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tv   Tomorrow Today - The Science Magazine  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am CEST

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thank you get ready for some weekend action thank you very. every match day weekend for the bundesliga thanks saturdays thank you. some days w.
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a fulfilling life five. dollars. traveling at twelve hundred kilometers an hour on the hyperloop it's like a giant pneumatic tube people produce pressure to transport passengers and freight at supersonic speeds but is it practical the students take up the challenge in los angeles it's a test for the futuristic vision of the hyperlink. to today's. thirty minute spot d.w. of. its split from asia day w will have no grounds for around the clock marking its five hundredth anniversary we're going live to the commemoration ceremony in vietnam barracks will be documentaries magazines and talk shows focusing on luther and the groundbreaking events he helped
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set in motion. reformation day october thirty first g.w. . because the way they start to divide the country has to be a ceiling where they start to divide the language blood will flow over to. maintaining the soviet union is breaking hard to live with. the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way politically and economically would love something it was an incredibly difficult task not most of. his democracy was a lie but the elections were a fraud because privatization was robbery just because instead of cultivating its culture its words and language of him brought forth a rookie wholes of nationalism of the soviet union's. richard where does russia
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stand today and moscow's in our series starting november fifth on jane doe. this is the news live from berlin calling a snap election appears to have paid off big for shinzo abbott unofficial results indicate a landslide victory for the japanese prime minister's ruling conservatives this follows a short campaign that focused on the economy and the north korean crisis also coming up. thousands gather in failing to condemn hate and racism in german
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politics the demonstration comes two days before the point to start returns to session with newly elected lawmakers from the far right alternative for germany. i'm edith kimani welcome to the program japan's prime minister shinzo abbay has swept to a resoundingly victory after taking a gamble with snap elections his liberal democratic party is set to retain its two thirds supermajority in the know house of parliament now that paves the way to make changes to the country's pacifist constitution on sunday he pledged to do firmly with threats from north korea the dominated the campaign. a coronation for every seat one a tradition in japanese politics prime minister shinzo a had quite a few carnations to pin thanks to his coalition's big landslide retaining
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a supermajority of two thirds in parliament was one of the conservatives goals they want to reform japan's pacifist constitution which restricts the military to self defense they point to the threat from north korea as proof that the constitution is outdated. calling snap elections was a risk but the gamble paid off handsomely when i made the call he was facing low approval ratings after a string of government scandals pushing elections forward was a master stroke of politics his rival yuri koori the governor of tokyo was rising in the polls but had little time to prepare. her take on the issues should have appealed to the voters but it clearly wasn't a winning electoral strategy. because a lot of what this is japan's opposition didn't have the time or perhaps the inclination to unify the left liberals candidate former chief cabinet secretary
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yukio edano came in a distant second. prime minister was able to convince voters he was better on security and turnout may have been affected by heavy rains not a good sign for new beginnings. earlier we spoke to tokyo correspondent michael paine and asked him to explain what kind of japan shinzo obvious trying to create. you know i think the keystone to understanding his vision is that you know she kind of feels that japan in the post-war era somehow had its pride damaged and i think this is kind of a go a heart of what motivates him he believes that japan should become a nation which in his view was a normal nation with a normal military which has normal nationalism and pride so while this is not a mainstream view in japan it's very much been part of obvious character all throughout his life and it's what you know it's one of the things which has guided
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him and part of that is his family history because his own family was deeply involved in a world war two incidents and he feels that needs to be reevaluated. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. going to the polls in mid-term elections with twenty four of seventy two senate seats at stake there are also one hundred twenty seven seats in the lower house up for grabs now the vote is seen as a key test for president. as a center right faction he has a chance to win a majority for the first time since taking office in twenty fifteen. civilian president for one sunday's first round of voting he saved forty seven percent of the vote with nearly all of the ballots counted how is officially an independent but a former longtime leader of the center left social democrats still face second place
