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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2017 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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it brought forth a ripple said nationalism. to soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on t.w. . this is d w news live from berlin tonight germany's a new parliament convenes first item of business keeping of the political order and peace parliament today elected former finance minister both gong show ability preside over what will likely be some stormy debates the right wing populist a if
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the party was elected to parliament on a promise to disrupt the establishment also coming up a legacy building the chinese way chinese president xi jinping increases his influence over his country and his party as the communist party congress votes to enshrine his vision for the country's future in the country's constitution. i'm bringing off it's good to have you with us germany's newly elected parliament has convened for the first time since last month's elections and it promises to be anything but business as usual with the far right party now represented for the first time one of the parliament buddhist tog's first task today was to elect a new parliamentary president. it now falls to parliament's longest serving member
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to keep things under control with elected president of the bundestag the politician from chancellor merkel's party called for calm proceedings amid debate and to play by the rules the obvious way we speak to one another can set an example for discourse throughout society. we are not here to beat each other up the new parliament has more members than ever and forty percent of them are newcomers the business friendly f.t.p. is back and the far right a.f.d. is in for the first time under old rules a member of the a.f.p. would have opened the first session as the oldest m.p. but this time that role went to a veteran f.t.p. lawmaker the rules on the matter were recently changed which the a.f.d.c. as an affront. this rule student changed in one hundred fifty years of parliamentary history there's only one exception in one thousand nine hundred eighty three it was broken by him and gurgling because as a nazi he wanted to ostracize his political enemies. the first exchanges already
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proved fiery. if you are seriously comparing yourselves to victims of hermann goering then you've already done your own creativity. both the s.p.d. and the left party are rallying for more open confrontation with the chancellor. the parliament must resume its role as the main stage of political exchange and not t.v. talk shows or one on one interviews from reporters madam chancellor. i think that means that the parties especially the opposition parties can suggest topics here that the chancellor might find very unpleasant. but merkel's conservatives and her potential coalition partners rejected that suggestion that the right to question must remain an instrument of parliamentary control and not a weapon for the opposition. you want to make a show of us with a history lesson today and we won't allow it. parliament is still voting on its six
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vice presidents although each party has a right to the post the far right a.f.d. candidate has already been rejected after stating islam is a political ideology and not a religion. with me now in the studio as our political correspondent kate brady kate it's good to have you on the show here let's pick up with short but he really was the the the star of the hour today in this first session. how was his speech received i mean why was it so important for him to get this position it was received very well by the by the m.p.'s in the parliament today and of course he is one of germany's most experienced politicians he's been in politics for decades now and he's currently germany's longest serving m.p. so with that kind of experience on all sorts here that's something that he will be able to bring to the role of the bundestag president in the coming months and over
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the next four years of calm and and of course the main message today i think that he was trying to get across was this idea of retaining respect and decency was two words which he repeated several times during that speech and that of course was directed as well at the f.d.a. the ninety two new members of parliament from the far right a day because if we think back to a month ago. which was election law it's right actually four weeks ago today we heard from alexander gowland the co-leader of the f.t. saying that the party was going to hound. parties in palm and that behavior is just not going to be accepted. people all around the world one thing this and they may remember our coverage when we had mr gallon saying we were going to take our country back saying that they wanted to hunt down the german chancellor they want to have are prosecuted for her refugee policy i mean these are. fighting words that
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have been thrown into the political discourse now and going shore blood has been elected to basically be the referee in parliament and do you think that his presence in parliament today was reassuring to most members i mean do they have faith that he can make all the parliamentarians behave could make a difference but of course the other n.p.c. the parties also have a role in dealing with him how they deal with the day after they've been there of course one of their concerns is that they don't want to want parliament to turn into it in the f.t. against the five palm and three groups and at the same time they'll be dealing with how much of the city the f.t. has a certain amount of time to voice their opinions in parliament but they'll be wanting to make sure that they're not using that to kind of push any far right ideas
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which of course ongoing to be aimed at the m.p.'s but the public especially on the line actually i mean there are a lot of new challenges in this new parliament that is for sure keep your political correspondent thank you very much. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines across the world as expected austria's newly elected conservative leaders who are it has announced that he will try to form a coalition government with the country's right we party mr cordes said the freedom party had shown what he called quote a will to bring about change in austria together. france's president has hosted his egyptian counterpart. for talks in paris rights groups had urged the french president to address alleged human rights violations by egypt's security forces but at a joint press conference mr mccrone declined to criticize cc's record saying he had no wish to hand out lessons without taking the context into account. a gunman has
