angela merkel began exploratory talks with the parties which could help her
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conservatives form a majority government now she's done this several times before but it is fair to say the calculus was simpler and friendlier to americans conservative block is comprised of two parties but the election results last month have left her little choice but to court two more pardons just to have a ruling majority in parliament for political parties to form one federal government it's never been done before the greens and the business friendly free democrats are part of the equation in part of the problem how to find common ground it may be impossible or it may require skills and mathematics the likes of which even miracle has never see if it works it would be called a jamaica coalition because the colors of the political parties here are the same as the flag of jamaica. black yellow and green for now the colors of the jamaican flag are just hot air on the banks of the river. but
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exploratory talks are under way chancellor merkel's conservative c.d.u. and see as you first met with the business friendly f.t.p. party and later with the environmentalist greens the jamaica coalition would be an exotic combination that has never existed before at the national level. as the talks were reasonable there was no tension on what we all know how hard it will be and how different our political cultures are equal to and here to some and the c.d.u. n.c.s. used prospective partners have major differences over a number of key issues including the european union and austerity policy migration and energy. this could become the most complex series of negotiations in decades. before the talks were shaped with the intention of looking for solutions about how to reach a cohesive society but it is also clear that there is a long way ahead of us. this views the munging moves on friday the
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exploratory talks will continue with teams from the potential coalition parties meeting together it may be weeks before a possible jamaica coalition becomes reality. hard for more now we want to pull in our political correspondent thomas barrow he is covering these talks for us good evening to you tomas so has anything changed since election night that makes this four way coalition more likely now. well brant just as on election night i can still say today that it will be an extremely tough negotiation for chancellor angela merkel you have parties that are normally diametrically opposed on the challenge that anglo merkel has is to try and find some common ground when it comes to some of the key areas that germany is facing some of the key challenges for the country you have on the one hand for example i'm going to merkel's varian sister
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party the c.s.u. on the right of the political spectrum on the other area on the other part of the political spectrum on the left you have the environmentalist greens and these parties obviously have clashed on a series of of issues so it is safe to say just as we said it after the election we can still say today it will be an incredibly difficult challenge for the parties involved. in the us which do you think is going to be harder for the miracle in her conservatives getting the free democrats to go along with them or convincing the greens convincing the greens branch will be more difficult for two reasons on the one hand the f.t. have a lot of experience at the federal level as mine a coalition partners a something that they've done on various occasions in the last few decades and they've also got experience working with angela merkel in one of i'm going to cause cabinets under them a call worked with the f.t.p.
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that's something that she hasn't done with the greens and you have to add to that what i just mentioned a second ago that the greens and the c.s.u. the various sister party are not the best of friends so i would say it is probably easier for to work with the f.t. than with the greens but i think the most difficult aspect of all will try to bring all three constellations together and we know that these are going to be long talks there's talk about not having a new government until christmas late december what does that mean then for the rest of europe and for germany's international partners. well obviously there are some people who have said that germany is now looking inward looking at its own political process looking at how those coalition negotiations will be formed and best's some truth to that because obviously that's the main priority now for
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political parties involved and i would say it's also with the most important priority for un democrat and national level yet at the same time germany still obviously has a lot of commitments internationally brant and that's something that will obviously continue for example we'll be discussing brussels with bracks and with the european counterparts only tomorrow and on fridays obviously those issues will still continue even at the same time as she has to deal with all these very difficult negotiations here in berlin our political correspondent thomas sparrow on the story for us tonight thomas thank you very much. well still ahead on the day rocker after isis in the syrian city the memories of atrocities are as fresh as the views of ruins are why how do you begin to rebuild society and the state which state alaska woman who's committed to doing just that and she is armed with lots of hope . every five years in china
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the communist party congress takes place in china's great political show that speaks to all the people with the voice of one and only one party or today's chinese president xi jinping continued that tradition but he also offered words unusually critical of the nation's future she also pledged to open the country's economy even further and he said he will pursue a policy of zero tolerance when it comes to corruption. it's a meeting on the grandest so scales. nearly twenty three hundred delegates representing the eighty nine million members of china's communist party and the focus of it all one man president xi jinping. she praised china's achievements during his stewardship but he said the country must not stand still.