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finisher marion sharon in a runoff on november twelfth. russian opposition leader lex and avani has held a rally in his home town after being jailed after being released from jail he served a twenty day term in moscow for organizing what officials call an authorized protest of ali has held numerous rallies across the country since announcing his intention to stand in next year's election against president vladimir putin. iraq and saudi arabia have founded a joint cooperation council in a move aimed at improving bilateral diplomatic relations tensions between the two has been high in the past iraq has a shia majority population and close ties to saudi arabia's regional rival iran hundreds of hardline buddhists have marched in myanmar to protest against their government's plan to allow up to six hundred thousand rohinton refugees back into
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the country now many members of myanmar's goodies to adroitly view their role hinge as illegal migrants even though they have lived in the country for generations they were forced to flee up to myanmar as military began reading and burning their villages in the country's capital thousands gathered to throw their support behind president on san suu kyi she's currently leading the repatriation talks. catalonia is regional government is due to meet on monday to decide its next steps in the push for independence now this comes after spanish prime minister mariano rajoy moved to trigger article one fifty five which would impose central state control of a catalonia with both madrid and barcelona digging in their heels spaniards on both sides hoping a sense of unity prevails. dancing towards independence while hundreds of thousands of pro independence supporters protested in barcelona over the weekend others took to the city's streets with a different expression of regional solidarity. the traditional sadhana dance was
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suppressed by the fascist dictatorship of francisco franco who saw our regional culture as a threat to its authority the people that are in government now have the same frame of mind. from good people who go for their songs and. who wouldn't is what the i mean i think i can tell you what i'll do when you meet me these years to give you five years from now if you can hear from now you know what we will be stuck in. catalonia as newest battle for independence has pushed spain into uncharted territory modern spain has never reasserted control over any of its regions which it may do if the senate triggers article one fifty five of its constitution later this week some catalogs are on edge we can then all do get us out of on that but the situation is the friend i think that we are now if we are not being together in times now we have to be
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a lot finding speak we the other part three of spain but if we've got that on fire then we have to rise to. solution. catalonia is not spain's only region with autonomous aspirations in madrid some worry about a slippery slope you know if we are not all in agreement with the constitution they should sit down and talk and see how it can be amended we're starting to take spain as part of it at the end we'll end up with twenty five different countries. by uses neither madrid nor barcelona has shown much sign of backing down for now spaniards can do little but wait and in barcelona dance. over ten thousand people gathered in berlin sunday to protest against racism and hate in germany politics the demonstration was aimed at the far right alternative for germany dozens of deputies from the party is set to take their seats in the bundestag on tuesday.
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after the party finished third in last month's federal elections. hate has no place in the people's house that was the message of today's demonstration as thousands marched on berlin's bundestag. and most of the protesters showed up because they're worried about the a.f.d. ninety two deputies from the far right party will enter parliament in less than two days from now. we must live together all people together and we must not allow this process most of these things to come to the. i think today is a german you hold a special responsibility to ensure that parties like the f.t. don't have a say in politics. and you can organize the demonstration he came to germany as a refugee he says the protests should be a wake up call to f.t. voters we want the if the voters to reflect their mindset you know they voted for a party which said a lot of racist things which is not ok. so it is
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a wake up call and we want to stress that racism. allowed in our bonus talk the f.d.a. was voted into parliament almost a month ago with thirteen percent of the vote they'll be the first party right of the conservatives to enter germany's parliament since the fifty's most of these protesters know that today's demonstration was largely symbolic but it does act as a reminder that the vast majority of germans are in fact against the a.f.d. and this might be food for thought for german political parties as the german parliament convenes for the first time since the election on tuesday. now it's not often that all five of america's living former presidents get together on stage but last night jimmy carter bill clinton barack obama george h.w. bush and george w. bush put aside partisan differences to raise money for hurricane victims they were joined by popular paul proc and even country stars for a concert that was broadcast nationally from houston texas. oh
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say it was the concert and a plea for help your fellow americans was so close that was the message that the five living former presidents had for america at a fundraiser in houston texas to help victims of hurricanes that devastated us gulf states and caribbean territories this fall tour over the storm roosters here tomorrow could not be prouder. of the response of americans. when they see their lives and they see their friends. this is strangers in the american stepped up. for the concert also featured country and rock n roll stars. but the night surprise headliner was pop superstar and grammy award winner lady gaga. pain is such an equalizer. and in
