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tv   Pop Xport - Pop Xport Special Christian pop music  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm CET

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we. will find out what it's like. when cities are engulfed by this. and costly protective measures would be a. challenge . starting november ninth own. welcome to pop export five hundred years ago the german reformed the christian
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church the five hundredth anniversary of the reformation takes place on october thirty first and it's an important date to a lot of people for us the topics but it's a great excuse to explore the christian faith in german pop music coming up today. the band really go in peace think it was a musical church service. take a look at religious musicians and grammys christian pop scene. and we need to wrap up elephant. music is a part of every church service sometimes it can really rock critic and priest as a great example the christian pop band formed at one of the so-called base youth services the brothers and founders of the band you went out on and still must have been holding for ten years bought it went to one of their events in their hometown cologne.
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outside cologne cathedral a youth church service with a difference is in full swing the organizer and headline act is kerney go into priest german for kings and priests the band members include brothers thomas and you're not tom in. wasilla care so when was it. of the church be without music. there was music in the church centuries ago with composers like bach. the church was for the best of the best. where are they now we want to be the generation to bring new creativity because god has created. this isn't it fun celebrating god here in the city center . this is concert meets prayer and it has the blessing of the church the brothers
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a protestant but they also want to build bridges between denominations several thousand people come to their base events which they organize four times a year in various medications. his name stand up and i really believe that they live what they saying it's great. because they get the faith across really well is not some old church thing sitting on a cold pew because a lot of them. are using was a very. sour as one important person had to miss the event to do a guest performance with the band who are florence joy is the singer of any good and the star and she's also married to thomas the band's lyrics often refer to god in the familia do form a way to make him feel closer and more accessible. because and for sure and then it's just nice when people who don't know about god or
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believe in god can still apply the songs to their own lives and kind of and i know how i miss it gives me such joy to sing these songs for someone and to ultimately praise god that way sing. you know and effective. than a shout and. all three were finalists in a talent show and now they've released two albums and it's going to go into. the star of the single do list is from their current album heaven and i. unfortunately the band are still waiting for the songs to hit the chocks. here they are getting ready for the concert at cologne cathedral one hundred volunteers were there to help the ns brothers with the event it's funded through to nations alone so. how do they define
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a successful concert. when the cathedral starts to shake. out of here when the cathedral shakes you know when we get e-mails or facebook messages off the west from people saying hey you really got me thinking a lot of. misrepresenting nothing. and time for sign is the kingdom the power and the glory forever and ever amen. this concept lasted about two and a half hour. just. the same it's all. my stuff again and i thought. this was. just. so five thousand people turned up to see them perform at the audience had no excuse not to sing along since the lyrics are displayed during the shares. if.
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the church should approach young people come in they're enthusiastic fresh and full of joy boy there's nothing more beautiful than the bustle of the business. was. the theme of this church service lights of hope manifested itself literally at the end of the sheriff carona go into peacetime pop rock was on a divine mission. critique increased on know how to get people interested and that's also been pretty big since two thousand three the even jellicoe free church group has been praising god
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at church services and christian music festivals the john risk called praise and worship a bit biggest success so far as the song got meaning what kind of caught if you do has more than one point seven million hits on you that you. need. a name. to recite to me to someone. to watch this my original. still.
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don't say. much.
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christian pop bands make christian pop music that much is clear but not all religious musicians necessary to sing about religion at least not in germany and this topic spot special we want to know how much when it is there in german pop music. headlined this event in stuttgart to mark the five hundredth anniversary of the reformation of the electro pop duo who are also a couple of stage have performed at church events in the past how important just christianity in their lives was a deposit you know this is the way we grew up and how we were rumors of themselves so i think all songs transport a certain sort of friendliness start from the music i mean it's important for me to
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have something to hold on to something to believe and. i think that faith in organized religion are two different pains that shouldn't get mixed up for me it's important to have faith and i live it in my everyday life buzzing about that i'm a neighbor. in germany religion is a private matter. maisha griese he works as a radio host for commands catholic domata audio station and just written a book on really. rock and pop music. is about. in germany religion is a private affair for instance if you wanted to get statements from actors or politicians or other public figures about religion you probably wouldn't get much out of them as of. course. in other countries religion is much more part of everyday life and it's also expressed in music also.
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michael patrick kelly meanwhile is very outspoken about his face the irish american singers twenty seventeen album id shot into the german top ten he currently lives in the very end when. i i. i. he used to perform with the famous kelly family as a kid then one day he'd had enough. in two thousand and four he withdrew from the limelight and lived as a monk in a french ministry for six years there he drew inspiration from the bible and wrote songs in latin hebrew and. he released them in twenty sixteen on a spiritual pop music album titled which is hebrew for spirit. so a lot of people out there. have
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a spiritual dimension to their music but we don't go very public about it but this one expresses a chapter in my life through an art form. what's unique about michael patrick kelly's album is that he produced it without the support of the major label even so made it into germany's top twenty. kelly has enjoyed success with both secular and religious pop music. the band p.v. lake is all about the christian faith. the musicians belong to and even jellicoe free church community in leipzig they want to praise the lord through their songs with catching up beat pop music.
