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very credibly difficult. this democracy was a lie because the elections were for all of us are privatization was robbery the soviet union territory where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth w. a z d w news live from berlin the first indictments in a probe into allegedly russian meddling in the u.s. election president trumps former campaign chief and an associate face charges of
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money laundering and conspiracy both are now under house arrest after pleading not guilty another suspect is helping the f.b.i. with its investigation also coming up the dramatic flight of catalonia ousted leader madrid has accused him of rebellion and sedition so what kind of help is carlos boozer among hoping to get in brussels. and the asylum seekers stranded at australia's controversial detention center on monis island authorities have closed the facility and told detainees they have now a new accommodation for them but hundreds fear they will be attacked by locals if they leave. i'm sumi so muskaan the good to have you with us donald trump's former campaign chief paul maeder ford and his associate rick gates are under house arrest after being indicted in the special counsel's russia investigation. both men pled not
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guilty to charges including conspiracy and money laundering another former trump advisor george papadopoulos has pled guilty to lying to f.b.i. agents donald trump denies any collusion between his campaign team and moscow during the two thousand and sixteen presidential election a trump campaign chief turned himself into the f.b.i. . a key advisor makes a guilty plea as the russia investigation closing in on donald trump's white house . palm on a four was at trump site when the billionaire outsider accepted the republican nomination so one floor and show he is said to have one pick trump's vice president mike pence the man just behind him has also been charged flanked by his lawyer he surrendered himself to the f.b.i. on monday the reaction was accused of acting for years as an authorized agent of the pro russian ukrainian government. for there is no evidence that mr mann of
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fort of the tribe campaign colluded with the russian government even so the judge placed metaphor under house arrest. the white house insists the charges are not definitive evidence of links to russia. we've been saying from day one there's been no evidence of trumped russia collusion and nothing in the indictment today changes that at all but washington was in for more surprises a special prosecutor robert miller's investigation into russian meddling in last year's election gathers pace miller's team had secured a guilty plea from former foreign policy advisor george papadopoulos seen here in a meeting with trump. and a signed indictment he admitted lying about meetings with russian government connections offering darts on hillary clinton the white house played down his guilty plea. is nothing to do with the activities of the campaign it has to do with his failure to tell the truth that doesn't have anything to do with the campaign or the campaign's activities box with papadopoulos no cooperating with f.b.i.
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investigators these three charges may be just the start of a new phase in the investigation. so paul man of ford is being accused of acting as an unauthorized agent of the ukrainian government so let's get the view from kiev we have our correspondent nick connelly standing by for us there heinecke. what have kiev said in response. well sumi the response has been eerily quiet here late last night we had a very carefully worded statement from the prosecutor's office saying that they had been investigating illegal payments by former president and a coach's party to u.s. individuals that they'd asked the u.s. to cooperate with several years ago but haven't heard back but apart from that really we haven't had much response from anyone really the ukrainian government now is between a rock and a hard place on the one hand they want to show themselves fully cooperative with the u.s. investigation as a loyal u.s.
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allies as they see themselves on the other hand they don't want to do anything that could possibly compromise or embarrass president trump who as you remember last summer fired off a tweet saying that the ukrainians are trying to sabotage his campaign he never provide any evidence for that but that certainly is the fear here to do nothing that could possibly endanger those ties to washington paul metaphor he was fired as a campaign manager after became clear that he was working for pro russian interests and ukraine and he's now under house arrest on charges of funneling payments as part of political work in ukraine what was he trying to do for the ukrainian government. turned up in ukraine around two thousand and five. president had lost an election had been prevented from taking power by the first orange revolution his job was to really polish his image here internationally and also to help him with his strategy inside the country that wasn't really unusual for he worked for
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a whole host of unsavory political figures starting with the philippine dictate to marcos in the eighty's the real issue here is though that he didn't pay the tax in the u.s. and that yanna coaches pro russian backers probably would have known that which obviously leaves him open to blackmail. nicolas connelly with the view from kiev there nic thank you very much. now as spain central government takes over direct rule of catalonia the country's political crisis has now spilled into brussels the catalan president who was sacked by madrid travel to brussels on monday and that triggered speculation that carlos pushed him off may seek political asylum in belgium a belgian lawyer confirmed that he has taken on a client spanish prosecutors have announced they will seek charges of rebellion against the deposed catalan officials. let's go to brussels our correspondent dan brigada standing by for us hi ban can you tell us what the ousted catalan president
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is looking for in belgium is it asylum or is it support for his push for independence. so far mr approached him and has no intention to apply for asylum according to his belgian lawyer he hired a lawyer yesterday there were some experience in defending alleged terrorists and also an extradition cases but there is no case as of yet because there are no charges officially fired in spain it's on the prosecution so he's seeking an indictment and there's no rest of our and and so that no grounds to grant somebody asylum and to stand trial in the another country is not sufficient to apply for asylum so we don't know exactly what the legal indication might be the legal path mr putin wants to follow on the other hand there are some aides that say as he wants to internationalize this conflict by going to brussels through to the headquarters of the european union but also the union has no intention to get
