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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 28, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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domestic violence cyber clone human trafficking for investigators cases that keep you on your toes crime fighting stories the best idea ever so every young person needs to listen to crime fighters and share tell a friend tell a friend to face. forgers don't miss it. this is deja vu news live from berlin it's official spain is taking over the consul on government effectively stripping the region of its autonomy that's after an independence declaration followed by a night of celebrations and barcelona will get the latest from our correspondents
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in madrid and barcelona also coming up. concerns are rising that kenya could see another day of violence as the authorities postpone the presidential election rerun in opposition strongholds over fears of the safety for election officials. and air berlin takes off for the last time almost four takis after the airlines maiden voyage the last flight left berlin bound for unit but true to form it was wait for it delayed. i'm irish waiter thanks for joining us it's official madrid has taken control of the cots along government after cuts alone a separatist parliament declared independence world leaders are saying they are
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recognizing cuts alone but the council on parliament's independence vote still triggered celebrations inside the assembly and even larger ones on the streets outside. yes to independence that was the news from catalonia is parliament it was the moment the separatists had been waiting for and they took to the streets of bos alone or in their thousands to celebrate. if. that's an enormous satisfaction because we've achieved what we thought. was a good look at the independent state of catalonia in the. i never thought it could happen his all thanks to these brave people not knowing that. and they were singing inside the parliament as well the unofficial national anthem catalonia as opposition had already quit the chamber refusing to take part the remaining
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lawmakers voted by seventy to ten in favor of declaring independence. to the. citizens of catalonia it's up to all of us to maintain the pulse of our country and our country to maintain our peace and dignity as we have always done and always will be the but just hours later the government in madrid sacked catalan his regional president colace pushed him on and dismissed the parliament elections are to be held in december and the cattle and leader could face rebellion charges punishable with up to thirty years in jail. most could either go to a few we never wanted it to come this far and we don't believe it would be good to extend this exceptional status as we always said this is not about suspending catalonians autonomy but about a return to the law and to reason your. home in the catalan capital barcelona the independence celebrations continued long into the night spain's worst
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political crisis in four decades shows no signs of easing. celebrations in catalonia but an alarm. reaction in madrid and from other world leaders joining us now from barcelona is it obvious charlotte tell us until and in madrid for us martin roberts martin let's start with you madrid has now officially taken control of the council on government how is that going to work what's to stop the catalan politicians from just staying in their seats essentially well the idea is the day to day running to pass a law and you want change hardly at all because i was at three hundred pounds and civil servants and always a handful of very top when he their jobs and their functions you know merely the people of the very top. might be transferred to partner or. indeed as an example or . controversial regional police chief has been demoted i mean he's job i mean.
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there's thirty thousand people enjoy mesler weeks. where now to talk over the regional finances i mean that's part of the groundwork laid for this a lot of. drafting in thousands upon thousands of national police on civil rights were they now you have problems with the state houses who declare no uncertain terms and. rejected any outside interference over drug seasons being sentences mera cases meanwhile the new orleans and the civil servants to simply sit tight not to make waves and simply not allowed to spend sixty percent unemployment claims which is hollywood. and charlotte we saw celebrations in barcelona after this independence declaration so how are people now reacting to their government being run from madrid. yes it's hard to imagine now that it's
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morning but last night there are thousands of people crowded into this square behind me i the only way i can describe it really is like a con of all spirit there was a band playing spontaneous outbursts of either catalonia really was very exciting for the people here who is celebrating independence this morning though there is a very clear feeling that no one knows exactly what the day will hold there is a sense that this could go either way at this point that this could become extremely volatile especially when some of the more practical aspects of madrid the more visible aspects of madrid trying to impose direct rule start to come into force what for example is going to happen to the man who's really behind all of this push him on what happens when he is say arrested for example that something is still very much on the cards there are reports in spanish newspapers that he could be charged as soon as monday with an offense that well he faces up to thirty years in prison so if that were to happen i feel like the mood could should could change
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very quickly here. and martin so rahowa has sacked the council on parliament called for an election in december does madrid believe the separatists will participate in this election. well the most radical sect separatists known as the sea have already said that they were going to have national protested. the separatists policies in a very interesting dr who has. refused to take. the elections well but simply handing out. you know simply playing. on they also run the risk of. democracy on the other hand if they do protest elections to. a separatist majority . guesses back to square well i do believe that yesterday's declaration of independence was largely symbolic. but again to show that said charles it's very. nobody really knows what's going to have.
