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tv   Check-in - Looking for Luther in Thuringia  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2017 3:30am-4:01am CET

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blood will flow for. the soviet union is breaking apart. the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way with comically. would. be credibly difficult. this democracy was a lie the elections were for all of us are privatization was robbery the soviet union territory where does russia stand today and moscow's empire were seriously starting november fifth w.
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today we're all about this guy martin luther is ninety five theses kicked off the protestant reformation exactly five hundred years ago and due to this memorable anniversary the places that played a role in his life are experiencing a huge visitor search though i too headed over to the range and to check out eisenach and effort but of course there's one much more for you on today's show. from luther snow globes to luther subtle army the reformer is now a souvenir star. globe trotters sends us money or guides from sri lanka. and in our email we take to the air paragliding in time. i'm on my way to bots blog cat. still high above eyes and this is where martin
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luther translated the new testament into german between fifteen twenty one and fifteen twenty two. it's a deep climb. but if you run out of breath don't worry along the way you'll find fifteen panels with information about luther the perfect excuse for a little break. luther was quite the phrase monger many of his sayings still apply today. bill where of cats that lick you when you're looking but scratch you when you're not i kind of doubt he was really talking about caps there of course when he was really talking about were hypocrites and backstabbers. i've made it bought a book castle it's almost a thousand years old and
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a unicycle world heritage site. it played an important role in martin luther's life it's where he took refuge when he was declared an outlaw protected by the thick castle walls he translated the bible before that he spent a lot of time on the road. this is the kind of carriage martin luther would travel with back in the day and this one is a hand crafted replica for the special exhibition luther and the germans that you can visit here and till november fifth of two thousand and seventy. and you. thought for castle is more than just an eleven century castle it's a national icon. and eyes knox main landmark. in
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this small room martin luther worked on his translation of the new testament in german. it took him just eleven weeks and his translation sold like hotcakes. it was the first one to translate the bible but he did it very well. and most importantly he translated from the greek cannot simply from latin into german was this the time missions. in this special exhibition luther and the germans include some three hundred exhibits. of the type from the exhibition in vauxhall corsa shows five hundred years of german history always in light of luther's relationship with the germans or from the reformation influenced german history and also how every historical era is
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produced its own image of luther. and they differ widely. in the national hero. who split the church. the protestant reformers just one reason or castle attracts so many tourists it's very well preserved and its magnificent rooms vividly evoke medieval courtly life. in the thirteenth century elizabeth lender even of the rich lived in these apartments. she just tribute it almost to the poor founded a hospital and is now honored elizabeth. or castle is a place where important historical figures lived momentous events occurred and inspiration went out into the world for all those reasons it truly is a national icon.
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luther once said about eyes enough and no town knows me better not only did he take refuge and bought book castle he also lived in eyes enough as a schoolboy a larger than life statue memorializes him the relief sun and sped a still show scenes from his life. he must have once and turned eyes enough through the nikolai gates it was built in eleven seventeen and is the oldest city gate in their engine. as a schoolboy he sang in the choir and st george's church later in fifteen twenty one on his trip to the diet of warms and back he preached here.
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you can find out all that and more on these information columns they direct you to the town sites and when you see this green arrow you know the site is connected to luther. i've made my way to the loser house and want to find out what this story q.r. code can tell me about this case that ca. in the probably oldest have to birdhouse of thuringia martin luther is reported to have spent his most wonderful and formative school days with the comma family seems like a pretty important place in luther's life so we should go check it out. the permanent exhibition luther and the bible is here in this building that explains why how and with whom luther translated the bible and the effect his work had on land. which
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literature and music. these are the luther rooms where the young martin luther is said to have lived from fourteen ninety eight to fifty no one in exchange for food and lodging he tutored the kata son. time now for something completely different our weekly it was sent to us i am told and from russia the couple traveled throughout the kingdom and mountains in the biggest sun and from the looks of it had an amazing time see for yourselves.
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our next stop at ford is about an hour's drive from luther lived there for ten years in fifteen zero five he became a monk and it's obvious to me and monitoring. no monks live in the monastery now the complex is used as an educational and conference center. site is here to show it to me he's on the management team and charge of the library. part of the former monastery is a museum here you can see how martin luther and the monks lived five hundred years ago. and that flute there is famous so i suppose.