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a time of catastrophe we all put our differences aside and we come together. because we need each other oh we can survive. money and i want to express our deep the current u.s. president trump did not attend but he did send a video message thanking his predecessors for their help. the five former presidents started their fund raising initiative in september since then has raised more than thirty one million dollars. formula one now in britain's lewis hamilton has taken victory at the u.s. crown prix the most aid. driver finished ahead of his main rival this season ferrari's sebastian vettel the german did enough to keep hamilton from clinching the title at circuit of the americas in austin but the result means that sadie's have won the sport's constructors' championship for the fourth time rather for the fourth year in a row. and now a story about an interesting yet kind of wacky sporting competition that just
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wrapped up in croatia the world's first live picking championships that's right all of thinking is actually a sport at least for those who spend hours honing their craft because from around the world gathered in an ancient all of govan got to picking on this is how things went down it wasn't a holiday in this croatian village known for its olive production it was a showdown to determine the best in picking the price right in ready for the taking. teams representing different countries most of them near croatia were warmed up in ready to pick using only their hands more than speed and agility to outdo the rest and pick the most olives it was about technique in western interests . to make a freaking championship with such a fantastic idea that we just have to be. the first ever all those picking champion
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the home team croatia. this time it is official we like the idea to finally have the opportunity to show that we are among the best. it wasn't only about a competition but rather an initiative together people from other producing regions from around the world to encourage friendship and cooperation. from all of picking two pumpkin races a small town in the u.s. state of oregon has their annual pumpkin competition but this c.e.o. with a smashing twist so the city of two are locked in has held i know a contest for the last fourteen years to see who can grow the biggest pumpkin this time instead of just winning the goods that crowning the pump came your claim the town decided to see who could squash the competition in a boat race the town hit
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a patch of trouble due to heavy rains but in festive costumes the local suddenly had. to talk about. those pumpkin pounds well that's all from the news right now in back of the bundesliga show with me as is coming up after the break with sunday's goals don't forget to get all the latest news around the clock on our website. thanks for watching. take a trip to a world of boundless ambition. the young entrepreneurs good to tackle global
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challenges. join flitch of that's not german entrepreneur award winner two thousand and fifteen as he travels through asia looking for the next big business idea. big trouble big you really are passionate about because you're going to stick to this for a long time on and it's something you don't we like them it's hard to keep on pressing our ten part series founders sally starting october twenty third on d w. hello and welcome to the book in this league here on detail but you much day nine is done and dusted and there's plenty to talk about joining me in the studio my two sunday guests former but in this league of player b. shield and say hello to our very own of mike meadows let's take
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a look at what's coming up in the show. to woefully underperforming teams colona and brennan go head to head with one shared goal to pick up their first win of the season. high flying hoffenheim traveled to vote for it with the championship aspirations on their mind. hi i'm phony and yes i'll be coming to my guests in a minute but first it's been an absolutely pathetic start to the season for cologne heading into match day nine side had lost seven bundesliga games and drawn just one and leaving them anchored at the bottom of the table their fifth place finish last season is almost hard to believe their funds are growing angry the republicans this weekend veteran braman another club that don't have much to sing about they haven't won a match in the ball in this league since april desperation was in the air for this early relegation battle. clear support for under pressure cologne coach peter
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shergold but he suffered a blow before kick off the form of braman strike a cloud ruled out after an injury in the warm up. with john carter also out bizarro was replaced by reserve striker said give us. the frenchman must have an eventful day in the basement battle his first half misses with there for all to see. but nothing came close to what happened after the break the twenty one year old somehow failing to hit the target here it will go down as one of the misses of the season. bizzaro scored dozens of those over the years and his old side braman almost snatched it at the death constantine of i was shocking thomas delaney's head of the line. goalless draw was of little use to either coach. it's groundhog day every day seems like we want sympathy or self-pity is not what we need. but after his raft of misses it certainly felt like groundhog day for hapless
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. so an absolutely terrible result for both cologne and braman really with both still stuck at the bottom of the table it's time to discuss many topics and let's start with you michel did you expect really this result i mean did you not expect a little bit of a better performance from two teams who are struggling so terribly so far this season. eighteen and seventeen is playing against. it's bad it's bad since weeks and everybody they start coming out better better better but there's nothing i can see any any better performance since day one and that's very very tough to see for everybody especially the supporters friends and. and as well george these guys. before i turn to our very own mark meadows