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ok china has made major breakthroughs in its reform campaign where now in high gear and full steam with deepening comprehensive reforms and resolutely removing all systematic problems these reforms have been carried out in an in-depth them fundamental manner his speech may have been light on details but she promised to continue economic reforms fight corruption and open the door to more foreign investment as part of a new era of chinese development. she also set the tone for china's role on the international stage in the coming years one focusing on economic development and environmental protection but she also cautioned world powers against taking his warm ords as a sign of weakness. in china of course is an independent foreign policy of peace and respects the rights of other countries to choose their own development road china one never pursued development at the expense of others interests and will
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never give up its legitimate rights and interests either no one should expect china to swallow anything that undermines its interests. she is widely seen as china's most powerful leaders and smiles they don't but he's still trying to rally support for a new term in office and his message to these embley was clear stay the course and clear the way for a new era of prosperity. well for more we're going to bring in jeremy gold korn he is the editor of the daily newsletter supp china dealing with current events in china europe welcome to the day you know this is a mostly closed door congress it's extremely difficult as it always been to find out what's going on inside what should we be looking for well as you say it is really almost impossible for any any outside its understand what is
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really going on the most obvious signs you can see what might. be the future of the personality changes which will be announced next week so who ends up on the scene you know on the politburo standing committee another stopping changes but even those are you know they don't tell you what's going to happen you can you still have to read the tea leaves the promotion of a certain past and. who knows very little about it still not exactly a clear sign i was struck today by this comment from the president he was quoted as saying that market forces should totally determine the allocation of resources in the future i mean that's quite a statement coming from a communist country and it's also almost the opposite of what we're hearing from u.s. president donald trump is a. it is but i wouldn't mistake the rhetoric for.
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a national shift in policy there was a lot more souter at rhetoric about allowing you know unleashing the forces of the market five years ago at the last. congress at which she thinking became leader of the party and the president and there wasn't very much economic reform of the type that western westerners usually mean when they say phenomena before and indeed his speech also had many references to strengthening the state and sacked and so i don't think one can be too much into the remark about market forces when we look at china as a role in the world it's expanding its influence in africa and in asia and you have more and more analysts who are saying that president xi jinping is now the world's most powerful leader do you agree i think in many respects yes i do. certainly he rules over
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a country with much more authority than any other leader one can name and china you know in some respects its economy may be bigger than the united states it still is way behind on all kinds of other measures of tower. but it does feel as though we're out of a moment where you can say she is the most powerful leader in the world and it constantly makes sense. and what about china's role since we're talking about how powerful and trying it is what about north korea i mean we still have the north korea nuclear problem the nuclear crisis is this the one flashpoint where we see the limits of beijing's influence. yes in some ways we do see the limits of beijing's influence but i think you know the chinese beijing looks at north korea with a very different through
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a very different lands than the united states that much of the west and. you know for them the payoff for having a. less aggressive regime next door would not be worth it because if it wasn't for the kim family you know there are two choices one is a refugee crisis on china's borders and the second is a unified korea which may very well mean american military military forces you know right next to the chinese border. so they cannot control. north korea but i think in many ways they're much less worried about north korea than the united states as despite the fact that they're right next door and before we run out of time what about what's going on inside the country there is a broadening inequality we know that china has an aging population there the demographic time bomb some people say is the chinese president is he addressing
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this i mean is he you know is he looking these problems in the eye. absolutely you know whether they can solve them or not is an a different question but in his speech he actually talked about inequality he talked about you know poverty alleviation has been a consistent theme of his rhetoric for the past two years and was mentioned again strongly in the speech and he specifically said that rising inequality is is not just a social problem it's actually a security risk so i think he and his party are very clear eyed about the risks whether they'll do the right things to solve those problems is another question that i wouldn't like to make and prediction about. jeremy gold korn editor of the daily news letter sub china talking to us tonight about that communist congress taking place in china jeremy thank you very much mike thank you.
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well to syria now and the cleanup of raka is underway just a day after u.s. backed forces said that they had taken full control of what was called the capital of the caliphate of so-called islamic state of the troops made up of syrian kurds and arabs have been clearing roads and landmines small pockets of violence militants are still thought to be holed up in the city the u.n. says there has already been staggering loss of civilian life in iraq well over a thousand people were killed in the four month long battle for the city. well i'm joined tonight from hamburg germany by saddam mohammed she is a foreign representative of the democratic federation of northern syria that's a region of syria just north of rocca that is now trying to rebuild mr mohammed it's good to have you on the day we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us
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and i want to ask you about something you tweeted yesterday you said you tweeted that the fall of the capital of the caliph it dying in iraq a is is a victory for humanity and freedom in syria. when i look at rock and i see a city in ruins i see the possibility of an insurgency made up of splinter groups from isis is being certain and i see varsha al assad still in control of syria where do you see the freedom and the humanity right now in rock or in northern syria. yes thank you so much it's so of course it isn't now a victory when they haven't really liberate any hearts from c.n.n. learned from the terrorist group that means a victory for the people of this that as you know there isis that. tactic and money city and that time they were defeated from who money and that is