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a shot and wounded a bodyguard to kenya's deputy chief justice in nairobi now the judge philomena him will do was not in the car at the time police are treating the incident as a robbery but an investigation is ongoing the incident comes two days before kenya is due to hold a repeat presidential election. china's ruling communist party has confirmed president xi jinping as its most powerful leader in decades by adding his name and his ideology to the country's constitution at the end of the party's five year or five year early congress delegates voted unanimously to include being thought as a guiding principle giving president xi the same level of prominence as party founder dawn and perhaps marking the start of
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a new era for the country. pulling ahead of the pack the chinese team leads the fleet at the world's most challenging ocean sailing event the volvo ocean race that's also where chinese leaders she seem ping wants to see his country as a global leader it's among the goals outlined in president shimon ping's a broad vision now enshrined in the country's constitution to get there she has pledged to navigate china into a new era of global power and influence. and now please submit your vote for those who agree raise your hand more than twenty three hundred delegates voted unanimously to add she's name and ideology to the party's charter cementing his grip on power. since the people's republic of china was founded in one thousand nine hundred forty nine only one leader founder mao zedong himself has been honored in such
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a way while still alive deng xiaoping the architect of china's economic opening is the only other leader to be included in the party charter but that was only after his death in one thousand nine hundred seven she sees himself as the country's third transformational leader and by attaining the same rank is mellon doing any active opposing she becomes tantamount to an attack on the party itself. after consolidating his own power she is now seeking to reinforce the authority of the communist party he's pledged to pull all aspects of the country's politics economy and society under the ruling communist party's control. we must lay a solid foundation for party building at the grassroots level as the saying goes without a solid foundation the earth will tremble and the mountains will sway. outside of the party she enjoys wine support from ordinary chinese people in particular for
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his vast anti corruption campaign and for pushing a nationalist agenda broad but she is also known for his unprecedented crackdown on dissent targeting human rights activists the courts and restricting the free flow of information that well a u.s. senator has accused president trump of de basing the country it is the latest round in a feud between the president and republican senator bob corker corker accused mr trump of bullying name calling and he said that donald trump would leave behind a legacy of division the argument began when corker a lawmaker from the state of tennessee told the today show on n.b.c. that the president should stay out of congress his way is it plans new tax reform saying that was the best way to have success later on he was more direct accusing mr trump of spreading untruths. let's take
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a listen to part of what senator corker said today look i think. we standing up in front of the american people and stating untruths that everybody knows to be untrue and just you know for young people to be watching not only here in our country but. around the world someone of this. mentality or wound the present united states is something that is i think that basing to our country look i have seen no evolution and upward wyoming is matter of fact i would say it appears to me that. it's almost the evolving. strong language there hand mr trump is not known for taking criticism lying down and he hit back on his favorite social media platform in his typical abrasive fashion corker couldn't get elected dog catcher in tennessee the president tweeted before going on to criticize the senator's role in the iran nuclear deal which the
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u.s. recently threatened to withdraw from senator corker hit back describing president trump as quote utterly untruthful and using the hash tag alert the daycare staff to imply childishness on the president's part but mr trump one of the last word referring to the senator as little bob corker he said that other countries had taken advantage of the u.s. while corker served as chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. a glee it is all right let's go to our washington correspondent now carolina jim noyes she is following you know this is the latest installment in this saga of spads if you will lead i mean is this is this just a spat between the president and mr corker that trunk can brush off or will they'll be political consequences for the president.
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well brant a corker is a chairman of the committee of her enough heirs in the senate that means he of course has also an influence on donald trump's plans on foreign affairs and on his plans and u.s. policies although corker can't of course completely change terms to citizens about foreign affairs but the senate has already shown in the past said it can act independently of the president for example talking about russia it was the senate that decided about imposing sanctions against russia even though donald trump didn't support this measure so we might see some changes also in that way maybe talking about the iran deal also important when talking about corker's fields foreign affairs is that even though people usually look at the head of sates all tribes in the united states or in the americas in germany in foreign affairs policies they take plays in many different levels and i'm not only talking about the save department but also about the committees of for enough areas in the senate
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or in the german bund the sack in the sense corker my it's now even more. even more interesting and even more important as a partner for the german business. spondon in washington covered the mitcham oil the story for us tonight carly and thank you very much. and here's a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you germany's new parliament opens with a new president is likely to oversee stormy debate in the new parliament with a right wing populist party joining proceedings for the first time in decades. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day see the. new on d w make or leaves theme is stars. in the cayman vegas house of music. and unplugged.


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