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mark i want to take a look at a tweet which is quite telling it's from colognes official. twitter account and they say it was an encouraging display now i would call that often is. to the extreme almost what do you think is going wrong at cologne and i mean seeing tweets like that i don't think it's it's really like they're really in reality i mean they're not seeing what's really going on oh yeah i mean fifty last season and it's all going wrong when the main problem is is they haven't got a striker i mean if you let anthony modeste go to china and you don't replace in then what do you expect i mean the fact that they brought him to zero a thirty nine year old injury prone striker outside the transfer window just shows what desperation they're in so it's not really peter struggles fault because he can only work with what he's got is the club's fault for not planning properly and not giving them a squad especially when they're playing in the europa league as well this season i mean he said in his press conference look i'm still up for the fight i still
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believe we can get out of this but you have to worry now i mean it's been so long we're going to wait until january. and try and get a striker in just someone who can bang the ball net well they want to really get things moving quickly when they michelle and you see cordoba is injured now so you have the problems coming bigger it's unbelievable what's going on at the moment and would call on desperate times you know what we've been talking about cologne but let's talk i mean you know there's a lot of pressure on sterger but i mean what about nori. cruisers injured too they have to. same problem like cologne and for me i said both both cultures they don't have more time to stay in those clubs but i think in a few weeks there. they are out there now you heard it first from our very own michelle now guys don't go anywhere because we have plenty of other action so let's take a look at some other games unlike cologne and braman the freiburg had to seem well set in their jobs despite average starts to this season's campaign they both made
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the europa league places last season but this term is looking trickier homesite freiburg went in front through this penalty from yannick have a at the start of the second half. for the spot after seventy seven minutes. and just four minutes later that's right do hand and no other chance this time he scored one all in finish a looking point for the berliners and certainly a frustrating one for fright berg. now hosts evolves burger having a less than impressive start to the season they'd only won one game heading into much day nine but since martin schmidt took over the wolves have avoided a defeat at least hoffenheim on the other hand have their sights set on joining the pack fighting to win the bundesliga title union side were on a high after picking up the club's first ever european win in the europa league
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during the week but could they keep up the temple let's take a look. yulian not goals months hoffenheim were aiming to stay in the mix at the top of the table as they paid a visit to the hungry wolves but the home team blew a big early chance when maximilian arnold saw his penalty stopped by all of about a man who somehow managed to get a boot on it. the encounter could charitably be called a slow burner until the seventy second minute that's when myself brought down benyamin who have now in the box. no doubt about the decision penalty for hoffenheim kerim demi did the honors and showed how it's done. one nil. cone castille is moving the wrong way on this one. but sprang to life and out it time a corner from danielle and félix powered it in with his head one.
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an athletic effort from the german defender and that's how it ended the wolves snatched victory away from not goes munns team dropping off and time further away from the league's top three. well the match day nine conversation continues i'm going to go straight to michelle on a quick word on hazard of course your old team what is going wrong there why are they not firing. so many points are given wrong but there's no quality in the team they have no strikers and no the body language of appalled that i don't like it at the moment is totally different than. in the beginning of his career as a coach of how to blend and that's the point of everything in this for the moment no one knows what's going on in the next weeks when you're concerned that's for sure michel look sad i'm concerned if you're going to bring we're going to talk about health and i'm not for a second another point drop they've slipped up they had that chance really to kind
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of move even closer to the running back to the leading pack should their fans be worried a little bit too much to ask that yeah i mean therefore they finished last season and. still in dreamland but i think the problem is. it's a little unfair what's going on there because obviously everyone's kind of off expecting to go to buy and munich and he's got all this pressure and he's like an old dition it's like a season long i think someone needs to come out and say from by munich we want him we don't want him and then he knows either way well he doesn't know he's kind of thinking god if i drop a point here a point there my chance is gone and maybe that's transmitted to the players but as we say fall for isn't too bad at this stage of the season it's not really that but i want to bring you in quickly on what do you are you worried do you think that they're going to manage to stay up there with the leading pack or are they going to slip up maybe a few more times they're going to stay they're definitely yes you are and he's