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the starting of the isis actually and after that in in two thousand and fourteen when they captured the city. it was a beautiful city it was a city of brother who owns or they have christians kurds that's when they need to get that in this city but unfortunately very terrorist groups in isis they destroyed everything in this in the four days all of this people of this compound and they some of them being killed some of them they flew our way and they came to honor their places in syria now the city is liberated it is now ready again under the control of the syrian people patti courses that mean the kurds and the arabs that took. all together they did bring their city from the
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isis and which is the most terrorist and fearless to group. we have seen in see in his one let me let me ask you the victory if i could if i could just interrupt you for a second ask you about that you know the forces there that will now protect rocka they have depended to a significant degree on the backing of the united states we know that u.s. president donald trump is he's not keeping it a secret of how indifferent he is to what happens in syria can you count on the u.s. to continue protecting you. yes now. i would like it to thank all the some not sure. who is again supported the as they see the democrat forces in order to liberate these and yet of course the. much are led by united states they have and we have also seen
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a common goal which is no fighting the terrorism i think that these two groups who sit in all of europe all of the word and we have witnessed what happened in paris badly in stockholm in brussels so these groups they are standing everywhere do you say we have now a common goal of coming on with the united states and all of the international alliance to support but we if we ask we count on the united states of course we count about on our own people on our own forces if these forces are not there nobody can do anything for them and what about if let let's say that isis is completely destroyed and you still have bashar al assad to your south you have iran to the east and you have turkey to your north you could
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be in a situation where you are surrounded by potential enemies and how do you deal with that if you have an floundering or an indifferent u.s. administration. i think what's happening in syria is not just like that you know and there. that i mean that state and the other regional countries each of these they have their own into this. for that they don't think nobody can leave syria or leave us i don't know. the main factor. playing well only in the minute you say but only in political of society look at the part of syria in the north and see you know what's happening that there is a brotherhood of the people there is equal existence with all its complement working together in a sitting together. yes when this isn't funny i'm talking now so these
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all these people they have their own interests you know where can you see it yet and you did what i think system. mohamed with the democratic federation of northern syria miss mama we wish we had more time to talk with you on but we appreciate you taking the time and sharing your insights on the day tonight thank you. thank you my pleasure thank you so much. the greek prime minister paid a visit to the u.s. president donald trump at the white house this week alexis tsipras told reporters that he did not feel threatened by mr trump now ahead of the u.s. election last november sippers said that he hoped trump would not win because he considered trump to be evil well during a press conference with the u.s. president a reporter asked in surprise if he's changed his mind. i want to confirm that the meeting we had was very productive. and not throw home and did i feel threatened at
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any time. the reason they were concerned was because i will not allow our country the united states of america to be taken advantage of by so many other countries so i can understand how certain countries and the leaders of certain countries may feel well understanding how others feel is not one of us president trumps story it's just what his critics contend and that includes the widow of a u.s. soldier he was killed in action in newsier earlier this month on tuesday trump reportedly phoned my isha johnson to extend his condolences but he's been quoted as telling the widow that her husband quote knew what he signed up for florida congresswoman frederica wilson says that she could hear the conversation and she was shocked by the president's callous remarks. sarcastically you say. that you know you must have known what. it to say could be the grieving widow.
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i think. that many. men. feeling. it would if you're. well on social media the president has denied that he told the widow of that u.s. servicemen that he knew what he signed up for but i guess it's still her no he took to twitter to slam those claims writing democratic congresswoman totally fabricated what i said to a soldier who died in action and i have proof of sale three hours later representative frederica wilson who you just saw there she fired back at trump by tweeting i stand by my account of the call with dollar trump and was not the only one who heard and was dismayed by his insensitive remarks many on twitter are calling out the president on double standards two weeks ago the make america great
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again crowd screamed about how kneeling there in the u.s. anthem was disrespectful to soldiers and now this mother jones magazine editor clara jeffery is connecting the dots she writes would trump discuss feud with a gold star families he was white keep asking yourself that as this plays out. all right the day is nearly done the conversation continues online you can write to us use the hash tag the day and don't forget no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody.
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enters the conflict zone confronting the powerful. it's a year now since hillary clinton lost the us presidential elections of donald trump and the democratic party has gone losing in state elections around the country my
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guest here in washington is near a tongue the a long time advisor to hillary clinton while the democrats finding it so hard since finding a new direction. in thirty minutes do w. folks. take a trip to a world of boundless ambition. meet young entrepreneurs eager to tackle global challenges. join flitch of that's not german entrepreneur award winner two thousand and fifteen as he travels through asia looking for the next big business idea of. our ten part series founders valley starting october twenty third on d w. o. every journey begins with the first step and every language of the first word and the physical niko he's in germany to learn german. business just why not
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come with him. it's simple online on your own mile answering. the stuff. d w z learning course because week german made easy. it's all happening coach of the african. tour linked to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions can you unwelcome student news after coming program tonight from for an example from the news of these eat and while website d w dot com start africa join us on facebook at d w africa. he tells us storing stories. it makes us laugh. and cry and tremble and smile. magical images
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and emotions that now. kino the magazine every weekend on d w. this is d w news live from berlin tonight the first steps in trying to form a new german government never before have four parties trying to tie the knot and share power can they put their significant differences to the socket in find common ground that question weighing heavily as the first.


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