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who is this. selling efforts of. the room martin luther was allowed to use for several years. and in the dormitory where in there were a large number of cells like this and the best known of course is the one we're standing in front of. you say luther used to be actually lived here. he lived in and amongst cells are basically starters which they used to reading or contemplation when they wanted to prior to some point in the day. but they all had to sleep in his dormitory so it was a study not a place to be on your a. guy no privacy not in a monastery. we go on to the library at the back of the former dormitory sixty thousand or sixty thousand books here because of. his works and literature from the
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century of the reformation if you could say effort is the memory of the reformation for the collected together here. just. come on what was life like in the monastery what was the monks daily routine now that the routine was structured by hourly prayers for which the monks counted to seven times a day here in the church chances. between they had tasks they had to perform of god and there were decisions of responsibility such as kitchen manager salary and an obvious master like that which entailed specific tasks there was a lot to do in the course of the day. things were interesting jan i really enjoyed it thank you for coming up and i will. of course the augustinian monastery isn't the only face here an effort where luther left his mark if you want to find out war about him and his life he'll have quite a lot of work ahead of you. fasting
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praying working band saw martin luther lived as a monk in effort his time in the august indian ministry and other stations in his life are described in a series of pictures in the town hall. in fifteen zero seven he was ordained a priest in an effort could feed just a few steps from the monastery it's the town's oldest and most important change building. luther attended st michael's church regularly during his time as a university student later it would become one of the focal points of the reformation after fifteen twenty one and the first protestant service took place in affluent. luther spend four
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years at the university there he built the foundations and arrived inspiration for his later development in fifteen thirteen he wrote effort university is my mother to whom i owe everything. he said to have lived in the gay organ beza a sort of medieval student hostel. on the way back from a visit to his parents he had an experience an effort to change his life he was gotten a thunderstorm and nearly struck by lightning after that he swore he'd become a monk. two weeks later. he entered the augustine monastery. near the crime a broker or merchants bridge the town's main landmark a stairway. leads to the river again. who knows maybe luther
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dipped his feet in the water here as well. but crane a broker is the longest bridge in europe that's completely lined with inhabited buildings it's one hundred twenty meters long luxury items such as spices and silk one sold here. nowadays the shop still my can sell only handmade products and they still give the bridge its unique charm. one of those charming shops is the. tour which sells viewed of all handcrafted chocolates and truffles. there is martin luther again i'm going to get to make some of this luther chocolate myself with the help of. the kitchens where the chocolate is made aren't far from the shop on the.
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alex we're making a lot or chocolate today what exactly is that. i wanted to make something that tastes like luther it was not easy but there's a little taste. about trying to capture the taste of this place where luther stayed if we were standing between the inside of a church and the monasteries herb garden and i wanted to create the feeling that you can taste and. sounds great let's get go and how do we start to start with the lack of fruit for jam lovely cherries here and we make it very traditionally just. gerry's are typical of the region around ere for us then. here. to make it taste like the scent of
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a moment we had rosemarie in the so. now all that's missing is the chocolate we make that by hand as well crushing the cocoa beans into a chocolate cream called by the way here to make your. rosemary. now the jam the spread on to. and we pour the chocolate on well my product is drying will finish off the bark alex prepared earlier and for the perfect finish comes the trademark wrinkle of edible gold. what does the boss think very good you can stop. then i'll be back tomorrow you know six a.m. . so here is the finish luther chocolate. that is what my chocolate will look like what that hitler store.
