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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2017 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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johnson you're watching the news live from berlin.
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what he said ok i have to press my own but do. you see if you. would read. you see the beginning is always difficult so let's start over again. because president colleagues ladies and gentlemen. i word of thanks first i want to thank you for the confidence that you've entrusted in me by electing me your parliamentary president i would like to thank him and after stalin's i mean with his great deal of experience in parliament that he has now taken on the job. as the oldest member present and that he took on this role until the president had been elected and as the eldest member president taking the chair
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he described the challenges ahead of us i would like to thank all of our colleagues all i meant many whom have been parliamentarians for decades just representative lee let me mention hind reason hope i was right who has twice been the oldest member of president taking the chair until the president was elected in two terms in office to. or. we have the executive committee of parliament i would like to thank you. and your kind of cinema thank you. and of course i also want to thank the two vice you know presidents when i'm looking for. two women who will probably not be in the executive committee next time but i'm assuming things here and i
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shouldn't know that if you haven't done that first and foremost ladies and gentlemen i want to thank you know but. for twelve years he was an excellent parliamentary president. thank you. the are not against his on going to galvanise mr lambert you are a gifted speaker as parliamentary president and you had very clear ideas of what the duties of parliament were and what its abilities were if it really tried. you know your colleagues i'm looking forward to this new challenge in my life it helps because the heart of our democracy be secured in this parliament and i look forward to working with you. with all of my colleagues here and
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with all of the members of staff who keep our parliament running almost like i am a passionate parliamentarian right and my activities as parliamentarian were something i always saw as a real responsibility and my mandate as a. democratically controlled one and i've experienced many different things i've experienced what it's like to be an m.p. in the opposition and. governing opposite groups for ten years i was in the opposition. seventy two it was that i was first elected as an m.p. do you think you're a man really just as tag and there was a great deal about this beaut about the treaty was. around the east and there was a very tense mood and at the time miss fear was tense not just in parliament but
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across the country. west germany society had been politicized in a way we hadn't seen for a very long time it was mobilized it was galvanized into action and it was no bad thing that this be ok this is i'm going to go and in the eighty's again there was a great deal of intensity there i was in the governing coalition for example when the whole nato debates were happening and then seven years after that the war fell short change was on the order of was the order of the day. throughout my career and hindsight is a wonderful thing and you evaluate things quite differently after the fact. but because i know from my own xperience that these. feelings of crisis and how spirit and everyone getting upset is par for the course which is why i
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look with a sense of calmness at the disputes that we are going to have in parliament that we must have in parliament as representatives of the society that elected us because it's not just the case that we need to relight. represent society in its basic consensus but also in all its diversity and we mustn't play one thing off against the other. democratic society there is no issue worth. forgetting what we have in common. two hundred and eighty nine m.p.'s in our parliament now.
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it is very rare that a german parliament has been so different from the one before seven parties six parliamentary groups we haven't had that many for sixty years. and it's a new constellation we have in our parliament but it reflects the changes that we're seeing in society as a whole box uncertainty is on the rise in faces you're one of the last place change to globalization and digitizing. context of dismantling new affinity is one of the things we were sure of your question new identities are emerging. new supposed certainties being confronted this meant as a response to fear. people have a need to feel familiar to feel at home and to me increasingly conflict this need
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is being confronted with a world full of crisis full of war and full of conflict full of real horror that we are bombarded with in the media and this is intensifying the dispute that we are hearing in society and not just here in germany but across europe. and the incredibly incredible fast pace of change that we are experiencing in society is causing a fragmentation of attention of our dispute and this is calls into question the political structures that we have and challenges that i was and. everyone is focusing on something else that they think is important everyone is only seeing their own problems more and more and there's no longer one dispute defining society one issues your there are always going to be plenty of options out there but
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sometimes this is certainly a challenge for people. even. though it's a road that begins capitalism has its difficulties too with too much freedom you can be. a challenge and therefore we must always find the right balance in our dealings with freedom then there's the changing media world and changing way we use it with the information technology options that we have now through all of these little chambers miss. that have formed means that people. can lose the sense of the general view on political issues and only hear their own view reflected and this harlem and you can be a place where we bring together all of these different ideas where we focus on the most important issues facing our society in germany and in europe because we as members of parliament was involved guys. first and almost
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a kind of ombudsman or. voters and i for constituents meeting them on the ground talking over to people we communicate what's happening on the national level of politics and our experiences and qualifications that we are doing with. your activities professionally but also as volunteers and in society these are things that give us a certain skill set up and perhaps. our sense of being. aware of what people think is something we know better than all of the surveys and pollsters out there because we actually talk to people on the ground i see but at the same time going to school because it's as article thirty eight. of our constitution says we are parliamentarians representing all society and therefore this very wide range of views and interests have to be brought together
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with the limited nature of reality and that means we must find compromises and we must find a majority decisions and the better we do this is a go for the lesser people. will be feeling that they've been left behind by a democratic reality star the man who can't win we owe a great deal for. my country. ruled by a state of law. and law says. the principle of the europe in action can always be the principle guiding the actions of others and could be a rule that is true for everyone and therefore make sure that everything you do i'm sure that if everybody acted the way you do things don't fall apart. so colleagues i mean this is something that. would do well to adhere to and as
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representatives of the representative system we must do as we would be done by. public interest and representing particular interests is something that mustn't become excessive in the other democracies in the world. really directed off in a way that we don't want to go parliament but what we must ensure is that the parliamentary procedure really shows how difficult it is both for certain interests and find a compromise for the differing and trying to. democracy and to smear it is not only something we must allow it is something we must gauge actively in and we must be able to different views because democratic dispute is necessary but it is
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disputed in accordance with a set of rules of play there must be a willingness to adhere to democratic rules of procedure. to it then respect majority decisions and not to see them and denounce them as traitorous majority decision so anything else like that. we must accept majority decisions because that is what it means to have a democratic culture in parliament. and. this style or another way in which we disputed issues the way in which we demonstrate respect for one another is very important in our disputes now in recent months we have heard terms and. conversations we have heard statements that were contemptuous and there's no
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place for that. you can be a. majority of citizens in this country and want to engage with one another in a civilized manner and in a turbulent times like we have at the moment there is an increasing need to talk about a certain way of dealing with one another that we hardly talk about again we started talking about terms like decency. and books are written about our common decency and they have become best sellers we. once again have to talk about the way we have to discuss things with one another we must be respectful. marks we cannot use any possible latitude that we have to get out you know no argument and across a certain respect for the arguments others being there. of course you
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know we're going to get one hundred percent justice but we can be very with one another and less sense is that. we don't exclude people. but rather include people with the. way in which we talk with one another here in parliament can be a role model for society obviously we shouldn't help one another here although we have seen that this has occasionally occurred in other parliament because of me and we don't want to get very very stiff either farm or you know want to show that one consists issues with out losing basic. for that six for the one we have to show that parliamentary group xueqin you are doing what they're supposed to do but i mean. parliament is completely opposed to that of the members of your home and. they mustn't be. seen as. separate from.


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