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in barcelona charlottesville some pill and in madrid martin roberts thank you very much both. kenya is a country in electoral limbo officials have again postponed a rerun of the presidential election scheduled in several areas considered strongholds of the opposition the cost of the divisive vote is becoming ever more apparent at least nine people have been killed in clashes between protesters and police since thursday. violence has engulfed kenya since thursday's contested election rerun. and some opposition strongholds like this nairobi slum clashes between protesters and authorities have been deadly this has led the electoral commission to suspend polling indefinitely. when it comes to stuff that attorney. when the lives.
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noting was originally postponed until today in four counties and western kenya after demonstrators disrupted polling on thursday. opposition candidates. warned election officials that another poll would only lead to more bloodshed but they have called for a boycott of the elections and only one in three kenyans have cost a vote. the ballots that have been cost of being counted but the results on likely to end months of political uncertainty and violence in this divided country . correspondent catherine and wonder joy is that joins us from the kenyan capital
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nairobi. catherine we've seen buildings on fire we've seen these terrible images of people covered in blood is there any hope that politicians will be able to bring kenya back from the brink. well it's a lot of people hoping that it will and not really politicians as such right now it's probably more the professional people the technocrats the you know the working class that needs to do something about whatever is going on because it seems that the politicians both don't want to have dialogue. so people are left in limbo that both their supporters are left in limbo and right now it's quite uncertain because last night we saw violence here in nairobi in informal settlements known as we saw some violence in western kenya as well so right with a death toll of about nine we're expecting that to rise anytime soon so right now
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kenyans are just waiting for some sort of solution but more so they're waiting for an announcement of the election results by the chairman of the electoral commission and this is not the first time the electoral commission has postponed this vote and they only have until october thirty first to hold it so it's getting down to the wire how likely is this to happen. and and less prime minister. former prime minister. actually says something on monday which he has promised to say something on monday the situation will probably more likely remain the same we're still waiting on the main ruling party to say anything about the voting process or the fact that he is now leading with ninety nine percent of the votes cast there's no statement from the do you believe party or president who kenyatta so. we're kind of in
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a in an uncertain situation at this point catherine armando in nairobi thank you very much for your insights. now on to some other stories making news around the world u.s. secretary of defense to mattis warned saturday that north korea would face a quote massive military response if ever used its nuclear weapons tensions have been running high on the korean peninsula the north conducted its sixth nuclear test last month and tested missiles the regime claims are capable of reaching the u.s. mainland. u.s. special counsel robert mueller is investigation into the alleged russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election may have produced criminal charges u.s. media reporting a federal grand jury has approved the first charges in the case but it's not yet known against whom or for what. guatemala's former president
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auto protos molina and his vice president will stand trial for corruption charges prosecutors say a ring involving government officials customs agents and business people defrauded the state of millions of dollars in an alleged scheme to avoid customs duties the two have denied the charges what was once germany's second biggest airline is now no more air berlin's last flight took off from berlin on friday bound for munich and ironically the final flight was delayed our reporter frank hoffman took on the weight and sent us this report from munich once he finally got there. hugs and tears and a tarmac salute. yes like a dying family member this is the end of it and it's reset for me seeing them not knowing what they will do tomorrow. eight thousand people work for ever len and
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only three thousand will stay on with lufthansa which is taking over a big chunk of the defunct airline the last two flights flew between berlin and munich on friday evening the munich bound plane ended up being the last ever to land because of delays in berlin saying goodbye takes time. thank. you god because. we've had such great passengers in the last few weeks and that's shown us here in the cabin and up front in the cockpit that we've always done our best and it's so wonderful to have gotten so much back from. fifteen minutes later arrival in munich. it's a big loss for europe's aviation industry and the end of an era for the airline
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that gave away the big chocolate hearts upon arrival. to judo now in israel's tough flicka won gold at the grand slam competition in abu dhabi personal triumph for the twenty five year old athlete but not one that abu dhabi wanted to celebrate like it was given his medal but the israeli flag a national anthem nowhere to be seen or heard organizers substituted the anthem of the international judo federation so flicker quietly saying the israeli anthem to himself. you're watching news from berlin more coming up. at the top of the hour thanks for tuning and.
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