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though there was a very indulgent person and as such i bet he would have loved the thought of having such a delicious chocolate named after him but he would have probably also found a lot of the hype around his persona quite disturbing the reformer is being worshipped like a pop star merchandising and all. the. other beer. loser chocolate. and luther. there is nothing you can't buy the huge selection of anniversary products is being sold mainly in specialty shops like those on air for its cream a burka. but you can also find this creation a lutheran bible made of salami. the most fitting way to drink the beer that goes with it is from these luther mugs they're made by hand in the workshop at airports kristoffer was
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a charitable organization. and. then there's this high calorie treat the luther bible in chocolate as far as chocolate is concerned of his portrait is on it it sells especially well in every possible variation. of. this new good in quill is really sweet. in all the towns connected with the money is rolling in topping the list of course where he posted his ninety five theses naturally you can also buy them as souvenirs . but you won't find the hammer and nail to go with them but otherwise the range of luther products knows no bounds. they were former makes a great pasta. and of course he loves to stand in the snow. but whether that really encourages people to think of him or the reformation remains doubtful despite all
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the fun. with. martin luther was married for twenty one years and had six children by now there are said to be about two thousand eight hundred direct descendants of the family worldwide klaus head is one of them we met him in efforts low tech many evil restaurant groups can dine here the way people did back in luther's day. klaus has is a twelve fold great grandson of luther his line of descent goes back to paul. the fifth child of martin luther and. what does it mean to you to be a descendant of martin luther. used to mean nothing to me because i didn't know about it. since become very important because it shapes my life.
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what is sad and right now enriches my life just mind it makes it enjoyable. for us to leave. you know joined the luther rights and association of direct descendants of martin luther family what's the luther rights mission. the lutheran to manage. to maintain the family network of luther's descendants and to meet exchange information and learn from each other and then to cultivate the spirit of martin luther and convey it to the world. you know bless you how is it with you do you see this as an obligation to your ancestors or is it more of a privilege for you to keep his memory alive my. mind's eye for it is linked to the faith as martin also described it with. results enjoying what i do including
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what we do an association. that sounds really great hope you continue to enjoy it but. let's leave germany now for a bit and far far away our. colleague chris and we're on the island of sri lanka in the indian ocean and well the video they sent is nothing short of breathtaking have a look. now with. the river right now on the way to different states were it's not our true.
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hello gaze and welcome to our all gummed day this is on the east coast of sri lanka it's known for surfing and as you can see behind me a little fishing town. of fun. good morning from outcomes based stuff to stay just for the hike to coom usually century which is on the up. so. it's quite a morning activity. so we made it to come around forty now we're not going to find some street cred here yes where i would like greedy artists like forty degrees or something like that.
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but. it's nice a spreadsheet and it's made out of coconut but it doesn't necessarily taste like a. bicycle going to dance and getting a pancake. this is you can't conceive of what smells like let me come on. a special release and make. a good morning from drink your money we're about to. go on a boat to see don't consume the whales and then we go to pigeon island to snorkel and to see reef sharks and turtles fish. i guess i've called paradise and paradise it's called but it should matter i would say that was not the being jumped into the water and see if we.
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are right foolin beach is really nice but a prestigious year makes it better she. said taking one last good look at air force where luther study and became a monk this is where his world changing career as a man of the church began. it's truly incredible to see what a single person can achieve in their lifetime if you want to find out even more about this extraordinary man five hundred years after you change the course of
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history you should definitely make your way over to the land of luther and follow his remarkable footsteps. from.
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the easy to the big guy out. by train from you on the street. thirty one a. great christian to take in the twelve states yacht
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and trip through american history. train adventures we used to. on freedom and home. where i come from the region is rich in history style and talent but so poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for and depend the journalists i see many of the younger promising janitors now making names for themselves all over the top. some might get hired along the way some might follow. with continue. their experience of freedom in a sense is like the unions of that you can visit but your call come back from. mining your fish whatever and i work at the end of it.
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expecting visitors than a state visit simply this is not every day you boys in the house nightmares you double. kim and feagles house of music stores up close personal and unplugged. night groups starting november third on d.w. week it's reformation day on d w. the programs are round the clock marking its five hundredth anniversary we're going live to the commemoration ceremony in the bag will be documentaries magazines and talk shows focusing on luther and the groundbreaking events he helped set in motion reformation day march over thirty
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first v.w. . frank food. international gateway to the best connection self road and rail. located in the heart of europe the. connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining office and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by for. tens of thousands of march through barcelona calling for the break way region of catalonia to remain part of spain this after the spanish central government imposed direct rule over the region in the wake of the catalan regional parliament's moves
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