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doing a tremendous job and all the players are happy and we will we will see it on different games don't worry about this ok well that's some positive words there are concerns for after the end because now it's time to look at the results from the weekend as a whole so let's bring those results up and as we know we've already seen that cologne and that are braman still with a win this season will all freiburg true with had their berlin for. as for another drop there and that was with huff and haim homburg slipped up against a bar and you need to have a dreadful run of form they're actually against burm unique or rb leipzig beach guard glad terrible result for them against leverkusen frankfurt three two all with dortmund slipped up against hanover and a good result on friday for beat months. now go it's time to take a look at the table at the end of match day nine and there's no change at the top dortmund remain top of the table with biron in second tied on points in third
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hoffenheim are just a few points behind in fourth shellac and hung over move up after their respective victories and the other end absolutely no change at the bottom with cologne and braman still without a victory this season. now guys i want to ask you something really quickly to think there's going to be any change then the bottom you think alone are going to manage to do something about this dreadful reform briefly. it all hangs on and generally doesn't it they have to bring a prop a strike or an ingenue or try and get modest back i don't think he's happy in china to be honest there might go back to cologne no i don't believe that i don't believe that but what i think is maybe is taken some players from the under seventy under one thousand nine hundred something fraîche was not thinking in the box something like that could be a point you could be a point
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a muffin match the type of. goes well let's do what you've told us is the home of german football and we want to share the experience with you all the time every much day and in between too there's all sorts of ways you can keep in touch be it on our website it details you dot com or on facebook or twitter and here are all the addresses please write to us with your comments and questions and tell us your big talking points to make an interest in the show that's all the time for us on the big in this league thank you to our guests michelle didn't say these markets so darn good. traveling at twelve hundred kilometers an hour on the hyperloop is like a giant pneumatic tube people reduce pressure to transport passengers and freight at supersonic speeds but is it practical the students take up the challenge in los angeles it's
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a test for the futuristic vision of the hyperlink. to today's next d.w. . hearts mountains you may hear this. or this. or this. many voices many colors and many faces. germany's highest uplands region the hearts mountains. in sixty minutes long d.w. . nationalists are on the rise with the world wide and. i am taking a closer to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out why this nation me to you. to show you so or join the conversation here i want to dub in you on twitter i don't facebook. d.w.
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true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of that i've been going there you know. now with us our innovations magazine for asia with us from every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. welcome to tomorrow to day. coming up on the show. life in the lagoon how much freedom do dolphins have in zoos. by unexperienced search thomas spec and revels the secrets of the palm a low. and high faluting the competition for
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a futuristic transport system welcome to the show. they're loved by both children and adults. zoos are a major attraction in many cities. that animal rights activists don't like them at all they say wild animals don't belong in captivity and that includes dolphins. now the topic has sparked a debate at the zoo in the german city of new. nomi was born at the dolphinarium at nuremberg zoo two years ago and is already an accomplished performer. it's incredible to see how the dolphins do what their trainers want. instructions are given by means of whistles and just yours when they do something right the
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dolphins are rewarded with fish. and the diesel is very all totally into it of course they have different personalities and needs a bit more time well know is one small dolphin he learns what we want of him very quickly and he really enjoys himself but. dolphinariums have come in for a lot of criticism opponents say dolphins in captivity suffer and experience stress they don't have enough space and this impacts on social behavior because the pods are too small a few years ago a court forced the nuremberg zoo to share data on its dolphins with the whale and dolphin conservation society it was alarmed because five calves and an adult female had died there in two thousand and six and seven. then the zoo invested almost thirty million euros a new and more spacious outdoor pools they call it their dolphin leg of. biologist
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lorenzo fanfares and is in charge of the dolphins in nuremberg he and his team of scientists also. so study their behavior so are they doing better in their new home . kind i don't see any huge difference to be honest but when there's a conflict in the group or a fight for dominance we can deal with these issues in a new way order can fit get our guns and we need to we can segregate certain individuals keep them apart from the others too to hear and feel and they give us insight but what about the daily show's are they stressful for the dolphins. and in our ultimate one thing they don't have to do here is look for food these are tight so we have to help them fill all that extra free time when they would normally be foraging as well. as it's we do that with all the exercises and new routines that we teach them as harvey had beaten them with the moment of eden noirs they're presented with challenges and that's good for the animals mental state.
