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the figures never act and feel as you think. i know the comics were created by these two people elizabeth and jonathan cohen's. together they are war and peace it's a play on the title of lael tolstoy's famous epic novel. but they see themselves as a goofy version. of the comics. i can join up with and if they're not our hero makes always orient themselves completely toward what we think is funny if we don't think a comic is funny we would never publish it many other comic artists might see an anniversary or an event coming up and say let's draw a comic for it but that's not the way we work so function in bits of mitch mcconnell. elizabeth and jonathan often get their ideas from things they see in
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everyday life in a cafe and then they brainstorm and draft sketches. in the country you know in the computer says the password you've chosen is too weak for i think it's really arrogant of the computer to say that it's like i have insulted enough of them because you know as i would advise ok so he types a password in the computer answers the password is weak. must be like this. as. we usually have something in mind already when we meet at a cafe and we tell each other our ideas and usually the other person provides feedback. found out later to a new idea how can we get to be more involved in it. that's the end and often one of us draws the first two pictures and says i've set up a good starting situation but i don't know how it should continue because then the other comes and develops a twist. that's because on our comics often have that unexpected twist or end in
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some absurdity the kind and often the one who didn't think in the story can construct the twist better than the one who came up with the original idea that he had. the story. but has unsuspected. creating that apparent simplicity is our. story the dog that plays hide and seek with its mistress who's blind. and there's a surprise when the grim reaper comes for someone to take her out to dinner. elizabeth and jonathan are a couple they've worked on their comics alongside their day jobs for six years their passion for comics brought them together when they were students at art college. well you know just comics. get to
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know michelle i think it's our very special combination of the visual medium and the literary medium. there are deceptively social and that's why they're so excessive. and if you can convey lots of ideas quickly and powerfully with his combination who have been kind and especially with humor you can tie things together that are visually funny and then intensify them with dialogue on dog there's so many nuances and it's fascinating how many ways there are to transport humor with this mixture of image untaxed times but. they create the final comic on a tablet each line goes straight into the computer. here they're working on the story of a computer that complains about a week password. the comic card they published online made the two of them pioneers at the art college.
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we started this blog and it became more and more successful as we did our own comic stuff as part of the comic lessons of college. and pretty soon after we graduated we were able to give our own courses and that's still growing. fast of course. student of mass equality and there's now a master's course in comic and graphic novels. i write me and you can see from all the different publications that are broken is a good place for comics and. so what happens to the uppity computer it gets what it deserves. you're a max we showcase all sorts of gifted people and now we'd like to hear from you so
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what's your talent let us know what you do best and you could win a euro max wristwatch just like this one take part on our website and find out if your the lucky winner at the end of next week. now if food is your passion pay attention to this next stop it's another installment for our kitchens series fifty kitchens one city where we explore the many colored mary delights that palin has to offer restaurant across the capitol have opened their kitchens to us showing us how they make their country's cuisine this time we delve into egyptian cooking looks and sample a delicious dish. what i miss the most about cairo is the good weather the people and even the chaos it's a city that never sleeps. it was really
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tough to leave cairo and come to germany mainly because it was completely unplanned and i'd always intended to stay there but today i can say it was a good decision for us. michelle and barack was born in germany in one thousand nine hundred seventy two he was four when his parents moved to africa he's lived in lebanon on gamen and egypt and studied in cairo there he met the woman who's now his wife she's half austrian half egypt and they married in cairo in two thousand and five six years later the couple left egypt and moved to berlin for professional reasons. it is for me it is like a pseudo homeland for me. and of course i could never claim to be a gyptian presumptuous i always say i'm an amateur egyptian and i've never lived anywhere as long as i have lived in egypt. cairo is the place in the world i know best so it is kind of like home to me. and he brought his
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love of kosher egypt's national dish to berlin he studied marketing and had long dreamed of opening his own restaurant landmark developed a concept and then realized it in twenty. fifteen his idea to serve up north african street food. is get. in there is a story which hasn't been verified that kosher it came from india during the days when egypt like india was part of the british empire. and the pasta that's in it because it's a mixture of rice lentils and noodles that form the basis of the dish supposedly came from the italians who were living in egypt at the time. there was a big italian community there which was responsible for pasta finding its way into the dish in the in this case what kosher is simply unique. it. is egypt's version of fast food there it can be found on almost
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every street corner and. it's mix of rice noodles and lentils is also popular because it's traditionally a beacon dish variations with ground meat or occasionally offered. spices like human and her along with white wine vinegar give the sauce its unmistakable taste. and kosher we just wouldn't be complete without some caramelized onions on top. or in egypt koshary is mainly offered at roadside stalls or snack bars but it's an inexpensive and filling meal which is why it's a favorite among students and young people in general.
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he was extremely important is that vinegar has to be added to the tomato sauce as the tomato sauce is basically similar to an italian. so if you leave out the vinegar it tastes quite like italian to made. sauce. as if. the vinegar is extremely important to bring out the typical kosher retests in the human. being in . the culture we look stands out from all the other restaurants around sabina flats in berlin shot mockingbird district. when it came to the interior design landmark had clear ideas about how it should look. important the furniture and accessories from egypt. this design is the design itself is almost a trend in cairo. what you see here in the restaurant is called ballad the sheik in egypt the. balladeer is
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a gyptian focal sure and that's really hip in cairo especially since the revolution . it's you when you take it elements from folk alcher and carry them over into a modern design language and it's the same with the quiz.


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