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involved in this conflict in spain so we have to hear from mr putin the moment the cut and run that scuttle the leader announced the press conference later in the day and is that why he chose to flee to to belgium itself because he was looking for support from the e.u. . this mud one be one of the reasons but the cut a lot independence movement also has strong ties to belgium it's feel we have a nationalist flemish party which is supporting the independence movement and one of the petitions of this party which is in a coalition government here in beijing suggested on the weekend that mr puts them on might apply for asylum here maybe he had misunderstood that as a kind of an invitation and there's also one deputy of miss the putsch doing party here in the european parliament he met him allegedly yesterday for dinner so there are some connections for belgium but mr putin month is a free man of cause as
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a spanish citizen he can travel everywhere in the european union if he vicious. his band recruit reporting for us from brussels thank you band now police in germany have arrested a nineteen year old syrian man under suspicion of plotting and islamist inspired terror attack he was arrested in the town of the more than two hundred kilometers north of the capital berlin federal prosecutors say the suspect was planning a bomb attack with piii explosives in order to kill a large number of people. lawyers acting for asylum seekers at an australian run detention center in papa new guinea have warned that detainees there face a catastrophic situation authorities on madison island want to relocate asylum seekers and have close the controversial facility housing them that has led to a standoff with hundreds of asylum seekers who fear they will be attacked by locals if they step foot outside. when they're refusing to leave the
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conditions at the detention center have been described as unbearable so many here fear what comes next could be even worse local authorities want to relocate them to nearby facilities but many fear for their lives following a string of threats and violence from locals. they are not going to give us a safety guarantee that's what i'm saying here but the yachts are stacked against them on tuesday authorities are set to cut off water electricity and food supplies they're also warning they won't take any responsibility for those refusing to resettle even then many refused to budge. what we do is this water we just put a little bit of sugar and salt and we drink this water we're going to stay maybe for a month with. the asylum seekers are caught in a limbo created by a stray strict immigration policy the island nation refuses to settle any refugees
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who arrive by boat instead it's been paying its neighbor papa new guinea to house the in silence seekers the last year that country's supreme court ordered the detention center to close meanwhile protesters gathered in sydney demanding authorities guarantee the refugee safety it's a human right to seek asylum these people the government just keeps banging on about illegal immigration when it's not illegal it's a human rights to seek asylum in the meantime many of the asylum seekers will continue to live in limbo as our lawyers seek a court injunction to keep the facility open. let's speak to david mattingly a human rights lawyer an australian head of an organisation called refugee legal david thank you for joining us on our program there's been a lot of criticism of australia's immigration policy it's refugee policy and the government argues that this policy actually cracks down on people smugglers by turning back boats isn't that the government's duty. well the government's
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fundamental duty is to uphold the obligations which just right is standard under the refugees convention which others have mains that strategy and block other signatories around the world has agreed to ensure that it will flame from harm persecution and not expose to further harm but instead what we see with forcing these refugees from a stroller through indefinite limbo cruel limbo in pain jane is really the kind of treatment that replicates many of the forms of inhumanity from which the refugees that fled but david if we look back at the turn back the boats policy itself the government says that this has helped prevent deaths at sea and the numbers have fallen indeed after the government introduced that policy hasn't. well certainly it is absolutely tragic that so many people say.
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mr adams lost their lives say but really what we say now is a policy where. for those people who did not get to astronomy at stake they would instead. be incensed to a situation where their rights have been so severely abused but in some cases people of they've lost their lives so many conditions have been widely found survey by independent human rights bodies and the un refugee agency to match a cruel inhuman and degrading treatment so it's one thing to say to prevent a loss of life. but it's altogether another for those that do survive to be had this kind of degradation and humanity in the home and we look at if australia is actually providing status granting status to some people between two thousand fifteen sixteen us really accepted thirteen thousand seven hundred fifty people through its humanitarian program it also took on an additional one time acceptance
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of twelve thousand refugees fleeing syria and iraq what is your take is that simply not enough. well it's absolutely not an astronomer should increase its aid it's humanitarian into its refugee and humanitarian interacting as a good guy i will studious and but the reality reminds them that they're out there . saying i saw them in a strike here very few people signal saddam in australia. and and what we say globally a vastly. vastly greater numbers of it will signal strength he has every city to type in more refugee. hollered so guys it's by not sending exhaust i'm thankful you are refugees the places where i can find the condom that is from which they're led remember and every person has the right to
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say to saddam under the universal declaration of human rights so you know saddam is not a crime it's a raw right david man a human rights lawyer in australia head of refugee legal in organisation there david thank you very much again for joining us on our program thank you. for watching t.v. news still to come air boss is in trouble in the u.s. after admitting some of its statements to the u.s. government were not completely accurate that comes on top of corruption charges here in europe. dad has the details coming up in one minute.


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