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this is what is. so is occupational therapy enough to keep the dolphins happy carsten plans ng is a behavioral biologist who has studied dolphins in the wild he was also involved in forcing the nuremberg zoo to disclose its data we ask him if the situation has improved now that they live in an outdoor lagoon as it is or were not in full tide one advantage of the lagoon is that the animals can now swim in sunlight they used to be indoors all the time and house plus it's a bit larger so those are improvements but they still can't develop a natural social structure for that the population would have to be much larger at least thirty to fifty dolphins then such a group structure might possibly emerge and then can there's a sewer trust their house. in the wild dolphins travel long distances up to one hundred kilometers a day. they live in loose association with each other in open communities and this
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is called a fission fuse. social structure relationships keep shifting new groups form old ones dissolve age affection and family status all play a role. bronzing stresses that in captivity dolphins develop serious problems over the years nuremberg style fans have been given psychoactive drugs like die as a pound better known as valley a small dose stimulates the appetite a larger one believes anxiety and works as a sedative. see from a powerful psychoactive drugs are used to counter unwanted behavior namely aggression. on the animals live under unnatural conditions. they can't just swim away then can't deal with aggressive behavior on their own terms as in. we asked lorenzo funfair doesn't have psychoactive drugs are still used at the new lagoon in the nuremberg zoo. as of m.b. and t.
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how much my tongue is one of dolphin is for example we might give it die as a plant to boost its appetite. and we've used diaries upon occasionally when animals get into a really big fight. and when i was a claim is that we use it all the time out of every day simply not true but not for the interest in people but it was the one that's probably the root cause of the problems has not been addressed latent aggression remains in place of course that's because the animals simply can't lead a normal social life missing. the team at the zoo say they are aware of the problems and are researching ways to solve them. for example they regularly check the dolphin saliva for levels of cortisol a hormone associated with stress. if ok let's
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go live to take samples are taken at different times of the day. and in different situations to try to find out when stress peaks you know that researchers are also working on a welfare and decatur cortisol levels are just one element of that but it still isn't clear exactly how accurately cortisol indicates wellbeing and captive dolphins. another project in nurenberg is exploring electro reception recent research may have identified a sensory organ in some species of dolphin that registers electric fields and helps the dolphins locate prey the kind of research the scientists are doing here is only possible in a dolphinarium because the test animals have to go through months of training for the experiments lorenzo fanfares and says the core task of dolphinariums in the future will be research alice was for. us to basically everything we know about echo location was discovered in dolphin area. blocked that was fifty years ago and
12:12 am
at the time nobody took it seriously. but it was absolutely key basic research does money and nowadays we can build on such findings to help animals in the wild and. we now count dolphin populations using acoustic technology. the claim is that basic research in dolphinariums can contribute to the protection of free range dolphins in the world's oceans where they face so many threats from fishing noise and pollution but to help them must their cousins here live out their days in captivity . the topic of animal rights is one people have strong opinions about on facebook we asked how do you feel about captive dolphins and research. could reach or could be or it cool thought it was acceptable because the dolphins are available and it makes me said faster and simply.
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tragic nelson also thinks it's ok as long as he does. and harm the animal. ulysses or ducky lani i was of a similar opinion he says it's all right as long as we just want to study dolphin behavior. but lynn when roman wasn't convinced that research performed on captive animals makes sense and wanted to know exactly what purpose it was supposed to fulfill that's what those comments. speaking of the purpose of research in some places that's easy to see. like by onyx . experts in the field study nature in a search for ideas for new inventions. the area is one that many researchers feel passionate about including back.
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thomas back is a by onyx expert he finds inspiration for new technology in nature. to go linda. the fruit of the linden tree is very interesting there are leaves at the top and the fruit hangs on a stem when it falls prey structure spins and can travel quite a distance it's very interesting if we can a lot from it let's just think of helicopters and how you could optimize their rotor blades it's always a good idea to take a second look at things we think we already know well there's always more to learn . back is a professor at freiburg university in southern germany he and his team explore the incredible inventiveness of nature today they're studying the mysteries of the pomerleau a large citrus fruit. ok. the question is how does it protect itself against impact when it falls.