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heavy metal band stocking feet are another german group rocking the christian tunes for more than twenty years the band has been proving that expressions of faith and heavy metal can go together satan doesn't get a look in here. just give jess unger hope to his good talk to his kids about their jazz bands from iraq bands and even heavy metal bands in the christian music scene. the audience is relatively small though so record sales don't go into the millions. but there are definitely fans out there who are loyal and enthusiastic. guy stuff. so what makes these bands so special to fans. we asked concert goers at the store scott reformation even if they are with us. i think in germany there's
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a growing trend that more people are identifying with a certain faith and want to live that. don't know we don't push my hip but it feels like the holy spirit is speaking through these musicians who are spreading a certain message that's really important to me as a scots irish this comes from a glass punch here's part two more overtly religious bands for most modern christians music just has to be positive and authentic. wow i want. that i our. religion plays a very small role in john mainstream music the project that side started trying to change that in two thousand and four it's made up of various religious drum and pop musicians including. the and bands like you know brought together by the christian rock band i lead across. result an album in the top fifty and the top ten singer
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with a line or you're not alone. my . god because it makes you. even the song to be don't be about. using.
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it. but to.
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save a knight who was also involved in the track the pop sensation from on time in southwest germany was for a long time considered a role model for religious musicians but that all changed. savior knight two has sold six million albums and won six echo music awards he turned religion infused pop into mainstream music in germany both as a sono artist and as part of the band xena mannheim says. it's all sorts of my don't like the scots see him on them just names of his. victims when i want to praise god i need to use the latest technology and the newest beats to make cutting edge music. music michael. franti also got flak for peddling conspiracy theories and writing controversial songs like to twenty seventeen track money or
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net and by ninety two and the sooner man himes some said it incited violence against politicians and it sparked an uproar nigel justified himself on facebook expressing support for democracy but his days as a poster boy for religious pop were over. in twenty sixteen witan protestant public cademy began offering a degree in church pop music. teacher fike is a teacher here he's a successful german music producer and a devout christian he shows students how to create music that works in a church. you know i like to speak with this kind of work in america we church that i haven't yet you know way too much bass drum. when. i was judas will end up in church communities that value pop music in everyday
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culture. in general are getting older and we need new music as a vehicle to attract young people vehicle. you're going to mention it to. the students attending the course on piano accompany. even get to sing a secular song all of me by u.s. singer john legend. to commemorate the reformation scorpions front man mine in design the cover of a reissued luther bible he chose a verse about angels as its key message. of a man of god cloud on the story when you believe in god and i do then you often wish an angel would come along with an angel to protect you and to show you the way . to lift in both sides. it's something that's been on his mind for
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a while as is clear from his nine hundred ninety one smash hit send me an angel. that was the scorpions rock ballad about angels but it's not just rock and pop music that have been influenced by religion. killer beats and sharp lyrics to their faith one of them is philip big a bitch went to meet the hip hop preacher in his hometown of sling and you got. the labor party a risk i thought of it on this. without you or him gone but i'm sure i believe that so i only gave a brief them and i went then violet hears all gets like you thought the theory of a good these kids i got me to part by now but this isn't the usual gangsters and distracts gospel rappers like philip gave it a k. a few the elephant prefer to say their prayers in rhyme but this is darvish than
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a lot. of people realize you're a christian they get all nervous because they think oh god he might want to missionize me whatever that means for others trying to be interesting because it's something new some respond to the positive message and others simply hated the reactions really very that's what makes the music so relevant i wish for that's what it was here for an event that is not just. for the past eight years fear the elephant has devoted himself to the gospel rather his biggest success so far he's come for natural a track he made with the trio couple decamping it's the entrance song of european boxing champion alexander jimmy trenka. a visit to a church in his hometown of eslinger in in southwest germany surprisingly the gospel rapper had nothing to do with religion until he was sixteen it was only then
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that he found. another beer and if it isn't to be obvious a typical christian prayer event with bad guitar music and hymns and we were sitting there together i joined in to be polite and then something happened that i would never have expected i started to cry i've been taught that men don't cry but i pulled my eyes out and that was the most healing thing i'd ever experienced to hear lift up. the experience lead to form a anarchist to study theology and become a deacon the rap. preacher wants to spread faith hope and love to god's. village and then this life it's all a flower no man no idea cotton can fall down i did mention food he got canned blue cause they're candies if he's going to. like. the elephant isn't the only one giving gospel music a taste of wrath he co-founded the platform
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a fight. night six of the gospel rap facts across germany also present material on the surface. at the. mention the present distribution platform for people who connect on a personal spiritual and musical level people who are familiar and comfortable with these things and together reach out to magazines media outlets and event organizers to promote gospel rap. philip does more than just make music he's a trained educator and works for the nonprofit organization y.m.c.a. the young men's christian association as the director of a youth club in asking and he sees every day the role god plays in kids' lives. of the global heart and. i think faith is of great significance not necessarily the
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church or traditions but the questions like is there a god i'm i wanted to i matter i do have a purpose is there a future. these things have always occupied people for mention of course. they're also at the heart of the elephant son and his music and social work have at least one thing in common for him they're an expression of love for god. sadly our public support specialist drawing to a close what the finished off we take a look at how one man remakes traditional christian music into an international smash it in one thousand nine hundred the german producer make a trip to two krikorian monk chanting and let in bible verses and combine them with
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electronic beats to sing a sadness that's from the music project in the which topped the charts in more than ten countries i found watching the video by for now and see you soon for more pop acts part.
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