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ten metre drop and not a scratch no splatter how does it do it. specimens are subjected to further rough handling in the lab. in this country this is where it hit the ground this part was compressed but the area around it was also deformed. and thus it absorbed much of the energy. or. of so the lesson is a fix can can protect you from harm. a further test was designed to prove that hypothesis first the researchers took a piece of a thick peel and put it into a contraption. then a weight was dropped onto it. yeah first one country in a kenyan car you can see quite clearly that the entire appeal isn't compressed all
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at the same time of life there are different layers first the top one is compressed and then the lower one which is curved because the fruit a spherical it's just then it's flat and it's interesting what that says about the structure and he doesn't have. a scanning electron microscope reveals the structure of the pummel as peel what botanists call its perry cobb. life it's a perfect lightweight construction the structure can absorb a lot of energy because it's a web of living cells filled with cells out of. the energy is diffused across the networks of elements that's what questions the inside of the pollo so effectively. this is basic research not tied to any pre-determined then but it could nonetheless prove very useful leading to the development of new products for example. with basic research in biological systems it often takes three to
12:17 am
five years to discover how it works but at the same time you start developing applications taking findings from biology to create prototypes so we're talking about new research and new discoveries that's what's so exciting this is. a helmet manufacturer has already taken the clever pomerleau to heart with help from this by onyx research it's developed a helmet that replicates structures in the palm of those parrikar. the prototype performed well in heavy duty tests. another example. back is fascinated by the crane flower also called the bird of paradise and it has a unique method for dispersing its pollen. when a bird lands on its hard sheaf to drink nectar from the flowers the animals wait
12:18 am
causes the wings of the sheep to open and the birds feet are covered in pollen. the sheet can go up and down thousands of times without wearing out i sassed me first of all the biology is fascinating so clever how the plant first protects its pollen from rain and other dangers then transpose it to a pollinator as soon as one shows up evolutionary genius. second the physics. it's interesting how a complex process is performed without a hitch using very simple means. we're talking about a three dimensional deformation. if you asked an engineer to do it he would install twenty joints. here you just depressed two spines and the wings open up that's a clever design works three thousand times it might look flimsy but it doesn't break it's astounding we knew we just had to do something with it. this model made of a wooden stick and a sheet of paper can be used to demonstrate the mechanism. you
12:19 am
bend the spine and that makes the wing move sideways that's the idea behind our new architectural shading system includes. the secret skills of the brilliant plant can be massively upscaled. that innovative shading system was incorporated into the kinematic facade i suppose million built for expo two thousand and twelve and you also south korea. plants have been a source of inspiration for thomas back for a quarter of a century and they continue to enthrall him. when people ask if i ever get bored doing by onyx i always say i can't imagine ever growing tired of trying to understand how nature works it's incredible what evolution has brought forth it's much more exciting to explore that than to take a part of while us humans build radios with a bit of effort i can understand something like that but it's a much bigger challenge to understand what has developed in nature just not for
12:20 am
example. nature is a big treasure chest and we have only just started to lift the lid and there's so much more that we can use for bio inspired technology. by onyx is set to make a huge impact and it's amazing what thomas back and his colleagues have already brought to light. well. nothing like taking a big bite of your favorite food and the wonder of nature makes it all possible t.v. this week a viewer from liberia sent in a great question about these vital struct is. michael stone from monrovia wants to know. can science help us grow new teeth. humans have two sets of first the milk. they fall out and a replaced by
12:21 am
a permanent set and that's all we get the trouble is both sets can suffer damage. sugar and tax them where interior with increasing age also take a toll once they're gone false teeth are an option but dentures aren't very effective or pleasant away or so scientists want to find ways to coax the body to produce new teeth on its own. if sharks can do it why can't we some species shed up to fifty sets of teeth in the course of their lives they grow in rows and if an outer tooth falls out another one moves forward to take its place all the shark's teeth look the same they rip and tear but don't chew or grind. while ours are all different and complex in construction our mulder's canines and incisors all perform slightly different functions when we eat so it might be hard to replicate the complexity and for rioting. but nowadays scientists have stem
12:22 am
cells to work with. the technology has allowed them to grow teeth in mice. and even repair certain kinds of damage in human. so researchers are optimistic that one day it might indeed be possible to use stem cells to grow tailored replacement. if you have a science question head for our web site if we answer it on the show we'll send you a copy of our animated einstein d.v.d. which explains some of the great scientist groundbreaking theories. the most important thing is to never stop asking questions. how do people travel in the future. on conventional trains. in
12:23 am
planes. one group of researchers and designers doesn't think so they think we'll all be taking the hyperloop and development has already begun. it's long been the stuff of science fiction a magnetic levitation train in a steel tube that reaches supersonic speeds the hyperloop. today it's a vision of the future teams of student part they're convinced the hyperloop will turn conventional transportation upside down. i really believe the hyperloop concept will become reality one day it would be incredible if we could travel that fast and bring the world closer together or on the road witness nails on getting rid of this is how it's supposed to work there's
12:24 am
a pressurized pod is sucked out of the chub until it becomes a knee a vacuum the pod can then travel with very little air resistance and theoretically . hit speeds of up to twelve hundred kilometers an hour at that speed the magnetic levitation train would take just half an hour to get from berlin to munich. at the competition in l.a. the pods travel through a tube that's a little over a kilometer long. the teens are testing the idea behind the propulsion not trying to reach maximum speed. it's a small step toward a revolutionary idea but is it realistic. it's actually more a concept a game there have always been ideas about speeding up traffic people dream about being able to hop over to australia for dinner and come back again we move from one place to another quickly and the world would shrink. but it's something that's
12:25 am
still a dream. in eight hundred sixty seven inventor alfred ely beach had the same dream he wanted to build an ai driven underground transit system in new york city but he could only get permission to build ships for transporting miles not people beach then began building his system in secret he even proved it could work but the city still decided against it. now the idea is being tested again in l.a. the tube is too short for the parts to reach high speed but it's long enough to test technical feasibility the change is supposed to demonstrate that the pods can withstand extreme conditions out of the twenty seven finalist teams only three qualified for this round including the german tain will make it through.
12:26 am
this in our secret weapon is the compressor and we are one of the few teams to use one that sucks the rest of the air out of the two that's a partial vacuum operating at one one hundredth of atmosphere at pressure. that would cause air friction that would slow down our pad we don't want that so we suck the air out then we can drive through the tube very quickly on. the test track still doesn't have an air lock that's why the near vacuum is only generated when the prototype is inside the tube the parts are still unmanned would we even be able to travel at twelve hundred kilometers an hour can the human body withstand such speeds. fighter pilots travel up to three thousand kilometers an hour but they train hard to be able to withstand that stress on the body so will hyperloop travelers also need to carry out a special training programme the problem lies not in the speed but the accel
12:27 am
aeration during a sense in the sense an aircraft is constantly accelerating or braking those g. forces are punishing for the body. the hyperloop by contrast accelerates relatively smoothly and then maintains its speed much like an airplane on stilts but this infrastructure comes at a price a hyperloop tube costs around twelve point four million euros per kilometer to build. not to mention we already have a form of mass transportation that's been around for more than a century over the years railway infrastructure has been steadily updated and expanded role way tracks and railway stations have been built but in many places the rail system is in need of repairs and traffic on it is far too heavy thus probably most rewarding the problem we have today is that we don't make the best use of the infrastructure we already have we could do
12:28 am
a lot better especially in the area of public transportation things and now we're considering introducing an entirely new technology one that's very expensive in the hope that one day we'll be able to travel it's. that are now unimaginable. for us and so you have to ask well why didn't we just do our homework and maintain and update the things we already have top of us. at the competition in l.a. though the main goal is testing the technology to have the teams try to send their pods through the chub but both of their design stopped partway through what will happen to the german taint. at the last moment they do a final touch up anything that could break the pod is removed will that do the trick. when the chub is closed the is pumped out now all the students can do is white. the
12:29 am
pod is off to a good start. the project taught made by the students from munich is the only one that makes it all the way to the end of the chub. victory oh. that was the one of the it was our run of glory when in one of the main prizes i'm speechless it's really wonderful because with. whether the hyperloop becomes a reality still remains to be saying but this latest test shows it's more than just a pipe dream. for move from the world of science and research head for our web page d. w. dot com slash science and you can also let us know what you think on twitter and facebook we love to hear from you. that's all for now but join
12:30 am
us again next week when we'll be looking at the future of shipping how can increasingly giant vessels be made safer as they medicate time passages. a very special simulator could help you more on that and other exciting topics next week on to. c n n.
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